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									December 16, 2009

The administration, faculty and staff wish you and your families a very blessed and Merry Christmas! LS parents,
please join us this Friday, December 18th at 9:00AM for our annual Christmas Prayer Service and again at
11:00AM for caroling, both in the LS gym. Each will be a fitting way to end the Advent season at school and to
begin our break. Mark your calendar that this Friday, December 18th is a noon dismissal for US and LS.

Manna Ministries: On behalf of Manna, I want to thank the students of Roanoke Catholic School for providing us
with the wonderful fruit baskets (200!). Please let the students know how much these baskets will mean to our
families. If it were not for these donations, we would not have any Christmas presents for our families. Manna
appreciates your school, the students and all the love and support you have given to Manna Ministries. May God
Bless You! ~ Anne Roberts, Director

Holiday store: A HUGE THANK YOU to all the many, many volunteers who helped with the Holiday Store, from
the great gift donations to the store wrappers. The wrapping on each gift looked great. The students had a
wonderful time and with your help they will have a memory never to forget. Thank you again for taking time out of
your busy holiday schedule to volunteer in the Holiday Store. ~ Vickie Broyles Also, special thanks go to Mrs.
Broyles for organizing the store, and for the many hours of hard work she spends throughout the year preparing for
it. We wouldn’t have this store without her!

Chocolate donations: Just to let you know we received your three boxes of M&M’s yesterday. Wow!!! Lots of
M&M's! (96lbs of chocolate!) Two other females and I are going to do stocking stuffers for the unit with these
M&M's. One of the mothers sent stockings, so now we have something to fill them with. Thank you so very much!
I will let everyone know you all are supporting us and we appreciate everything you do. Thanks to the children and
Happy Holidays!! ~ Sgt. Johnson, 229th Unit

Book Fair: Our heartfelt thanks to all who made the annual Book Fair a success this year! Big thanks especially
go out to Chairperson Ann Clark and her co-Chair, Laura Holbrook and all of the other volunteers for their hard
work, planning, and time! The Book Fair would not have happened if not for the generosity of all these loyal
volunteers! The Roanoke Catholic Library (especially Mrs. McGuire) is so grateful for all of you!!

We appreciate your continued cooperation regarding the following morning drop-off issues: not parking in
the lower lot, dropping off students at the designated drop-off point (the large sidewalk near the cul-de-sac), and
streamlining your drop-off procedures.

Congratulations to Anna Lucas ’11 for writing a poem that was included in one of the new statues installed at the
Gainsboro Public Library! The statue, dedicated last month, depicts a figure reading a book, and Anna’s poem,
“Library,” is inscribed in the book. During the dedication, the artist, Madeline Wiener, gave a presentation about
the process of developing the work and said that she considers Anna’s poem to be the centerpiece of the project as it
really states the essence of what she intended in the art. Congratulations, Anna!
                              When I think                stories and legends
                               of the library                   and facts
                               I think of the            it gives me a special
                              peace it holds             indescribable feeling
                            the quietness that           I leave my body and
                           makes you wonder               enter my mind and
                              a vast array of              feel like someone
                           knowledge it holds                else for awhile
                                                           but just awhile…

There will be a Band Christmas Concert tomorrow, Thursday, December 17th at 7:00PM in the cafeteria. Please
join our young musicians for an evening of Christmas songs!

The RCS School Spelling Bee was held last Friday. Congratulations to our winner, Lily Kryczkowski ’18! Lily
will compete next in the Independent School Bee in January. Congratulations also to our alternate, Christina Rubio.
Good luck, Lily!

Plan ahead! The Geography Bee will take place Wednesday, January 13th at 2:00PM in the cafeteria. Please
encourage your children to begin studying for it. Classroom winners in grades 4-8 will compete.

Study Hall: Due to a lack of participation in study hall for grades 6-12, it will be discontinued after Christmas. All
students should be picked up no later than 3:10PM.

All students in grades 5-8: Please join the Upper School FCA for a viewing of A Charlie Brown
Christmas tomorrow morning, December 17th at 7:15AM in the cafeteria. Milk and cookies will be served.

Help the US Fellowship of Christian Athletes "Phil-Up" Frosty! In celebration of the Christmas season, the US
FCA will be collecting hats, mittens, scarves, socks and baby items for Manna Ministries. This ministry helps the
working poor and
these items will help make the winter months warmer. They are especially in need of baby items (onesies, baby
blankets, socks, baby clothes). "Phil-Up Frosty" will be located in front of the cafeteria and the FCA will be
collecting items until January 11th.

The ornaments are in! If you'd like to order a 2009 pewter 611 train ornament, please call 345-0438 and give us
your order over the phone. We will have them behind Mrs. Nolen's desk by Friday, December 18th. See the order
form online for the pricing breakdown. Part of the proceeds from the ornament sales will go back to the community
through U.S. Teens Care community service projects. You can also visit "got 'noke?" at Dickens of a Christmas at
Booth 35. We will have other items to show off our Star City.

RCS has a chance to win $100,000! US Cellular is giving away $100,000 to ten schools with the most registered
votes. Pick up a voting card with a code from any US Cellular store by January 15. 2010, and enter the code online
to vote. No purchase is necessary. See www.uscellular.com/callingallcommunities for details.

We need your help to set aside items you no longer want or need for the annual SPRING YARD SALE. Instead of
sending your items to Goodwill or the Rescue Mission, think RCS. When your children have new toys and you
want to remove a few older toys AND while packing your Christmas decorations, please set aside items you’d like
to donate. The more items we have to sell, the better we can support Roanoke Catholic. Delivery times will be
announced in 2010. (Sorry, pick up is not available.)

Thank you to all those who purchased tickets in the Key Club raffle to benefit Manna Ministries. The final
week’s winners are as follows: $50 – Pedro Szalay; $25 – Kate Thompson; $15 – Veronica VanDeventer, and $10
– Annette Sampon-Nicolas.

Recycling: Don’t forget to recycle through the Roanoke Catholic account at Cycle Systems. White office paper
and corrugated cardboard as well as newspapers and aluminum cans can be taken to Cycle Systems. They will
also accept larger items including all types of aluminum, aluminum siding, stainless steel, appliances, cars,
brass, copper and wire. Cycle Systems, (located off of Wonju near the 581 ramps) is open to weigh recyclables
7:30AM – 4:30 PM Monday – Friday. Simply drive to the Metals Receiving Building, have your items weighed,
and request that the proceeds be credited to the Roanoke Catholic School account.
         Used cell phones with chargers are being collected by the Southwest Virginia Regional Crime Prevention
Association. They will be programmed for 911 emergency services to benefit senior citizens, battered women and
the disabled. These phones do not require a phone number and all programmed information will be purged before
distribution. Please bring any useable cell phones with chargers to the RCS office. Unusable cell phones, phones
without chargers and used ink jet cartridges can be donated to benefit the Band Program. Please place these
items in Mr. Parham’s mailbox.
         Questions about recycling at RCS? Call Dian Tapscott at 400-8980.

All 9th - 12th graders are invited to a special US FCA Christmas membership meeting tomorrow, December
17th, at 7:15AM in the cafeteria. We will be showing the classic, A Charlie Brown Christmas. We hope you
can come hear Linus' special Christmas message and spend time in fellowship with your friends and
classmates. Hope to see you there! Milk and cookies will be served. Even if you arrive a little late, come on down
to the cafeteria and join us for a great time of fellowship and tradition!
Christmas Program: Our annual Christmas Program is tonight Wednesday, December 16th at 7:00PM at St.
Andrew’s. Students in PK-5 music classes and 6th grade band class will perform for parents. Students are to be in
uniform and in classrooms at (but please not before!) 6:30PM. PK and K students only will return to classrooms
after they perform their parts in the program.

Attention all RCS sandlot parents: In order to keep most of our sandlot kids together and allow them to play in
the City, several concessions to the City had to be made. One was that if an RCS students were allowed to play
Roanoke City Sandlot Sports, they had to play in the Northwest Region. However, if they choose this path, they
must participate in the Northwest Region for all sandlot sports played. This applies to City residents who live in
another part of the City (Southwest, etc. also.) So for your child, it's all in or not. This does not apply to RCS
Middle School Sports.

US Exams 2 and 3; Noon dismissal US ONLY            Wednesday, December 16th
LS Christmas Program                                Wednesday, December 16th, 7:00PM, St. Andrew’s
US Exams 4 and 5; Noon dismissal US ONLY            Thursday, December 17th
Band Christmas concert                              Thursday, December 17th, 7:00, Cafeteria
LS prayer service                                   Friday, December 18th, 9:00AM, LS Gym
US Exams 6 and 7                                    Friday, December 18th
LS Christmas caroling (singing and band)            Friday, December 18th, 11:00AM, LS Gym
US and LS NOON DISMISSAL                            Friday, December 18th , 12:00noon
Christmas break                                     December 19th – January 3rd
Classes resume                                      Monday, January 4th, 8:00AM
Maronite liturgy                                    Thursday, January 7th, 9:00AM, St. Andrew’s

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