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					                                                        ANNUAL REPORT 2007
                                                        IAI Nordic Chapter

IAI Chapter

The Board
The board of the IAI Nordic Chapter has from 2007-03-19 had the following members:

Nordic chair                                          Jøns Sjøgren, Boligprodusentene
Vice chair                                            Jarmo Laitinen, Tampere University of Technology
Technical coordinator                                 Väino Tarandi, Eurostep AB
Treasurer/Business Manager                            Jan Karlshøj, Rambøll

Board members                                         Kjell Ivar Bakkmoen, CF Møller
                                                      Arto Kiviniemi, VTT
                                                      Hans Lif, SWECO Theorells
                                                      Torben Klitgaard, Arkitema

Auditors                                              Christer Finne, RTS
                                                      Lars Häggström, Akej AB

Deputy auditors                                       Frode Kollerud, Norges Praktiserende Arkitekter
                                                      Kristian Agger, Arkitektskolen i Aarhus

Local ISG representatives                             Jiri Hietanen, Tampere University of Technology
                                                      Bjørn Stangeland, DDS

Annual meeting
The annual meeting took place in Oslo 2007-03-19.

Board meetings
During the year, 4 ordinary board meetings have been held. Minutes have been taken at the meetings and
have been sent out to the board members after the meetings.
The minutes are archived by the chairman, and are uploaded on the web pages of the Nordic Chapter

IAI Nordic Chapter Chairman:                Boligprodusentenes Forening                   Phone: +47 23 08 76 23
Jøns Sjøgren                                 P.O.Box 7186, Majorstua                      Mobile: +47 90 13 87 62
E-mail:           0307 OSLO                            Telefax: +47 23 08 76 21
Meeting No:       Description:                                                                Action by:   Ready by:

General issues
The chapter consists of 4 IAI Nordic forums in Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden
   The membership is 148 (134) and has increased with 14 organizations during the year.
              o    Denmark 42 (38), Finland 18 (18), Norway 55 (45), Sweden 33 (33)
   Denmark
              o    The Technical University of Denmark has set up a BIM Lab in which IFC are playing an
                   important role.
              o    IFC model server pilot project at Aalborg University are using the EPM model server
              o    Large interest for ICT in the Danish construction industry after the Digital Construction
                   program initiated by the Danish Government.
              o    BIPS and IAI have discussion about cooperation, still no decision.
   Finland
              o    In Finland, Senaati Properties is requiring IFCs from October 2007
                           The modelling guidelines are available in English on the Senaati web site
              o    ECPIP – VTT, HUT and Stanford working together – Engineering and Construction Project
                   Information Platform – Funded by TEKES and companies
   Norway
              o    Statsbygg made a BIM statement in May. “From 2010 will BIM/IFC be a mandatory
                   requirement in all building projects.” An international BIM-statement with GSA, Senate and
                   DECA was worked out. (signed January-08)
              o    Forsvarsbygg joined buildingSMART in 2007. They have started several pilots with ambitious
              o    IFD Library Group was established. Work is ongoing.
              o    Focus has been improved implementation of IFC in software and use in real projects.
   Sweden
              o    The work with the new information handbook BH90 part 8 is ongoing.
              o    The Demo house project is ongoing – several new companies are interested in participating
              o    ERA build project is ongoing – IFC and SABLE using a model server.

Development, pilots and real projects using IFCs in the Nordic region (not exhaustive list)
 National hospital in Reykjavik
   KLP building in Ørestad
   Ramboll Headquarter in Ørestad
   Senaati Properties has carried out several projects
   Concert and conference center in Reykjavik
   New Akershus Hospital Project
   Statsbygg is using BIM/IFC in 5 ongoing projects
              o    University College in Tromsø
              o    University College in Bodø

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Meeting No:       Description:                                                                  Action by:   Ready by:

National programmes
 Norway
              o    Governmental funding from BE, Innovation Norway and ministry and local government. All
                   coordinated by the same Steering Committee, and reporting to IAI Norway.
   Finland
              o    Virtual Building Environment (VBE 2) development was ended spring 2007
   Denmark
              o    BIPS and IAI are discussing cooperation.
   Sweden
              o    ERAbuild project with Sweden and Finland is ongoing - IFC and SABLE using a model
                   server. Will continue during 2008 together with Tampere and Helsinki Universities of

Recommendations for the ITM and IC meetings during the year:
 Define the future strategy of IAI International:
              o    Adjust the organization to the present and future situation. Clarify priorities, work plans,
                   responsibilities, deliverables etc.
              o    Improve the quality of IFC implementation and certification; the reliability of the IFC data
                   excahnge is a crucial issue for the deployment of the standard
   Increase demand of IFC-based BIM in the industry, thus creating market for improved software support
   Establish a common understanding that certified software must meet the demands set by the AEC/FM
   Improved support for down-stream applications; utilization of the IFC-based BIM in analysis and
   Future certification of software based on IDM/MVD
   Focus on IDM and IFD-Library projects
   Release and implementation of IFC 2x3G with IFD and IFG support.
   Develop release plan for 2x platform

IAI International
   Jan Karlshøj and Jøns Sjøgren have acted as members in EXCOM. Jan ended the appointment at the
    London meeting in April 2007.
   Arto Kiviniemi has acted as ITM chair untill the ITM meeting in London in April 2007

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The account is in Denmark.

2007 budget
$3.001 was transferred from 2006
$28.000 was paid to the international chapter
        $17.500 from IAI Forum Norway
        $3.500 from IAI Forum Denmark
        $3.500 from IAI Forum Finland
        $3.500 from IAI Forum Sweden

Balance of 2007
$2.975 was transferred to 2008

Oslo, 2008-01-31

Väino Tarandi
IAI Nordic Chapter

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