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									                                                                                                  The Informer 1

June 1997                                 Kitchener Transit and Fleet                               Vol. 6 Issue 3

                                                                                 Earl Stanley
                                                                                In this photo, Earl is standing
                                                                             beside one of the many units that
                                                                             the staff at the Union Street
                                                                             garage are preparing for the parks
                                                                             department for the summer
                                                                                Earl is on the Health and
                                                                             Safety Committee and has
                                                                             represented the members at the
                                                                             Union Street garage for about the
                                                                             last two years. During this time,
                                                                             he has taken several safety related
                                                                             courses on his own time so he
                                                                             could represent his fellow
                                                                             workers properly.
                                                                                If you have any questions
                                                                             about your rights and
                                                                             responsibilities under the Health
                                                                             & Safety Act, please contact Earl.
                                                     Photo: Jim Charters
                                                                                                   Jim Charters

Work process could lead
to pain and disability                                                       In this issue:
    Under the Health & Safety         your supervisor. Ask the               Flyer Reps go for ride             3
Act, workers have an obligation       supervisor to document the
to report all defects in equipment    problem on a CK-147 form,              Media Watch                        4
to their employer.                    before you go home. You
                                                                             Election Call                      5
    In the case of bus operators, all should also seek medical
defects including drivers seats       attention as soon as possible,
                                      preferably by your own doctor.         Nike Sweatshop                     9
must be reported on the defect
slip.                                    The compensation board is           ...and more
    If there is a work process that   under pressure to reduce costs. So
is causing pain and could lead to     when a claim is submitted, the
disability, you should inform                        (Continued on page 2)
2 June   1997

(Continued from page 1)
                                         Fruit Baskets
paper documentation is very
                                            The following members
    Our Health & Safety                  received fruit baskets since April.
committee also uses these reports                                              Helping out with this issue were:
to identify problems that need to
                                         Rolf Duldhardt
be corrected. So please take the                                               Warren Bell
time to do the paper work                Linda Amo                             Wayne Bell
properly.                                                                      Laszlo Bori
                          Jim Charters                                         Jim Charters
                                                                               Jackie Eng
                                                                               Michael Hiuser
Condolences                                                                    Linda Lyon
                                                                               Paul Mennie
                                                                               Murray Pope
The executive and membership                                                   Cecil Tomlinson
wish to extend our deepest                                                     Tom Williams
sympathy to the following                                                      Lois Yandt
member who has suffered the loss
of a loved one.
Warren Embro

The Informer
enters awards                                                Wilson/CALM
                                                                                Policy Statement
   The Informer’s December
1996 issue has been entered in
three categories at the Annual
Calm Conference in Hamilton.
                                               Milestones                         The Informer is a publication of
                                                                               CAW Local 4304, Kitchener Transit
                                                                               and Fleet, and is intended to educate
The categories are:                                                            and inform the members. The views
Best Publication, Best Layout                      15 Years                    expressed are those of the writer and
& Design and Best Original                                                     not necessarily those of the CAW or
                                                    Lucy Kruse                 Local 4304. The newsletter
Story or Column (Tom                               July 12, 1982
William’s Column).                                                             committee reserves the right to edit
                                                                               for clarity or fact. Material of a sexist,
   It is entered in the                            10 Years                    racist or defamatory nature will not
“distribution under 500 copies”
sub-category.                                     Dennis Retzler
                                                  June 29, 1987
  The conference takes place
                                                  Gregory Jahn
May 30 to June 1.
                                                   July 21, 1987
                           Wayne Bell
                                                                                                 The Informer 3

Revamped                               Concerns voiced to Flyer and
Workers’                               Detroit Harper representatives
Compensation                               Since March we were              Council gave an exemption for
                                       privileged to have two operation     the bus stop at Fairway and
                                       meetings with management. The        Wilson because it is in a right
   I would like to thank the Local     first one was on March 4, at         hand turn lane. We will be getting
for the donation towards the cost      which time we were joined by         exemptions for other bus stops
of the April 15, Injured Workers       Dan Douchant from Flyer              that are in a turning lane.
Clinic . This was a real learning      Industries and John Fields from
experience. The people who                                                     We talked about route 9 and
                                       Detroit Harper. The entire           the problems of going around
came had expert help and advice.       committee went out on a 94 Flyer
I would like to thank Ron                                                   Regina, Hickory, King and
                                       and held a two hour meeting on       University. We also talked about
Brouillette for being of assistance    it.
that day, before the start of his                                           difficulties at Stanley Park Mall
shift.                                    All of our concerns were          and Sports World.
   The “Changes to the Workers’        brought up to the two gentleman;        We are open to receiving your
Compensation Act” have been            steering, traction, transmission,    complaints and problems in
posted at all work locations.          engine-retarders, the operation of   writing. Please contact Gord,
Please read them very carefully.       the engine, brakes, back and front   Henry or myself, or put it in the
This is not a scare tactic but it is   door interlock. The retarding        operations envelope hanging on
the real thing. We have been           system will be altered so the        the bulletin board at the garage.
moved back in time by the              retarder will come on much
                                                                                                    Laszlo Bori
Conservative party that so many        smoother, and the retarder on the
people still think is wonderful.       94 Flyers will be staying on until
                                       3-5 km., now it comes off at 15      Benefits Report
Big Business and the dollar have
                                       km. Both gentlemen must have
   I would like to thank the           exceptional memories because         Injured
                                       neither one took notes.
membership for approving my
attendance at the WCB                     Our next meeting was on April
                                                                            Workers Clinic
Conference in Port Elgin on June       10. As always, the minutes of the    a success
13, 14, and 15 1997.                   meeting are posted at the garage.
   Laszlo Bori has offered to          We looked at bus stops. City
write cards for those who have                                                 There were 22 advocates from
been off sick or on WCB for an                                              as far away as Windsor, Oshawa,
extended length of time. Laszlo is                                          Grimsby and Hamilton as well as
delivering Fruit Baskets so it            Attend Your                       15 local reps. at Kitchener’s
                                                                            Injured Workers Clinic. The
works in well with the committee
function.                                    Union                          Office of the Workers Advisor
                                                                            was there with 6 people from
   Please keep Murray Pope,
Laszlo, or myself posted on                Meetings                         their office.
anyone who you know is off                                                     The Office of the Workers
work so that we can be of                     Next                          Advisor has moved from King
assistance to our members as
soon as possible.                          Meeting:                         Street to the Office of the
                                                                            Ministry of Labour at Frobisher
                                         June 18, 1997                      Drive in Waterloo.
                        Paul Mennie
                                                                                                   Paul Mennie
4 June   1997

                                 Media Watch
Bus company                                                                subsidy dropped to 50 per cent
                                                                           from 75 per cent.
saves                                                                         Two of the station’s three
                                                                           compressors are now in place.
                                                                           But officials are still waiting for
The Record, April 8, 1997
                                                                           the third unit, which will serve
Council Notebook                                                           as a backup in refueling the
                                      parked at the city’s Strasburg       buses.
                                      Road transit yard.                          Compiled and condensed by:
   Kitchener Transit has come up
with $175,000 in savings and             They’re waiting for the
extra revenue without cutting         completion of the refueling
services, officials say.              station, which is six months
                                      behind schedule. Officials had set
   The good news resulted from a
                                      a revised completion date of
January brainstorming effort
                                      March 31, but they now say they
involving all levels of staff.
                                      aren’t sure when the station will
   Transit officials still have to    be fully operational.                  The winner of the latest
come up with another $725,000                                              Health and Welfare 50/50 draw
                                         They hope to hold an opening      was:
this year to make up for
                                      ceremony May 30.
provincial cutbacks and a loss of                                          Wayne Yandt - $60.50
revenue from a reduced contract          The delays are costing the city
to provide bus service to the City    about $15,000 a month in fuel           The committee would like to
of Waterloo.                          savings that would have been         congratulate Wayne and to
                                      realized from using natural gas,     encourage members to support
                                      which is cheaper than the diesel     this endeavor.
                                      fuel used by most of the 108            Next draw will be held at the
New buses still                       other buses run by Kitchener
                                                                           end of June.

waiting for                              So far, the losses total about
                                                                             Congratulations to Brad
                                      $70,000, a figure that includes the
natural-gas                                                               Quirke who was the winner of
                                      fact some natural-gas buses have our first “Glass Turkey Draw”
station                               been put into service on a trial
                                                                          and to the four lucky Golf
                                                                          Tourney Winners: Rick
                                         The city borrowed money to       Rodrigue, Paul Hagerman, Leo
The Record, May 2, 1997
                                      cover its share of the natural-gas  McAleney and John Circuittin.
                                      fleet, but interest charges won’t      Hope you had good luck on
   Most of Kitchener Transit’s 23     begin until mid-year, officials     the greens on May 28th.
natural-gas buses are still sitting   said.
idle as the city struggles to            Even then, they said the
complete a $2.3-million refueling     interest pales in comparison to
station. The $9.2-million bus fleet   the $1.9 million the city saved by
arrived in September: Since then,     acquiring the buses in 1996 rather
most of the buses have remained       than 1997, when the provincial
                                                                                                The Informer 5

Make a Difference on June 2                                                Social Club
   The Federal election has been    wrong of the .4) of Canadians are          On March 16th we held our
called for June 2. With all of the  living in poverty. This is a higher    2nd Annual Spring Roller Skating
major parties lining up on the      percentage than in both the            Party in Waterloo. This turned
political right, it is extremely    previous two recessions, and I         out to be a big success. Thanks to
important we elect a strong left of thought we were in the middle of       the 87 members and their families
center opposition.                  an economic recover. Just where        who participated.
                                                                               On April 27, ninety-six die-
   This voice can only come from are the jobs, jobs, jobs Mr.
                                    Chretien?                              hard Jays Fans boarded 2 buses at
the New Democratic Party. No
                                                                           the Strasburg Garage and headed
matter how we feel about the            Provincially, the axe keeps
                                                                           for the Skydome. Despite the
Provincial N.D.P. and the way       falling and we keep saying,
                                                                           loss, it was an enjoyable outing.
they abandoned their Social         “thank you”. Sometimes I think
                                                                           A special thanks to Lucy Kruse
Democratic principles while they the old saying about us getting
                                                                           for taking charge of the cheering
were in office. The Social          the kind of government we
                                                                           section. Our hearing aids will
Contract was not a product of the deserve is all too true.
                                                                           never be the same again.
left. It was a policy of the right,     On the lighter side, for fans of          We have a second Jays
which is why so many business       the Royal Canadian Air Farce,          game on Tuesday July 1. The bus
leaders applauded it and why the    they have chosen the one and           will leave the garage at 10:30 a.
Provincial Tories supported it but only Mike-The-Knife-Harris as
                                                                           m. for the 1:00 p.m. game time.
said it didn’t go far enough.       the Chicken Cannon Target of the       The Jays are taking on the Expos
Incidentally, Jean Charest has just Year. He beat out such worthy
                                                                           which should be an exciting game
unveiled the Federal Tory vision    competition as Ralph Klein, Jean       on Canada Day. Price is $33/
of the future and it includes       Chretien, and the 1000 Flushes         members $38/non-members. We
among other things, the loss of     Guy from the T.V. commercial.          have 18 seats left. Don’t delay,
40,000 more Civil Service jobs.
                                                           Tom Williams    reserve yours today.
Just where will this all end?
                                                                               We also have an opportunity
   A report has just been released                                         to attend an N.F.L. game at
indicating 17.4% (I may be                                                 Skydome on Saturday August 16.
                                                                           Bus departs the garage at 2:00 p.
                                                                           m. for the 4:00 p.m. start. The
                                                                           Greenbay Packers v. Buffalo
                                                                           Bills. We need a minimum of 20
                                                                           to make this function a go. Price
                                                                           is $50/members and $55/non-
                                                                               Effective June 2, 1997, we will
                                                                           unfortunately have to raise our
                                                                           coffee prices. Over the past 4
                                                                           months our costs for coffee rose
                                                                           $3.50/bag. Prices will rise from
                                                                           50 & 60 cents to 55 and 65 cents.
                                                                               We look forward to your
                                                                           future patronage.
                                                                           Thank you,
                                                                                     Mike Hiuser, John Tucker,
                                                                                                  Brian Oxford
6 June   1997

WORK LAW: What's the                                                       Get ready for
union's duty with grievances?                                              “Driving for
   Vigorous, fair, and intelligent    depends a little on the              Dreams”
representation. That's what most      circumstances. But if the union
unions aim to provide to workers,     has investigated the grievance         As you know, Sunday,
and that's what most workers          carefully and fairly, heard both   September 14, 1997, our biggest
want.                                 sides of the story, and made a     charity event “Driving For
   When it comes to grievances,       reasonable decision in good faith, Dreams” takes place.
though, unions have certain legal     then usually it can decide not to      Again this year we will be
obligations as well. Across           go to arbitration.                 having both the Professional and
Canada, unions have a legal duty           Sometimes the requirements of the Public Roadeo. Along with
of fair representation, either by     the duty of fair representation    live bands, line dancers, a Kung
statute or by case law.               will depend on the seriousness of Fu and an archery demonstration,
                                      the grievance. Particular care     a motorcycle and an old car
   What does this duty mean?                                             collection, a Crown and Anchor
Although the law is a little          must be taken with a discharge
                                      grievance, because the             table, hot dog and soft drink
different depending on the
province, the bottom line is that     consequences are so important to table, a dunk tank, and a
                                      the grievor.                       Children’s Centre that includes;
unions must be careful and fair in                                       fishing for Gummi Worms, a
making decisions about                     When it comes right down to   Bean Bag Toss, sidewalk chalk,
grievances.                           it, though, the golden rule might  and a Lollipop Pull. We of course
    There are two main parts to       be more useful than all the legal  have the Bust-A-Balloon table,
the duty – what the union does        rules. Treating others the way you with such prizes as Teddy Bears,
and how it does it. For example, a    would like to be treated can be    gift certificates from various
union might be right in deciding      the most effective way of          restaurants, CD certificates,
not to take a grievance to            preventing problems down the       movie theatre passes, Yuk Yuk
arbitration. But if the union         road.                              tickets, Lyric Tickets, T-Shirts,
makes the decision using the                   Judith McCormack / CALM Ball caps, free bowling passes
wrong process, say without                                               etc. etc. We have something for
listening to the grievor's side of    * Judith McCormack is a former     everyone this year.
the story, this could be a breach     chair of the Ontario Labour            As this event is a very large
of its duty.                          Relations Board and is now a       undertaking, we could certainly
   If the union makes the             labour lawyer with the firm of     use your assistance. Even your
decision based on the wrong                                              spouse and teens can pitch in and
factors, it can also be in trouble.                                      help. Your teenager may even
For example, if a local president         Your Comp.                     have a good time in the
                                                                         Children’s Centre helping the
decides not to take a grievance to
arbitration because the grievor              Rep.:                       little ones try their hand at
ran against him in the last local                                        winning something. Come down,
election, this is likely to be a                                         help out and join in the fun.
breach of the duty as well.                                                  We are looking for a child size
                                                                         table or two that we may borrow
   Does this mean that workers
have a right to have their               Paul Mennie                     for the day of this event.
                                                                             Hope to see your there.
grievances arbitrated? Generally
the answer is no, although it             744-5659                                              Jacky Eng
                                                                                                The Informer 7

Bus drivers win US strawberry                                                * STRAWBERRY
public support campaign takes                                                ENDORSEMENT

A community-based campaign
                           off                                               I endorse the strawberry
                                                                             workers' rights to:
helped 16 Fort Garry, Manitoba                                                   * a living wage
                                          Strawberry pickers in                  * toilets in the fields
school bus drivers keep their jobs
                                       California are trying to unionize.        * job security
from being contracted out.
                                       And the United Farm Workers of            * health insurance
"All the drivers are happy and         America is helping them. It has           * an end to sexual
breathing a sigh of relief that we     kicked off a new campaign, its        harassment and abuses
were able to convince the trustees     largest since the death of founder    I urge the strawberry industry
not to contract out our work,"         Cesar Chavez three years ago.         to recognize the rights of
said CUPE Local 1112 president                                               strawberry workers.
                                          Five cents for fairness is the
Fonda Vincent.
                                       campaign slogan. Unlike previous
The union had an independent           campaigns to organize grape           Name
accountant look over costs and         workers, there's no boycott           ________________________
potential savings. The drivers         involved. Instead, the UFW is         Organization
then used the figures to show the      asking unions, individuals, and       ________________________
public that contracting out was        other organizations to sign           Address
not as cost-effective as               pledges of support. It says that a    ________________________
management had said.                   price increase of five cents a pint   City __________________
"When people heard about what          could increase the pickers' piece-    Prov___________
was happening, they were as            rate pay by 50 per cent.              Code_______
concerned as we were and spoke        There are about 20,000                 Phone
out," Vincent said. "This shows   strawberry workers in California.          ________________________
what can happen when a            They work 10--12 hours a day in            Fax
community feels strongly about    slippery, muddy ditches. For this,         ________________________
an issue."                        they earn an average of $8,500             Return to: UFW, c/o USWA,
                                                                             25 Cecil St., Toronto,
            CUPE FastFacts / CALM per year. The industry makes
                                  $600 million. U.S. growers make            M5T 1N1
                                  more money from strawberries               Phone: 416.598.4954,
                                  than any other crop except apples.         Fax: 416.977.9591.
                                                                                              UFW / CALM
                                          As with the grape campaign,
                                       the UFW is looking to Canada for
                                       support. Eighty per cent of the
                                       strawberries consumed in Canada
                                       come from California. Here is the
                                       pledge the UFW wants supporters
                                       to sign:
                                                           see next panel
Toronto Transit Commission (TTC)
4337, a Class A-6 Presidents'
Conference Committee (PCC) car
built in 1948, rests between
assignments in Roncesvalles Carhouse
yard in 1979.
8 June   1997

Thunder Bay                                      For an                                Just for
combines                                        Informed                               Laughs

protests                                        Opinion...
    Community and labour                          Read
activists combined causes on
April 28 in Thunder Bay. An
estimated 5,000 people
participated in demonstrations                                                Here's how to burn the calories
and events to mark the national
Day of Mourning for workers                                                      Here are some popular
killed and injured on the job. As                                             workplace and leisure activities,
well, they were protesting against
the policies of Ontario's Harris
                                        Working world                         and the energy they consume
                                                                              (given in calories per hour):
government. According to The            believe-
Chronicle Journal, it was one of
the largest political protests in the   it-or-nots                            * making mountains out of
                                                                                molehills (500)
city's history.                                                               * running around in circles (350)
   Six hundred cars and trucks,                                               * pushing your luck (250)
twice the number expected,         Vegetarian wins burger suit                * jumping to conclusions (175)
wound their way through the city   * A vegetarian bus driver in San           * beating your own drum (150)
in a Fight for the Living Caravan. Diego, California was fired when           * dragging your heals (100)
They carried two coffins, one      he refused to hand out coupons             * grasping at straws (100)
commemorating the thousand         for free hamburgers. He                    * swallowing your pride (50)
workers across Canada who die      protested, and won a $50,000 suit          * tooting your own horn (50)
annually because of their work,    against his employer. A                    * flying off the handle (25)
and the other representing the     government commission found                                            CALM
death of quality public services inthat his transit authority failed to
Ontario.                           accommodate his "strongly held
                                   moral and ethical beliefs" when it
                                   required him to hand out burger

                                        Official chocolate tester
                                        * Michael Ferraro, the head of
                                        quality control for Godiva
                                        Chocolatier, makes more than
                                        $100,000 per year in a job that
                                        includes eating half a pound of
                                        chocolate a day. He says he eats
  Have a great                          light meals and bikes a lot to keep
                                        the weight off. Whew. That really
   Summer                               explains his salary.
                                                                                             Photo: Michael Hiuser

                                                                              Jason and Chris at Roller Skating
                                                                                                   The Informer 9

Worker made Nikes                                                            Former Nike
for $2.60 a day                                                              Worker Kicks
   Cicih Sukaesih used to make            In 1988, for example,              Off National
shoes for Nike in Jakarta,             Indonesia's 700 government
Indonesia. In 1993 she was fired       inspectors found 13,000               Tour In
for trying to get better working       violations of the law. Only 15
conditions and a living wage.          cases made it to the first judicial   Vancouver
   Last year Sukaesih toured the       stage. One shoe factory paid 83
United States, speaking about the      cents a day, just over half the          Former Nike worker Cicih
efforts she and her colleagues         figure set by the government as       Sukaesih visited the Vancouver
were making to unionize.               necessary for the minimum             area May 2-4 on the first leg of a
Sukaesih was shocked at the price      physical needs of a single adult.     cross-Canada speaking tour to
of a pair of Nike shoes. She had          The government is fiercely         highlight the poor wages and
earned $2.60 a day for making          anti-union. The International         miserable working conditions
them. "If I wanted to buy a pair, it   Labour Organization says there is     facing Nike factory workers.
would cost two or three months         evidence of widespread                   The tour is co-sponsored by
of my pay. Forget about eating,"       persecution of trade unionists,       the CAW Social Justice Fund.
she said.                              including the murder and
                                                                               In solidarity with Canadian
   Currently speaking in cities        disappearance of activists.
                                                                             workers on their National Day Of
throughout Alberta, Sukaesih will      * For up-to-date information             Protest, Sukaesih joined 800
be travelling across Canada in                                                  other marchers through the
her effort to gain international                                                streets of Vancouver and
help.                                                                           ended up addressing a rally at
   Nike has a policy of using                                                   the Art Gallery.
offshore sweatshops and                                                          Sukaesih later joined with
moving factories to right-to-                                                the JUSTice DO IT, NIKE
work states. While offering                                                  group which was leafleting a
millions to sports celebrities                                               nearby Nike outlet on Robson
to promote its shoes, the                                                    Street. Many passer-bys heard
workers who make the shoes                                                   first hand of the dreadful
earn as little as 26 cents an                                                conditions facing Nike
hour.                                                                        workers in Indonesia. The
   In the 1970s, Nike's sub-                                                 manager of a local Nike
contractors were in South                                                    outlet in Vancouver seemed
Korea and Taiwan. A decade                                                   genuinely surprised after
                                       about the Canadian Nike boycott
later, however, the climate had                                          meeting Sukaesih in the store and
                                       campaign, visit either of these
changed. Democracy had come                                              learning first hand about the poor
                                       web pages:
and with it the possibility unions                                       Nike Indonesian working
would gain new freedoms and               -- conditions. Sukaesih picked up
workers would get decent wages.        Acropolis/5232                    one pair of Nike shoes priced at
Wages for shoe workers in South           --                 $119.99 and explained, through
Korea tripled between 1987 and                                           an interpreter, that she would
                                         AFL / ICFTU Free Labour World /
1991. So Nike headed for Indo-                                      CALM have to work for four months and
nesia, the sweatshop owner's                                             not eat or pay for any other needs
dream.                                                                                    (Continued on next page)
10 June   1997

in order to own one pair of Nike
shoes.                              Privatized water? !@#?
   However, as she movingly         — A step closer in Ontario!!
explained, she has not worked
since 1993 because she wanted to       The Harris government is             opens the door to privatization of
bring an independent union into     pushing full steam ahead to             inspection and regulation of
the workplace and at 33 is          destroy the public infrastructure       water.
considered too old to work in an    in Ontario. One of the least heard         Maybe more significant in the
Indonesian sweat shop.              about and potentially far reaching      long run is the potential of
   Later on Saturday Sukaesih       bits of Harris legislation is Bill      Canadian water being sold off to
returned to the CAW hall where      107. With only 2 days of public         the U.S. Under the Free Trade
she met with CLC president, Bob     hearings conducted (Toronto             Agreement, once we open the
White, and addressed the large      only), Bill 107 is set to go to third   flood gate it cannot be closed,
gathering of Vancouver and          reading and royal assent.               even if we are short of water here.
District Labour Council activists   The bill transfers                                            CAW Contact
and NDP supporters who had just  responsibility for hundreds of
participated in the National Day water and sewage treatment
of Protest in the Greater        facilities to munici-palities which        Keeping the water supply
Vancouver area.                  cannot afford to run them. At the          ‘public’
                     CAW Contact same time it provides that those
                                 municipalities can sell off the            Councilors for York Region,
                                 plants at a cut rate price. Already        north of Toronto, have done a
                                 multinational water companies              stunning about-face on plans to
                                 are lobbying Ontario                       enter a "partnership" with a
                                 municipalities, saying they can            private consortium and voted to
 Day of Protest                  provide the service cheaper.               retain ownership of its water
                                       The experience of Britain
   Windsor                          (degradation of water facilities,
                                    unsafe water, rising prices for
                                                                            The reversal came following a
                                                                            lobbying and information
                                    water, poor people cut off of
  June 20, 21                       water, and more) is bound to be
                                                                            campaign by city workers and
                                                                            their union.
                                    repeated here. In fact, Bill 107
     1997                                                                              CUPE FastFacts / CALM

                                                                            Notice to Injured
    Financial Secretary’s Report                                            Workers
Recapitulation                         March                April
                                                                            Pertaining to CK-147 forms that are
Previous Month                            37424.97            31706.32      filled out with your Supervisor.

Monthly Income                             9077.78             9260.53      READ THEM before you sign it.
                                                                            If you disagree, have what is
Total                                     46502.75            40966.85      written changed. Get a copy of it
Monthly Expenses                          14796.43            11794.01      immediately. Contact your WCB
                                                                            Union rep.
Balance                                   31706.32            29172.84      Paul Mennie 744-5659
                                                            Linda Lyon      leave me a message.
                                                                                                   The Informer 11

Most believe cuts                                                                 1997 Roadeo
have gone too far                                                                   Results
Canadians appear to be growing           disagree) that federal deficit
fatigued with repeated federal           slashing has gone far enough.        Fourth Place          Laszlo Bori
government cutbacks. The latest          Among higher-income
Vector Poll found that, by almost        households, however, almost as       Third Place            Bill Ruegg
a two-to-one margin, people              many want the cuts to continue as
across the country agree that the        to stop.                             Second Place          Greg Pytlik
cuts have gone too far.                  In terms of party affiliation, NDP
Those especially inclined to             supporters agree by nearly five to   First Place        Nirmal Mattu
oppose further cuts include young        one that the cuts have gone too
people, women, students, low-            far. Liberals also agree, but by a
income households and the
unemployed. In total, 37 per cent
                                         smaller margin, 54 per cent to 45
                                         per cent. Backers of the Reform
strongly agree the cutbacks have         Party disagree by 52 per cent to
gone too far, while only 16 per
cent strongly disagree.
                                         48 per cent.
                                         Here are the results, based on the
How much people agree that cuts          question: "Do you agree that         Course
have been excessive also depends         people are suffering because
to a large extent on their income        federal government cutbacks
                                                                         On June 10, 1997, a three hour
level. The lowest income earners         have gone too far?"
                                                                         course will be offered to any
agree 70 per cent (28 per cent                       CCPA Monitor / CALM member interested in learning the
                                                                         procedure for grievances in
                               % Agree                   % Disagree      addition to other information
Total Canada                        62                      36           regarding stewards. The course
Region                                                                   starts at 9:00 a.m. and goes to
Ontario                             58                      39           12:00 p.m.
Quebec                              60                         37             If interested, contact your
Gender                                                                        steward.
Women                               68                         28
Men                                 55                         44
Political affiliation
NDP                                 83                         18
Liberal                             54                         45
Reform                              48                         38
Bloc Quebecois                      65                         35
Annual Household Income
Under $20,000                       70                         28
$20,000 - $39,000                   68                         30
$40,000 - $69,000                   57                         40
$70,000 - $99,000                   51                         49
Union Members                       68                         31
12 June   1997

                 Pennies for People

 The “Pennies for People” campaign was officially launched at
 our garage. It is now in full swing. Remember to fill the little
             piggies that are at all work locations.
                   These piggies will accept any coins.
          All proceeds to The Food Bank of Waterloo Region

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