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					                                                   RAMON DAS
          16 Lake Street NE #11, Hopkins, Minnesota 55343 • Home: (612) 938-3431 •
                                     Work Authorization: Permanent U.S. Resident

UNIVERSITY OF MINNESOTA                                                                             Minneapolis, Minnesota
Carlson School of Management
Candidate for MBA                                                                                 To be awarded May 2000
Emphases in Management Information Systems and Supply Chain Management

VIENNA SEMINAR                                                                                             Warsaw, Poland
Marketing project on Volition Networking Solution for 3M in Poland                                              June 1999

NORTH DAKOTA STATE UNIVERSITY                                                                          Fargo, North Dakota
Ph.D., Engineering                                                                                               May 1997
M.S., Civil Engineering                                                                                    December 1992

UNIVERSITY OF PUNE, COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING                                                                      Pune, India
Bachelor of Engineering, Civil Engineering                                                                    October 1989

3M                                                                                                    Fridley, Minnesota
Summer Business Associate, 3M Information Technology                                                       Summer 1999
Assisted Manufacturing Operations Planning System (MOPS) team to implement i2 Technologies Supply Chain Planner
software and JD Edwards One World software.
 Developed template that described strategies for successful implementation of Supply Chain Planner.
 Defined end user needs and designed customized Excel Pivot Table to report and manipulate daily build schedules.
 Mapped data flow between PCR (Legacy System) and APS system, and documented data requirements for i2
    Technologies Demand Planner, Supply Chain Planner, and Factory Planner modules.

SOUTHWEST AIRLINES                                                                                          Phoenix, Arizona
Technical Operations Intern                                                                                        1998-1999
Measured operational performance of hanger, shop, and line inspections, training, quality audits and technical records.
 Worked directly with managers of QIT division to identify critical areas of improvement.
 Performed process mapping, benchmarking, and root-cause, demand-capacity, and regression analysis.

RED RIVER MANUFACTURING COMPANY                                                                 Belcourt, North Dakota
Consultant                                                                                                  1995-1999
Prepared comparative estimates based on cell manufacturing and activity based costing.
 Conducted study to compare quote and actual manufacturing cost of commercial/military products.
 Used CAD/CAM to design new products and to develop production routers and labor standards.
 Trained engineers and technicians in CAD/CAM to increase productivity and quality.

TURTLE MOUNTAIN COMMUNITY COLLEGE                                                                   Belcourt, North Dakota
Professor and Director                                                                                           1991-1998
Directed engineering program, designed engineering curriculum, and coordinated collaborative field and research projects
with local industries. Completed over $500,000 worth of projects.
 Developed partnerships with local industries for internships, site visits, speakers, and mentors.
 Increased substantially quality of the engineering program and quantity of incoming students.

i2 Technology Supply Chain Planner software; Visio; MS Project; Excel; Access; PowerPoint; FrontPage, AutoCAD;
CadKey; SQL (Oracle 7); LAN; Windows NT; AS400; Unix.

Kellogg Fellow for Expanding Diversity Leadership, Outreach Research Award, Model Project Director.
President of International Business Student Association, Operations Partner of Innoventures Club