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					Issue 4                                       Autumn/Winter 06

Glebeside Youth
Launch ‘Life Chances’

a safe place to live   a good place to live    a healthy place to live
Cover Story: Glebeside Youth launch ‘Life Chances’ board game to educate
young people on the dangers of drugs, alcohol and smoking and is now available to
community groups throughout Northern Ireland.

Life Chances was the brainchild of young people from Glebeside and was originally devised
for a competition held by NEELB for the ‘Drugs and Alcohol Field Officer Awards’. The
young people were motivated to take the idea further, and this became a reality through
funding from the Northern Drugs and Alcohol Co-ordination Team.

The game encourages the player to spend their money on possessions e.g. clothes,
mobile phones and then eventually put down a deposit on a house or car. Players can
land on a ‘take a chance in life card’ which contains information relating to drugs, alcohol
and smoking as well as penalties. Players must read out these messages or endure a

                                    There is a attention both the HAZ and television.
So far Life Chances has attracted great medianew addition to on radio team. Helen
                                    McNicholl started          to the the game can
Anyone who would like further information on ‘Life Chances’ oras request new HAZ
                                    Administrator after
contact Glebeside Community Association onEaster and is settling well
                                                            2766 7624 or email             into her new role. Helen previously worked with
                                    Homefirst Community Trust.

                    Action Cancer’s BIG BUS - on the Road

  Action Cancer’s Mobile Resource Centre - the ‘BIG BUS’ - is now on the road and will
  be visiting locations within the NHSSB area during February, June and November

  Services provided on the BIG BUS include digital breast screening, health promotion
  and men’s health checks. A new support scheme called the Listening Ear Service
  and complementary therapies will be offered to cancer patients, their carers and
  families onboard the unit, which is fully accessible for people with disabilities.

  Groups within the NHSSB wishing to make a booking for the BIG BUS during February,
  June or November 2007 should telephone Action Cancer on:

                                  Tel: 028 9080 3344

a safe place to live              a good place to live           a healthy place to live
             Healthy Breaks in NNHAZ Primary Schools
                                        Ten primary schools, previously involved in the
                                        NNHAZ Fresh Fruit In Schools scheme have
                                        now signed up to the “Healthy Breaks” initiative.

                                        The initiative is funded by the Big Lottery Fund
                                        and      supported       by    the    Northern
                                        Neighbourhoods Health Action Zone, the
                                        Northern Investing for Health Partnership, local
                                        boards and
                                        Health Trusts.

Healthy Breaks encourages schools to have a written
policy in place whereby only certain foods and drinks
are encouraged at breaktime. This policy encourages
children and staff to consume only fruit, vegetables,
bread based products, water and milk at break time.

The Healthy Breaks team comprises a Healthy Breaks
Co-ordinator and a Senior Community Dietitian. The
team actively work with teachers and principals, across
the 28 schools involved in the initiative, by providing
them with financial and practical support to hold events,
promote Healthy Breaks and improve water provision
within the school. Appropriate information and
resources are provided to parents and staff reinforcing the healthy eating messages
                                                    encouraged by Healthy Breaks.
                                                    Lesson plans promoting healthy
                                                    eating have also been developed and
                                                    delivered in some of the schools.

                                                  Parents, pupils, school caterers,
                                                  principals and teachers have
                                                  welcomed the Healthy Breaks
                                                  initiative as a way to build on the
                                                  Fresh Fruit In Schools scheme.

a safe place to live             a good place to live            a healthy place to live
                                 Rockin’ for Health in Ballysally
                       Ballysally Youth and Community Centre in partnership with
                       Causeway Trust, Coleraine Borough Strategic Partnership and
                       supported by the Health Action Zone hosted a ‘Rockin’ for Health’
                       event during the summer. The Youth and Community Centre was
                       the venue for a day of activities to promote health and wellbeing
                       and in particular raise awareness about
cancer prevention.

The event provided the opportunity for participants to access a
mini-health M.O.T which included B.P monitoring, weight and
lifestyle advice. Also on offer was a variety of exhibits including
smoking cessation, dental health, Sure-start, Action Cancer,
Advocacy for Senior Citizens and St John’s Ambulance. The event
                        also offered sessions of complementary therapies including
                        Indian head massage which proved very popular with the local

                       The event raised over £835 for breast cancer through
                       sponsorship and a cheque was presented to Action Cancer. The
                       money will be used to fund the mammography facility on the
                       Action Cancer Big Bus.

This event was featured on the recently launched Investing for Health DVD ‘Making A
Difference’. To obtain a copy of the DVD please contact Tracey @ Tel: 028 2531 1199.

             Opening of Craigyhill Resource Centre
                                     Craigyhill Resource Centre on Linn Road was
                                     officially opened in July 2006 by Mayor of Larne,
                                     Danny O’Connor. The centre is situated in former
                                     Housing Executive flats and provides community
                                     facilities for all Craigyhill residents. It is equipped
                                     with a computer training suite, study area and
                                     games room and is staffed by volunteers from
                                     Craigyhill Community Association (CCA).

                                   CCA secured approximately £34,000 from Larne
                                  Local Strategy Partnership to refurbish and equip
                                  the new centre. George Robinson, CCA
Chairperson, commented that “the newly opened centre shows what can be achieved
when a community works together”.

a safe place to live            a good place to live            a healthy place to live
           Fruit & Veg Co-op & New Play Park for Antiville

                               Antiville residents have had an exciting October with the
                               launch of their Fruit & Vegetable Co-op and the official
                               opening of a new Play Park.

                               Antiville Community Group (ACG) were awarded funding
                               from Larne LSP to start-up the Fruit & Veg Co-op after
                               gaining inspiration from a community project they visited
                               in Glasgow as part of the NNHAZ Health Research Visit
                               in October 2005. The
                               Antiville Co-op is run by
local volunteers and provides low cost, fresh fruit and
vegetables which are easily accessible to the community.
ACG believe it is a simple way of providing people with an
affordable and healthy choice.

The Play Park was taken forward under the Creating
Common Ground programme which contributed £50K to
the project. Additional funding was secured from Children
in Need and Larne Borough Council, with the Housing Executive supporting provision
of a site. The park was officially opened by the Deputy Mayor on the 25th October 2006
after three years of hard work.

                             Health Based Events
 Your neighbourhoods have been running
 Health Based Events in the past 6 months
 with funding made available from NNHAZ.
 At present many of the HAZ areas have
 implemented projects using some of their
 £2000 allocation.

 Three HAZ communities organised Health
 Fairs during the summer. Many
 neighbourhoods have organised physical
 activity projects for a range of age groups,         Enjoying a healthy eating
 a number of summer schemes and fun                    session in Rehability,
 days have also taken place.                                 Rathenraw

a safe place to live            a good place to live          a healthy place to live
                                         Preventing Scalds in Ballysally
 Congratulations- Moyle
                                      A project aimed to prevent scalds in Ballysally for
   Greenlight Project                 families with children under the age of five is
                                      currently underway. The project has been jointly
                                      supported by the Housing Executive, Coleraine
                                      Strategic Partnership, Sure Start, Homefirst and
                                      Causeway Trusts and the Health Action Zone.

                                      The project offers to fit Thermostatic Mixing Valves
                                      (TMVs) free in Housing Executive properties in
                                      Ballysally for families with children under 5 years.
                                      A TMV is a device that is fitted near the water
                                      tank and is set to control the temperature of
                                      bathwater so that it cannot cause severe scalding.
                                      The valve can be fitted with little or no disruption
                                      to the home.

 In securing £40,000 through the      In conjunction with the valves being fitted,
 Fair Share Programme. The            residents who had registered their interest were
 funding will help to further         invited along to an information session which was
 develop an innovative recycling      facilitated by RoSPA (see picture below). These
 and regeneration project led by      sessions provided information about the risks of
 young people with severe             accidents in the home and particularly scalds and
 learning difficulties.               burns. These sessions also provided the
                                      opportunity for residents to see a TMV fitted and
 The project will encourage the       feel the temperature of the water.
 community to look at the ability
 of young people, not the             Anyone who would like further information
 disability, and in the process       regarding the project can contact Grainne
 highlight the importance of          McGowan at Ballysally Neighbourhood Office. Tel.
 recycling and how it can improve     7035 9700.
 the environment within the
 Knocklayd and Glentaise wards.
 It is anticipated that the project
 will provide volunteering
 opportunities, develop social
 networking and community
 engagement from a range of
 voluntary, statutory and
 community organisations.

a safe place to live             a good place to live           a healthy place to live
                            Busy time for HAZ areas in Newtownabbey
                            The Newtownabbey HAZ areas of Bawnmore, Longlands &
                            Arthur and New Mossley have been busy organising health
                            and well-being projects over the past number of months.

                             CLASP have delivered a substantial programme of health
initiatives with support from NNHAZ and funding received from East Antrim LHSCG. In
August, over 25 senior residents went on a best practice visit to Glebeside, a fellow HAZ
area in Ballymoney. The group visited Glebeside Community Association and Hazard
House where they picked up skills and information on home accident prevention. Over
20 males attended a Men’s MOT health event at the
CLASP Resource Centre in September and a Community
Health Fair was very well supported by the local community
in the same venue during October.

The New Mossley summer festival week included a Health
Day which was funded by NNHAZ through Health Based
Events. In addition to the information stands staffed by
local agencies, a broad range of topics were highlighted
including: complementary therapies, crime prevention, drugs awareness, knife awareness
for young people and emergency life support information.

Hillview Seniors from Bawnmore are planning to utilise Health Based Events funding to
visit Hazard House in Ballymoney and to organise a stress management evening later
in the year. The local play group and after-schools club hope to continue the fresh fruit
scheme that they started earlier this year with support from NNHAZ.

               Young People Promote Healthy Living
 Young People from Rathenraw Youth Scheme have recently undertaken a programme
                            of health and well-being initiatives as part of their Healthy
                            Living Week. The week was funded by NNHAZ Health
                            Based Events.

                              A range of activities were organised including football
                              and dance coaching, drugs & alcohol awareness,
                              healthy eating sessions, and an intergenerational project
                              that involved young people delivering fruit baskets to
                              the senior residents in the estate in an effort to build
 relationships. This was a very successful part of the week and they hope to expand
 on this work in the future.

a safe place to live             a good place to live          a healthy place to live
                         Community                 FREE HOME FIRE SAFETY
                          Directory                       CHECK
                                                To avail of the free home fire safety
                                                check offered by the Northern Ireland
                   Ballycastle Community
                                                Fire & Rescue Service:
                   Development Office
                                                Telephone: 028 9260 0477 or Text
                   have          recently
                                                Phone/Minicom: 028 9262 8800
                   launched a Community
                                                (simply leave a message and
                   Directory for new and
                                                someone will call you back to arrange
                   current residents of
                                                a date).
                   Ballycastle town. The
 resource provides a brief description of
 most of the current community and                          Eat Clever
 voluntary groups within Ballycastle,
 providing contact details and where and        Do you live in the HAZ neighbourhoods
 when they meet.                                of Bawnmore, Longlands or New
 The booklet has been distributed to public
 meeting areas including health centres,        Are you a parent or carer for young
 Housing Executive offices, estate agents,      children aged up to 12 years?
 the local Post Office and shops - it has
 been so popular there is already a call to     Would you like to participate in a short,
 reprint should funding become available.       simple and exciting new programme to
 It is hoped to develop an electronic version   learn some new cooking skills as well as
 which will have the added advantage of         focusing on healthy eating, food safety,
 being easier to update.                        and cooking on a budget?

 For further information contact: Nick          For further information contact: Janice
 Moffett,   Ballycastle      Community          McConnell, Food & Nutrition Co-
 Development Office - Tel. 028 2076 9407        ordinator, Newtownabbey Borough
                                                Council, Tel: 028 9034 0000

                                     The Chalet, County Hall, 182 Galgorm Road,
                                                      BT42 1QB -
                                      Tel: (028) 2531 1212, Fax: (028) 2531 1221

      The Northern Health and Social Services Board is the lead agency for
               the Northern Neighbourhoods Health Action Zone.

a safe place to live              a good place to live         a healthy place to live