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Publications Order Form

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									                                       Publications order form
                                       March 2010

GUIDELINES FOR GENERAL PRACTICE                                                                              MEMBER           NONMEMBER
    Diabetes management in general practice 09/10                                                                     Free                 Free
    Medical care of older persons in residential aged care facilities CD (silver book) (4th edn)                      Free                 Free
    Putting prevention into practice (green book) (2nd edn)                                                           Free                 Free
    Abuse and violence: working with our patients in general practice (white book) (3rd edn)                          Free                  $30
    Guidelines for preventive activities in general practice (red book) (7th edn)                                     Free                  $30
    SNAP guide (1st edn)                                                                                              Free                  $30
    Medicolegal handbook for general practice                                                                         $22                   $28

Schedule 8 drugs – record book of administration
    Small (115 mm x 150 mm) (minimum order 2) (Postage included in price)                                        $6 each                $8 each
    Large (A4) (Postage included in price)                                                                             $10                  $12
The RACGP Steriliser Record System (use with the Infection control standards)
    Steriliser logbook                                                                                                $30                   $38
    Validation records                                                                                                $20                   $25
    Package (one copy of each)                                                                                        $43                   $54

    General practice trainers’ manual 2005                                                                            $20                   $25
    Infection control standards for office based practices (4th edn)                                                  $88                  $110
    (10% discount for orders of 10 or more copies)
    Standards for general practices (3rd edn) (revised 2007)                                                          $33                   $42
    (10% discount for orders of 10 or more copies)

    General practice – a safe place: tips and tools                                                                   Free                 Free
    GPCG computer security checklist (1 page card)                                                                    Free                 Free
    Safety every time – our general practice checklists                                                               Free                 Free
    Smoking cessation pharmacotherapy: an update for health professionals
    (No postage and handling)                                                                                         Free                 Free
    Private billing kit (1st edn)                                                                                     Free                  $30
    Using near misses to improve the quality of care for your patients (1st edn)
    (10+ copies $19.95 each)                                                                                          Free                 $40
    Computing and information management in general practice (2nd edn)                                                $34                   $45
    FaceToFace DVD: Challenging cases in medical practice (Postage included in price)                                  $15                  $15
    General practice management toolkit                                                                               $189                $236
    (Member 2 or more copies $145 each, Nonmember 2 or more copies $196 each)
    Keeping the doctor alive – a self care guide book for medical practitioners                                       $20                   $25
    Rebirth of a clinic: a design workbook for architecture in general practice and primary care                      $199                $249
    The RACGP employment kit (2nd edn)                                                                                $20                   $25
    Working in Aboriginal health DVD (Postage included in price)                                                       $13                  $13
    (15% discount for orders of 10 or more copies)

    Australian medicines handbook (11th edn)                                                                          $125                 $155
    Australian medicines handbook drug choice companion: aged care (3rd edn)                                          $45                   $55
    Australian medicines handbook drug choice companion: emergency care (3rd edn)                                     $45                   $55

The Royal Australian College of General Practitioners 1 Palmerston Crescent South Melbourne Victoria 3205 Australia          …continued overleaf
                                     Publications order form                                                                  March 2010

REFERENCE (CONTINUED)                                                                                          MEMBER               NONMEMBER
    Australian medicines handbook 2010 package (book and CD-ROM)                                                        $175                        $225
    The traveller’s pocket medical guide (4th edn) (minimum order 10)                                               $3 each                     $4 each

    Clinical cases for general practice examinations Susan Wearne                                                        $34                          $45
    Clinical sports medicine (3rd edn) (revised 2010) Peter Brukner et al                                              $124                         $165
    Dermoscopy: an atlas 3e Scott Menzies, Kerry Crotty et al                                                            $94                        $125
    First do no harm (1st edn) Leanne Rowe, Michael Kidd                                                                 $26                          $35
    Fitzpatrick’s colour atlas and synopsis of clinical dermatology (6th edn) Klaus Wolff et al                          $98                        $130
    General anatomy Norman Eizenberg, Christopher Briggs et al                                                           $56                          $75
    General practice (4th edn) John Murtagh                                                                             $123                        $165
    General practice companion handbook (4th edn) John Murtagh                                                           $62                          $83
    General practice psychiatry Grant Blashki, Leon Piterman et al                                                       $55                          $73
    General practice pack (General practice and Companion handbook) John Murtagh                                        $161                        $215
    Lifestyle medicine Garry Egger, Andrew Binns, Stephan Rossner                                                        $55                          $73
    Patient education (5th edn) John Murtagh                                                                             $56                          $75
    Practice tips (5th edn) John Murtagh                                                                                 $56                          $75
    Paediatrics manual: the children’s hospital at Westmead handbook (2nd edn)
    Henry Kilham et al                                                                                                   $53                          $70

Please note: with exception of the publications specified, postage and handling applies to all publications.

All prices include GST within Australia. For overseas orders please email                           Postage and handling requesting a price.                                                          3 or less items $10.00
                                                                                                       4 or more items $15.00
Please allow up to 14 days for delivery of goods. The college must be
notified of missing or incorrect orders within 28 days of placing the order.
                                                                                                    Publications total             $
Orders returned must be received within 28 days of receipt in order to
                                                                                                    P&H                            $
obtain refund or replacement.
                                                                                                    Total (inc. P&H)               $

Please fax your order to 03 8699 0400 or call 03 8699 0495.

 Payment and delivery details

 Date                          First name                                      Surname

 RACGP number                                        RACGP member                    Yes       No

 Delivery address

                                                     Postcode                  Tel

     Amex            Visa          MasterCard            Cheque (make payable to the RACGP)

 Card number

 Cardholder name (please print clearly)                                                    Expiry date                    /

 Cardholder signature                                                                      Total amount

Post or email your order to: The Royal Australian College of General Practitioners,                      FOR OFFICE USE ONLY
1 Palmerston Crescent, South Melbourne, Victoria 3205, Australia.                                        RAGGP NO. (Bill to) _________________________________
                                                                                                         BATCH NO. __________________________________________
Please print clearly and retain a copy for your records.
                                                                                                         ORDER NO. __________________________________________
ACN 000 223 807 ABN 34 000 223 807
                                                                                                         INVOICE NO. ________________________________________

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