Public Open Space (Section 20A) Policy

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					Public Open Space (Section 20A) Policy

                                                                                Date of Publication 29/04/2005
                                                                                Adopted by Council 29/07/2002
                                                                                (Item 8.3.3 PDC 22/07/2002

                                                          POLICY OBJECTIVE

                                                          The policy has as its objective the adoption of
                                                          a range of options from which the Council can
                                                          choose taking into consideration the current
       Local Planning Policy No. 17                       levels of open space and the likely future
       Pursuant to Clause 2.5 of Town Planning            needs of the City. Given the current levels of
       Scheme No. 14                                      open space within the City Council’s
                                                          preferred option will be, in the majority of
                                                          cases, the payment of a cash-in-lieu
       POLICY BASIS                                       contribution.

       The requirement for a subdivider to set aside
       land for public open space as a condition of       POLICY STATEMENT
       subdivision approval and for the land to be
       vested in ‘the Council’ under Section 20A of       When considering a subdivision application
       the Town Planning and Development Act              that will attract a condition requiring the
       often leads, in the case of small lot              ceding of land for public open space the
       subdivisions, to the creation of small pockets     Council will pursue one of the following
       of public open space that serve no useful          options depending on the availability and
       purpose.                                           status of open space within the locality that is
                                                          the subject of the application:
       The policy has as its basis alternatives to the
       acceptance of public open space where, in          (a)   the acceptance of a cash contribution
       the opinion of the Council, the setting aside of         in-lieu of land for public open space; or
       land for open space is not appropriate.            (b)   the acceptance of a combination of a
                                                                cash contribution and land in a ratio to
                                                                be determined by the Council; or
                                                          (c)   the acceptance of land.
       The whole of the City of Belmont.

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