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					                         CHARLOTTE ASSEMBLY 2007

                                 June 21, 22 and 23

                            DISCUSSION QUESTIONS

I.     Vision

Charlotte County is a place of natural beauty and Old Florida ambience. It has the
potential to prosper, yet faces many challenges. What do you think is beautiful about
Charlotte County? What is your vision for Charlotte County in the future? What would
you like the County to look like in 10-20 years?

II.      Environmental Protection

      A. Water Quantity/Quality
What are your concerns about water supply and water quality?
What additional actions should be taken to further conserve water?
What methods should the County use to supplement its water sources?

      B. Habitat Protection
What are your concerns about habitat protection?

      C. Phosphate Mining
What are your concerns about the impact of phosphate on water?

      D. Development
What are your concerns about the impact of future development on water?

      E. Agriculture
What are your concerns about the impact of agriculture on water?

      F. Pumping Levels
What are your concerns about the impact of pumping level on water quality and

III.   Growth Management

A. Urban Form/Zoning and Infrastructure

       1. Planning
Does the County have sufficient planning in place to manage growth in a way that
maintains the character of the community and protect the environment and open space?

What type of community planning (i.e., utilities, nutrient loading, roads and drainage)
should be considered to more accurately manage future development to insure
consistency with the “vision” of Charlotte County?

       2. Height/Density Limits
Should Charlotte County change its height (currently at 3 stories) and density limitations
for commercial and residential development to discourage strip-malls and to encourage
more commercial development in Port Charlotte?

       3. Platted Lands
The General Development Corporation’s (GDC) platted land is a problem. What type of
planning tools and/or restrictions should the County consider in order to minimize the
impacts of development (i.e., utilities, nutrient loading, roads, and drainage) on these
platted lots?

       4. Growth Management within the Urban Service Area
Large-scale, master planned communities are generally attractive and adequately
served by on-site infrastructure, but they do pose growth-management challenges
indirectly by stimulating development in surrounding areas. Thus, the Babcock Ranch
Overlay District (BROD), even if it an economically sound and environmentally sensitive
project, could encourage additional development in South County. Further, once a

larger population has settled around the BROD, political pressure will mobilize for more
extensive infrastructure outside the BROD, requiring County expense for additional
roads, water, sewer, and drainage.

With the approval of the Babcock Ranch development, the character of the eastern
portions of Charlotte County will change. There will be development pressure for other
lands outside of the Urban Services area in eastern and southern County. What
techniques should the County employ in directing development in these areas? What
are the advantages? What are the disadvantages?

              a. Growth Management Outside of the Urban Service Area
Does the County have sufficient planning in place to manage growth in a way that will
maintain the character of the community and protect the environment and open space
outside the Urban Service Area?

              b. The Bert Harris Act
In light of budgetary constraints the County is facing, what costs should the community
as a whole be willing to pay to further restrict currently allowed uses?

       5. Roads
Roads and other transportation systems have significant influence on development
patterns, economic development and emergency management. What changes, if any,
are needed to the existing road network and/or other transportation facilities or services
to preserve or enhance Charlotte County’s economy, quality of life, and emergency

Are additional transportation corridors needed to improve traffic circulation in Charlotte
County? Are parallel roads a solution in developed areas where existing roads cannot
be expanded? Is public transportation a solution to some of the County’s traffic issues?
With the approval of the Babcock Ranch development, the character of the eastern
portions of Charlotte County will change. Consider road improvements. Should S.R. 31
be held to the higher standard of ‘C’ to permit ease of evacuation? Should the
developer be responsible for maintaining S.R. 31 or should that fall on the County?

What additional improvement needs to be made to local roads outside the Urban
Services Area?

IV.   Economic Development

      A. Economic Diversification
What strategies would you suggest for the County to promote economic diversification?

      B. Incentives to Attract Business
What additional actions could the county take to attract new businesses?

V.    Health & Human Services
          A. Health Care Access
What changes would you like to see in awareness and availability of these programs?

          B. Public Transportation
What is your vision for public transportation in Charlotte County?

          C. Substance Abuse, Violence, Crime
What ideas do you have about addressing the problems of substance abuse, violence
and crime in Charlotte County?

          D. Affordable Housing
While many actions have been taken, are there other actions that should be taken to
expand the affordable housing stock?

          E. Reaching Out to Underserved Populations
What additional steps should the County take to reach out to underserved populations?

          F. Day Care
What additional programs or changes are needed?

VI.   Post Secondary Education

         A. Community College/Technical Education
What changes and/or additional programs are needed?

VII.    County Government Operations

        A. Government Efficiency & Fiscal Responsibility
How can the County enhance its efficiency? What specific steps could the County
        B. Priority Service Areas
In the face of likely budget cuts, how would you prioritize the following list of public
services/programs? Please note, the services/programs required by Florida’s
Constitution or Florida Statute are in italic print.

        C. Sales Tax Extension
Do you support an extension of the sales tax?