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									Gifts that Give, LLC                                     Investor Contact
480 Mayhew Court                                         Nancy Y. Taylor
South Orange, NJ 07079                         
973-763-GIVE (4483)
1-877-388-GIVE (4483)                                    Industry: E-Commerce Fundraising
Fax: 973-313-1299                                    FT Employees: 2

Management:                                              Law Firm: Sills, Cummis, & Gross
Nancy Y. Taylor Founder & CEO
Meghan Houston – Admin. Assistant                        Bank: PNC Bank

Primary Contact:                              Auditor: Sobel & Co., CPA
Nancy Y. Taylor

Total Previously Invested: $175,000.00
Current Investors: NYTaylor Management, RGS Ventures, Stoneleigh, LLC
Financial Request: $750,000.00 to $1,000,000.00
Type of Financing: Equity

Business Description -                                The 20% back is like getting a 20% discount,, an e-commerce based           and applying it to your charity. As a business
fundraising solution, was created as the new         model differentiator, we get cash up front from
fundraiser for non profit organizations. There are   the shopper in the form of credit card payments,
over 1.5 million non profit organizations in the     and given the strong relationship with our
United States, charities, private foundations, and   vendors, we do not carry inventory on 95% of
schools all need new ways to generate donations.     our merchandise assortment, therefore
Rather than the typical Gift Wrap and Cookie         eliminating markdowns that erode margins.
Dough sales, GiftsThatGive is the fundraiser of
the future. Schools and charities ask their          Use of Funds –
constituents to visit the GiftsThatGive website to   Infrastructure; Build out executive team,
purchase items and 20 - 25% of their purchase        National Director of Sales Schools, National
goes to their fundraiser. Private foundations can    Director of Sales Charities and Foundations,
also benefit with 20% directly to their              Administrative Salaries, Director of Web
foundation. With over 30 years of retail             Development
experience (11 years as VP of Neiman Marcus)         Marketing / Branding; Invest in Marketing to
and strong merchandizing relationships with the      scale the business; Web Marketing and PR
top gift vendors, CEO Nancy Taylor adds solid        Technology Development – Develop a Gift
experience and credibility to GiftsThatGive.         Registry / Bridal Registry, Site to have social
                                                     page, and another home page for regular sales.
Description of Products and Services:                Purchasing Additional Equipment - PC and
The merchandise found on www.giftsthatgive.          modem
com is high quality, designer caliber giftable       Printed Materials – Brochure by sector
merchandise which you will find lauded by the        Patent Filings – pending process
most esteemed magazines and celebrities. Many        General Working Capital
of our items are among Oprah’s favorite picks,
and that which you will find in Bergdorf
Goodman, Barney’s, Sak’s or your favorite
boutiques. This caliber of merchandise is not
found on any other fundraising site, and the
majority of the merchandise on this site will
never go on sale.
Management Team:                                      Markets/ Distribution Channels
Nancy Y. Taylor Founder and CEO                       E-Commerce Site –
Nancy has had a successful career in the retail
industry for over 35 years. As a Vice President          Private Schools, Boarding Schools, Public
for Neiman Marcus, she acquired a refined eye             Schools in Higher wealth areas,
for merchandising and an in depth understanding           Colleges/Universities, and Alumni
of the luxury client. Having built a business            Non Profit Organizations/Charities
from just under $50.0 million to $100.0 million,         Private Foundations
she has proven her skills to execute for growth          Corporate Gifts - Gifts that Give Gift Cards
and profit. Nancy served as Senior Vice
President of Operations for Di Modolo
International fine jewelry, where she developed       Achievements to Date:
and ran the entire retail division. Nancy was an         Developed and launched a unique Brand and
executive with May Department Stores among                creative logo, matching URL’s, Phone #’s,
other prestigious retailers. For the past 15 years,       and related Brand aligned materials.
Nancy has played an important role in                    Developed and successfully launched the
philanthropy, serving on such boards of trustees E-Commerce
as Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation,               transactional website.
NJPAC, Visual Art Center of NJ, and American             Presently the website features over 750
Cancer Society. She has been instrumental in              desirable products, 40 different brands, with
helping to raise millions of dollars for these and        34 main and sub categories with plans to
many other non profit organizations. Nancy has            continue to expand available products and
been honored by Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer              brands.
Foundation, the Visual Art Center of NJ; and             During the initial launch phase, signed up
was the Inaugural Chair of the American Cancer            over 20 schools/charities.
Society Starry Night Gala with Donald Trump.              Initial revenues in excess of $75.000.0
Nancy earned her BS degree in Business                   National fulfillment center located in Dallas,
Administration from Missouri Southern State               TX. handles fulfillment for other luxury
University, and Harvard Executive Education               retailers including Nordstrom, Dillards, and
Program / Building your Brand. Nancy was                  Neiman Marcus..
honored as top 50 Women in Business in New               EDI inventory system.
Jersey 2009 by NJBIZ.                                    Trademark pending
                                                         Patent initiated

Competition:                                          Outlook:
The closest competitor to our model is Sally          With over 37,000 Independent Schools, and over
Foster and Innisbrook Wraps, best known in            1.5 million non profit organizations in the United
schools for gift wrap paper sales. They sell other    States, Gifts that Give is planning an extensive
non related items such as pancake mix, tortilla       Marketing/ PR initiative to rapidly scale the
soup, and knickknacks. They give up to 50%            business. Building an experienced executive
back, but it is on low quality (chotchke) items.      sales and marketing team to service this effort is
There is also ishop, and igive, who market that       critical to support this growth. We plan to
they give up to 30% back on up to 800 stores.         enhance the website to include an interactive
They give 2% from Sak’s, Nordstrom’s, Ann             socializing feature specific to charities and
Taylor, 6.4% Wine, AAA Fruit              schools, add a new home page utilizing the
Baskets, 9.6% Dale & Thomas popcorn, etc.             merchandise for standard retail sales and to
Nothing is similar to us. Although local retailers    attract clients and drive customer referrals. Gift
may do a one day or a short term event where          and Bridal Registry is an additional lucrative
they give 10 % - 15% back to the charity, they        service we will be adding to the business,
cannot do it on a consistent basis.                   bridging the model to our
                                                      Phase II/III growth plans with
                                             Overall, we are growing
                                                      the brand to become “the buzz” in fundraising
                                                      and target holiday associated focused media

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