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Authorizing Signature: _______________________________                     • Contact DSI OTS Service Center for details (
                                                                         Hands-On LMP-Based                          Hands-On Short-Term Load Forecasting
Program Goals                                                                                                                                                                Speaker and Program Developer
                                                                           Market Operation                            & Applications to Price Forecasting
This 2-course program is intended to immerse the par-                                                                                                                        Dr. A. S. Debs: Power system control center and power
ticipants in learning about power markets by playing          Day 1                                                  Day 1                                                   systems expert, researcher; business leader
market games themselves using two advanced simula-            • Introduction to LMP-Based Markets: LMP               • Introduction to Short-Term Load Forecast-             Dr. Debs is President and founder of DSI, designer and de-
tion packages. The full understanding of power mar-              and its justification, application to congestion       ing: Requirements for effective STLF, review         veloper of DSI’s training, consulting and software programs
kets requires that any stakeholder be proficient in three        management and bidding strategies, PJM vs
basic areas:                                                                                                            of basic methods like similar-day and regression     for the power industry, and has spent his 36 professional
                                                                 MISO LMP’s. [Presentation]                             models, discussion of strength and weaknesses        years in industry, academia and research organizations. He
1.    Physical risk management                                • STEMS Risk Scenario: Rescheduling options               of various forecasting models [Presentation]         has focused a great deal of his attention on control centers,
2.    Financial risk management                                  for a meshed network. [Exercise]                                                                            system planning, utility restructuring and system forecasting.
                                                                                                                     • Use of Artificial Neural Networks in STLF:            He obtained all of his degrees at MIT (BS, MS and Ph. D),
3.    Forecasting future uncertainty                          • Contract vs Physical Paths: The Interchange             Basic ANN Structure, back propagation                was the key initial developer of the renowned Georgia Tech
These areas of concern are like the three legs of a stool,       Distribution Calculator (IDC), impacts of Point-       method, reasons for effectiveness in forecasting     electric power program, and is the author of the textbook,
a stool that would fall down if one leg were missing!            to-Point (PTP) Contracts on the physical paths,        [Presentation]                                       Modern Power Systems Control and Operation.
However, knowledge of how the
                                                                 loop flow, Transmission Load Relief (TLR)           • EPRI ANNSTLF: Development history, struc-
power network and system works                                   [Presentation]                                         ture of the program, illustration of functions       Program Dates and Locations
is important to predict the uncer-                            • STEMS Risk Scenario: Value-at-risk calcula-             [Demonstration]                                      (For full details, visit
tainty in several critical parame-                               tions considering load forecast uncertainty         • Updating Procedures on Hourly and Daily
ters that include network conges-                                [Exercise]                                             Basis: Basic updating procedures, manual op-                                                   Hands-On Short-
tion. This course uses forecasting                            • Locational Marginal Pricing (LMP): Market               tions for load reshaping, sensitivity analysis,              Courses      LMP-Based          Term Load Forecast-
knowledge as a starter, but moves                                designs using LMP marginal units, sensitivity                                                                                                       ing & Applications to
forward to show how one can                                                                                             confidence intervals [Exercise]                                          Market Opera-
                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Price Forecasting
                                                                 factors, Optimal Power Flow (OPF) as the tool       • Forecaster Performance Evaluation and Im-
                                                                                                                                                                             Venues                  tion
translate this knowledge into spe-                               to determine LMP’s. [Presentation]
cific risk parameters for risk man-                                                                                     provement: Data analysis options, what consti-
                                                              • STEMS Risk Scenario: The OPF as an operat-              tutes good performance, determination of causes
agement in the areas of conges-                                                                                                                                              Atlanta, GA              October               October
tion, competitive behavior, and                                  ing tool, economic rescheduling using OPF,             of error [Exercise]                                                        23 & 24, 2006         25 & 26, 2006
bidding strategies                                               Volt/VAR control using OPF [Exercise]
                                                                                                                     Day 2
                                                              Day 2                                                  • Short-Term Electricity Market Simulator
The first course considers starts with a thorough discus-                                                                                                                    San Francisco          November               November
                                                              • Risk Analysis for Congestion Management:                (STEMS) Basics: Forward market administra-                                  7 & 8, 2006           9 & 10, 2006
sion of locational marginal prices (LMP’s), their justifi-       Probabilistic factors, competition factors, bid-
cation, use and flavors. Settlements, based on LMP’s                                                                    tion system, security-constrained unit commit-
                                                                 ding strategies and their impacts on CM, overall       ment, bidding and price prediction
and FTR’s (Firm Transmission Rights) and other instru-
ments are used as the starting tools in understanding            CM risk characterization for short and long term       [Presentation]
network and system impacts. The second course tack-              analysis [Presentation]                             • STEMS/ANNSTLF Scenario: Working with
les the issue of forecasting in a market environment          • STEMS Risk Scenario: Risk impact of demand              STEMS, submission of bids, review of results,        Intended Audience For Each Course
whereby the goal is to predict and control uncertainty.          forecast uncertainty; risk impact of competitive       determination of LMP’s for day-ahead and real-
It turns out that artificial neural networks can do a great      bidding; overall risk characterization [Exercise]                                                           •     Hands-On LMP-Based Market Operation:
                                                                                                                        time markets. [Exercise]                                   Traders, System Operators, Marketers and Ana-
job in forecasting — if done correctly!                       • Mitigation Against Risk: Control of forecast         • STEMS/ANNSTLF Scenario: Prediction of                       lysts
The main tools for making this a success is reliance on          errors; modeling of competition; Financial             price spikes – scenario assumptions, bid curves
                                                                 Transmission Rights (FTR) [Presentation]                                                                    •     Hands-On STLF and Applications to Price Fore-
proven simulation and analysis software by EPRI and                                                                     in anticipation of shortages, illustration of com-         casting: System Operators, Market Designers,
DSI. Two packages to be used during the course are:           • STEMS Risk Scenario: Identification of fore-            petitive behavior to yield price spikes [Exercise]         Traders and Analysts
1.    ANNSTLF — Artificial Neural Networks Short-                cast error sensitivities; identification of com-    • STEMS/ANNSTLF Scenario: Advantages of
      Term Load Forecaster by EPRI                               petitor’s bidding strategy [Exercise]                  good forecasts – scenario setup whereby some
2.    STEMS — Short-Term Electricity Market Simula-           • STEMS Risk Scenario: Optimal valuation of               traders have better forecasts than others, bid-          DSI is a certified provider of continuing education
                                                                 FTR option considering both, physical and              ding game, running of the market and prediction          credits by the International Association of Continu-
     Participants will each earn 12 CEH Credits                  probabilities factors [Exercise]                       of prices [Exercise]                                     ing Education & Training (IACET) and the North
     (when applicable) and/or 1.2 CEU Credits                 • Summation, Feedback and Discussion.                  • Review, Feedback and Discussion
                                                                                                                                                                                 American Electric Reliability Council (NERC). DSI
                                                                                                                                                                                 also is a value-added developer and implementer of
                                                                                                                                                                                 EPRI’s STEMS, ANNSTLF and OTS.