Payment The deposit (if applicable) must be paid when the

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The deposit (if applicable) must be paid when the application is lodged. Additional charges for excess cleaning, breakages or
damage will apply if the need arises.
The centre is open 5.30am – 8.30pm weekdays: 7.30am – 7.00pm weekends and public holidays.
                                                        Notice of Cancellation
50% of the security deposit and all hire fees will be refunded in the event of a cancellation as long as written notice is received at
least 14 days prior to the booking date. No refund of deposit will be allowed on a cancellation with less than 14 days written
                                                        Hirers Responsibilities
At the end of the booking, the hirers must remove all their rubbish and leave their area in a clean and tidy state. The hirer must at
all times co-operate with the appointed Duty Manager and ensure that the booking is conducted in an orderly manner with a
minimum of inconvenience to other patrons. The booking organisation will be held liable for excess cleaning and supervision, as
well as damage to equipment and buildings.
Bayswater Aquatic Center has Property Owners Liability Insurance but it is the responsibility of the hirer to protect himself
against liability at law for injury to persons or damage as a result of the hiring.
Catering is available at the facility through the Bayswater Waves Cafe 9375 6577, ( Catered
food is allowed within the center, however a $1.00 per head charge will apply.
                                                             Spectator Fees
Carnival spectators will be charged a fee of $1.50 per spectator. Spectators will not be permitted entry to the center unless they pay
the spectator fee. This includes dropping off and picking up children before and after the carnival. It is the responsibility of the
organisation making this booking to inform spectators of this fee.
                                                         Applications for Hire
All applications for hiring Bayswater Waves facilities must be lodged in writing on the form provided with the appropriate fees.
These can be posted or paid during office hours to the Booking Manager, Bayswater Waves, Cnr Broun Ave & Priestley St,
Pool entry and Hire Fees must be paid on arrival to each session. Failure to notify Bayswater Waves about a cancellation of your
booking may result in you being charged and applicable hire fees. Please note Privilege Cardholders are not entitled to book lanes
on behalf of groups, associations, or other users. Local (not for Profit) associations and groups are able to apply for Privilege
Cardholder status by contacting Bayswater Waves.
                                                               Pool Rules
All groups must observe the following rules
General Pool Rules – No running, jumping, diving or bombies; No food on pool deck; Swimmers must stay out of reserved lanes,
areas and underwater teaching platforms; Children under 13 must be supervised by an adult at all times; Children under 13 are not
permitted to swim in the Dive Pool.
Wave Pool Rules – Swimmers must stay behind the white marker boom; Swimmers must keep away from side walls when waves
are operating.
Slide Rules – One person at a time; Walk up the stairs – do not run; Feet first, arms across chest; No goggles to be worn or carried;
Small children may be accompanied by an adult.
Inalterable rules – From a line: one person at a time: no sharp objects to be worn or carried.
Hydrotherapy Rules - Disability groups need to take the proper precautions e.g. incontinence pads to ensure appropriate hygiene
standards, any groups failing to do so will be refused entry. Patrons must be over 18 years of age.
General Rules – Children under the age of 13 must be fully supervised by an adult at all times: it is a requirement that one adult
supervises a maximum of 10 children. Children with weak to moderate swimming ability should be restricted to shallow water:
children must remain out of the water for a minimum of 20 minutes following their lunch break.
                                                         Supervision & Ratios
Group bookings are required to bring one adult for every 10 children. It is requirement that one adult supervises a maximum of 10
children at all times. Lifeguards on duty will be at a ratio of 1 lifeguard for up to 100 swimmers as per the Royal Life Saving
Society Australia “Guidelines for safe pool operation”

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