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					NHMRC project grant outcomes awarded to Walter and Eliza
Hall Institute researchers

Recipients: Dr Gabrielle Belz, Dr Philip Stevenson
Research topic: Mechanisms regulating establishment of persistent
herpesvirus infection
Funding: $493,200

Recipients: Dr Li Wu, Dr Yifan Zhan
Research topic: Targeting CD40L(CD154) on dendritic cells for CD8 T
cell-mediated immunity and tolerance
Funding: $538,500

Recipients: Dr Stephen Nutt, Dr Li Wu
Research topic: Coordinating the intrinsic and extrinsic arms of
Funding: $593,500

Recipients: Dr Lorraine Robb, Professor Andreas Strasser, Dr Stephan
Research topic: Role of endogenous Bcl-2 family proteins in acute
myeloid leukaemia
Funding: $457,125

Recipient: Dr Daniel Gray
Research topic: Thymic epithelial cell apoptosis, Aire and autoimmune
Funding: $453,073

Recipient: Dr Grant Dewson
Research topic: Deciphering activation of the apoptotic cell death
Funding: $556,500

Recipients: Dr Marc Kvansakul, Dr Guillaume Lessene
Research topic: Targeting viral Bcl-2 proteins for therapy
Funding: $300,750

Recipients: Dr Ruth Kluck, Dr Grant Dewson, Dr Jacqui Gulbis
Research topic: Role of Bak and Bax membrane anchors in targeting
and apoptotic pore formation.
Funding: $339,750

Recipients: Dr Mark Chong
Research topic: MicroRNA networks that safeguard the functional
program of regulatory T cells
Funding: $441,600

Recipients: Dr Jake Baum, Dr Stuart Ralph
Research topic: Dissecting the molecular basis of the malaria parasite-
erythrocyte tight junction complex
Funding: $528,000

Recipients: Dr Jake Baum, Professor Geoff McFadden
Research topic: Investigating cytoskeletal dynamics across the
lifecycle of the malaria parasite
Funding: $374,250

Recipients: Dr James Murphy, Professor Doug Hilton
Research topic: The characterization of a novel pseudokinase regulator
of platelet formation
Funding: $359,750

Recipients: Dr Gabrielle Belz, Dr Axel Kallies
Research topic: Transcriptional regulation of T lymphocyte and
dendritic cell development
Funding: $583,500

Recipients: Dr Axel Kallies, Dr Gabrielle Belz
Research topic: Transcriptional regulation of T cell memory
Funding: $529,500

Recipients: Dr Anne Voss, Dr Tim Thomas
Research topic: The role of the suppressors of cytokine signalling 6
and 7 in cerebral cortex development
Funding: $363,750

Recipients: Dr Sandra Nicholson, Dr Bernadette Saunders
Research topic: Enhancing host defence against intracellular pathogens
by preventing iNOS interaction with a negative regulator, SSB-2
Funding: $433,125

Recipients: Dr Bob Anderson, Dr Nadine Dudeck
Research topic: Explaining the selection of gluten peptides toxic in
coeliac disease
Funding: $679,000
Recipients: Dr Tony Papenfuss, Dr Matthew Wakefield
Research topic: Statistical methods for identifying structural variation
in tumour genomes using Next Generation sequencing
Funding: $234,750

Recipients: Dr Axel Kallies, Dr Lynn Corcoran, Dr Sebastian Carotta
Research topic: A transcription factor network constraining the
development of B cell leukaemia
Funding: $595,500

Recipients: Dr David Huang, Dr Peter Czabotar
Research topic: Alternative mechanisms to initiate apoptotic cell death
Funding: $324,750

Recipient: Dr Ben Croker
Research topic: Pathogen sensing in autoinflammatory and
autoimmune disease
Funding: $328,750

Recipients: Professor Ray Norton, Emeritus Professor Robi Anders
Research topic: Structure and interactions of a disordered malaria
surface protein: implications for antigenicity
Funding: $455,125

Recipient: Dr Li Wu
Research topic: Phenotypic and functional characterisation of human
dendritic cell subsets generated in vitro and isolated from tissues
Funding: $565,500

Recipient: Dr Graham Lieschke
Research topic: Finding therapeutic targets for an opportunistic human
fungal pathogen
Funding: $389,750

Recipient: Dr Graham Lieschke
Research topic: A new BTB-ZF family transcription factor required in
development and dysregulated in malignant disease
Funding: $424,125