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Location:       political\cities.shp

City limits for all eight municipalities in Bay County, including unincorporated enclaves, with polygon and line features.
Data was compiled as of November 19, 2009, from various sources and dates listed in table below.

For polygons, see cities.shp. For lines, see cities_ln.shp.

City                     As-of Date               Ordinance         Source
Callaway                 June 2008                858               Callaway GIS

Lynn Haven               December 2008            854               Lynn Haven Engineering & GIS
Mexico Beach             ??                       ?                 Future landuse (county)

Panama City              May 2009                 2333.1            Panama City Engineering & GIS
Panama City Beach        January 2008             ?                 Panama City Beach Planning & GIS

Parker                   March 2009               ?                 Springfield & Callaway GIS
Springfield              March 2009               464               Springfield GIS

Coordinate system: State Plane, Florida North Zone, Datum NAD83, feet (see .prj file)

In November 2003, Bay County GIS appended city limits data from the various sources above. Where city limits data
overlapped, the city best-fitting parcels was used to erase the other; this descending hierarchy was used: Springfield,
Callaway, Parker, Lynn Haven, Panama City, and Cedar Grove. (Cedar Grove data was erased the most.) In April 2004,
Bay County GIS staff received new data for Panama City. The new Panama City data overlapped with Lynn Haven at
Parcel ID 12862 and overlapped with Cedar Grove at various parcels. To remove overlaps, the new data was erased from
the cities layer, then appended to it; thus, new Panama City was given top hierarchy. (For more details, see
fy04\gs_cities\*.dls files.)

In May 2004, Bay County GIS received new data for Lynn Haven, new annexation ordinance (#430) for Springfield, and
information on old Cedar Grove ordinances (#46 and #300). Bay County GIS staff updated countywide cities layer in
ArcMap and in ArcEdit. Lines were adjusted to match parcels in some areas around Panama City, Hwy 231, and Panama
City Beach. Future landuse (flu) and parcels tax district (dtaxdist) fields were sometimes used as guides. (For more
details see fy04\gs_cities\cities040526.dls file.)

In January and February 2005, Bay County GIS updated boundaries for Callaway, Lynn Haven, Mexico Beach, Panama
City, and Panama City Beach, based on GIS data received from various sources. Cedar Grove boundary was adjusted for
de-annexation ordinance (#307 in S3-T3S-R13W). Where close, lines were adjusted to match parcels.

In September of 2005, Bay County GIS updated boundaries for Panama City, Lynn Haven, Panama City Beach,
Springfield and Callaway. Where close, lines were adjusted to match parcels.

In February of 2006, Bay County GIS updated boundaries for Panama City, Lynn Haven, Panama City Beach and
Callaway. Additional work was done to document Unincorporated areas. The Line shapefile was modified to include the
name of the City and corresponding color.

In June of 2006, Bay County GIS updated boundaries for Panama City, Lynn Haven, Panama City Beach, Springfield and
Callaway. Documentation was adjusted to fit new format. Where close, lines were adjusted to match parcels.
Boundaries along shared roadways were also adjusted to nearest parcel lines.

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In January of 2007, Bay County GIS updated boundaries for Lynn Haven, Cedar Grove, Panama City Beach and
Springfield. The Limits of Panama City were adjusted to match the information provided by Panama City Engineering
Department and further work was done to document Unincorporated areas.

In December of 2008, Bay County Staff updated boundaries of Panama City and Lynn Haven. The Town of Cedar Grove
was deleted from the shapefile.

This city limits data is from various sources. This data doesn’t include some overlapping parts of Cedar Grove.
Especially Cedar Grove city limits still need to be updated. This data is approximate. Due to different mapping
systems, scale, and software, some areas of this data may mismatch county parcels by about 10 to 450 feet. Some areas
were adjusted to match parcels where intended and obvious.

City limits can be dynamic. Users may wish to confirm current city limits by directly contacting each city source.

This data is provided with the understanding that the conclusions drawn from such information are solely the
responsibilities of the user. The GIS data is not a legal representation of the features depicted, and any assumption of
the legal status of this data is hereby disclaimed. Errors or omissions should be reported to the Bay County GIS
Division at 850-248-8071.

Attributes – Example: Fieldname ( Data type, Width, Decimals )

color ( Integer, 8 )
Unique ID number for city ( possibly useful for symbolizing or for DXF-exporting )
1=       Callaway
4=       Lynn Haven
6=       Mexico Beach
7=       Panama City
9=       Panama City Beach
10 = Parker
11 = Springfield
13 = Unincorporated

acres ( Double, 16, 3 )
Acres per GIS = area in sq ft / 43560

sqmi ( Double, 16, 3 )
Square miles per GIS, which = area in sq ft / 27,878,400

city ( String, 25 )
Incorporated city name, including unincorporated enclaves:
Lynn Haven
Mexico Beach
Panama City
Panama City Beach

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