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For an Evening

opportunity to

            If you really want to impress,

            The Perth Mint provides an

            exclusive   and   distinctively

different FUNCTIONS venue. Established in

1899 and reCognised as one of the city’s

most important heritage buildings, this

gracious limestone landmark is steeped in

the State’s colourful gold rush history.

Today it is the oldest original mint in

Australia and one of the oldest OPERATING

mints in the world, producing collector

and   investment   coins   for   LOCAL AND

international markets. It’s a unique place

that combines a wealth of architectural

ambience with a rich sense of history based

on the timeless allure of gold – and you

can own it For your next FUNCTION.
the PERTH mint
FOR YOUR private

            Whether you’re planning an

            exclusive     cocktail    party,

            new product launch, formal

dinner, boardroom lunch or theatre-style

event, The Perth Mint is perfect for those

special   corporate      occasions   where

ELEGANCE and PRIVACY are paramount. There’s

a wide choice of beautiful indoor and

outdoor settings, complemented by fine

food and beverages. You and your guests

will also have exclusive after-hours access

to all the attractions of the mint, from the

Melting House and       gold exhibit to The

Perth Mint Shop.
your function
to suit your needs

              The friendly and professional

              corporate entertaining team

              at The Perth Mint will help

make   your   function    a   special   event.

From your choice of function area to

catering, equipment hire and live musical

entertainment, we’ll provide you with all

the support and advice you need to ensure

an event to remember. Talk over your needs

with us today.
Ambience and Style with a Difference
There are many function venues, but only one with the exclusivity and
golden history of The Perth Mint. Decorated in the plush style of a
bygone era, it’s not just a venue but a total experience.

Your own Private Gold Pour
In the original Perth Mint Melting House commissioned in 1899, your
guests can watch a 200 ounce gold bar being poured from only a few
feet away. They can see freshly minted gold, silver coins or handle a
gold bar worth over $200,000. Or they can take in the atmosphere of a
reconstructed historic gold miners’ camp and Australia’s premier gold
bullion trading room.

Exclusive Corporate Gifts for Guests
Strike and engrave your own medallions in gold plate or fine silver.
Medallions can showcase your own corporate message or logo, packaged
with a Western Australian jarrah timber base in a presentation box.

Fine Food and Wine
Savour fine food and wine prepared and served by Perth’s top caterers.
Choose from a selection of caterers and menus to suit your individual
function requirements.

Foyer and Gold Shop                           Capacity
These rooms are in the style of an            150 - Cocktail reception
Edwardian dining room. Elegant and
simple decor provides a touch of class.

Old Melting House                             Capacity
The Melting House is the original refinery    100 - Cocktail reception
of The Perth Mint, opened in 1899.             60 - Formal dinner
Thousands of dollars worth of gold is still    80 - Theatre-style
in the brickwork of this historic room.             presentation

Boardroom & Dining Room                       Capacity
These adjoining elegant rooms open out      10-15 each room
through French doors into a garden                Formal lunch/dinner
courtyard. Each room has a solid jarrah           Board meetings
dining table, and presentation equipment is       Product launches
available on request.                             Partner programs

Garden Courtyard & Veranda                    Capacity
Paved with limestone and complete with       50 - Formal lunch
waterfall, the garden courtyard is an oasis       Buffet lunch
surrounded by turn-of-the-century buildings.      Cocktail reception
The tiled veranda provides protection from        Morning/afternoon tea
the summer sun.

Front Gardens and Terrace                     Capacity
The lush lawns of The Perth Mint were         300 - Barbecue
used for croquet by the ladies of the               Cocktail reception
colony in the 1900s. Today they have the            Formal dinner
same appeal and can be used for a variety           Buffet dinner
of occasions.
                                                 The Perth Mint
                                                 Corporate Entertaining
                                                 310 Hay Street
                                                 East Perth
mindfield - creative business partners PM-5266

                                                 Western Australia 6004

                                                 Telephone (61 8) 9421 7402
                                                 Facsimile (61 8) 9221 9804


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