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					                                             Newsletter May 2008

                                                One World Centre
                                              Education & Resources
                                            building a just and sustainable world
                                                                Find out about the
                                                     ‘The Sanitation Situation’
 The One World                           A PD Workshop for teachers at the OWC
        is a                                   Tuesday May 27   4pm – 6pm
 non-government                     2008 is the International Year of Sanitation.
  not for profit                      Learn about toilets, who doesn’t have them and why
  organisation                                        they’re so important.
working to provide                     Email Kylie -
 transformative                                     to register your interest.
education toward
  an active and                     All of our workshops are full of learning activities and
  aware global                      resources that can be used in your classroom.

  Our professional
development program
    is funded by:                   Our Education Officer has been busy this year.
   the Australian            These schools have had PD sessions.
Government through             Cannington Community College - Ellenbrook Christian College - Hillman Primary School
  AusAID’s Global              Falcon Primary School - Atwell Primary School - Carey Baptist College
 Education Program.
        www.                 Topics for PD sessions:
  globaleducation.               Introduction to Global Education, Sustainable Futures,                 Investigating Other Cultures, Living Together in a Globalised World
                             A successful Harmony Day workshop was held at the OWC.
        and                  208 pre-service teachers at Murdoch University and University of WA have attended an
 Caritas Australia           ‘Introduction to Global Education’ workshop as part of their course.

     Thankyou to                 Our Education Officer is Coming to the Albany Region
Lotterywest who have             Kylie, our Education Officer, will be visiting Albany from 11th - 15th August.
  funded OWC IT,                 She has several PD workshops planned during this time but has time for more
website development              PD sessions in schools or to set up and discuss displays of resources from the
   and equipment.
                                 One World Centre. Contact Kylie at the OWC for more details.

                                          LIBRARY RESOURCE CENTRE
                                                       Opening Times
      DONATIONS                      TUESDAYS ALL DAY           9.00 to 5.00 pm
 to our library fund are tax         WEDNESDAYS                 1.00 to 5.00 pm
          deductible                 THURSDAYS                  1.00 to 5.00 pm
 Make cheques payable to the         Other times by arrangement: please ring or email
One World Centre Library Fund
 contact us to find out if you                                  COURIER SERVICE
 would like to make a regular                 Teachers working in government schools can use the WA Dept of
donation direct from your bank              Education and Training courier service to have resources sent to them
           account.                                    and to return resources to the OWC at no cost.

                                                 ONE WORLD CENTRE
                                             Newsletter May 2008
OWC Resources about China and the Olympics                             New Arrivals
Journal of the Asia Education Foundation Teachers
Association                                                                          More No-Nonsense Guides.
  - March 2008 - International Links: Sport, Trade, Aid.                             These books may be small but they are
                                                                                     packed with useful background
  - February 2006 and August 2000 - China                                            information about current issues. The
 Fair Play at the Olympics Oxfam                                                   approach to the information is balanced
 Looking Behind the Logo Oxfam. A role-play for use                                and has a global perspective.
   with ages 13+
 Culture Shock: A Guide to Customs and Etiquette -
 China and the Chinese Asia Education Teachers’ Asso-
                                                                           Mine and Yours:
 C is for China by Sungwan So                                            Human Rights for Kids

                                                                                  Human Rights Today: discussing the is-
                                 Want to teach about                              sues and accepting the challenge.
                                 sanitation as a global issue?
                                 - the OWC has resources to help                  This book is aimed at assisting year 9 and
                                 you do this.                                     10 students to learn about the importance
                                                                                  and realities of human rights.

                                   What do we want from a toilet?
                                         Activity for the UN Year of Sanitation
  This activity aims to explore differences in boys’ and girls’ expectations of school toilets, and to apply this
  knowledge to consider the best ways of helping developing communities to improve their sanitation
  facilities and practices.

  What to do:
   Divide the class into two groups: boys and girls.
   Further divide the students into groups of two or three.
   On the board, write the question: What do we want from a toilet? Students should spend 10 minutes
     considering this question. They must come up with at least 5 expectations.
   If students find this exercise difficult, give them some headings to consider such as: privacy, safety,
     accessibility, size, cleanliness.
   Label two columns on the board – boys and girls.
   List all the items the girls’ group thought of and all the things the boys thought of.
   Now compare the lists. What do they have in common? Which items are unique to boys or girls?
   Class discussion: Are there gender differences in toilet expectations? Both sexes may
     be a little shy in talking about toilets, but it is important to make sure that boys and
     girls are contributing to the discussion.
   Ask students to imagine that they are engineers working in a developing country
     building toilets for a village. What would be the first steps they would take to find
     out what the community wants?
      From: Lifting the Lid. A teaching resource for primary teachers for the
      International Year of Sanitation. by Mark Wildy and Francine Smith.
      Global Education Project. Adelaide. 2008 (available at the OWC Library)

                                                 ONE WORLD CENTRE
                                                 Newsletter May 2008
                                        New DVD’s available at the OWC Library
Strong Men of Nguiu                                                Veiled Ambition
In this documentary, we see leaders from                           This is an inspiring documentary about “a little
communities on the Tiwi Islands in the                             aussie battler in a scarf” and her dream of
Arafura Sea north of Darwin take young                             creating a fashion empire. Frida is a young
people away from the township to experi-                           Australian Lebanese woman with a thick Aussie
ence traditional hunting and living, and to                        accent who with passion, humour and relentless
hear the stories of their elders. The “strong                      stamina negotiates a long distance romance and
men” of the community is a group deter-                            the dramas that ensue when cultures and couture
mined to solve problems themselves, by offering positive           collide.
role models and beneficial activities to the young people.

             Picture books for the young and not so young. Recent acquisitions...

                      The Arrival by Shaun Tan                             Ziba Came on a Boat by Liz Lofthouse
                      This magnificent silent graphic           Inspired by stories told by people from the Hazara
                      novel tells the story of all           community, refugees from Afghanistan now living in
                      migrants, all displaced persons        Perth, this is a beautifully illustrated picture book that
                      and is a tribute to all of those           tells the story of a little girl whose family has lost
                      who have made such a                      almost everything. We follow her brave journey to
                       journey.                                                      make a new life far from home.

         Thinking About Environmentally Sustainable Transport at the Olympics
                    Teaching and Learning Activity about the Olympic Games in Beijing.
  What steps have been taken in the planning of the Games to minimise crowd damage to the environment, to enable huge
  movements of people to visit each day and to encourage the use of sustainable public transport to the Games?
  Beijing plans to make it much easier to get around its city when the Games begin on 8th August 2008.
  Go to the web site:
  You will see some of the changes that have already been made to the transport system already in Beijing and some of
  the things they will do before August 2008. Look at each one of these plans and give your opinion on how successful
  each one will be. Comment on whether each plan is sustainable. Will it help save fuel? Will it avoid delays and traffic
  jams? Here are some of the plans for transport.
        A fourth ring road 65 kms long has been completed with 147 overpasses. About $2.3 million Australian has
           been spent on traffic systems, including roads, subways and light rail facilities.
        Nine major roads in downtown Beijing have been rebuilt and widened.
        82 kms of new subway have been added to the existing 53 kms by the end of 2007.
        A light rail system has been built across the city.
        10,000 buses will operate in Beijing, half of them powered by natural gas.
        67,000 taxis will be available; all of them with wireless communication.
      Look at the map of the subway system in Beijing. You will find it at this web site: BeijingSubway1.html
       The built-up area around the city is coloured on the map and the subway lines overlay the coloured area. How
           well do you think the subway covers all areas of the city and do you think it helps people to travel to most
           areas easily?
       The Olympic site is located 14 kms north of the city centre. See if you can locate where it might be on the map.
           There will be several subway stations at Olympic Green and Forrest Park. Why do you think there is more than
           one subway station for the Olympic Games?
       Which transport system would you use to get to the Olympic venue and what is your reason?
       Have a class discussion about how the Sydney Olympics in 2000 considered transport to Olympic Park at
           Homebush. Could some of these ideas be used by Beijing?
               From: Australian Federation of Societies for Studies of Society and Environment (AFSSSE 2007)

                                                         ONE WORLD CENTRE
                                            Newsletter May 2008
        “Global Education is a process that helps students participate effectively in the development of a
                                better world for all”      Calder and Smith 1991.

                UN International Days to Focus your Global Education Activities this Term.
 International Day for Biological Diversity 22 May 2008 -
 International Day of United Nations Peacekeepers 29 May 2008 -
 World No Tobacco Day 31 May 2008 -
 World Environment Day 05 June 2008 -
 World Oceans Day 08 June 2008 -
 World Day Against Child Labour 12 June 2008 -
 World Refugee Day 20 June 2008 -
 International Day in Support of Victims of Torture 26 June 2008 -

      Welcome to New School Members for 2008
Falcon Primary School                 Winthrop Primary School
Guildford Grammar School              Sandstone Primary School             You must be the change you
Kinross College                       St Brigid’s College
Belmont City College                  Montessori Kingsley                   want to see in the world.
Bolgart Primary School                Penrhos College
Perenjori Primary School              East Narrogin Primary School                    Mahatma Gandhi
Carey Baptist College                 Langford Islamic College
Eneabba Primary School                Ellenbrook Christian College
Emmanuel Christian Community School
                                                                          JOIN US! MEMBERSHIPS
       WACOT Membership Renewal.                                                            Membership benefits:
Attendance at OWC Professional Development                $20 Individuals-unwaged           Library borrowing
workshops can be used as one of the three                 $40 Individuals -waged
professional learning activities teachers need to         $40 Community Organisations
                                                                                            Educational events
undertake to renew their WACOT Membership.                $ 88 Schools under 200 students   OWC member entitlements
The OWC can provide a certificate of attendance at        $110 Schools over 200 students    Download a membership form
PD workshops as a record of participation in a pro-       $110 University Departments        from our website or ring and
fessional learning activity.                              Inc GST                            we will fax one to you.

       Maggie Davis, one of
           OWC’s long term
 volunteers, at the Fremantle                                         Volunteer at the One World Centre
        Walk Against Want                                        Are there any teachers or ex-teachers out there who
       organised by Oxfam.                                       would like to work on updating and developing re-
 Maggie has been volunteer-                                      sources? We need the expertise and experience of
   ing at the OWC for more                                       teachers with an interest in global education to help us
    than 10 years and is still                                   do this.
                 going strong.

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           BAYSWATER WA 6053
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      Education Officer:
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                                                ONE WORLD CENTRE

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