Colloidal minerals are typically 0 by lonyoo


Super Energized Colloidal Minerals – Enzymes – Amino Acids


Actinium          Dysprosium           Krypton              Platinum                Tantalum
Antimony          Erbium               Lanthanum            Polonium                Technetium
Argon             Europium             Lithium              Potassium               Tellurium
Astatine          Fluorine             Lutetium             Praseodymium            Terbium
Barium            Gadolinium           Magnesium            Promethium              Thallium
Beryllium         Gallium              Manganese            Rhenium                 Thorium
Bismuth           Germanium            Molybdenum           Rhodium                 Tin
Boron             Gold                 Neodymium            Rubidium                Titanium
Bromine           Hafnium              Neon                 Ruthenium               Tungsten
Calcium           Helium               Nickel               Samarium                Vanadium
Carbon            Holmium              Niobium              Selenium                Xenon
Cerium            Hydrogen             Nitrogen             Silica                  Ytterbium
Cesium            Indium               Osmium               Silicon                 Zinc
Chromium          Iodine               Oxygen               Silver                  Zirconium
Cobalt            Iridium              Palladium            Sodium
Copper            Iron                 Phosphorus           Sulfur                  (73+5)

Note: Complete absence of Aluminum, Cadmium, Chlorine, Lead, Mercury and Radium.


O2plus® contains 4 digestive enzymes that aid digestion and 30 metabolic enzymes.
Hydrolases, Carbobydrases:                Enzymes containing Coenzymes 1 and/or 2:
        Maltase                                   Lactic Dehydrogenase
        Sucrase                                   Robison Ester Dehydrogenase
        Emulsin                           Enzymes that reduce cytochrome:
Nucleases:                                        Succinic Dehydrogenase
        Polynucleotidase                  Yellow Enzymes:
        Nucleotidase                              Warburg‟s Old Yellow Enzymes
Amidase:                                          Diaphorase
        Urease                                    Haas Enzyme
Peptidases:                                       Cytochrome C.reductase
        Aminopolypeptidase                Hydrases:
        Dipeptidase                               Fumarase
        Prolinase                                 Enolase
Esterases:                                Mutases:
        Lipase                                    Aldehyde Mutase
        Phosphotase                               Glyoxalase
        Sulfatase                         Desmolases:
Iron Enzymes:                                     Zymohexase (aldolase)
        Catalase                                  Carboxylase
        Cytochrome oxidase                Other Enzymes:
        Peroxidase                                Phosphorylase
Copper Enzymes:                                   Phosphohexisomerase
        Ascorbic Acid Oxidase                     Hexokinase
        Tyrosinase                                Phosphoglumutase


Alanine              Glutamic Acid        Lysine*               Proline             Tyrosine*
Arginine             Glycine              Methionine*           Serine              Valine*
Aspartic Acid        Histidine*           Phenylalanine*        Threonine*
Cystine              Isoleucine*                                Tryptophan*


                                                     1                                           v.061016
Source of directions listed below are from the book “Beyond Belief” by Ev Storey, 1982

A (internal) Stir 1 tablespoon into ¼ liter of     F (vaginal & genital) Stir 1 tablespoon into
pure water. Drink between meals 3 times per        ½ liter of warm water. Use as douche or body
day. In case of fever keep to 3 times per day      bath. For full body bath spread plastic sheet
until fever breaks. Rest and avoid re-infection.   and dry with paper towels.
Non-diabetics may substitute fruit & vegetable
juices for water.
B (internal) Stir 2 tablespoons into ½ liter of G (nasal & oral) Pour ½ glass of warm, pure
pure water. Sip 2 to 3 swallows at a time          water into 15 drops. Use as gargle, mouth
throughout the night. It is analeptic and          wash or nasal douche.
analgesic as well as anabolic.
C (internal) Stir 1 teaspoon into ¼ liter of       H (extremity or anal) Fill bottom of bucket
pure water. Drink or administer at 10am, 3pm       or basin to safe level and mixed with 3
and 8pm                                            tablespoon of full strength undiluted solution
                                                   (allow for displacement and avoid overflow).
                                                   Immerse stump, buttock, hand or organ in the
                                                   solution. Soak for 20 to 30 minutes. Save the
                                                   solution for future soakings.
D (internal) Put 1 to 3 drops into empty           I (external) Use 2 tablespoons to 3 liters of
water glass. Then pour pure water into the         warm water, soak and brush affected parts.
drops. Drink it. Repeat when necessary.            Repeat every two weeks as needed.
E (external) Apply full strength to affected       J (external) ½ a cup with ½ a bath tub of
area by hand, soft brush or plastic sponge.        lukewarm water. Run water into the solution
Apply liberally. Spread out plastic sheet to       to insure complete mixture for bath.
protect from dripping. Dry with paper towels.

Follow direction E               (to prevent Lockjaw)              Drink 1 teaspoon a day in
                                 Internal                          carrot juice, grape juice or
ACNE                             Drink 1 to 2 tablespoons in       orange juice in conjunction
Follow direction E               glass of water or juice.          with raw milk, raw sugar and
                                 Repeat every 15 minutes if        low soy bean, low processed
ALCOHOLISM                       necessary during 1 hour only.     food diet.
Follow direction A or D          External
                                 Apply directly to wound until     ASIAN FLU
ALLERGIC RHINITITIS              medication soaks in               (Hong Kong Flu or Bangkok
(Hay Fever)                      thoroughly. Pain may last 3       Flu)
Follow direction G               minutes while wound is being      Follow direction A
Also avoid chlorinated water,    sealed.                           Same dosage as polio, but
weed patches, hay fields,                                          with double dosage for the
insecticides, insect infected    ARTHRITIS                         first 5 days. 5 to 10 day
areas, smoking and smokers,      Follow directions A & H           treatment is usually sufficient.
dander from dogs, cats and       Soak crippled hands and feet
other pets.                      in full strength solution once    ATHLETES FOOT
                                 each week until calcium           Follow direction H
AMOEBIC DYSENTERY                begins to break through the
Follow direction A               skin at the bleeding joints…      BACILLI
                                 Then switch to direction E,       (such as Membranous
AMPUTEE HYGIENE                  wrapping hands and feet in        Bacillus in Diphtheria)
Follow directions E & H          soft bandages until calcium       Follow directions A & G
                                 drains out.

                                                   2                                      v.061016
BEE STING                       CANCER OF THE BREAST             COLITIS
Follow directions A & E         Follow direction A               Follow direction C
                                Apply directly to cancer if
BIRTH CONTROL                   possible by plastic sponge.      CROUP
Follow direction F              Apply externally only once       1 tablespoon in water or
before or after intercourse     per week but flood cancerous     juice… repeat every 4 hours
                                tissues. See “Cancer-Internal”   until viruses and bacteria are
BLADDER INFECTIONS              for internal dosage.             destroyed… especially with
Follow direction C                                               children make sure air is
                                CANCER OF THE                    damp to relax throat. Let
BLOOD DE-TOXIFICATION           PROSTATE                         bathroom shower cold water
Follow direction C              see “Cancer-Internal”            run until cool moist air
                                                                 changes humidity in
BODY BATH                       CARCINOMA                        bathroom sufficiently… then
Follow direction F              (cancer of the skin, glands or   have patient breath moist air
Dissolves the sugar exuding     epithelium layers close to the   15 minutes at a time.
from the skin of diabetics…     skin)
kills anaerobic bacteria and    Follow directions A & E          CUTS
flushes away dead cells         Apply directly to the            Follow direction E
                                cancerous tissue as well as to
BODY CLEANSER                   the normal tissue adjoining      DANDRUFF
Follow directions E, F & H      the cancer affected areas.       Follow direction E
Or 1 tablespoon in bath
(removes dead skin and          CATABOLISM                       DIABETES
surface bacteria).              Follow directions A & B          Follow directions A & F
                                Will bring on Anabolic           See also “Body Bath”.
BODY COOLANT                    reaction turning food into       Compatible with insulin.
Follow direction J              living tissue.
                                                                 DIAPER RASH
BONE BREAKS                     CAT BITE                         Follow direction E
Follow directions A, E & H      Follow directions A & E
BRONCHIAL PNEUMONIA             CAUTERIZING WOUNDS               Follow direction A
Follow directions A, B & G      Follow direction E
BRONCHITIS                      CHAFING                          Follow directions C, B & G
Follow directions C & G         Follow direction F
                                Squirt on from plastic bottle    DIVERTICULITIS
BUMPS ON HEAD                   with spray nozzle.               Follow direction A
Follow direction E                                               Then switch to D
CALLOUSES                       Follow direction C               DOG BITE
Follow direction I                                               Follow directions A & E
                                COLD, COMMON                     And repeat A
CANCER – INTERNAL               Follow direction A
(lymph glands, bowels,                                           DOPE ADDICTION
stomach, intestines, pelvis     COLD SORES                       Follow direction C
etc.)                           Follow direction E               Same as “Blood
Follow direction A                                               Detoxification”
1 tablespoon twice a day in     CONSTIPATION (chronic)
Concord Grape Juice until all   Follow direction D               DRUG ADDICTION
signs of cancer are gone.       If not successful then try       Follow direction A or D
                                direction C
                                CONSTIPATION                     Follow direction A or D
                                Follow directions A & E

                                                 3                                     v.061016
DRY SKIN                          HEAT RASH                         LOW OXYGEN LEVEL IN
Follow direction E                Follow directions A & F           BLOOD STREAM
                                  Applied by hand or sprayed        Follow direction C
ECZEMA                            on.                               for 5 days…
Follow direction E or F           (see “prickly heat”)              then switch to direction D

ENTERITIS                         HERPES VIRUS                      MALE HYGIENE
Follow direction A                Follow directions A, E & I*       Follow direction F
                                  (note: I* as a regular follow-
EPIDERMIC SCALE                   up)                               MEASLES
Follow direction E                                                  Follow direction C
                                  HOSPITAL HYGIENE
ESCHERICHIA COLI                  Follow direction E or H           MELANOMA
(see “urinal tract infections”)   Detoxifies the skin, cleans,      Follow directions A, C & E
                                  soothes and heals, disinfects
FEMALE HYGIENE                    and deodorizes.                   MENSTRUATION PAIN
Follow direction F                                                  Follow direction A
                                  HYSTERECTOMY CARE
FEVER                             (see “post hysterectomy           MONTEZUMA’S CURSE
Follow directions C & J           medication”)                      Follow directions C & D

FEVER BLISTERS                    IMPETIGO                          MUMPS
Follow direction J                An eruptive disease of the        Follow direction A
                                  skin that is severely
FLU                               contagious. Staphylococci         MYASTHENIA GRAVIS
(see “Influenza”)                 cause pustules to form.           (lupus and regular)
                                  Common to the facial or           Follow direction A
FRACTURES                         cranial skin area.
Follow directions A, E & H        Apply liberally to the affected   NASAL DOUCHE
                                  area with nylon brush.            Follow direction G
Follow directions C, E & J        INFLUENZA                         PNEUMONIA
                                  Follow direction A                (Lobar or Bronchial)
GONORRHEA                                                           Follow directions A, B & G
Follow directions A & F           INSECT BITE
Same internal dosage as for       Follow directions A & E           NASAL SWAB
syphilis. Flush inside of penis                                     Use Q-tip dipped in full
with 10 percent solution.         ITCHING                           strength solution. Opens up
                                  Follow directions E & I           nasal passages that have
GOUT                                                                swollen shut.
Follow directions A & H           JUNGLE ROT
                                  Follow directions C & E           NAUSEA
HARDENING OF ARTERIES                                               Follow direction D
Follow direction A                KIDNEY INFECTIONS
                                  1 teaspoon in glass of water      NUTRITION
HEADACHES                         every 3 hours during 15           Follow direction A
Follow directions B & C           waking hours for one day.         to replace snacks.
                                  Repeat one week later if          Follow direction D
HEART ATTACK                      necessary.                        for a quick lift.
Follow direction C                LEPROSY                           PAIN ALLEVIATION
Same as “Arthritis                (awaiting report)                 Follow directions A & H
Prevention”                       Suggest directions A & E          in cases of knee, ankle and
                                                                    joint injuries, as well as
HEART ENLARGEMENT                 LEUKEMIA                          muscular aches that are too
(due to stress or depression)     Follow direction C                deeply seated to be reached
Follow direction A                For 7 to 15 days                  by other remedies.

                                                   4                                     v.061016
POISON                           RHINITUS                         SKIN CARE
Cyanide poisoning from           Follow direction G               Follow directions E & F
eating uncooked seed of          (see “sinusitis”)
peach.                                                            SKIN, SUNBURN
Follow direction A               RINGWORM                         Follow direction F
Repeat if poisoning              Follow direction E
symptoms are not gone in 5                                        SNAKE BITE
minutes.                         ROUGH HANDS                      Triple dosage direction A…
                                 Follow direction E               then follow direction E
POISON IVY                       Work solution into skin until
Follow directions A & E          absorbed.                        SOBERING UP (Alcoholics)
                                                                  Drink 2 to 10 drops stirred
POISON OAK                       RUBELLA                          into water.
Follow directions A & E          (German Measles)
                                 Follow directions A & B          SORE THROAT
POLIO                                                             Follow directions A, B & G
Follow direction C               SCAR REMOVAL
every day for 30 days along      Follow direction E               SPASMODIC FATIGUE
with high protein diet.          Apply daily over a period of 6   Follow direction A
                                 months to a year.
POST NASAL DRIP                                                   SPHINCTERITIS
Follow directions B & C          SCORPION STING                   Follow direction H
until dripping stops             Follow directions A & E
                                                                  SPIDER BITE
POST HYSTERECTOMY                SCRATCHES                        Triple dosage direction A…
MEDICATION                       Follow directions E & F          then follow direction E
Follow direction F
                                 SEA SICKNESS                     SPRAINS
PRICKLY HEAT                     Follow directions C & B          Follow directions A, E & H
Follow directions A & F
Inflammation of sweat glands     SHAVERS RASH                     STAPH FEET
reduces usually within one       Follow directions E & F          Follow direction C
day. Redness disappears                                           Also soak feet in lukewarm
often by the third or fourth     SICKLE CELL ANEMIA               5% solution. In stubborn
day. May apply undiluted         Follow direction A               cases apply full strength to
solution to affected parts.      Relieves pain for several        infected areas with plastic
Stinging sensation lasts about   hours.                           sponge.
3½ minutes.
                                 SINUSITIS                        STIMULANT
PSORIASIS                        Inhale vapor from undiluted      Follow directions A, B, C & D
Follow directions C & E          solution. If necessary, heat     Increases brain & nervous
                                 the solution to produce a        system efficiency.
RELAXANT                         more constant vapor.             (see “systemic normalizer”)
1 drop in a glass of water
permits sleep.                   SMALL POX                        STOMACH DISTRESS
(see “stimulant” and             Follow directions A & E          (due to gas)
“systemic normalizer”)                                            Follow direction D
                                 SKIN BURNS
RESPIRATORY                      (sealing burned skin)            STREP THROAT
INFECTIONS                       Follow direction E               Follow directions A & G
Follow direction A               for small areas one at a time.   as for “Cold, Common”
Then beat upon chest to          Follow direction F - use spray
activate thorax and increase     device for larger areas.         STUMP SHRINKING
circulation of blood to lungs.                                    Follow direction H

                                                  5                                      v.061016
SUNBURN                             ULCERS, STOMACH                   VAGINAL DOUCHE
Follow direction F                  Follow direction B                Follow direction F
                                    Drink 1 teaspoon in water
SWOLLEN GLANDS                      every five days. Continue         VALETUDINARIANISM
Follow directions A, B & G          until ulcers are healed. May      (Chronic Invalidism)
                                    take only 5 treatments.           Follow direction A
Follow directions A & E             URINARY STRICTURES                VALLEY FEVER
Apply to skin nodules directly      Follow direction A                Follow direction C
with plastic sponge.
                                    URINARY TRACT                     VIRUS
SYSTEMIC NORMALIZER                 INFECTIONS                        Follow direction A
Follow direction A or B             Follow directions A & F
Promotes the “Control Factor”       Destroys Escherichia Coli         WHOOPING COUGH
in bodily functions.                and other harmful bacteria.       Follow directions A, B & G

TETANUS (Lock Jaw)
Force liquid solution as in A
through teeth then when jaw
relaxes administer as in G.

        Is O2plus a medicine?
        No, O2plus is not a medicine. O2plus is classified as a nutritional supplement.
                  ®                         ®

        What is the shelf life of O2plus ?
        The self life is indefinite. Recent testing of 25-year-old samples has demonstrated an
        improvement in its        potency.

        How do I take O2plus ?
        O2plus® is a liquid concentrate, taken orally by mixing a number of drops (normally 8 to 12
        drops) in purified water. If you use ordinary tap water, O2plus begins purifying the water and

        benefit you receive from O2plus is reduced. O2plus has a slightly sour lemon taste which
                                           ®                     ®

        most people enjoy, taken with water or your favorite fruit juice, it‟s quite good.

        Can I overdose on O2plus ?
        No, O2plus is a nutritional supplement made from natural substances. The body only uses

        what it needs, and eliminates the remainder through the normal channels of discharge.

Q5.     What if I am already taking medicine?
        O2plus® can be used in conjunction with other nutritional supplements or medicines because it
        increases the bioavailability of these other substances, enabling the body to more effectively
        use them. Many O2plus users have reported a gradual decrease in need for medication

        within a few weeks or months of continual use (of O2plus ). If you are pregnant or under

        medical care, please consult your medical practitioner before using.

O2plus®can be applied eternally on the skin, either, undiluted on warts, moles, corns, scars, bruises,
etc, or diluted 1:10 parts distilled water for skin rashes, 1:20 parts distilled water on open wounds, 1:30
parts distilled water for sinus and ear problems, and 1:40 parts distilled water for eye infections.

                                                    6                                         v.061016
O2plus® is made from only the finest natural plant substances. It‟s sourced from the clean southern
seas surrounding New Zealand, from mineral springs and from fossilized plant taken from virgin earth.

It is able to produce both nascent oxygen and hydrogen inside the body, resulting in the simultaneous
cleaning and building of body cells and tissues, and providing the cells with the essential building blocks
needed to perform required normal function to achieve optimal health. O2plus has a unique ability to

maintain 78 minerals and trace elements, 34 enzymes and 17 amino acids in liquid ionic/colloidal

Oxygen is Life

Oxygen, carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen and sulfur as the five basic elements of life. Of all the elements
that support life, oxygen if the most abundant. Oxygen is essential for combustion (oxidation), and acts
as a disinfectant, deodorizer, sanitizer and preserver. Oxygen makes up almost 50% of the earth‟s crust
by weight, 42% of all vegetables, 85% of seawater, 46% of igneous rocks and 47% of dry soil. This
colorless, tasteless and odorless element so essential to life comprises 65% of our body.

We can live a few days without water and a few weeks without food, but only a few minutes without
oxygen. It must be replaced on a moment-to-moment basis because 90% of our life energy depends on
it. Oxygen energizes cells so they can regenerate. Our body uses oxygen to metabolize food and to
eliminate toxins and waste through oxidation. Our brain needs oxygen each second to process
information. In fact, all of our organs need a great deal of oxygen to function efficiently. The ability to
think, feel, move, eat, sleep and talk all depends on generated energy from oxygen.

Oxygen is the only element capable of combining with almost every other element to form the essential
components necessary to build and maintain our body. For instance,

Oxygen + nitrogen + carbon + hydrogen = Proteins
Oxygen + carbon + hydrogen = Carbohydrates
Oxygen + hydrogen = Water

The combination of oxygen in the air, water, proteins and carbohydrates creates life energy. None of
this energy could be produced without oxygen. As you can see, without oxygen we could not have the
grand experience called life.


“We can look at oxygen deficiency as the single greatest cause of all disease.” Dr. Stephen Levine

“Cancer cannot grow in a high oxygen environment.” Dr. Otto Warburg


Many fruits and vegetables now have less than 12 minerals out of the 70 plus that humans need for
proper functioning – and which were present in our foods one hundred years ago.

We need minerals in our bodies for the proper composition of the body fluids, for the formation of blood
and bone cells, and the maintenance of healthy nerve functioning. Lack of a single mineral in our food
can cause mental and physical problems. We therefore need to become more aware of the nutritional
value of each type of food, and eat the correct ones. We all know of the importance of calcium on our
diets for building strong bones and teeth. However, because of the growing depletion of minerals in our
foods, most of us probably also need some form of supplementation that will supply us with all the
necessary minerals for the body‟s optimal performance.

We know that vitamins are complex chemical substances needed for proper nutrition, and that each of
them is important for normal function of many special structures in the body. Out of balance conditions
and disease may result from vitamin deficiencies. It‟s not commonly realized, however, that vitamins
control the body‟s appropriation of minerals, and in the absence of minerals they have no function to

                                                    7                                         v.061016
perform. Lacking vitamins, the system can use minerals, but lacking minerals, vitamins are

Benefits of Trace Elements

Trace elements are minerals that the body requires in amounts of 100mg or less, per day. For some,
including iodine, proper dosage may be as small as one-tenth of 1mg. Minuscule as these amounts are,
insufficient intake of trace elements can seriously impair your health.

O2plus® has 78 ionic/colloidal minerals and trace elements in its proprietary formulation and therefore
essential to help you achieve optimal health.

Metabolism and Enzymes

Metabolism is the sum of all chemical reactions in the living cell that are used for the production of
useful work, and the synthesis of cell constituents. Almost all cellular reactions are catalyzed by
complex protein molecules called enzymes, which are capable of speeding reaction rates by a factor of
hundreds to millions. Most structures in the living cell are complex and require periodic replacement.
This process of building new molecules is called anabolism. Structures that are no longer used are
broken down into smaller molecules and either reused or excreted - this process is called catabolism.


In order for the body to draw valuable nutrients from the food that we eat, it is necessary for the food to
be properly digested and metabolized. Digestive enzymes do the work of digestion. Amylase, for
example, breaks down carbohydrates. Metabolic enzyme then help to catalyze the various chemical
reactions within the cells, such as energy production and detoxification – and in this way they assist in
building the body from proteins, carbohydrates and fats. An example is catalase, which breaks down
hydrogen peroxide in the body and liberates more oxygen for the body to use.

Unfortunately, once again, our modern life-styles are having a negative impact on these important
enzymes. Enzymes are extremely sensitive to heat and are destroyed by temperatures above 50
degrees Celsius or 122 degrees Fahrenheit. Because we cook (and often over-cook) our foods, we
need to eat more raw vegetables and fruits and supplement our intake of enzymes. O2plus contains

34 metabolic and digestive enzymes.

Amino Acids

Finally, in order for the body to use the food that we eat, the body needs amino acids to make up its
necessary proteins. Strangely enough, the protein that the body uses are not obtained directly from the
food we eat. Dietary protein is first broken down into amino acids, which the body then uses to build the
specific proteins, hormones, antibodies and neurotransmitters it needs. O2plus consists of 17 amino

acids to assist in these functions.


Electrolytes support the healthy electrical integrity of the body‟s natural colloidal systems, including the
blood itself. They impart a negative charge to the red blood cells, separating them to restore their
maximum functioning. O2plus is energized with electrolytes.

                                                     8                                         v.061016
                                      The Anatomy of O2plus

O2plus® is a highly-concentrated super-energized proprietary formulation containing 78 ionic/colloidal
minerals and trace elements (34 from fossilized plant taken from virgin earth, and 44 from the clean
Southern Seas surrounding New Zealand, unrefined and still containing natural trace elements),
combined with 34 enzymes, 17 amino acids, dissolved oxygen – and all suspended in a solution of
Deuterium Sulfate (D2SO4). As a complete mineral and nutritional supplement, O2plus enhances

nutritional biochemical activities and brings to your body what modern living and technology are
stripping away.

All the elements in O2plus are natural substances. O2plus has no alcohol, no glucose, and no
                             ®                                   ®

ingredients that are on the „list of banned substances‟ regarding international, professional and amateur
athletic associations. The O2plus elements are derived from only the finest natural sources, which are

cryogenically (using extreme cold) and not chemically extracted – and which are totally non-toxic.

The nutrients in O2plus are both ionic and colloidal in form. Colloidal particles are minute (4 - 7

nanometers in diameter) and, because of the Brownian Movement Phenomenon, they take on a
negative (ionic) charge, and remain suspended in liquid. Because most bodily fluids (like blood and
lymph) are colloidal and negatively charged, the body perceives O2plus as normal healthy body fluid,

and allows the nutrients in O2plus to pass immediately through the sensitive membranes of the mouth,

throat and esophagus directly into the bloodstream.

                                                   9                                        v.061016
Testimonials from   O2plus® users:

“For a period of five years I have suffered from chronic back pain accompanied by fatigue. I have tried
many innovative therapies, including both traditional and alternative modes of treatment for this disease.
Theses treatments included drugs and physical therapy, a variety of nutritional therapies, acupuncture,
neural therapy, radionics and massage. It was through the use of O2plus that I first obtained

significant relief from the fatigue that interfered with my life. My day was comprised of work, then home
to rest and sleep. The weekend was also spent resting.
I took O2plus on a regular three-times-daily basis, which refreshed and energized me. After three to

four months of regular use I stopped using O2plus , only to find that the fatigue returned. Now that I‟m

back on the O2plus on a consistent basis, my energy has been restored. Research on O2plus
                        ®                                                                               ®

indicates that it is a powerful electrolyte solution that works to energize the body and bring it into
chemical and electrical balance. I find that I get a quicker and more complete therapeutic response to
treatment when I prime my patients – especially the more difficult pain cases – with O2plus , prior to

treating them with acupuncture and magnet therapy.”
                                                                             BBM, MD – Carmichael, USA

“In recovering from a car accident, emotional trauma, cancer and more, O2plus made an immediate

difference in my ability to cope with emotional trauma. My low energy has begun to improve. I‟m
experiencing some kind of intestinal cleansing with diarrhea over 4 days, interspersed with normal
bowel movements.”
                                                                         Dr G – Health Practitioner

“O2plus has helped clear up my skin and I have more energy, more endurance on the Stairmaster. I

noticed results within three days.”
                                                                Dr C – Licensed Acupuncturist

“I have been a Holistic Health Consultant for thirty years and have recommended various dietary
supplements. After witnessing the broad-spectrum health and healing benefits of O2plus , I now

recommend it to everyone who is serious about taking charge of their health. In my view, feeding one‟s
cells by daily ingestion of O2plus enhances mental, physical and spiritual health. Healthy cells will

create healthy tissues, organs and systems of the body, therefore, O2plus should be the foundation of

everyone‟s daily nutritional program.”
                                                                              Dr DD – Palm Coast, FL

“This is a letter of testimony about O2plus . I was very ill for three years with pneumonia, and was in

and out of the hospital 3 times. Each time I was getting weaker and weaker. There was scar tissue on
my lungs, causing irregular breathing patterns. I was out of breath walking, climbing steps, had
blackouts, and was unable to stand up very long. I work in nutrition store in Ft. Lauderdale, so I have
familiarity with nutritional products. I ordered some bottles of O2plus . I began using the product. To

my surprise, within a week I was walking and standing up longer periods of time. Now I can walk up
steps, without being out of breath. My doctor said I amazed her. My lungs were clear, and she could
find nothing wrong with me. I walked 3 miles recently, and haven‟t walked that far in years. May God
bless you for this magnificent product. I haven‟t felt this good in years!”
                                                                              K.C.N. – Ft. Lauderdale, FL

“I want to share my experience with O2plus after taking it 3 times daily for one month. I feel less

stressed, more calm and relaxed - but most important to me is the effect to my blood pressure, which
had been 150/90. Now my blood pressure fluctuates between 132/70. I‟m one happy consumer.”
                                                                                 PJ – San Diego, CA

                                                    10                                      v.061016
“Thank you for your wonderful O2plus product. I have had extreme pain from arthritis for years, and I

have been afflicted with a seizure disorder since childhood. Until recently, I‟ve been taking six to eight
600mg. tablets of Ibuprofen for pain, and also was taking seizure medication that was so strong that it
created a mental fog similar to what one would experience taking a very strong antihistamine.
Since taking O2plus , I no longer take any medication or pain killer, and for all practical purpose and

am seizure free. I‟m simply adding O2plus in every glass of water I drink. I also have more clarity of

thought and more energy. I now require less sleep - but awake refreshed and ready to start another
pain and seizure-free day. I have my life back. Thank you!”
                                                                                   M.P. – San Diego, CA

“When a friend first told me about O2plus , he told me to order at least three bottles - I could put one

next to my bottled water to add whenever I have a glass of water, one in the kitchen next to the stove in
case I burn myself, and one to carry with me whenever I left the house. I‟m glad I took his advice.
On Thanksgiving day, I was cooking a traditional dinner with lots of dishes. In the hecticness, I grabbed
something “too hot to handle.” As soon as I dropped the pan, I ran to the sink and squeezed the
O2plus® concentrate directly to the burned area. To my amazement, the pain started to diminish right
away - within minutes it was gone. I went back to cooking and didn‟t think about it again. The next day,
one of my weekend guests asked me how the burn was. To my amazement, I had forgotten all about it
because there was no blister or pain. There was only a slight red mark where there should have been
one of those big, painful water-filled blister.”
                                                                                 RB – Palm Springs, CA

“I used to work in environmental practice and so am well versed in the problems of depleted nutritional
values in the food supply – and am also familiar with how various pollutants, chemicals and other nasty
things are attacking the body constantly.
I recently found your wonderful O2plus product and am very pleased after only six days of use. I‟ve

had a problem with edema in my ankles, and with general water retention throughout my body. There
seems to be no particular diagnosis as to the cause of these health problems, I believe they may be
from food allergies. In less than a week – to my delight – I‟ve noticed a marked reduction in my edema,
especially in the ankles and feet. I‟ve seen daily improvement every morning when I awake up, and
throughout the day. I can actually see veins and ankle definition in my feet that were not visible six days
ago. As for my water retention problem, my tummy is about half the size it was a few days ago. As well,
my energy is much improved – and I can hardly wait each day to see the continuing of this amazing
                                                                                  KB – Albuquerque, NM

“I have had much success with O2plus . I‟ve been handicapped for years due to a medical

misdiagnosis by doctors; I was treated for arthritis when I had tuberculosis of the bone. The medicine I
was given fused my joints, damaged my entire system, and left me in continuous pain.
The first day I took O2plus I slept more than I had at any one time in years. After a few days my

energy increased to where I now have several more hours each day of active life – and more
movement in my joints. I also have used O2plus topically on both my fingernails and toenails – both of

which had fungus and poor circulation. Within days my nails became smoother, and the cuticles
became pink and the fungus healed.”
                                                                                     JAJ – Torrance, CA

“In late September 1999, we began using O2plus . By this time my mother-in-law was in the later

stages of Alzheimer‟s disease. She had been on the pharmaceutical medication Cognex, but had to be
taken off of it because of side effects. She had then been on Aricept since February, but no matter what
the doctor could give her, she was lethargic and unresponsive. She wouldn‟t feed herself, and slumped
on the couch all day, sleeping.
When we started her on O2plus , there was a dramatic change. Not only was she awake more,

noticing what was going on around her – and talking again – but she became more vigorous, and
began walking with some energy. It is wonderful to have he „present‟ again.”
                                                                                      VM – Bedford, TX

                                                    11                                        v.061016
“What exactly is O2plus , you might ask? It is a formulation of clear liquid drops that I firmly believe

has saved my mother‟s life. She is 79 years old, and has been suffering from congestive heart failure
and thyroid disease, among her ailments. The diuretics she‟d been taking had depleted her electrolytes
so severely that she had to be hospitalized for intravenous therapy. In January 2000, her doctor
ordered 24-hour oxygen therapy. Her finger and skin were turning grayish-blue. Her immune system
had become very suppressed, and she began suffering from sores in her mouth and on her skin. She
was weak, fatigued, losing muscle tone, and was hallucinating, dizzy, disoriented and unable to eat.
She was dying before my eyes; the situation seemed hopeless.
Three weeks ago, I purchased this miracle bottle of drops -- O2plus product for my mother.

The next day my mom called me. She said that within three hours of taking 4 drops of O2plus in water

she somehow felt different, as if she was plugged into a light switch and energized. During the course
of the first week the weakness faded, and she was no longer confused, disoriented or hallucinating. Not
only was she able to carry on a conversation, but her need for supplemental oxygen had been
decreased to approximately just 2-3 hours per week. Today she is walking, sleeping more soundly, and
has a hearty appetite. Topically, I began placing drops on her skin and in her mouth. The sores in her
Mouth disappeared the same day, and within three days there were no traces of infection, let alone
scars. The quality of my mother‟s life has improved so dramatically in such a short time that she is
again looking forward to living, rather than waiting to die.
I have one more testimonial – this one regarding myself. Recently, I had a growth removed from my
nose. I put a few drops of O2plus on the area after the surgery. One week later when I returned to

have the stitches removed, the doctor looked puzzled – and remarked what a fast healer I was. They
had never seen a surgical area heal before having the stitches removed. And there is no scar at all
remaining now. I can‟t thank you enough, we have recommended O2plus to everyone we know.”

                                                                              MA – St. Petersburg, FL

“I have fibromyalgia to the point that every cell in my body hurts. It also causes me to feel tense and
constricted all over, and my thinking is slow and foggy.
After taking O2plus for just 24 hours I could feel more energy. I felt loosed, and my thinking became

much clearer. Within a month I wondered if I needed the O2plus because I felt so much better. I

briefly stopped, but soon realized that I need to keep taking it. I tell everyone I know with any health
problem to try this product.”
                                                                                  SH – Grants Pass, OR

      The frontiers of human healing are continually being expanded, and now at an even
      faster rate than ever before. Just as this article was ready to go to print, we received
        word of a research study being conducted in South Africa which holds immense
                            promise for the inhabitants of planet earth.

    More detail will be coming forth – and no doubt will be documented in future updates
     on this article – but it seems that an 18 month study involving 552 people certified as
   being HIV+ (positive) has shown a 96% success rate in returning their blood test results
      to negative when using O2plus®. It further appears that those patients who had not
     previously received chemical medication were fastest to respond to O2plus® therapy,
     sometimes reversing their condition in as little as 3 months. It was also reported to us
   that those who had received chemical medication did sometimes require other additional
        natural elements in addition to O2plus® and required up to 18 months to respond

      We are hopeful of receiving full documentation as soon as possible concerning this
                                   extremely hopeful news.

                                                  12                                       v.061016
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