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					                 HERNANDO COUNTY
                 Board of County Commissioners

 Policy Title:                                        Effective Date:      October 1, 2000

 Resignation                                          Revision Date(s):    October 1, 2000
                                                                           January 1, 2007

                                                      Latest Review:       February 1, 2007

Policy Statement:

It is the intent of the County to provide a formal and systematic procedure for resignation from
County service.

Resignation                                                                        HR03-15.1

A.    Any employee wishing to leave the County Service in good standing shall submit to his
      supervisor or department manager a written resignation stating the date the employee is
      leaving and the reasons for leaving. Under normal circumstances the resignation should
      be submitted providing at least two (2) weeks notice. Failure to comply with this
      procedure may jeopardize the good-standing status from the date of separation and the
      payment of accrued leave time.

B.    INVOLUNTARY RESIGNATION - Employees are expected to notify the County of
      their intended absence if possible. Un-notified absences from work for a period of three
      (3) working days may be considered as the employee's involuntary resignation by the
      supervisor or department manager.

C.    DATE OF SEPARATION - The effective date of separation from the County Service
      shall be at the close of business on the last day an employee reports for duty; the date
      specified in the employee’s written resignation; or, the last day of leave granted.

D.    Unless otherwise requested by the department director and approved by the Human
      Resources Director, employees who separate employment from Hernando County will be
      paid 100% of their remaining vacation time, 25% of their remaining sick time and 80% of
      their accrued PTO time pursuant to policy HR 05.14.

E.    The department director with the approval of the Human Resources Director may
      withhold the payment of these accruals for any justifiable reason including, but not
      limited to, gross misconduct, failure to turn in keys, equipment, uniforms or supplies, or
      other serious offenses.

Resignation                                                                        HR03-15.2