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					                 HERNANDO COUNTY
                 Board of County Commissioners

 Policy Title:                                         Effective Date:      July 1, 2000

 Smoking Policy                                        Revision Date(s):    August 1, 2003

                                                       Latest Review:       February 1, 2007

Policy Statement:

It is the policy of the County to regulate the smoking of tobacco products in facilities operated
and maintained by the County, in compliance with the Florida Clean Indoor Air Act (FCIAA)
Florida Statutes Sections 386.201. This Act creates and protects areas that are free from the
hazards of tobacco smoke.

Smoking Policy                                                                      HR06-06.1
                                   Procedure Guidelines

A.    The Florida Clean Indoor Air Act (FCIAA) provides specific requirements for the
      regulation of smoking in all government buildings and facilities.

B.    The Act is applicable to all County owned, operated, maintained, leased, or otherwise
      controlled facilities.

C.    In accordance with the Act, smoking is expressly prohibited in both employee and public
      use areas including but not limited to, waiting rooms, lobbies, lounges, rest rooms,
      elevators, hallways or any other areas of common use by the public.

D.    This policy is meant to protect the health, comfort, and environment of County employees
      and of the general public using County facilities.

E.    Each Department Manager shall post no-smoking signs as required by this policy. The
      Act provides substantial penalties against the person in charge of a public area who does
      not comply with the Act.

Smoking Policy                                                                   HR06-06.2