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									         The Ayden Christian
December 2009             “Come, Grow With Us … In Christ”   Volume 25 Number 8

   "We have seen His star in the East, and have come to worship Him."
                              ~ Matthew 2:2

                  Wishing you peace, love, and joy
                      this Christmas Season.
                        Pastor Mike and Cindy
                    Local Outreach and Community Development

Your generous contributions to Local Outreach and Community Development have assisted
the following during October (to-date):
Utilities Assistance:   $ 533.00
Rent Assistance: $250.00
Children’s Clothing     --------

“As we express our gratitude, we must never forget that the highest
appreciation is not to utter words, but to live by them.”
                                                                    --- John Fitzgerald Kennedy

Looking Back on the past five years, I am so proud of what our church has accomplished
as our Local Outreach Ministry has grown. All of the people who have come through the
doors of our church seeking assistance have been greeted by the warm and caring smile of
June Whaley, without whom this ministry would be less successful. I want to take this
opportunity to say “Thank You!” to June for the years of hard stories she has listened to,
and then shared with me and others.

It has been my privilege to work with Local Outreach for the past several years. I feel that I
have grown as an individual and as a Christian. Our clients have taught me a great deal
about compassion and about how much is really enough in our lives. I have been elated at
how much this ministry has grown in our church….and beyond. Often I have gone into the
community for assistance, and it has gladly (joyfully) assisted our church to meet the needs
of some individual and/or family.

Thank you for allowing me to serve our Lord in this way. As I take a temporary sabbatical
from this ministry, I know it will be in good hands as Bear Baldree, Sean Engleby and
Royce Richardson will be working with our precious clients. I will still be our church’s
representative on Pitt Resource Connection and will be overseeing a project which will allow
me to work with the Local Outreach Ministry to possibly bring additional services to those
who are disabled and the elderly. I am excited to be a part of this new role.

Again, thank you for all that you do for those who are less fortunate, who are down on their
luck, or who are lost for a while and need God’s love to shine on them through someone.
Thank you for being that light.

B.J. Craft
                                                          You Are Invited
                                                       The Town of Ayden’s
                                                      Swearing In Ceremony
                                                    For Board of Commissioners
                                                       & Mayor Steve Tripp
                                                     Monday, December 14, 2009
                                                             7:00 p.m.
                                                     Ayden Community Building
                                                        Reception following.

         Love Came Down
               a Christmas Cantata
                  by Stan Pethel
                                                    Schedule of Events …
                  Sunday                            Sunday, December 13
                                                    9:00 Turning Point Praise Worship
            December 20, 2009                       10:00 Sunday School
     Ayden Christian Church Sanctuary               11:00 Traditional Worship
                                                    Tuesday, December 15
                 6:00 p.m.                          10:00 Prayer Group
                                                     7:00 Board Meeting
                                                    Wednesday, December 16
                                                    10:00 Keen-Agers Mtg. (Parker’s)
                                                     7:00 Choir/Band rehearsals
       Performed by the combined Choirs of          Saturday, December 19
             Ayden Christian Church                 11:00 Ayden Christmas Parade
                         and                        Sunday, December 20
                                                     9:00 Turning Point
           Winterville Christian Church             10:00 Sunday School
   With special vocal and instrumental selections   11:00 Traditional Worship
                                                     6:00 Christmas Cantata
                     including                      Thursday, December 24
   Organ, piano, violin, flute, and Turning Point     Church Offices Closed
                                                     8:00 Christmas Eve Service
                                                    Friday, Dec. 25 – Christmas
                                                      Church Offices Closed
                     Directed by                    Sunday, December 27
       Christy Hill, Ayden Christian Church          9:00 Turning Point*
                                                    10:00 Sunday School
     Kyle Walker, Winterville Christian Church      11:00 Traditional Worship*
                                                      * Congregational Mtg. following
                                                        each service
                                                    Friday, Jan. 1 – New Years Day
                                                      Church Offices Closed
      R. Michael Goff, Ayden Christian Church       Sunday, January 3
    Jerry Shavers, Winterville Christian Church      9:00 Turning Point
                                                    10:00 Sunday School
                                                    11:00 Traditional Worship
                                                     3:00 Old Christmas Choir Sing
Refreshments immediately following                        (Ayden U. Methodist Ch.)
                                                    Tuesday, January 5
Nursery provided                                    10:00 Prayer Group
        SERVICE                                        Children
    December 24, 2009                              Worship & Wonder
        8:00 p.m.
                                                    Training Event
                                           Date: Friday Feb. 19 – 6 pm-9 pm
                                                 Saturday Feb. 20 – 9 am-5 pm
                                                 Sunday Feb. 21 – 2 pm-5 pm

                                           Location: First Christian Church
                                                     (Disciples of Christ)
                                                     Greenville, North Carolina

                                           Cost:         $120 per person plus
                                                          purchase of book –
                                                         Young Children and Worship

                                           Registration Deadline: February 5, 2010
       Ayden Christian Church
         462 Second Street
          Ayden NC 28513
                                                What will the training involve?
                                           You will learn the rationale behind Children
                                           Worship & Wonder and develop a basic
                                           understanding of the approach. You will see the
                                           story telling and other components of the worship
                                           service demonstrated. You will receive help in
                                           developing your own story telling skills and have
                                           opportunities to practice telling stories and leading
                                           other parts of the children’s service of worship.
                                           You will learn ways to involve other adults in
                                           children’s worship and receive help in setting-up a
                                           children’s worship center for your church.

                                           If you are interested in attending, let Pastor
                                           Goff know so he can determine the number
      Congregational Meeting               and how to pay the expenses. This could
                                           be a valuable ministry during Turning Point.
        Sunday, December 27
  (immediately following each service)

to vote on 2010 Church Officers and 2010
             proposed budget.
                                                                Acknowledgements …
               BY THE NUMBERS
                   For November 2009                            Dear Friends,
Attendance:                                                              Thank you for all acts of kindness. Your
                                                                support of Stuart’s funeral was gratifying as well as
Date    9:00   11:00              Total
                                                                remembrances during years of declining health. He
11/1    123       27              141
11/8     Homecoming                205                          was encouraged by your prayers, cards, calls,
11/15    128     47               175                           visits, flowers and the nice fruit baskets. Lunch
11/22    149     46               195                           after the funeral was superb and special. A gold
11/29     93     54               147                           star to all who helped.
                                                                         Stuart felt privileged to be a member of
Income:                                                         Ayden Christian Church. The warmth and caring
Date    Gen. Op.     Debt         Sp. Funds      Total          that exist there is outstanding. Sad as it all was/is,
                                                                we are comforted by your caring and are humbly
11/1    $ 5,000.00   $   345.00   $    132.00    $   5,477.00   grateful.
11/8    $ 3,863.31   $   160.00   $     55.00    $   4,098.31
                                                                         May the blessings of God’s love fill your
11/15   $ 3,313.00   $   165.00   $    416.00    $   3,894.00
11/22   $ 4,018.70   $   175.00   $    101.00    $   4,294.70   home and heart during the holidays.
11/29   $2,471.00    $   175.00    $    210.00   $   2,856.00                           Sincerely,
                                                                                        The Stuart Tripp Family

                                                                To the Dear People at Church, CMF and CWF,
                                                                       We wish to thank every one for the food,
                                                                and your best wishes.
                                                                       Wishing you a very good day.
                                                                                            Marie & Joe Ray

                                                                Dear Church Family,
         HOME WEATHERIZATION                                            Thank you so much for the cards, emails and
         COMMUNITY WORKSHOP                                     prayers that you have given me while I was
                                                                recovering from my surgery. It means so much to
                 Sponsored by:                                  have such a wonderful church family during a time
              The Town of Ayden                                 like this. I am thankfully starting to get back to my
                                                                old self again and am looking forward to getting
                                                                things back to normal. Thank you again for your
         Martin Community Action, Inc.                          thoughtfulness!
             Tuesday, December 15                                                       Ashley Norville
                   6:00 p.m.
           Ayden Community Building
                                                                Dear ACC Church Members and Friends,
The Home Weatherization Program offered by                             Thank you all so much for all of the prayers,
Martin community Action, Inc. helps individuals                 cards, food, and kind words that I have received in
by inspecting a residential dwelling to                         the last few weeks! It means a great deal to know
determine where the energy inefficient causes                   that so many people care for you and pray for you.
                                                                I have a wonderful support system, and my church
are occurring, and then financially investing to
                                                                family is a very important part of it. I have begun
correct the problems. Funding for qualified                     my treatments now, and will need continued
applicants is provided by the American                          prayers and support for the next several weeks.
Recovery and Reinvestment Act.                                         Thanks again!
                                                                                     In Christ,
                                                                                    Phyllis Newman
                                    In the Life of the Congregation
We rejoice with George & Brianna Gee at the birth of a son, Noah Benjamin Gee on November 3.
Noah weighed 8 lbs. 4 oz. His grandparents include Benjy & Dixie Gee.

Mamie Smith is recovering well following gall bladder surgery on November 9.

Robert Spence is recuperating well from recent knee surgery.

Congratulations to Alice Huggins who received one of three Outstanding Alumni Awards from Pitt
Community College at the PCC President’s Reception held at Rock Springs on November 19.

Ashley Venters Norville is recuperating well from her surgery on November 25

Congratulations also to Bill Hardy on the birth of a great-granddaughter, Julie Jade Smith on
November 20. Julie weighed 7 lbs. 14 oz. and is 19” long.

Kay Dunn is recuperating well at home following surgery on November 30.

                                                  Prayer Concerns
      Immediate Concerns
      Kay Dunn                         Phyllis Newman                     Mamie Williams
      Frances Godwin                   Mrs. Donnie Robbins                Delano Wilson
      Myrl Newman                      Lindy Williams

      Ongoing Concerns
      All military families            Albert Harrison                    Ashley Norville
      Joan Wilson Adams                Mildred Huggins                    Jim & JoAnn Oakley
      Mary Ayers                       Jenna Karns                        Joe & Marie Ray
      Cole Beamon                      Katherine Letchworth               Danny Sutton
      Laura Colucci                    Michael Lovic                      Melissa Thomason
      Elwood Daughety                  Clyde Maloney                      Heidi Waldo
      Sid Evans                        Johnny Miller                      David Worthington
      Perry & Elayne Harper            Susan Miller
      Oscar Hall                       Terry Miller
      Kenneth Harrington               Carol Noble

      Shut-Ins                         Healthcare Facility                Church
      Willie Cox                       Clara Burgdorff                    Visitors to feel welcome
      Carol Hart                       Lavada O’Connor                    Every member a minister
      Frank Kilpatrick                 Dorothy Venters                    Nominating Committee
      Frances Mohle
                 The Prayer Concerns is an important ministry of our church. Please help us keep the list
             updated by contacting the pastor or church office when there are changes.

December 13                                               January 3
9:00                                                      9:00
Elders: Cindy Goff & Joyce Barnes                         Elders: Shannon Wainright, John Brick
Deacons: Kathy Urton & Sam Gee                            Deacons: Scottie Gaskins, Betty Jo Manning
Greeters: Sandra Garris & Althea McNairy                  Greeters: Donna & Paul LaMotte
11:00                                                     11:00
Worship Committee Representative: Tony Tripp              Worship Committee Representative: Ryan Hardee
Elders & Communion to Shut-Ins: Connie & Wesley Hardee    Elders & Communion to Shut-Ins: Linwood Allegood &
Deacons: Gina & Jessica Tripp, Scottie & Keith Gaskins                                       Lou Anne Sutton
Worship Leader: Scottie Gaskins                           Deacons: Gina & Jim & Phyllis Newman
Greeters: Gina & Jessica Tripp, Scottie & Keith Gaskins             Ryan & Jennifer Hardee
To Prepare Communion: Gina Tripp                          Worship Leader: Lou Anne Sutton
CWF Service Chairs: Althea McNairy & Joyce Barnes         Greeters: Lucille Cannon, Joyce Stocks
To Close Church: Tony Tripp                                         Elizabeth Deasy & Barbara Engleby
                                                          To Prepare Communion: Jody Venters
                                                          CWF Service Chairs: JoAnne Brick & Kathy Urton
December 20                                               To Close Church: Ryan Hardee
Elders: Mark & Trish Williams                             January 10
Deacons: Ronnie & Alice Huggins                           9:00
Greeters: Mark & Trish Williams                           Elders: Greg Gaylor & Gaynell Deans
11:00                                                     Deacons: George Gee & Sam Gee
Worship Committee Representative: Lou Anne Sutton         Greeters: Greg & Jeanne Gaylor
Elders & Communion to Shut-Ins: Lou Anne Sutton &         11:00
                                Shannon Wainright         Worship Committee Representative: Alta Andrews
Deacons: Andrew & Kasey Shue, Bo & Barbara Engleby        Elders & Communion to Shut-Ins: Paul & Alta Andrews
Worship Leader: Shannon Wainright                         Deacons: Bill Hardy, Ben White, Kay & Sissy Dunn
Greeters: Andrew & Kasey Shue, Bo & Barbara Engleby       Worship Leader: Alta Andrews
To Prepare Communion: Alice Huggins                       Greeters: Bill Hardy, Linwood Allegood, Kay & Sissy Dunn
CWF Service Chairs: Althea McNairy & Joyce Barnes         To Prepare Communion: Kelly Clayton
To Close Church: Lou Anne Sutton                          CWF Service Chairs: JoAnne Brick & Kathy Urton
                                                          To Close Church: Alta Andrews
December 27
9:00                                                      January 17
Elders: Cindy Goff & Darlene Smith-Worthington            9:00
Deacons: David & Melissa Johnson                          Elders: Wesley & Connie Hardee
Greeters: Betty Jo & Dale Manning                         Deacons: David & Melissa Johnson
11:00                                                     Greeters: Terri & Lyndsey Joyner
Worship Committee Representative: Greg Gaylor             11:00
Elders & Communion to Shut-Ins: Ned & B.J. Craft          Worship Committee Representative: Tony Tripp
Deacons: Jim & Phyllis Newman, P.J. & Betty Jo Manning    Elders & Communion to Shut-Ins: Coy & Brooks Buck
Worship Leader: Bear Baldree                              Deacons: Kathy & John Urton, Cobby Deans, Gina Tripp
Greeters: Jim Newman & Bill Hardy, Bear & Colin Baldree   Worship Leader: Joyce Barnes
To Prepare Communion: Althea McNairy                      Greeters: Kathy & John Urton, Cobby Deans, Gina Tripp
CWF Service Chairs: Althea McNairy & Joyce Barnes         To Prepare Communion: Sandra Garris
To Close Church: Greg Gaylor                              CWF Service Chairs: JoAnne Brick & Kathy Urton
                                                          To Close Church: Tony Tripp

                                                          BE SURE TO SECURE YOUR OWN
                                                          (schedule posted on bulletin board)
                                                       December Birthdays & Anniversaries*
Church Staff:                                           1st:    Josh Richardson
                                                       2nd:    Ann Carraway, Madison & Mackenzie Fulford
      Rev. R. Michael Goff, Pastor                     3rd:    Samantha Urton
      June Whaley, Office Coordinator                  4th:    Donna LaMotte, Allison Jenkins, Benjy & Dixie Gee*
      Christy Hill, Choir Director                     5th:    David Keene, Cherry Stokes
      Melissa Johnson, Pianist                         6th:    Sydney & Hannah Britt*
      Alta Andrews, Organist                           7th:    Mark Williams
      Amanda Abbott, Nursery Attendant                 8th:    Dorothy Venters
      Vicki Fulford, Custodian                         9th:    Brock Whaley
                                                       10th:   Jean Daily, Sarah Whaley Jones
2009 Ministry Chairs:                                  11      Amanda Barnes, Johnny & Pam Jenkins*
                                                               Bobby & Jody Venters*
      Board Chair             Wesley Hardee            13th:   Melissa Johnson, Madison Letchworth, Pat Tripp
      Vice Board Chair        Darlene S. Worthington   15th:   Katherine Barnes
      Worship                 Greg Gaylor              16th:   Jodie Brick Holmes
      Turning Point           Shelly Merrill           17th:   Connor & Marcus Sutton
                              Ann Carraway             18th:   Sarah Baldree, Alan Wainwright
      Christian Education     Kasey Shue               22nd:   Barbara Engleby
      Membership:             Brooks Buck              23rd:   Cobby & Gaynell Deans*
                              Sandy Spence             24th:   Susie Elks
      Evangelism:             Joyce Barnes             25th:   Corey Stokes
      Property:               Ray Hardee               26th:   Benjy Gee
      Stewardship:            TBA                      27th:   Bailee Brick, Kelly Clayton,
      Local Outreach          Marty Stancil                    Shannon Wainright, Joseph & Jean Collins*
                              Trish Williams           28th:   Corinne Spence
      World Outreach:         Bill Hardy               30th:   Ronald Venters, Sr.
      Trustees:               Coy Buck                 31st:   Scottie Gaskins, Andrea Hardison, Kelly Johnson
      Personnel:              Tony Tripp
      CWF:                    Thelma Ankrom
      CMF:                    TBA
      Technical Team:         Billy Merrill
      Keen-Agers:             Joyce McLawhorn
      Kitchen Angels          Connie Hardee

The Ayden Christian
Ayden Christian Church
462 Second Street
P.O. Box 488
Ayden, NC 28513
Tele: (252) 746-3555
Fax: (252) 746-7678

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