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									                                  CHARLOTTE CHRISTOU
                           9 Danbury Ct.  Bedminster, New Jersey 07921
                             908-328-1664 

                  Sales / Marketing / Business Development / Outsourcing

   I am an innovative cutting-edge management consultant with more than 24 years of relevant
   experience positively impacting corporate strategic decisions. I am recognized as a visionary
   strategist with solid grounding in all aspects of marketing, sales, operations, and outsourcing.
   Capable of analyzing the P&L, delivering creative suggestions for cost reductions and profit
   increases in a streamline economy.

   Areas of expertise:

                                Sales  Marketing  Business Development
         International Business  Negotiations  Strategic Alliances  Operations Management
        Global Account Management  Strategic/Tactical Planning  Team Leadership/Motivation
                         Outsourcing  OEM  Manufacturing  Logistics  CRM
             Brand Management  Public Speaking  P&L Finance  C Level Relationships
               Strategic Selling  Product Development  Product Marketing  Outsourcing
                       Engineering Design  Presentations  Project Management

                                  HIGH TECHNOLOGY INDUSTRIES:
                 Aerospace  Semiconductors  Consumer Electronics  Digital Imaging


Company                             Title
Christou Consulting                 Consultant/Founder
iBiquity Digital Corporation        Senior Manager, Brand Management & Marketing
Digital Frames, Inc                 President/Founder
Avanti Corporation                  Head of US Sales
Mitsubishi Silicon America          Global Sales Manager
Fujitsu Microelectronics Inc        Corporate Account Manager
Hamilton Hallmark/Avnet             Field Sales Engineer
E-Systems                           Project Engineer
Martin Marietta Corp, Aerospace     Senior Design Engineer, Electro-Optics/digital imaging
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                         PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE - DETAIL

Christou Consulting, Bedminster, NJ  2008-Present
A privately owned company offering management consulting.

        Management Consultant for the high technology industry, specializing in go to market strategies, and

IBiquity Digital Corporation, Basking Ridge, NJ  2007-2008
A privately owned corporation, licensing HD Radio™ Technology to receiver manufacturers, local AM/FM
Broadcasters, and equipment manufacturers.

        Senior Manager, Brand Management & Marketing
        Worked closely with the CEO and other corporate executives to develop and execute marketing
        strategies, programs and tactics to attain strategic objectives for consumer electronics partners, which
        included brand management, technology migration, product launch, B2C/B2B marketing programs, and
        increasing receiver sales. Professional Marketing included field sales materials, direct mail, journal
        advertising, training initiatives, ROP, account meetings, etc.. Drove product strategy while considering
        business objectives, competitive landscape, customer needs, and budget constraints. Defined marketing
        programs to assist in emerging markets of HD Radio receivers for home integration, aftermarket
        automotive, Hi-Fi, and Table-top consumer electronics marketing segments. Strong cross-functional
        leadership skills in a team-oriented approach.

        Key Accomplishments:
           Grew number of radios sold by 200%.
           Developed and implemented key marketing programs for push/pull marketing, such as
            manufacturing incentive agreements, ROP retail programs, direct mail, FSI, web and email
            marketing, etc.
           Aligned product roadmap with HD Radio Technology roadmap, producing a large variety of HD
            Radio receivers in the market.

DIGITAL FRAMES, INC., Lakeland, Florida  2002-2007
A $2M global digital imaging consumer products developer, serving the digital image sharing market.

        Founded and lead the organization in the cultivation of strategic business relationships, product
        development, project management, marketing/sales/PR/advertising, sales/cost analysis, customer
        service, CRM, purchasing, outsourcing, global supply and distribution. Operating with innovative
        leadership skills, defined the organizational visions and goals, operating with. Aligned with the
        organization’s vision, designed a strategic plan and implemented sales, marketing and operations.
        Responsible for full P&L. Utilized Quickbooks.

        Key Accomplishments:
           Grew sales from $0 to $2M, conceptualized, planned and spearheaded the development of a new
            high technology organization after creation of a new robust digital imaging product and received
            honors as the most Innovative Company of the Year.
           Built solid relationships with key executives in key associations to foster tremendous growth through
            networking and exposure to operations, direct/indirect sales channels, sales teams/rep
            organizations, tradeshows, retailers, e-tailers, catalog retailers, manufacturer’s sales reps and new
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          Developed aggressive sales targets to fuel growth, which resulted in millions in revenue and
           successful sales each year.

       Operational/Financial Highlights:
          Slashed production costs by 25%, managed all aspects of finance, drove negotiations and
           successfully lowered operations pricing, saving significant funds.
          Designed and deployed 8 new products, devised a strategic project plan geared toward
           international strategic relationships and received the Product of the Year Award.
          Boosted market share through strategic product differentiation/positioning and technology
           integration, defined new/emerging technology and infused technologies into the development of a 5-
           year product road map, earned recognition as a Leader in Technology by CEA in 2003.
          Fueled internet e-marketing growth, became #1 on Google in search for Digital Picture Frame.

AVANTI CORPORATION, Austin, Texas  2000-2002
A $400M electronic design automation software developer, serving the semiconductor industry across the

       Head of U.S. Sales/Marketing (2000-2002), Major Account Manager (2000)
       Led two sales divisions (18 direct reports) in a strategic selling process for EDA software in
       semiconductor fabs. Successfully managed sales revenues, overall strategic planning, personnel
       structure, salary/compensation, and product design/development. Researched and provided intelligence
       on industry competitors, analyzed products and product viability. Provided direction for profitably
       growing the company with a strong emphasis on customer interface. Utilized SAP.

       Operational/Financial Highlights:
          Won back a key client from the competition, cultivated relationships with senior executives and
           provided the right opportunities for growth and expansion.
          Retained clients through renewed licenses, this was done by collaboration across departments on
           client concerns, operations and customer service issues, fostered customer satisfaction by meeting
           the needs of the client.
          Teamed with engineering to provide enhanced customer products, based on the needs and
           satisfaction of the client and cooperatively improved software features.
          Boosted sales revenues by 20% with application software licensing, collaborated with the legal
           department on licensing and contract concerns.
          Drove global success through development of critical international relationships and worked across
           vertical marketing and other sales teams to fuel growth.

MITSUBISHI SILICON AMERICA, Austin, Texas  1998-1999
A $350M silicon wafer manufacturer, serving the semiconductor industry across the world.

       Global Sales Manager
       Drove the organization’s global silicon wafer sales performance, served high profile clients in
       Asia/Pacific, Europe and North America through 20 regional sales managers and a team-oriented
       approach. Aligned corporate structure with the corporate goals, managing operations through C-level
       reviews, strategic business forecasting, pricing analysis/negotiations and sales structure/reorganization.
       Assisted with SAP implementation.

       Operational/Financial Highlights:
          Sustained a 400% yearly growth in business.
          Won a $250M contract, the largest deal in the company’s history through the development and
           implementation of a critical sales strategy.
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           Shifted and aligned global sales teams to meet the needs of global clients, which established better
            communications, improved pricing processes and eliminated commission concerns and boosted
            client satisfaction/sales through collaboration with engineering on technical improvements.
           Expanded factory capacity utilization to 500% through global inventory programs, supplier managed
            inventory and capacity planning.

FUJITSU MICROELECTRONICS INC., Houston, Texas  1997-1998
An international semiconductor company with billion dollar assets.

        Corporate Account Manager (1998), Field Sales Engineer (1997-1998)
        Led the sale and negotiations of semiconductors to high profile clients such as 3M, Compaq and Dell in
        United States, Singapore, Asia, Scotland, Germany, Brazil and Japan. Developed the right strategy to
        increase sales in a complex global business with a sophisticated supply chain. Utilized SAP.

        Operational/Financial Highlights:
           Rocketed revenue growth from $20M to $200M in 1 year, implemented critical sales strategies.
           Researched the designs, decision processes, future system volumes and other critical information
            to understand how to best seed SDRAM modules and other products into Compaq PCs.
           Proposed a buffer stock program, JIT, with Compaq and spearheaded its implementation.
           Developed strategic sales relationships with C-level executives, engineers/others, demonstrated
            products, provided roadmap/data and collaborated on technical issues and solutions.

HAMILTON HALLMARK, Winter Park, Florida  1993-1997
A multibillion dollar distributor of semiconductors and computers, serving clients internationally.

        Field Application Engineer
        Offered technical support and marketing to design engineers, by recommending semiconductors for
        future designs for multiple applications, such as military defense, medical devices, industrial control,
        energy management, and consumer electronics. Represented semiconductor lines for Intel, Motorola,
        Texas Instruments, National Semiconductors and AMD, for the Florida region. Increased sales through
        identifying the process and inserting the support for where the decisions (designs and purchasing) were
        made. Utilized Lotus Notes.

        Operational/Financial Highlights:
           Rocketed sales revenues to 900% over expectations for Intel and Motorola lines, was recognized as
            a Dedicated Field Application Engineer by Intel, done through the implementation of customer
            response teams focused on market conditions, client developments and technical support.
           Won the Motorola Blue Chip Design Award, achieved a significant number of Design Wins and was
            ranked 1 of the top 10 Field Application Engineers in the Nation for Motorola.
           Boosted sales performance in three branch offices by 20%, catalyzed the increase in account sales
            manager up sells through additional training opportunities that drove the improvements.
           Played a significant role in the technical support team restructure, which led to employee
            satisfaction and a 20% increase in employee retention.
           Spearheaded the delivery of product development solutions to design engineers across defense,
            medical, IT, power and automotive industries.

E-Systems, St. Petersburg, Florida  1992-1993
A defense contractor, specializing in military communications.
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       Project Manager
       Managed R&D program for a PABX system for Air Force One, managing RF, Hardware, Software,
       Mechanical, and Systems engineering.

       Operational/Financial Highlights:
          Successfully identified project tasks, implementing a schedule.
          On budget and on schedule

Martin Marietta Aerospace, Orlando, Florida  1986-1992
A Fortune 500 company in defense contracting.

       Senior Design Engineer
       Resided in the Electro Optics functional department, specializing in digital image process of FLIR and
       systems. Worked on programs LANTIRN, TADS/PNVS, ATARS, and many Advanced Programs, as a
       hardware design engineer.

       Operational/Financial Highlights:
          Designed, tested, and implemented Missile Boresight Correlator for LANTIRN
          Principal Engineer for ATARS
          Designed new air to air multi-spectral infrared missile
          Held Secret Clearance


                                Master of Business Administration, 2002
                                    Rice University, Houston, Texas

                           Master of Science in Electrical Engineering, 1991
                          Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering, 1985
                             University of Central Florida, Orlando, Florida


   Served on CEA Board of Industry Leaders
   Founding member CEA Small Business Council
   Founding member CEA Digital Imaging Division
   Dollars and Sense, 2005, Guest
   Stevies Awards Finalist, Best Entrepreneur-Non-Service Business, 2004
   Canon Businesswoman of the Year, 2003, 2004
   Leader in Technology Recognition, CES, 2003
   Stevies Awards Finalist 2004, Best New Product of the Year, & Technology Innovator of the Year
   Stevies Award Finalist 2004, Most Innovative Company of the Year
   Motorola Blue Chip, Intel, Texas Instruments, Avnet and other sales awards.
   American Express Book, “Taking an Idea to Market,” Chapter 1
   Public Speaker
   Toastmasters member

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