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									            DOG OFF LEASH RULES

Council provides three (3) dog leash-free parks to
enable your dog to run freely off the lead. Owners
should be aware of the following rules applying to
leash-free areas :                                                      Dog
  1. Dogs are to be under effective control by a                   Off Leash Area
      competent person 16 years or over at all times.
  2. Ensure that when your dog is off lead it is not a
      nuisance or a threat to other dogs or park users.
  3. Children should be accompanied by an adult.
  4. The owner/in charge of a dog that defecates.
      That person must immediately remove the dogs
      faeces and disposed of it in a proper manner.
  5. Leash-free areas are not to be used by
      dangerous dogs or restricted breeds.
  6. Person in charge of a dog that rushes at, attacks,
      bites, harasses or chase any person or animal, is
      guilty of an offence.
  7. owners need to be aware that the parks are to be
      shared and enjoyed with other persons and
  8. No more than 4 dogs should be under the control
      of any one person at any time.

Bowral: Centennial Park, Centennial Road (Fenced).
Mittagong: Edward Street (Not Fenced).
Moss Vale: Seymour Park, Spencer Street (Not
Offences under Companion Animals Act 1998.

                               Off Leash

                                                          Off Leash Area
                                                            Moss Vale

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