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 Off Leash area                                                                                                                              Library hosts
    Kiama Council is currently conducting a trial of a               •	Restricted	Breed	Dogs,	Declared	Dangerous	Dogs	or	
                                                                                                                                             weeks’ events
                                                                                                                                                A number of free seminars and activities will be on offer
 section of Werri Beach as an Off Leash Dog Swimming                   Greyhounds are prohibited in the designated off                       at Kiama Library in support of Law Week, Seniors Week
 Area.                                                                 leash area.                                                           and Youth Week, during April.
    Mayor Sandra McCarthy said, as part of the trial                 •	Dogs	 are	 prohibited	 at	 all	 times	 on	 Werri	 Beach	                 Law Week is a national event that promotes greater
 rangers are monitoring the area and compiling a                       outside the designated off leash swimming area.                       understanding of the law, the legal system and the legal
 survey of how residents are abiding by the new                        Penalty Infringement notices will be issued for                       profession within the community and improves access to
 privilege.                                                            offences.                                                             members of the legal profession, courts, police and
    “I encourage dog owners to take advantage of the                 •	Owners	and	handlers	of	dogs	must	comply	with	all	                     government service providers. This year to celebrate Law
 trial period and to ensure that they use the trial                    relevant provisions of the Companion Animals Act                      Week, Kiama Library will be hosting two free information
 opportunity to enjoy the off-leash area in accordance                 1998 and Council’s conditions of use.                                 sessions by solicitors from RMB Lawyers with Kearns and
 with the conditions,” Cr McCarthy said.                                                                                                     Garside Kiama. On April 3 from 10.00am, Steve Warwick
    The trial area at Werri Beach starts at the beach                                                                                        will speak on both Conveyancing and Retirement Villages
 entrance opposite Moore Street and extends north
 approximately 400 metres to the beach entrance                             Dog off-                                                         and Your Home.
                                                                                                                                                From 10.30am, Kathryn Telford will speak on Victims

                                                                           Leash area
 opposite and inline with 63 Pacific Avenue. There are                                                                                       Compensation.
 four entrances to the beach within the trial area. The                                                                                         Morning tea will be provided and bookings are
 hours of the Off Leash Trial are before 9am and after                                                                                       essential.
 5pm daily until May 31, 2008. Details of the trial,                                                                                            To celebrate Seniors Week, people aged 55years and
 including maps and conditions are available from                        Before 9am and after 5pm daily                                      over are invited to a free mobile phone workshop on
 Council’s administration building in Manning Street,                     only, eastern standard time.                                       Tuesday April 8, from 4pm to 5:30pm at the Library.
 Kiama Library and on Council’s web site. Conditions                                                                                            Learn about the uses of your phone. How to retrieve
 of use of the Trial are similar to those of the Bombo                    trial from 1st march 2008 to                                       messages, send text messages, add and find phone numbers
 Beach Off Leash Swimming Area and dogs will remain                               31st may 2008.                                             in your address book.
 prohibited on and off leash, on all other areas on                       the mapped area indicated hereunder is a                              Kiama Library and the Presbyterian Church Youth
 Werri Beach outside the proposed trial area. Other                                                                                          Group will be running the session, with young people from
 conditions include:                                                     designated leash free/swimming area for dogs
                                                                          and must be approached and departed per                            the youth group personally assisting seniors in using their
                                                                                                                                             own mobile phones. Participants are asked to bring their
 •	Dogs	are	only	permitted	off-leash	and	to	swim	in	the	                             the conditions of use.                                  mobile phones for instruction in how to make the most of
   designated area as identified by the northern and                                                                                         your mobile phone. Bookings can be made by calling the
   southern boundary signs before 9am and after                                                                                              library.
   5pm.                                                                                                                                         The local program for Youth Week 08 is full of
 •	Entry	or	exit	to	and	from	the	off-leash	area	is	only	                                                                                     innovative events thanks to the Kiama Youth Centre.
   permitted via the four designated entrances located                                                                                       Reading will take a back seat to rocking at the library from
   between Moore Street and opposite 63 Pacific                                                                                              6pm until 8.30pm on Thursday April 10, when ‘The New
   Avenue.                                                                                                                                   School’ of local talent will be showcased at the Kiama
 •	Dogs	must	be	kept	on	leash	at	all	times	when	outside	                                                                                     Library. This is a great chance to check out the talent
   the designated off-leash area, including entry and                                                                                        behind some of the area’s up and coming bands. Admission
   exit through the designated entrances.                                                                                                    is free along with free pizza and Internet access. For the
 •	Dogs	must	be	under	effective	control	at	all	times	and	                                                                                    full program of Youth Week Events visit www.myspace.
   their owners or handlers are responsible for their                                                                                        com/kiamayouthie or send an email to kiayouth@internode.
   dog’s actions.                                                                                                                   or call 42331276. For a full Seniors Week program
 •	Dogs	 must	 be	 registered	 and	 wear	 a	 collar	 and	                                                                                    call into Kiama Council or visit
   identification tag.                                                                                                                          Bookings for all events at the Library can be made by
 •	Users	of	the	off	leash	area	must	carry	a	bag	or	item	                                                                                     calling 4233 1133.
   to immediately remove any dog faeces to then be
   disposed of off site in the reserve bins provided.

  DevelopmentConsents                                                      OnExhibition                                                           PublicNotices
 Pursuant to Section 101 of the Environmental Planning and Assessment
 Act, 1979 (as amended) notice is hereby given of the following
                                                                          Local Government Act 1993
                                                                          Exhibition of Draft Plan Of Management and
                                                                                                                                                 TIP CLOSURE
 development consents granted by Council.
 10.2008.50.1          Lot 96 DP 261909                                   Notice of Public Hearing                                               Kiama Municipal Council would like to advise residents of Kiama
                                                                                                                                                 Municipality that the Minnamurra Waste Disposal Depot will be
                       No 2 Jacques Rd Kiama Downs
                       attached deck & awning                             Union Creek and Southern                                               closed on Sunday 6th April, 2008 due to RailCorp track
 10.2008.57.1          Lot 4 DP 555589
                       No 106 Terralong St Kiama                          Riparian Corridor                                                      Council would like to apologize for any inconvenience this may
                       use of existing premises as gymnasium and six
                                                                          Pursuant to Section 38 of the Local Government Act 1993, notice is
                       (6) advertising signs
                                                                          hereby given that a Draft Plan of Management for Union Creek and
 10.2008.61.1          Lot 3 DP 39206                                     Southern Riparian Corridor will be placed on exhibition from
                       No 27 Collins St Kiama                             Wednesday 26 March, 2008 to Wednesday 7 May 2008. Written
                       erection of antenna                                submissions will be received on the Draft Plan up until Wednesday
 10.2008.73.1          Lot 13 Sec 17 DP 33901                             21 May 2008.
                       No 25 Reid St Kiama                                The Draft Plan will be on exhibition at the Council’s Administration
                       attached deck & awning                             Building, 11 Manning Street, Kiama between the hours of 8:45am
 10.2008.75.1          Lot 10 DP 218087                                   and 4:15pm and during normal opening hours at the Kiama Library.
                       No 64 Minnamurra St Kiama                          The Draft Plan can also be viewed on Council’s web site at http:/
                       attached deck & awning                   , Engineering and Works, Plans of
 10.2007.376.1         Lot 22 DP 1120703                                  Management.
                       No 1 Cedar Ridge Rd Kiama                          To assist people in making submissions on the Draft Plan, a public
                       two (2) lot torrens title subdivision              hearing will be held in respect of the Plan in the Council Chambers,
 The development consents are available for public inspection, free of    Administration Building 11 Manning Street, Kiama on Thursday 3rd
 charge, at Council’s Administration Building, Manning Street, Kiama      April 2008 commencing at 5:00pm. Members of the public are
                                                                          invited to make verbal submissions on the Draft Plan at the hearing.
 during normal office hours.

                                                                                                                                The Ordinary Meetings of Council are held on the third Tuesday
ADDRESS ALL CORRESPONDENCE TO:               Mr M Forsyth, GENERAL MANAGER                                                      of each month, commencing at 5pm in the Council Chambers,
                                             Council Chambers, 11 Manning St (PO Box 75), Kiama. 2533
                                             PHONE: 4232 0444 Internet:                                                      unless otherwise notified.

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