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                      for all
  since 1991
               Reasons Ltd.

Special Occasions
  Custom Orders
  Classic Fruit Basket
    $45 | $55 | $65
  Wonderfully displayed as an assortment of the freshest
  domestic and tropical fruits available.

  Gourmet Fruit Basket
    $55 | $65 | $75
  With all the favorites! A fresh fruit assortment, cheese,
  crackers, nut selection and chocolates, a great basket
  for all.

  Sparkling Fruit Basket
    $65 | $75 | $85
  A delectable combination of fresh fruit, a variety
  of cheese and crackers, preserves, Redondo rolled
  cream cookies, tropical dried fruit mix and a bottle of
  sparkling cider. Refreshing and tasteful.

Calgary, AB 403.241.1230        London, ON 519.438.9187
Get Well Basket
  $55 | $65 | $80
For someone recuperating -- a healthy basket
with a selection of fresh fruit, jams, Orange
Ginger Rooibos herbal tea, dried fruit snack
mix and Nykers ginger biscuits.

Relax & Recover
  $55 | $65 | $80
A great arrangement for a speedy recovery.
Stoned wheat crackers, Boursin herbed cheese,
biscotti, teas, Syrup wafers and Andea chocolate
panned fruit.

Deepest Sympathy
   $55 | $65 | $80
When words alone can’t express your sorrow - show
you care by sending a basket for sharing of cheese,
crackers, preserves & Lindt chocolates, nuts,
coffee, teas, Danesita marble cake and cookies.

Thinking of You
   $55 | $65 | $80
A fun munchie basket of delicious chocolates,
seasoned pretzels, snack mixes, Prospero Gourmet
black bean and garlic salsa, nachos and Trophy
                                                      Baskets for All Reasons

smoked almonds.

Baby’s Arrival
  $60 | $80 | $100
A selection of items for baby such as Silly Goosy
sleepers, onesies, lavender baby wash, receiving
blanket, teether, bibs and hats, all designed in
Pink or Blue themes and finished with a DeFazio
chocolate bear.
  Thank You Basket
    $55 | $80 | $100
  A special way to say “Thank You”. Send a selection of
  imported cheese, Paris toast, lobster pâté, gourmet
  coffee, antipasto, cashews and Belgian truffle

  The Ultimate Gourmet *
    $125 | $150 | $200
  A multitude of delicacies describes this spectacular
  basket. Prospero black bean salsa, Get Sauced
  antipasto, Paris toast, spring onion crackers, red
  pepper jelly, Brie, Stilton, Boursin and Cheddar
  cheeses, smoked oysters, cocktail
  bread, Redondo cream filled rolled
  cookies, gourmet coffee,
  A Tea Affair spiced teas, Chocolate
  panned almonds and fruit, cashew
  nuts and Lindt chocolates - and

  Special Baby Gift
  Baby’s first toy -- a dump truck,
  wagon or shopping cart -- is over-
  flowing with outfits, blankets, bibs
  and much more for mom and baby.
  A great gift to welcome baby.

                  * Our selection of ingredients will change
                  from time to time so that we may offer
                  new and exciting products without
                  compromising our high standards of
                  quality. We reserve the right to substitute
                  items of equal or greater value.

Calgary, AB 403.241.1230           London, ON 519.438.9187
                    Fine Wine Basket
                    $75 | $95 | $110
                    A bottle of red or white wine
                    surrounded by a selection
                    of Brie cheese, mixed toast,
                    pistachios, smoked oysters,
                    Almond Roca chocolates, dip
                    mix and crab pâté.

                    Gourmet Delight
                      $100 | $125
                     A selection of fine tastes,
                     including Alder smoked
                     salmon, green olive tapenade,
                     Lindt truffles, Comfort
     Collection vanilla bean coffee, Zinter Brown
     pepper jelly, imported cheeses, Trophy mixed
     nuts, Seachange lobster pâté and Get Sauced

     Office Party
     $100 | $150 | $200
      This basket is perfect for all occasions. It
      features Get Sauced antipasto, gourmet
                                                       Baskets for All Reasons

      crackers, Seachange maple smoked salmon,
      gourmet mixed nuts, Almond Roca choco-
      lates, a selection of gourmet cheeses, stuffed
olives, chocolate panned fruit and much more....
a gift well suited for sharing.
  Christmas MOVIE NIGHT
    $35 | $60 with Baileys Liqueur
  Movies are a given during the holidays and who doesn’t
  like to munch while watching them? In this basket comes
  a selection of popcorn and seasoning, Salsa and chips,
  along with Jelly Belly beans and soft licorice for that
  sweet tooth. To top it off why not a hot cup of coffee
  perhaps with Baileys added for extra flavor.

  Christmas Wine & Cheese                        RemembeR!
    $60 | $75 with Chocolate added
                                                All gift baskets
                                                                 from our
  For those who enjoy a                        regular price lis
                                                                 t can
  “European style” basket of fine brie         be re-designed
                                                                for the
  and stilton cheeses, pâté, olives,           Christmas seas
  W&C biscuits complimented by your
  choice of Red or White wine.                 ADD SOme W
  Chocolate added at your request.             We would be ha
                                                               ppy to
                                              include a bottle
                                                               of wine
  Vase                                        or Sparkling Ci
                                                             der at
                                              your request.
  A gorgeous lead crystal vase
  filled with Lindor Truffles and
  Werthers toffees.

  Tea Lovers Christmas
  A beautiful porcelain teapot sur-
  rounded by A Tea Affair, flavoured
  teas of the season, melt in your
  mouth shortbread and cranberry

  Mandarin Chocolate
   & Nut Bowl
    $60 | $75
  Filled with Christmas! Assorted nuts and a selection
  of fine chocolates including Andea Chocolate cherries
  and mints, Hedgehogs, melt-in-your-mouth shortbread
  cookies, cranberry bark and juicy mandarin oranges for a
  true Christmas flavour experience.

Calgary, AB 403.241.1230             London, ON 519.438.9187
     Canadian Christmas Morning
       $50 | $75
     What a joy to wake up to a gorgeous basket full of
     an assortment of Delicious teas, hot chocolate, and
     coffee with 2 bistro mugs to drink from. You will also
     discover wonderful cheeses, a fig and maple spread,
     Seachange Bread mix and mandarin oranges.

     Cozy Christmas Basket
       $70 | $80 | $100
ur   A basket from our house to yours with an abundant
     mix of all the Christmas goodies you would expect.
     A selection of antipasto, including dip mixes, stuffed
     olives, Seachange smoked salmon pâté and cheese
     complimented by crackers, pretzels and Trophy
     Smoked almonds. The basket is completed with
     traditional Christmas favorites like candy cane
     bark, truffles, shortbread cookies, peppermint hot

     Festive Flair
       $100 | $125 | $150
     This basket encompasses a sweet and savory assort-
     ment of Hedgehogs, almond crunch, a selection of
     specialty cheeses, Paris toast, buttery shortbread,
     Seachange smoked salmon, green olive tapenade,
     flatbreads, Andea chocolate panned fruit, lobster
     pâté, Zinter Brown horseradish hot pot, gourmet
     coffee, & more…
                                                              Baskets for All Reasons

     Sensational Christmas
       $150 | $200 | $250
     The ambience of Christmas is overflowing in this
     lavish basket of smoked salmon, a selection of
     imported cheeses, stuffed olives, cream filled cook-
     ies, Almond Roca, antipasto, preserves, gourmet
     crackers, deluxe nuts, tea, smoked oysters and dip
     mixes. Top it off with beautiful Lindor Truffles and
     Andea Chocolate panned fruit. We would be happy
     to include a bottle of wine at your request!
     CALGARY & Area / Canada Wide
           Tel 403 241 1230

          ONTARIO / Canada Wide
              Tel 519 438 9187
       Please allow minimum 24 hours for delivery