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									 Now that’s PUMPING!
       he local sub sidiary of an in ter-   factured in a single country, followed
       national pump manufacturing          by costly over seas shipping,” Ms
       company has adopted Team-            Wong said.
center En gineering to make a rad ical         Immediate gains have been the abil-
overnight change to its op erating          ity to share in tellectual prop erty from
structure.                                  its engineering departments around
  Whereas its en gi neers pre vi ously      the world, elimination of expensive
passed traditional paper drawings and       prototype development and testing,
microfilms around the world, now they       faster prod uct to mar ket cy cles, a
simply dial into the system in real time    huge re duction in heavy freight costs,
and work together as if they were in        and a com pletely standardised doc u-
the same room.                              ment man age ment sys tem world wide.
  The high light of the move is that           “Essentially, the Sydney office is
Weir Warman’s Sydney branch is              the trial site from where we scan all
driving the global implementation of        our engineers’ drawings and CAD
Teamcenter En gineer ing (US, Chile,        material, and put them into the
UK, and South Africa) and has seen          Teamcenter Engineering system,” Ms
rapid success.                              Wong said. “As part of a five-stage         now aligns the US, UK and Austra-
  Ms Takyu Wong, man ager of en gi-         plan, under high security fire walls we     lia. Next in line will be our base in
neering sys tems at Weir Warman Ltd         share intellectual property through a       South Africa.”
Australia's pump technology centre,         single two-way lo cal area net work            Weir Warman Australia operates a
says adopting Teamcenter Engineer-          (LAN) and allow access only to nom-         factory em bodying a rubber shop, ma -
ing has been a ma jor part of the com -     inated employees of Weir Warman en-         chine shop, pump testing sec tion, as -
pany’s strat egy to man age its doc u-      gineering departments.”                     sembly line, and a material sci ence
ments and en gi neer ing ex per tise so        Results so far have shown the com-       laboratory where it mixes its own com -
that now all data can be shared with        pany can immensely speed up design          positions to give lon ger wear char ac-
all branches world wide.                    and drawings, and Teamcenter can            teristics in its pumps. Its main busi-
  “The whole idea is to be better           match the de sign with ap propriate         ness is spare parts for pump retro fits.
placed for a global system so our man -     tooling, raw materials and manufac-         Weir Warman Group plc has sev eral
ufacturing can be localised according       turing processes.                           divisions: Minerals, Clear Liquid,
to regional demand, rather than the            “In December we joined our Chile         Projects Engineering, Valves & Con-
norm which sees it designed or man u-       subsidiary onto the net work, which         trols, Services, and Techna.5

         roduct Lifecycle Man agement (PLM) is the fi nal
         mani festation of a number of technologies
         (including CAD/CAM/CAE, Product Data
  Man age ment & visualisation) that, used collaboratively,
  can make a significant impact on a company’s success.
                                                                        PLM delivers!
    While undoubted cost-sav ings and pro ductiv ity improve-              all forms of product information and for leveraging and
  ments have been achieved in the past with discrete compo-                building on a company’s intellectual capital. As many in dus-
  nents of the technology, PLM is now de livering large and                try an alysts note, PLM is ultimately a strategy for delivering
  real ben efits to or ganisations, not only in saving costs, but,         continuous innovation – one of today’s key business driv ers.
  more importantly, in helping them become more competi-                     Several companies not associated with discrete manufac-
  tive and in crease ‘top-line’ rev enues.                                 turing are now im plementing PLM suc cessfully, in such in -
    PLM has traditionally                                                         dustries as consumer packaged goods, fashion and ap-
  been asso ciated with         David Willison,                                   parel, pro cess-based manufacturing and utilities.
  the discrete manufac-              man aging                                      It is our experience that Australian and New Zealand
  turing world – ie, auto-        director, plm                                   organisations are also bene fiting from this global
  motive, aerospace, in-                                                          trend, and plm has helped many of its customers reap
  dustrial machinery and                                                          these benefits through the successful implementation
  high technology manu -                                                          of PLM. Our successful and continu ing implementa-
  fac turing compa nies –                                                         tion of the Con figuration Management Tool for the
  but there is growing                                                            Royal Australian Navy shows PLM’s ability to deliver
  awareness that PLM is                                                           benefits in one non-traditional area, and a num ber of
  an important business                                                           other organisations in Australia and New Zealand are
  strategy for manag ing                                                          show ing interest in the technology.5

                                                                  plm news 1
                                                                                               Unigraphics NX CAM

                          FASTER & FINER
                                                                   Em ploying high-speed
                                                                 machines for hard milling

                             achining molds and dies                                                      At a typ ical 10 percent depth of
                             made of high alloy tool                                                    cut and 10 percent stepover with a
                             steels with hardness up                                                    ball end mill, you could be cutting
                    to 58-60HRc has al ways been a                                                      twice the intended amount of mate-
                          challenge, especially when                                                    rial in sharp corners and about 10
                          the part is made up of deep                                                   times the intended amount when
tech nical                cavities and fine de tails.                                                   the tool is fully em bedded in a slot -
view                      Tra di tionally, such cavi ties                                               ting cut. This increases the an gle of
                          have been identified for                                                      engagement between the tool and
                          EDM, a time-consuming la-                                                     stock ma terial, which causes vibra-
             with   bour-intensive process.                                                             tion and premature tool failure.
   Paul Hartrick,     Highly accurate, high-speed ma chines with spindle             Unigraphics CAM offers specific roughing features
     senior MDA     speeds up to 30,000rpm and faster, in conjunction              such as corner rounding, corner slow-down and tro-
consultant, plm     with stronger cut ting tools, are changing the machin-         choid al milling patterns. The automatic engage and
                    ing process.                                                   retract moves in Unigraphics CAM en sure that the tool
                      Mold makers are starting to directly cut pre-hard-           never plunges into hard material and that it transi-
                    ened blanks in a sin gle setup using these ma chine            tions into cuts smoothly.
                    tools. The elimination of EDM core machining and                 Even after careful roughing, there is bound to be ar-
                    hand finishing means a significant reduction in lead           eas which are not ready for finishing yet. While we
                    time and increase in mold quality.                             strive to leave a uni form amount of material after
                      The process of high-speed machining has evolved              roughing operations, most molds and dies require
                    since it was con ceived in 1924 by Dr Carl Salomon.            some form of rest milling to clean up ar eas that were
                    But simply in creasing the spindle speed and feed,             not completely roughed.
                    and decreasing the chip thickness significantly, do              Unigraphics CAM pro vides both generic and dedi-
                    not consti tute high-speed machining.                          cated rest-milling operations. NX2 includes two new
                      To reap the ben efits requires optimising the metal          op er a tions for rest mill ing and fin ishing cor ners.
                    removal rate throughout the toolpath while en suring             These Z-level op erations give better con trol over the
                    that the tool never ever cuts more than what is in -           vertical en gagement an gle be tween the tool and the
                    tended. This is even more important when small tools           stock material than conventional flow cut oper ations.
                    are used to cut fine details in hard materials.                NX2 also comes with a highly ac curate and fast level
                                                  Your CAM software plays a        based in pro cess workpiece specifically designed for
                                                very important role in en-         high-speed machining.
                                                abling you to achieve higher         In finishing operations, the primary goal shifts from
                                                pro ductiv ity levels using        metal removal to surface finish. Z-level profiling oper-
                                                high-speed machines. The           ations with ball end mills are increasingly used for fi-
                                                follow ing paragraphs explain      nal finishing since they of fer better control over tool
                                                some of the crit ical el ements    engagement and sur face finish.
                                                of programming for HSM and           However these op erations do not fin ish the part as
                                                the fea tures in Unigraphics       well near shallow surfaces. NX2 of fers a new
                                                CAM that let you master these      on-part-offset fin ishing pattern that follows the cavity
                                                techniques.                        boundary and produces a superior finish throughout
                                                  The initial roughing of the      the cavity.
                                                cavity in hard milling is vital.     Look for continued high-speed machining improve-
                                                The goal here is to use the        ments such as new roughing patterns specifically de-
                                                biggest tool, leave a uni form     signed for HSM, Z-level operations with shallow ma -
                                                amount of material and re-         chining support and improved HSM templates in fu-
                                                duce overall roughing time.        ture re leases of Unigraphics CAM.
                                                For successful high-speed            Ultimately the good news for the Aus tralian
                                                roughing, the toolpath must:       mold-making community, who have been losing busi-
                                              •     Optimise the rate of metal
                                                                                   ness to Asian competitors with lower labour costs
                                                                                   and shorter led times, is that the cost, quality and
                                              •     Never cut more than what
                                                    you in tend to
                                                                                   lead time are no lon ger a function of la bour cost.
                                                                                     Instead, cost, qual ity and lead time is dependent on
                                              •     Avoid sud den loads on the
                                                                                   the lat est HSM technology, both hardware and soft-
                                                                                   ware, and the abil ity to use them intelligently. 5

                                                               plm news 2
 special report: All about TEAMCENTER

    magine for a moment that you are seek ing
    refreshment dur ing the latest one-day cricket
    international. Gilchrist is warming up; you are
queuing for a beer.
  As you wait you hear a noise, and see something
out of the corner of your eye. Be fore you even realise
what is going on, you duck just in time as the hard
round piece of leather just misses your head.
  Have you ever stopped to think about what the hu-
man body does – all the processing that has to go on
– in order for you to duck just in time so that the ball
misses you instead of ruining your day?
  First, you have to see the ball com ing. The in put co -
mes in through your eyes, and then goes right to the         TEAMCENTER ENTERPRISE:
brain. The brain, sensing danger, sends a series of
messages through your spinal cord to the legs, feet,
arms, hands and other parts of the body so that all
the mus cles work in uni son to ‘duck’. The complexity
of this simple thing we take for granted is enormous,
yet our bodies do things like this all the time.
  Your enterprise is also a complicated machine –
                                                             PLM and                                           by Barry Tregidgo,
                                                                                                               general manager,
                                                                                                               enterprise solutions,

similar to the human body – comprised of several dif-
ferent parts, or organisations, each with very dis tinct
responsibilities and all working to achieve a common
objective. The thing is that if your com pany is like
most, these organisations don’t really work together.
                                                             the body
  While they try to work together, in the end they are   the rest of the organisation. It provides the backbone
very au tonomous, each working in the way they think     that connects all of the major parts of the organisa-
best to achieve their version of the desired out come.   tion together – from product planning and develop-
  What if your en terprise could function as ef ficientlyment, through manufacturing to in-ser vices support,
and precisely as the hu man body? Imagine if your        so that your company works as one collaborative
organisation could react as quickly to changes           unit, not separate pieces.
thrown at it as you do to that cricket ball coming to -    This is what Teamcenter delivers... a fully in tegrated
wards your head. Or better yet, so that the company      set of solutions to manage the product lifecycle that
behaved like one coordinated entity, not like many.      enables the extended enterprises to capture, manage,
  Wouldn’t this give your company an opportunity to      access, integrate, and leverage diverse types of prod-
define and design your products in less time? When       uct infor mation in a Web-native environment.
your organisation has the ability to learn, then the les-  This includes product requirements, pro ject data,
sons you learn each time you do some thing can be        engineer ing design data, parts/doc uments, and prod-
taken into consideration the next time.                  uct configurations. Teamcenter provides visualisation
   When you are get ting things done faster – us ing     and collabora tion solutions that enterprises can use
your accumulated knowledge – you have an opportu-        to create CAD-neutral, PDM-neutral environments
nity to be first to market with your new products.       with virtual rooms for real-time conferences.
  You’re also able to work on reducing the cost of         These so lutions include virtual prototyping, 2D/3D
goods you sell. Be cause now you can reuse things        visualisation, and sophisti cated capabili ties for prod-
you’ve used before, including parts. And if you can re - uct as sembly analysis that enable take-to market
use parts, then you don’t have to waste engineering      teams to test new product con cepts and detect/re-
resources cre ating a new one for no rea son.            solve design issues early in the de velopment process.
                                                           The Teamcenter suite con sists of:
Plan production orders                                       •
                                                             Teamcenter Community
  And because all parts of your organisation are work -
                                                             Teamcenter Requirements
ing together, manufacturing will be able to better plan
                                                             Teamcenter Aero space and De fense Solution
production orders be cause they’ll know what en gi-
                                                             Teamcenter Automotive Supplier
                                                                                                                This way to
neering changes are coming, and when.
                                                             Teamcenter Engi neering
  Suppliers are part of your organisation too. And if
                                                             Teamcenter Enterprise
they were included, you’d be able to re duce a lot of
                                                             Teamcenter High-tech Electronics Solution          Engineering
the time and cost associated with them as well. If
                                                             Teamcenter Manufacturing
sup pliers have the right infor ma tion all of the time,
                                                             Teamcenter Integra tor
then they won’t make mistakes because of an out-of-
                                                             Teamcenter Project                                 Teamcenter
date drawing, or a change order they did n’t get.
                                                             Teamcenter Visualiza tion
  Product Lifecycle Man agement (PLM) lets your
                                                             Vis Con cept, a Teamcenter product
company per form as efficiently as the human body. It
                                                             Vis Mockup, a Teamcenter product
serves as the one place where the organisation can
                                                             Vis View, a Teamcenter product
store its col lective knowledge and re use it throughout

                                                             plm news 3
 special report:
 All about
 TEAMCENTER                                      Engineer with
                                                                                                         were computer terminals that did not
Teamcenter En gi neer ing is                              Foundation ca pabilities:                      have monitors, but in stead just had print-
sim ply a col lab o ra tion
                                                                   oundation provides the core set of    ers that printed out in formation. When
                                                                   capabili ties for engi neer ing       monitors were added (or CRTs), it gave a
soft ware so lu tion that                                          collabora tion, enabling engineer ing whole new perspective to viewing the in-
en ables prod uct                                         teams to manage, search, and share             formation. That is similar to what happens
en gi neer ing teams to                                   product information                            when you add the Visualization option –
                                                             Its core capabilities in clude:             the vi sual experience adds a lot of in for-
stream line the                                           •    Vaulting & Version Management.            ma tion to the existing product infor ma -
de vel op ment pro cesses                                    This en ables the team to save their prod- tion, far more than just text and lists of
                                                          uct information in a common secure re-         files. Key op tions of the base Visualization
from concept through                                      pository, so only team members with per- system include:
design, and into the early                                mission can access the data. This also
                                                          provides the ability to control which infor-
                                                                                                         •    2D Visual ization
                                                                                                            The ability to view drawings from indus-
man u factur ing plan ning                                mation team mem bers can see. When             try-leading drafting solutions, as well as
stages, enabling them                                     changes are made to product information, standard of fice documents like PDFs and
                                                          it manages the new versions of data, and       leading word process ing documents.
deliver prod ucts to market
faster with reduced cost.
                                                          notifies team members that changes have
                                                          been made, and allows them to up date to
                                                                                                         •    3D Visual ization
                                                                                                            This provides us ers with the ability to
                                                          the latest infor mation.                       see product parts, as semblies, draw ings,
by Karl Smith, customer and implementation manager, plm   •    Web infra structure
                                                              This provides the server and Web cli -
                                                                                                         or any design, engineering, or manufactur-
                                                                                                         ing infor mation, independently of the CAD
                                                           ents that en able every team member to        system that authored the data. This en -
                                                           access infor mation from wherever they        ables team members who cannot run a
                                                           are, as long as they have Web ac cess.        CAD sys tem to see the product as it pro-
                                                              Ad ditional options include:               gresses through development.
                                                          •     CAD manage ment
                                                              Formerly known as the Xpress Server,
                                                                                                         •    Markup
                                                                                                            Standard drawing and text tools en able
                                                           this provides the ability manage Uni-         users to add comments and red lines to
                                                           graphics NX CAD parts and assemblies.         com mu nicate product issues.
                                                           CAD management is done from within
                                                           the Unigraphics cli ent – there is no sep a-
                                                                                                         •    Measurement & clear ance
                                                                                                            These enable us ers to evaluate product
                                                           rate User In terface.                         packaging by checking for appropriate
                                                          •     Product management                       clear ance and inter ference condi tions.
                                                              Formerly known as e-Server, this adds
                                                           the Teamcenter En gineering Rich Client
                                                                                                         •    Digi tal mockup
                                                                                                            Advanced digital mockup tools enable
                                                           (formerly known as the Portal), the foun- custom ers to evaluate and simulate the
                                                           dation for managing things other than just mechanical motion, and function of
                                                           CAD data. This option also enables basic      products. Fly-thru enables design teams to
                                                           workflow to the CAD management.               realistically evaluate products in a virtual
                                                          •     Basic workflow
                                                              This provides users with the ability to

                                                           Approve/Reject changes to parts/docs,
                                                                                                         Engineering Process
                                                           and the ability to in sert comments.          Management
                                                          •     Portal client op tions
                                                              This adds the ability to provide user-
                                                                                                            Engineer ing Process Management ex-
                                                                                                         tends product knowledge be yond just
                                                           based access to product infor mation with CAD data management by supporting the
                                                           differ ent levels cor responding to the type management of other types of product in -
                                                           of user. These options give flexibility to    for ma tion like office documents, and
                                                           the customer in how they deploy the so-       change management pro cesses.
                                                           lution, and pricing. Typically, most mem-        To do this, it enables you to de fine and
                                                           bers of the development team only need        manage workflow processes that route in-
                                                           to see the product in formation, while        formation to team members for their re-
                                                           fewer users actually need to par ticipate     view, and or approval. This eliminates pa-
                                                           in review process, or author information. per approval pro cesses where items typi-
                                                                                                         cally sit on a team member’s desk waiting
                                                          Visu alization capabilities                    for ap proval.
                                                              Visualization en ables all product team       This helps execute the process and re -
                                                           members to see the virtual product as it      duce the overall cy cle time. En gineering
                                                           evolves through the product life cy cle       Process Management ensures all the right
                                                           without having to understand how to use team members have the right information,
                                                           CAD tools.                                    at the right time so they can make better
                                                              It is analogous to the days when there     decisions.

                                                                      plm news 4
                                                 while still experience the same com mon
Multi-CAD in te gra tion                         easy to use experience. This en ables your
  Multi-CAD integration allows you to inte-      design and manufactur ing suppli ers to di-
grate your CAD system, as well as ac cess,       rectly access the latest de signs and infor-
manage, view, and share CAD information          mation immediately without having to
from suppliers who might use different           send files on tapes or through e-mails in
CAD sys tems than your team’s.                   an un-secure fashion.
  It man ages the na tive CAD file, and gen-
erates a visualisation file automatically.
                                                 •   Multi-Site Client
                                                   This en ables the rich client to access in-
This file is sort of like a 3D thumbnail,        for ma tion from any where.
which can be viewed by the entire en ter-
prise without having to run the na tive CAD
                                                 •   Multi-Site Server
                                                   This en ables the server to dis tribute in -
system. Both the na tive and the vi sualiza-     for mation anywhere.
tion file (JT for mat) are automatically re-
lated, and stored in product structure.
                                                 Repeat able digi tal
  These files are versioned and controlled.      validation
The visualisation files, although simplified       Teamcenter Engineer ing enables re-
(also know as a tessellated file), can be        peat able dig i tal val i da tion (RDV) for cus-
used for measuring, cross sectioning,            tomers of Unigraphics and Teamcenter
clear ance detection, animation, inter fer -     Visualization. This elimi nates the solution
ence check ing, and for study ing other          islands between data management, digi-
packag ing issues.                               tal mockup and CAD by providing a seam-
  The neutral visualisation file makes it        less environment between Teamcenter
easy to assemble products which are de-          En gineering, Vi sualiza tion and Uni-
signed in different CAD sys tems. This is        graphics Total Product Engi neering.
sometimes referred to as digital mockup.           Designers can quickly find the appropri-
  Available integra tions: The Teamcenter        ate product context, configura tion, or
Engineering CAD integrations are dynamic         variant, and then use that Multi-CAD prod-
in both func tionality and supported             uct con text di rectly in Unigraphics to de-
platforms/versions/interfaces so refer to        sign and make changes in the appropri-
the current datasheets for the latest            ate right con text.
specifications.                                    This en ables de signers to make
    SolidWorks; Solid Edge; Unigraphics;
                                                 changes di rectly in a the digital mockup
                                                 type environment to streamline design
    Mentor Graphics; Manufacturing BOM           through packag ing processes.
    Im port/Export; AutoCAD/FactoryCAD             Users are able to navigate quickly and
    Integra tion; DesignSpace Dataset Im-        easily to areas and points of interest
    plementa tion; HyperView Player Inte-        within an engineering environment, a
    gration; Hypermesh Models Assem bly          part, or a large assembly, thus greatly en-
    Structure Implementation; I-DEAS.            hanc ing pro duc tiv ity. Also, searches can
                                                 be con ducted us ing filters against spatial
Multi-site collaboration                         information, and then saved for easy fu -
   Teamcenter En gineering is the only           ture re-use.
proven multi-site collaboration solu tion          For example, once a given context is
that is designed spe cifically to sup port the   set, you can retrieve it for easy access
scalability needed for distributed engi-         from the bill of ma terials of a large as-
neering teams. Teamcenter Engi neering           sembly, to any desired lo cation in the dig-
provides all team mem bers se cure access        ital mockup.
to any information and services through
fire walls.                                      MS Office integration
   Teamcenter Engineer ing was designed            This en ables access to Teamcenter En -
from the ground up to leverage the               gineering directly from MS Office applica-
Internet for col laboration and is built on a    tions, currently Word, Excel and
distributed collabora tion archi tecture.        PowerPoint.
What this means is that your product             Teamcenter Auto motive
teams can be located anywhere globally,
either in side and out side the company          Edi tion
firewall.                                          Teamcenter En gineering has been a big
   And lastly, Teamcenter Engineering pro-       success story at GM with its de ployment
vides a uni fied rich Web environment so         worldwide. As a part of Teamcenter Engi-
that users can access product infor mation       neering V9, it was de cided to make a ge-
from their own machine, or from another          neric product suite, out of the box, to
machine us ing a stan dard Web browser           serve the automotive industry.5

                                                                    plm news 5
special report: All about TEAMCENTER

  Project – The best kept secret of the
  Teamcenter portfolio

      by Herman                 hen your or gani sa tion
   Vandermerwe,                 man ages mul ti ple
     senior PLM                 projects, how easy is it
      consultant,   for you to view a consolidated
           plm      picture of cur rent progress
                    across all projects?
                      Do you wish there was a way of                                                         Capture and exchange
                    managing all the unstructured                                                          team-related infor mation,
                    data that you keep about a pro-                                                        ideas, documents, Web
                    ject in a formal structured en vi-                                                     links, and notes, all in real
                    ron ment, mini mis ing mis takes, du pli ca tion of work    time, including tools for collabo ra tive scheduling,
                    and maximising the reuse of your organisation’s intel-      threaded group discussions, and shared notebooks.
                    lectual capi tal?
                      If so, take a look at Teamcenter Project. With the re -
                                                                                •   Pro ject manage ment
                                                                                  For cost management, distributed task man age-
                    lease of Version 3.2, this mod ule of Teamcenter has        ment across mul tiple schedules, and re source man -
                    undergone significant enhancements. Teamcenter              agement, including tools for as signing and tracking
                    Project is an ideal way for or ganisations to start using   tasks, associating bill rates with resources/skill sets,
                    workflow and document management procedures,                viewing work breakdown structure, actual and ac -
                    centred on a project-based environment.                     crued costs, Gantt charts, and completing and
                      Teamcenter Project provides a compre hensive solu-        approving timecards.
                    tion for product and project team collaboration over
                    corporate intranets, extranets, and the Internet.
                                                                                •   Document management
                                                                                  For power ful docu ment han dling including linking
                                                                                to other applica tions, document sharing with revision
                    Real-time interaction                                       control and check-in/check-out, full revision history,
                       Project includes a suite of capabili ties for managing   document-level security, and discussion link features.
                    a wide range of business projects, allowing
                    organisations to more closely interact with their cus-
                                                                                •   Executive views and reports
                                                                                  For getting up dates on the sta tus of all teams, with
NEXT                tomers, suppliers, and other trading partners. Project      event-based notifi cations to warn managers of
ISSUE:              enables real-time interaction among groups from dis-        emerging trouble-spots, in cluding tools such as exec-
                    tributed lo cations on spe cific business objectives and    utive summaries, cross-project roll up, and
More about
                    critical deadlines.                                         customised management reporting.
                       Teamcenter Project provides the following key ar-
                    eas of functionality and asso ciated tools:
                                                                                •   Web functionality
                                                                                  For ease of use and administration, supporting open
                    •   Business collab o ration                                SQL databases, SSL, LDAP, and role-based security.5

                                                             plm news 6
      Solid Edge

       olid Edge has long focused on providing                         Integrated into
       designers with in creased in sight to solve the              V15 is D-Cubed’s
       different design challenges unique to their                  power ful AEM (As-
industries. With the release of version 15, Solid Edge              sembly Engi neering
expands on its proven ‘best in class’ functionality with            Manager) appli ca-
new innovations and enhancements.                                   tion for realis tic
  V15 builds on Solid Edge’s usability with process-                motion simu lation.
specific features that streamline and automate com-                 With this new tech -
mon design elements. Designers can already create                   nol ogy, us ers can
features such as Web networks, lips and grooves with                simply drag parts in
a single command, and V15 adds two new ‘super fea-                  the assembly envi -
tures’ – vent and mount ing boss. These are tra dition-             ronment and observe the re alistic movement of other
ally dif fi cult to model, of ten re quir ing mul ti ple dif fer-   parts in the assembly as a re sult of contact be tween
ent fea tures to get the de sired re sult, but with Solid           the parts. Accurate systems simulations require no
Edge V15, they can be cre ated with a single command.               special preparation by the end user, and you do not
  Several en hancements have been made to the pro -                 have to be mech anism simulation experts to re pro-
truded features (protrusion, cutout, revolved pro tru-              duce ‘real world’ simulations.
sion, re volved cut out, extruded surface, re volved sur-              In V15, sub-assemblies can be defined as ad justable,
face). The de signer can now apply treatment options                al lowing multi ple forms of a single sub-assem bly to
like draft and crown at the time of cre ating the feature.          take on differ ent posi tions. These adjustable assem-
  Also, the ability to create these features with non-              blies are even more powerful when used in conjunc-
sym metric ex tents, by spec i fy ing dif fer-                          tion with the D-Cubed AEM tools, giving de signers
ent extend values from the ‘cen tral’                                      critical insight into the function of a prod-
profile, has been added in V15.                                                uct and how components interact.
  As a much requested en -                                                          Designers can create asso ciative
hancement, users can pat tern                                                         included geometry directly from                 report
along a 2D or 3D curve. Con-                                                            peer edges, without us ing
trol is provided for the orien-                                                           inter-part copies. The capa-
tation of each instance in the                                                              bility to use inter-part copy still        by Brendon van Ras,
pattern. The same pattern op -                                                                exists, and gives users more             applications
tions as standard rectangular pat-                                                              flex i bil ity for driv ing as so cia- specialist, plm
terns (fit, fill, fixed) are available,                                                           tive ge om e try from faces
and us ers simply en ter the num ber of                                                           and other topology.
occurrences, dis tance (on curve) be -                                                               Another much re quested
tween, or a com bination.                                                                         enhancement in V15 allows
  V15 adds the ability to split a face us ing edges                                               shaded model images to be
(curve or sketches) on a surface – valuable for                                                   displayed in drawing views.
downstream apps such as FEA sys tems, where a                                                  The shaded view style is de rived
specific load must be applied to a defined area. It                                         from the model and includes any
can be just as useful for simply applying an image to a                                 textures and lighting options, which
portion of a face.                                                                 can be toggled on or off via the draft view
  Profile (sketch) el ements can now have colours as -              properties di alogue. Shaded views can also be created
signed to display their degrees of freedom. This gives              in greyscale – very useful for technical publications.
better feed back by high lighting fully defined, under-                V15 lifts the re striction on using only a circle to de -
defined, over-defined and inconsistent constraints.                 fine a detail en velope. Us ers now have the ability to
  Solid Edge V15 delivers new functionality for mold                use any user-defined shape as the detail en velope.
designers. The new draft face analysis allows the user                 Using the new ‘SEAdmin’ tool, administrators can
to graphically inspect a model for manufacturability in             globally set policies, which apply to every Solid Edge
terms of mold ejection. Us ers can quickly iden tify the            user, without having to make changes on every ma -
status of each face on the model, show ing positive,                chine where Solid Edge is loaded. The administrator
negative, small angle, verti cal and crossover faces.               can set multiple standards, de pending on end user re -
  Parting edge cre ation gives us ers the ability to auto-          quirements, for example, one user profile for design-
matically generate parting edges on molded parts.                   ers and an other for manufacturing personnel.
Part ing sur face cre ation adds sur faces ra di ally from             These are just some of the exciting new fea tures and
parting edges. These ra diated surfaces can then be                 enhancements in cluded in Solid Edge V15. For more
used in boolean op erations to quickly and easily cre-              infor mation, please contact your nearest plm office or
ate core and cavities molds.                                        visit our Web site –

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   John                         Larisa                Cameron                Cherrie               Beatrice                 Mick


        (Australasia)           Kristy-Lee            Lloyd                  Bianca                Garry                    Karl
              Pty Ltd

      Melbourne office      A
                                  t plm, we’ve added several
                                  new staff members to keep
                                  pace with our rapidly
                                                                       Our team grows!
    1186 Toorak Road        growing customer base. Let us
  Hartwell, VIC, 3124       introduce them . . .                  worked with the Mel bourne Thea -        the RMIT in Victoria with first-class
 Ph: +61 3 9835 5400                                              tre Company and Crawford Pro-            honours in mechani cal engineer -
Fax: +61 3 9835 5499          John Belsham, who has a back-       ductions. Later she gained a Bach-       ing and joined plm in De cember
                            ground in me chanical CAD and         elor of Education from Deakin Uni-       last year as a ju nior CAD/CAE engi-
                            PDD, hails from the UK and has        versity in Mel bourne and worked         neer and support desk consultant.
         Sydney office      been in Aus tralia for three years.   as a secondary school teacher.           She enjoys travelling and socialis-
      Suite 2, Level 6,     He and wife Lesley have a daugh-        Mick Diver joined plm in No-           ing with her friends.
  815 Pacific Highway       ter, Victoria, and are expecting an   vember 2003 to manage Team-                Garry Russell has 23 years’ expe-
Chatswood, NSW, 2067        addition to the family in the near    center implementations. With             rience in the Aus tralian Defence
 Ph: +61 2 9410 4700        future. John plays golf and en joys   more than 25 years’ experience in        Organisation, 22 of which were
Fax: +61 2 9411 8055        “dabbling” on the gui tar.            IT services, Mick has consulted          spent with the Royal Australian
                              Larisa Blushinskaya joined plm      and managed project imple menta-         Navy work ing in ship maintenance
                            last September as a PLM imple-        tions in the UK and Aus tralia in        and operation, with a wide variety
       Adelaide of fice:    mentation engineer, working on        gov ernment, defence, banking, in-       of technical, super visory and man-
               Level 9,     the RAN project. Larissa, her hus -   surance, telecom munica tions, TV        agement po sitions. Over the last
     108 North Terrace      band and son, 7, like nothing         and aerospace sec tors.                  five years he has worked in infor-
    Adelaide, SA, 5000      better than to get away camping         In Australia, he has worked for        mation management, cover ing the
 Ph: +61 8 8464 1207        for the weekend.                      Logica, Intergraph, Object Ori-          implementa tion, continual im-
Fax: +61 8 8464 2140            Cameron Bower, who has a de- ented, Objectif Telecom munica-               provement and man agement of an
                            gree in mechanical engineer ing,      tions and Software Project Assist.       integrated business.
                            joined the plm support team in        He en joys guitar and reading, and         Most re cently he was the RAN
    Customer Response       September and has four years’ ex- says he spends his weekends as a             project manager for the imple-
               Centre:      perience with CAD and PDM. He is taxi driver for his three daughters.          mentation of the Teamcenter Aero -
            Australia:      something of a thrill-seeker, enjoy-    Kristy-Lee Laidlaw joined plm in       space and De fence So lution as the
         1800 659 758       ing dirt-bike riding and cross-coun- November as an office administra-         RAN Configuration Management
         New Zealand:       try skiing in his spare time.         tor and is un dertaking a Bach elor      Tool. Garry holds a Bachelor of En-
         0800 881 883         Cherrie Bragg joined the plm        of Educa tion/Arts in inter national     gineering (Mechani cal Engineer-
                            team in No vember as Melbourne        studies at the Uni versity of Tech-      ing), a graduate diploma in marine
                            of fice manager.                      nology, Syd ney. When not hitting        engineer ing management, and an
        Sales inquiries:      Now free of children and dogs,      the books, you may find Kristy-Lee       asso ciate diploma of engineering
         1800 303 202       she is in the mid dle of renovating   on the beach or the dance floor.         in marine systems maintenance.
                            her fifth property, a small apart-      Lloyd Rixon has joined plm as a          Customer and implementation
   General information      ment a stone’s throw from the Mel - se nior PDM consul tant, working on        man ager Karl Smith is a char tered         bourne of fice. She loves noth ing    defence projects from Sydney. He         mechani cal engineer from the UK
                            more than to share a good red and has had 20 years’ experience with            who has been in Aus tralia for four
                            some yummy food with her mates. the Navy, specialis ing in aviation            months.
           Subscription       Beatrice Day, the training          and logistics systems. He holds            He has had seven years of expe-
           information:     co-ordinator for plm education        both Mas ters and Bachelors de-          rience in CAD/PDM project man-
         To subscribe or    services, is well suited to the role, grees in computing science. Lloyd        agement and ser vice deliv ery. Karl
         unsubscribe to     as she has a di ploma from the Na - is currently en joying a re cent ad di-    and wife Jane have a three-
   this newsletter, visit   tional Institute of Dramatic Art. Be- tion to his family.                      year-old daughter, Anna. He enjoys        fore marriage and children, she         Bianca Roberts gradu ated from         rugby un ion and sailing.5

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