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					                                                                 staff at the

                                                     collieries’ staff division                                                                              April 2008

                                                             The start of a                                                   new
                                                             Industrial Relations System
                                                               Some of the worst excesses of WorkChoices have been confined to the dust bin of
                                                               history with the recent passage of the WorkChoices Transitional Bill through
                                                               Parliament. The offering of new AWAs is now prohibited, unless you are already on an
                                                               AWA, and then you may be offered what is known as an "Individual Transitional
                                                               Employment Agreement (ITEA)," only if this new agreement passes the “no
                                                               disadvantage test” against the Staff Award. This means that any new transitional
                                                               employment agreement must have the Coal Mining Industry long service leave
                                                               standard, annual leave standard, accident pay (78 weeks), 15 days per annum
                                                               cumulative sick leave, as well as the reasonable hours provision.
                                                               More information on what this change means for members on AWAs has been sent to
                                                               Dendrobium members, and is available to all members on our web site in the newslet-
                                                               ter section

                                                              Staff Enterprise Agreements
                                                                                                                             now possible
                                                              The new legislation will soon introduce a requirement that where the majority of staff
                                                              want an enterprise agreement your management must negotiate with you. This new
                                                              bargaining provision will be particularly important for staff earning over $100,000 to
                                                              use to legally preserve your industry long service leave, industry annual leave, and
                                                              industry (78 weeks) accident pay and sick leave. It also allows staff to collectively
                                                              improve your pay and conditions, like the Production and Engineering employees
                                                              The new BMA enterprise agreement for Production and Engineering employees in
                                                              QLD is a perfect example of what can happen when a majority of employees
                                                              negotiate together. The increased benefits that the BMA agreement includes are:

                                                                   •       a 5% wage rise for each year of the 3 year agreement, with a $3500
                                                                           one off payment to acknowledge the gap between the expiry of the old
                                                                           agreement in September 2007 and the finalisation of the new
                                                                   •       9% super payment based on the ordinary time earnings;
                                                                   •       a $5000 a year increase to the production bonus, from $10,000 to
                                                                                                                                                                       apesma collieries’ staff division


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    Award Modernisation to Commence Again! ..................................................................................2
    Proposed National Employment Standards ..................................................................................2
    Mining Companies Release Profit Results ....................................................................................2
    Around the Mines - NSW Roundup ................................................................................................3
    Around the Mines - QLD Roundup ..................................................................................................4
    What’s happening with other unions..............................................................................................5
                                                                                                                                                  Catherine Bolger
    Staff APESMAsafe Together - Initiative ..........................................................................................5
    How much Super is Enough? ........................................................................................................6   Collieries’ Staff Division     1
the new industrial system                                                     Mining Companies Release
Award Modernisation to Commence
                                                                              PROFIT RESULTS
                                                                              Centennial Coal - Centennial Coal reported a net profit of
                                                                              $239.5 million for the first half of the 2008 financial year. Part of
Staff Award May be Amalgamated                                                this profit has been attributed to the sale of Anvil Hill and
                                                                              Tahmoor mine to Xstrata Coal. The Anvil Hill project sold to
with Production and Engineering Award?                                        Xstrata for a total of $655.2 million, generating a $212.7 million
                                                                              profit and the sale of Tahmoor generated a $133.9 million profit.
Your Award will soon be reviewed, and may be rolled into a Coal Industry
Award, or a broader Mining Industry Award. The AIRC is taking control of      Total coal sales for Centennial Coal in the first half of 2008/09
the review, with the overall aim of reducing the number of awards             reached 8 million tonnes. Centennial’s Angus Place Coal Mine
operating, whilst providing a fair minimum safety net of enforceable          returned a 300% plus increase in pre-tax profit. Centennial says
terms and conditions.                                                         that Angus Place is “headed for a record year” with the
                                                                              installation of new longwall equipment being scheduled for June
The AIRC aims to complete the review and modernisation of all awards
by 31 December 2009. As a first step the Commission will identify and
modernise “priority” or model awards by December 2008. These model            Centennial’s Mandalong mine was another strong performer
awards will be used as a template for modernising all other Awards by         generating a profit of $30.2 million.
December 2009.
                                                                              Xstrata Coal - Xstrata Coal announced a 13% increase in profit
       The Government has stated that the Award                               to $US5.5 billion, with coal being its best performer for the 2007
       Modernisation review is not intended to:                               calendar year. The profit increase was achieved in the face of a
                                                                              number of unpredictable one-off operational disruptions this
       • disadvantage employees;                                              year, including the torrential rain in Queensland.

       • increase costs for employers;                                        Saleable production from Australian thermal coal operations
                                                                              increased by 1% to 41.4 million tonnes. The severe weather
       • result in so called “high-income” employees,                         conditions in the Hunter Valley in June negatively affected
         earning over $100,000, being covered by                              production however this was offset by increased production from
         the modernised awards.                                               the Rolleston mine in Queensland and the ramp-up of production
                                                                              from the new Ulan longwall. Xstrata said its position in the Hunter
The challenge for APESMA is to ensure that during amalgamation of             Valley thermal coal fields of NSW had been significantly
many awards into one, that conditions are not reduced, or detail is left      strengthened through the acquisition of Centennial’s Anvil Hill
out. Our other challenge is to reduce negative effects for staff who are      project and Resource Pacific.
deemed as “high-income” employees, who risk losing the legally                Coking coal production increased by 21% to 6.8Mt in 2007
enforceable foundation of conditions that their contract is built on. It is   resulting from the start up of production at the Newlands
essential that you maintain a legally enforceable foundation of               Wollombi pit and productivity improvements at Oaky Creek
conditions and pay. One way to achieve a legally enforceable foundation       following the installation of the new longwall. The company’s
of conditions is to negotiate a safety net agreement. This is possible        acquisition of Tahmoor mine will add to its Australian coking coal
where the majority of staff at your mine site vote in favour of an            business by 2.3Mtpa.
enterprise agreement. We are able to assist you to develop a safety net
agreement, and to negotiate it with your employer.                            Xstrata has also continued with expansions at Blakefield South,
                                                                              which will replace Beltana from 2010; a new third washery
                                                                              module at Mount Owen which will allow the Glendell reserves to
                                                                              be developed; and expansions to Liddell, including a washery
                                                                              upgrade. Together the Liddell and Mount Owen expansions will
Proposed                                                                      add output of 5Mtpa.

National Employment Standards                                                 BHP Billiton - BHP reported that profits were down for the first
                                                                              half of the fiscal 2008 year by 2.4%, making $US6 billion. This
Your modernised staff award will be supplemented by 10 National               drop in profit was attributed to higher operating costs including
Employment Standards (NES). The proposed NES will be finalised prior          energy, shipping, labour and a stronger Australian dollar. Despite
to 30 June 2008. It is likely that the standards will be less than our coal   this, BHP’s CEO Marius Klopper said he remains positive about
mining standards, for example, it is likely that the annual leave NES will    the long-term outlook for commodities.
be 20 days not 25. The Government has said that where your award is
more than the NES, then your award applies.                                    n
                                                                              Anglo Coal - Anglo American achieved record operating profit of
                                                                              $US10 billion for the 2007 calendar year, but coal let the
We have pointed out to the Government that if “high income” staff             company down, with Australian sales falling. Anglo Coal
earning over $100,000 are somehow excluded from the award, then               recorded an operating profit of $614 million, down by 29% from
the NES standards for them need to be more than the minimum and               2006.
need to be the coal mining standards. The Government is considering
this currently.                                                               Anglo attributed the fall to port and rail constraints, which
                                                                              reduced sales and increased demurrage costs, the adverse
In relation to long service leave, the Federal Government has stated          impact of the appreciation of local currency against the US dollar,
that it will, in co-operation with State Governments, develop a national      and lower average metallurgical coal prices.
long service leave entitlement under the NES.
                                                                              Despite the port and rail constraints, production at the Australian
                                                                              mines was over 25Mt, a 3% increase from 2006 and likely to
                                                                              grow through acquisitions. Late last year Anglo acquired a 70%
                                                                              interest in Foxleigh mine in Qld.
Around the Mines
NSW Round Up
Integra Coal                                                                                    Awaba East Labelled
In our last edition of Staff at the Coalface we updated members on an issue that was
                                                                                                Major New Longwall Mine
affecting our members at Integra Open Cut mine, in the Hunter Valley. We reported that          Centennial Coal has flagged a major new
members at Integra Open Cut have had the benefit of an enterprise agreement, which              longwall mine at its Awaba East site in NSW.
expired in January this year. In that agreement, Camberwell committed to negotiate a            Centennial said Awaba East was currently
new enterprise agreement prior to the expiry of the current agreement. Since the                at pre-feasibility stage and boasted large
company had been bought out by Brazilian mining giant, Vale (operating as CVRD in               resources. If the project is given the go-
Australia), management have rolled out new individual contracts and have stated that            ahead it will conclude its feasibility study
they will not renegotiate a collective agreement with staff.                                    mid next year with approvals sought around
Many staff felt that they had no option but to sign the individual contracts, even though       that time. Development is expected to start
they would prefer to continue with the enterprise agreement.                                    in 2010 with the mine becoming opera-
                                                                                                tional in 2012.
APESMA challenged Integra's broken promise in the Australian Industrial Relations
Commission (AIRC) and through conciliation the company agreed to participate in 3
negotiations with APESMA. We proposed a new collective agreement, which provides a
foundation of legally enforceable conditions and incorporates a standard, fairer
individual contract. At this stage Camberwell is still adamant that there is no need for        Xstrata Acquires
an enterprise agreement for staff.
                                                                                                Resource Pacific
APESMA, with the assistance of a number of active staff members from different sec-
tions of the mine, organised the members' response to the company’s actions.                    Meeting of Staff in May
Members were asked to sign a petition, to be presented to the company, stating that             Xstrata Coal has succeeded in its $1.09
they want a collective agreement and a role for their union in negotiating it. The major-       billion takeover bid for Resource Pacific, the
ity of staff have now signed this petition                                                      operating company of Newpac Mine.
It is important that we maintain an enterprise agreement at Integra Open Cut, and with          Xstrata made its offer to Resource Pacific in
the members at Integra Open Cut, we will be continuing to campaign on this issue. This          December 2007 and has now acquired the
is particularly because of recent developments, with the Federal Labor government               majority of stakes in the company.
potentially removing the Award safety net for those on common law contracts earning             We would like to hold a meeting with
above $100,000 pa. If the collective agreement is lost, there will be no legally                members at Newpac in early May to discuss
enforceable safety net of conditions providing the foundation for the contracts. Also, the      the takeover and possible implications this
right to have an unfair dismissal case heard in the AIRC may be lost. Labor’s                   may have on pay and conditions. Keep a
substantive industrial relations bill (full details to be released later this year) will give   look out for our meeting notice, to be
employees greater rights to collectively bargain where they choose to. We don’t want            circulated soon.
our members at Integra Open Cut to lose rights now that were hard fought for and won
by the union movement and working people.

Working Together Delivers Results at Wambo Open Cut                                             Vale and Xstrata
The Open Cut Examiners employed by Downer EDI at Wambo Open Cut have recently                   Call off Merger Talks
achieved a significant salary increase. These APESMA members contacted APESMA in                Brazilian Mining Company Vale and Xstrata
relation to their annual salary review. They had the view that they were working greater        had been involved in discussions for
hours for considerably less pay than OCEs working at many other mines in the Hunter.            months over a possible merger, however it
APESMA undertook some research into the hours and pay of OCEs at other Hunter                   has been reported in the media that these
mines, put forward a formal claim to the management of Downer EDI and assisted                  talks have now been called off. It is
members in negotiations with management.                                                        reported that discussions over a potential
                                                                                                deal estimated to be worth around
These members have now achieved an increase in their salary package of over 10%                 $99 billion had been mutually terminated
since the middle of last year. This result was achieved through the persistence of              because an agreement couldn’t be reached
APESMA members at Wambo Open Cut, who joined the union and showed                               between the two parties. Had this merger
management that they were willing to work together and stand together for a fairer pay          gone ahead it would have created the
deal. This is a good example of what can be achieved when members get active and                world’s largest mining company.
work collectively and strategically.

               Around the Mines
                                    QLD Round Up
                                    The first quarter of 2008 has been                      Fatigue Management and Breaks
                                    truly memorable in QLD, for all the                     Fatigue and the lack of breaks is a burning issue among members.
                                    wrong reasons.                                          In a recent case involving staff, their employer has stated that they
                                                                                            cannot give staff a 30-minute break during a 13.5-hour shift
                                    Rain and loads of it, disrupted most Bowen Basin        because ‘there is no-one to replace them’. The Supervisor even
                                    mines, either directly or indirectly. APESMA            went so far as to offer an exercise bike that the member could use
                                    members in many areas and mines took on extra           without leaving the work area. Much of this behaviour is not only
                                    responsibilities to cope with the circumstances.        illegal, but is directly in contravention of the Company’s fatigue
                                    Many members with homes in Mackay and                   policy.
                                    Rockhampton copped a double whammy, but with
                                                                                            At the time of writing, the Company appears to be reconsidering its
                                    true camaraderie and resilience they have moved
                                    on. Thankfully there was no spike in unsafe
                                    incidents during this period.                           This issue highlights the importance of your mine site fatigue
                                                                                            policy. Where mines aren’t abiding by their own fatigue policy, staff
                                                                                            should get together and raise it with your employer, and of course
                                                                                            we will help you in this process.
                                    Long Service Leave for
                                    Town Offices
                                    The question of long service leave accrual for staff
                                    occupying BMA off-site positions, such as town and      Broadmeadow Mine Visit
                                    “floating” staff, has taken a new twist. BMA has        Collieries Staff Division Director, Catherine Bolger, our Union’s
                                    treated staff inconsistently – with some off-mine       Barrister, Ingmar Taylor and Industrial Officer, Rene Veltmeyer
                                    site staff retaining their coal industry long service   recently had the opportunity to inspect the underground
                                    leave, but others are only receiving the QLD State      workings at Broadmeadow mine, near Moranbah. This gave us
                                    standard, which is about half the coal entitlement.     a greater insight into our members’ working conditions and the
                                    Off-mine site staff have attempted to fix this          longwall at work.
                                    anomaly in discussions with Management, but, to         On the tour we were able to inspect the pump station and
                                    date, Management hasn’t been prepared to fix this       speak to members who are responsible for the day to day oper-
                                    inequity. So staff working side-by-side doing similar   ations. It is very positive to see first hand the safety proce-
                                    work are receiving different conditions.                dures that are in place and to speak to the staff who are
                                    Members believe BMA has a moral obligation to pay       responsible for implementing safety procedures. We also had
                                    staff in town offices and “floating” staff, the coal    the opportunity to speak to office staff and members in the
                                    industry long service leave. At a time when BMA is      control room.
                                    making record profits we fail to understand why they    We look forward to visiting other mines in the future.
                                    are penny pinching staff’s long service leave
apesma collieries’ staff division

                                    Your union is also looking into the legal obligations
                                    that BMA has to pay staff coal mining long service
                                    leave. In the past, a case about the entitlements of    APESMA at Moranbah Markets
                                    off-mine site staff’s coal mining long service leave    Last Sunday of Every Month
                                    entitlements went on appeal to the Federal Court,
                                    who decided against the Union’s claim. However,         Members at Moranbah are setting up an information stall at
                                    things have changed since the Court laid out the        the markets on the last Sunday of the month. This is a first for
                                    principles that would define an employee in the Coal    APESMA and will give staff a chance to find out about the
                                    Mining Industry.                                        benefits of being an APESMA Collieries Staff member. We look
                                                                                            forward to meeting you there. If you live in Moranbah, and are
                                    At the time of writing, APESMA’s barrister is           able to give a hand, please contact Mick Loney on 0429 058
                                    examining this issue. Members will be kept              639, or Syd Corvin on 0432 565 384.
                                    informed of any developments on this issue.

What’s Happening...

With Other Unions?                                                                Successful Safety Seminar
                                                                                                   Held at Moranbah
Hotel Workers Union Launches                                                      We recently held a seminar for members in
                                                                                  Moranbah to review the current Queensland Coal
Rescue Package for Luxury Workers                                                 Mining Safety and Health Act, and, to hear from our
                                                                                  members what changes are needed to that Act. A
Research by the LHMU, the hotel workers union, reveals a crisis in                preliminary list of issues was put together at the
luxury hotels with devastating staff turnover levels, record injury rates,        seminar, and a group of members have agreed to
dangerous workloads, bullying by management and Australia's biggest               assist in putting together, and reviewing, the final
number of low paid workers. These factors threaten the growth and                 submission to go to the Department on behalf of all
reputation of Australian tourism.                                                 staff. Thank you to those members involved – Jeff
                                                                                  Bowmaker, Clay Jacobson, Chris Hayes and Callum
      Louise Tarrant, the LHMU National Secretary recently said:
      "a critical shortage of workers and the highest staff
      turnover of any industry in Australia (48%) are creating an
      epidemic of injuries in luxury hotels.
      Our research has exposed alarming working conditions in
      these hotels including the worst injury rates for working                   Staff APESMAsafe
      women in Australia and an overall injury rate of 9.7% per
      annum only fractionally behind the construction industry.
      Working in the laundries, bedrooms, kitchens and
      restaurants of luxury hotels is heavy and dangerous work.
      This year 1 in 10 of Australia's 30,000 luxury hotels                       Our New initiative, APESMAsafe.
      workers can expect to be injured at work."
                                                                                  We have received good feedback from members on
                                                                                  our new publication, APESMA Safe, which is issued
The industry has Australia's highest proportion of low-wage jobs -- 85%           every month. In each edition we include the latest
of workers earn less than $30,000 per annum. The introductory rate is             updates on prosecutions around the industry, as well
just $13.74 per hour, the lowest an adult can legally be paid.                    as tips and lessons from our experiences assisting
                                                                                  members in internal investigations and Department
The LHMU's ‘Better Jobs Better Hotels’ campaign aims to increase the              investigations. Thank you to the delegates who have
rates of hotel workers to a fair level, which will also assist in the high        assisted us to collect updated e-mail addresses for
turnover rate. As part of the campaign, the LHMU are seeking                      members -- remember when you change jobs, or
agreement from the luxury hotel employers that a 1 or 2% levy will be             change e-mail addresses, you need to let us know so
added to the room rate to ensure that these workers are paid a decent             we can update your details and make sure that you
rate of pay.                                                                      receive APESMA Safe. Where members don't have
                                                                                  access to email, we are sending out APESMA Safe to
                                                                                  your delegate for distribution. If you haven't received
                                                                                  the last 3 editions of APESMA Safe, please contact
                                                                                  your delegate or our office and we will arrange for it
                                                                                  to be sent out to you.

                        Members’ Corner
                       Why did you join the Collieries’ Staff Division?

                       I have always been a member of a union, even before
  Dean Stockham
                       I started working in the Coal Mining Industry. When I
                       started out in the Coal Mining Industry I was a
                       member of the union which represented miners.
                                                                                                                                            apesma collieries’ staff division

            QLD        When I moved into a Staff position I transferred my        Safety is the number 1 issue for our members. You
                       union membership to the Collieries’ Staff Division. I      may have been approached by another APESMA
                       like the idea of knowing that the Association is there     member or delegate at your workplace, asking you to
                       to provide support, advice and assistance, whenever        fill out an APESMA Safe survey. This short survey
                       I may need it.                                             listed 10 safety issues and asked you to rank the top
                                                                                  five issues of importance to you. The survey results
                       How is the Collieries’ Staff Division relevant to staff?
                                                                                  will be used to help us prioritise what issues you want
                       The Collieries’ Staff Division provides assistance and     to read about in APESMA Safe. Thank you to those
                       support for any industrial issue you may be faced          members who took the time to fill out the survey. It is
                       with at work. Also, it is reassuring to know that you      essential that all members participate in our safety
                       have access to the Legal Defence Fund should you           survey. If you haven’t received a survey and would
                       need it. CSD also provides useful information and          like to have your say about what is featured in future
                       keeps Staff up to date with what is happening in the       editions of APESMA Safe, see your delegate or
                       Coal Mining Industry with its newsletter publications.     contact us at

       How much Super is enough?
                                     Thanks to Auscoal Super for the following article.

                                                                                                             How much do I need to save?
               How much superannuation you will need
               to fund your retirement largely depends                                                       To see if you are on track to meet your super-
                                                                                                             annuation savings goal, use the table below to
               on your personal circumstances, such as                                                       work out how much you need to contribute to
               your current income, lifestyle choices                                                        super each year.
               and how long you expect to live in                                                            Annual contribution required to reach a particular savings goal
               retirement.                                                                                    Years left until        to reach         to reach         to reach
                                                                                                              goal retirement         $500,000         $1 million       $1.5 million      Your Committee
                                                                                                              10 years                $40,901          $81,802          $122,703          of Management
                        How much super will I need?                                                           15 years                $24,524          $49,048          $73,572                 President
                                                                                                              20 years
                                                                                                                                                                                              Ray Rienstra
                        Experts estimate most people will need between                                                                $16,491          $32.981          $49,472
                                                                                                                                                                                            Upper Hunter, NSW
                        60% and 100%* of their pre-retirement after tax                                       Source: Mercer, March 2008. The amounts were calculated using a real
                        income to maintain their lifestyle in retirement.                                     rate of return of 4% pa. That is, it is assumed investment returns exceed
                        For example, if you currently earn $80,000 pa                                         inflation by 4% pa. The calculations do not allow for investment returns
                        after tax, you will need at least $48,000 pa for a                                    on your current balance. Investment returns may be positive or                  Vice President
                        comfortable retirement.
                                                                                                              negative.                                                                       Lester Anderson
                                                                                                                                                                                               Eastern QLD
                        Use the table below to estimate how much super
                                                                                                            How can I grow my super faster?
                        you will need to save to meet your retirement                                                                                                                       Secretary/Treasurer
                        income needs. First, find the amount closest to                                     If you think you will fall short of your super-                                   Clay Jacobson
                        your required yearly retirement income. Then find                                   annuation savings goal, there are a number of                                      Western QLD
                        the number of years you expect to spend in                                          ways to help grow your super. Remember, the
                        retirement.                                                                         sooner you start, the easier it will be to achieve
                                                                                                            your goal.
                                    Required yearly   Expected number of years in retirement
                                    retirement income 15 years    25 years        35 years                  •      Make extra super contributions through before                             Committee
                                                                                                                   tax (salary sacrifice), after tax and spouse
                                    $40,000            $452,831     $636,258      $760,175
                                                                                                                   contributions.                                                             Mick Burgess
                                    $60,000            $679,247     $954,387      $1,140,262                                                                                                Lower Hunter NSW
                                                                                                            •      Review your investment strategy to invest for
                                    $80,000            $905,662     $1,272,517    $1,520,350                       growth (depending on your risk tolerance).
                                                                                                                                                                                              Dave Parkinson
                                    $100,000           $1,132,078   $1,590,646    $1,900,437                •      Consolidate your super accounts to save on                                  Central NSW
                                                                                                                   fees and make your super easier to manage.
               Source: Mercer, March 2008. The amounts were calculated using a real                                                                                                          Warwick Anderson
               rate of return of 4% pa. That is, it is assumed investment returns exceed                    •      Consider retiring later or lowering your
               inflation by 4% pa.                                                                                                                                                            Southern NSW
                                                                                                                   retirement lifestyle expectations.
                                                                                                                                                                                                Matt Gray
                                                                                                                                                                                               Western NSW
                                                                    If you need advice on how to help your super grow faster, AUSCOAL Advisory Services
                                                                    advisors can provide personalised advice to AUSCOAL Super members for a very                                                Syd Corvin
                                                                    competitive fee. As salaried employees, AUSCOAL advisors are not paid any                                                   North QLD
                                                                    commissions – they simply recommend what they think is best for you and your future.
                                                                    Call AUSCOAL Advisory Services on toll free 1300 366 212 for an appointment today.
                                                                                                                                                                                              Dean Stockham
                                                                    AUSCOAL Super is a not for profit industry superannuation fund that exists to help                                         Central QLD
                                                                    members of the coal mining industry by creating, building and protecting their
                                                                    retirement wealth. If you need more information or general advice about AUSCOAL Super                                      Gary Herold
                                         AUSCOAL Super              or superannuation in general, our service officers are here to help, Monday to Friday,                                   Stephen Mumme
                                         Locked Bag 1               8am to 6pm. Simply call toll free 1300 366 212.                                                                             Max North
                                         Warners Bay NSW 2282                                                                                                                                      WA
                                         Toll Free 1300 366 212                                                 * Source: Commonwealth Intergenerational Report 2002–2003
                                         Tel 0249 483 333
apesma collieries’ staff division

                                         Fax 0249 496 955           The information in this article is of a general nature. This information has been prepared without taking into                Vacant
                                         Email                      account your objectives, financial situation or needs. Before acting on this information you should
                                                                    consider the appropriateness of this information, having regard to your objectives, financial situation and
                                                                                                                                                                                               Southern QLD
                                  needs. AUSCOAL Superannuation Pty Ltd ABN 70 003 566 989 AFSL 246864 RSE L0002783. AUSCOAL
                                                                    Superannuation Fund ABN 16 457 520 308 RSE R1056563
                                                                                                                                                                                          who’s who at CSD
                                              Catherine Bolger         Director

                                                                                                                                                            Tel.          02 9269 0688
                                              Kylie Rooke              Industrial Officer NSW                                                               Fax.          02 9269 0611

                                              Rene Veltmeyer           Industrial Officer QLD                                                                Tel.          07 4927 8622

                                                                                                                                                             Fax.          07 4922 2842
                                              Julie Korlevska          Industrial Relations Assistant NSW
                                              Tracie Hassall           Industrial Relations Assistant QLD                                         Or email us at

                                              Elisabeth Morgan         Industrial Relations Admin Assistant, NSW
                                                                                                                                                 Visit our website at

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