Most beautiful pics of 2003

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					(2938) Windmill near Schermerhorn Photographer's Comments I made this pic on the only day with snow this year. Lucky me that there was a nice groundmist, which is regular for this moist area around Schermerhorn. The early morning sun was my best friend, unlike this small black guard horse. It tried to bite me once when I came too close.

(2464) the rock
Photographer‘s Comments One of the smaller landmasses in the Galapagos chain, popularly called "Kicker Rock" just after sunrise.

(1854)The fly
Great color, contrast, composition, tonality and balance. Those are the first things that seem to catch my eye and I feel this has it all. Regards and HAVE A GREAT DAY! ~ Ergo

(1851) White Rose ...Simply BEAUTIFUL...Perfect lighting and clarity....the detail is outstanding....Beautiful work here to say the least.

(1822)Trail to home (Taken in Morocco) I think it's fantastic... if not your best, certainly among them. BRAVO! Great color and lighting and detail... might stand a bit more sharpness, but certainly NOT a distraction.

(1818)lonesome boat

...well here we have a typical "magic moment" captured by Aslan. This is his picture, his observation and his fascination with the scenery. WELL DONE !

Morgana(1809) Great, perfect lighting and color tone and a beautiful model and a talented photographer combined into one picture.

(1743) Angel Light Photographer's Comments

Sunlight comes thru the opening creates angel-like shape. The shot is taken at Grand Palace, Bangkok.

(1612)The ultimate drop Photographer's Comments ..............., there is no Photoshop work on this picture beside recrop. I used a combination of daylight, flash and +4 close up lens to achieve this one. The extra colors are from the bowl I used to receive the droplet. It is an Italian Pasta Bowl with plenty of colors. Since I'm a freak of colors, I want to know others opinion. PS: Please, if you like it, vote for it ... THX

(1491)quiet loneliness in sunset Photographer's Comments j'adore la calme et la solitude au coucher de soleil... Visit My Portfolio ;-)

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