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Car auctions


Car auctions

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									Car auctions
A used vehicle maybe enticing due to many reasons and price would be the most compelling factor in this regard. Therefore, the perfect place to buy a
second hand car is a car auction. Although the majority of the car auctions are aimed at selling used vehicles, there are some where new vehicles are
offered. Every year, millions of motor vehicles are sold at these car auctions to dealers and ordinary buyers.

Even though car auctions play a significant role in the second-hand car market in USA, the general public has very little knowledge about them.
Perhaps the main reason for that would be a majority of car auctions are only for car dealers and the the normal people are not allowed to attend
them. Vehicles available in dealer car auctions tend to be cheaper than those found at car lots. However, there are various open car auctions where
normal people can bid for the available vehicles including those held by banks and government agencies like the IRA, DEA, FBI and the police. In
addition, at certain car auctions one can even buy US Government vehicles. There are even auctions meant for the salvage market where the totaled
vehicles are sold by insurance companies.

There maybe a various reasons for vehicles to be auctioned such as off-lease vehicles given back to the company at the end of the initial leasing
period, off-rental vehicles that are not rented anymore, companies reducing their inventory of vehicles, vehicles seized by financial institutions and
finally, trade-ins where a vehicle is traded for a different one. Online auctioning services are becoming trendy and popular. Web sites such as eBay
have their own car auction web site known as eBay Motors. Through these websites one can buy and sell a motor vehicle easily and the number of the
websites for their services are relatively small. However, there are certain risks when dealing through a website and one should always exercise
caution to avoid fraudulent scams.

Even though the motor vehicles that are offered at these car auctions may not be in mint state, there are some that would be in relatively good
condition. In some auctions inspecting the vehicle before the auction is not permitted but where possible it's advisable to take with you a mechanic or
anyone with a good understanding on the matter.

Thus, a car auction would be a quite appealing place for an individual on the lookout for a motor vehicle. It might even provide one with a chance to
buy his/her dream vehicle for a significantly lower price.

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Written by Mia Phillips for view.com.my where you can find more about car review

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