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     Extended hours for Education Week                                                           Did you know?
     It’s coming and you mustn’t miss it!                                                        The wise man Solomon
     The Dandenong Bible Education                                                               wrote in Proverbs 15:1,
     Centre is planned to be open from
     10am—9.30pm from M onday 7                                                                  “A soft answer turns
     M ay until Friday 11 M ay. The                                                              away wrath, but a
     theme for the week is “Discovering                                                          harsh word stirs up
     our world: Past, present and                                                                anger.”
     future”.      View the interesting                                                          Have you ever tried
     posters relating to the topic and have                                                      speaking kindly or
     a chat with the friendly staff or                                                           gently when somebody
     borrow from our library. Our usual          Come and visit 46 Walker St, Dandenong during   is angry with you?
                                                 Education Week—open day is May 12!
     cours es w ill be running each                                                              What we usually want
     evening. Why not come and see?                                                              to do when somebody
                                                 the bottom of this newsletter for
     The highlight of the week will                                                              yells at us, is to shout
                                                 your free drink and cake.
     definitely be the Open Day on                                                               back. All that does is
     Saturday M ay 12. In addition to the        Bring the kids for a bit of fun. Do             increase the verbal (and
     interesting displays there will be a        they know what archaeology is? Let              somet imes physical)
     coffee shop from 2-5pm. Have a              them try digging in the sand for                violence. Try the wise
     drink and some cake while you               hidden treasures. If they love craft,           advice of Solomon next
     listen to live music. M ake sure you        there will be a Bible-based craft               time somebody is angry
     cut out and bring your voucher from         activity suitable for them.                     with you and answer in
                                                                                                 a Christ-like manner.
    Bible Education                              For those with questions about the
                                                                                                 They may be surprised!
       Centre                                    Bible, come to our question booth
                                                                                                 You may win a friend.
                                                 and find out the answers!
                                                                                                 All our plans are subject
                                                                                                     to the will of God.
                                         Jesus Christ died for you!
                                         Yes, Jesus Christ died on the cross         “For God so loved the world that
     Voucher can be
                                         for you—that was the message that           he gave his only son, that whoever
       redeemed for                      was given on Good Friday and                believes in him should not perish
1 Beverage/soft drink                    Easter Sunday. As it says in the            but have eternal life.”
                                         popular Bible verse John 3:16,
         and 1 cake.                                                                             Dandenong Christadelphians
                                                                                            PO Box 2076, Dandenong East 3175
(1 voucher per person,                                                                          46 Walker St, Dandenong 3175
                                                                                                           Ph: (03) 9791 1699
          value $2)                                                                       
Valid only on Saturday, 12th May 2007,
             2pm to 5pm.                                                                                  ABN: 89253204275
New Life—every Sunday                                                                            Bible buddies
Come along for an interesting hour each week with topics                                         M any Bible people were
which are quite diverse, but always from the Bible. The                                          clos ely associated—as
New Life Class is on between 11.30am and 12.30pm each                                            husband and wife, friends
Sunday (and there is a matching activity for your kids at the                                    brothers, and so on. Can
same time, called Bible Explorers). The coming topics are:                                       you find the pair?
M ay     6        Promises: to Abraham and David                                                 1.      Cain and ?
         13       Daniel—an educated diet                                                        2.      James and ?
                                                                  God promises that
         20       Promises: in the New Testament                  Jesus will return -            3.      Ananias and ?
         27       Promises: faith                                 coming on the
                                                                                                 4.      David and ?
                                                                  clouds with power!
June     3        Israel survives in a world of terror                                           5.      Joshua and ?
         10       If salvation is by grace, why do I need to be good?                            6.      Samson and ?
         17       Living the way: stress and anxiety                                             7.      M ary and ?
         24       Living the way: personal morality                                              8.      Adam and ?
How often do you read the Bible?
A recent surv ey (th e          us. It is through the Bible      God’s ways. Althoug h the
Nati on al Ch urch Li fe        that we can learn about          Bible is the best-selling
Survey ) has sho wn that        God, his son Jesus and his       book, it often gath ers dust                        church-
                                                                                                       “only 36% of church-
only 36% o f chu rch-g oing     plan fo r this earth — fo r      on the sh elves o f thos e            going Christians read
Christians read th eir Bible    you and for m e. If we           who say they are Christ’s            their Bible once a week
once a week or more (as         don’t read the Bible             followers. Today is th e                    or more.”
quot ed in th e Bibl e          regul arl y, we won’t learn      day to start o r continu e
S o ci et y ’ s m ag a zi n e   what God wants us to             reading God’s mess ag e to
“Sower”). Ho w do es this       know about o ur li fe no w       you. If you n eed a Bibl e
comp are with how oft en        … and aft er death too.          reading plan to follow,
you read the Bible? The         The Bible is our manual          just ask us. Set a goal—
Bible is God’s message to       for ho w to live ou r lives in   read you r Bible ev ery d ay!

Great joy—more baptisms!
                                       What a hap py time we had at th e Dan den ong
                                       Bible Edu cation Centre on Anzac Day
                                       witnessing t he b aptisms o f two l ads. They                  Bible Education
                                       were fully immersed in wat er, just as taught                     Centre
                                       in the Bible, after they told a group o f
                                       observers what th ey b eliev e about th e Bible,
                                       God, Jesus and God’s mess ag e o f salvation.
                                       We rejoi ced with th em and so too did the
       James being baptized
                                       ang els in heav en ! (see Luk e 15:10 )
                                                                                                          Open: 2—5 pm
                                       Jesus said:
                                                                                             We will be hosting a “Coffee Shop”
                                       “Whoever beli eves and is baptized will be              as part of the Open Day. We’d
                                       saved, but whoever do es not believe will be          love you to come and join us. Relax
                                       cond emned”              Mark 16:16                     over a cup of coffee and cake and
                                                                                               enjoy the talents of our musicians
                                       You see th en, that what th ese y oung m en             singing and playing our best loved
                                       hav e done is matt er o f li fe and d eath !                hymns and spiritual songs.
        The baptism of Tim

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