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NEWSLETTER AUG 06pub (Read-Only)


NEWSLETTER AUG 06pub (Read-Only)

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									                                     RACE LINES
                                  MCRC CLUB Newsletter
                            PO Box 116 Wanneroo 6946 Tel: 9409 1002
                         Fax: 9309 3574 Email address:
                                WEB SITE:
Issue 7 AUGUST 2006
                          RACE REPORT
♦    Fri SEPT 8th         Sponsored by DICANDILO STEEL CITY
                          In what should have been a day for consolidation for many riders in the
     Entries Close        DiCandilo Steel City State Road Racing Championships, in reality it turned
     Rd 5                 into a day of destruction for many riders.
                          The weather was good , the track conditions fine but the day went horribly
                          wrong for a number of competitors.
♦    Sun SEPT 24          Unfortunately three were transported to hospital - #10 Tony Milner with a
                          fractured leg, now in plaster and discharged from hospital on Wednesday.
     Tuning Day +         #88 Chris Galbraith has a complicated wrist injury and underwent his 2nd
     Novice Group         operation on Thursday. Best wishes to these two for a full recovery. The
     Racecraft            third transport was Ben Henry who suffered concussion and was released
                          Sunday night. #89 Josh Trigwell suffered a # wrist and is now in plaster
                          and at home in Bunbury. #77 Adam Senior and #48 Adrian Mettam are
                          also on the injured list both suffering a crack in the humerus near the
♦    FRI SEPT 29
                          shoulder and confined to an arm sling for a time. #69 Malcolm Brown is
     Private Practice     sore but okay, as is #120 Jack Tabain and all others who crashed but re-
     12—4pm               turned to the pits under their own steam.
     Bookings             A total of 18 riders fell during the day—lets hope that number is not re-
     essential.           peated again. We wish you all a quick recovery and hope that the repair
                          bills are not too expensive.
                          Special mention must go to our flag and track marshals, recovery crew
♦    OCT 1st              officials and Race Control personnel— a great job done in extreme condi-
     Rd 5 State Ch’ps     tions. One race day I think the majority of us wish to put behind us!
     Longweekend          First race of the day— ‘The Causeway Challenge Cup B Grade Se-
                          ries” had barely started and was red flagged with Ben Henry (Ducati 749)
                          crashing heavily just past the start line and knocking himself out. A full
                          restart was called and from the start Matt Battista (BHS Yamaha R1)
♦    OCT 8 M.A.D.
                          made short work of the six lap journey taking the 25 points for the win.
     Charity Ride         Chris Galbraith (Weld West Suzuki)came in 2nd from Mark Schnierer
     Scarb Beach          (Trakdayz Kawasaki) third with Jamie Boland 4th. First C grader home
     Promo Day            was #19 Jeremy Outschoorn (Honda 1000) followed by William Hough
                          (Kawasaki 600).
♦    OCT 13               Fastest Lap: M Battista (BHS Yamaha) 0:58.5650 closely followed by
     Entries Close for    Galbraith 0:58.6670 and Schnierer 0:58.9860
                          Battista now has 91 points and leads overall from Schnierer on 83 with
                          Jamie Boland third on 69.
     WANNEROO             The Formula Two was won by Tom Hatton who took advantage of the
                          day to prep his 125GP bike for the up coming National round in Tasma-
                          nia .He convincingly won the second and third races after finishing second
♦    OCT 22 R/Craft       in the first race which was won by Bob Humphreys both riding Honda RS
                          125’s whilst series leader Malcolm Brown was one of the many riders who
♦    MCRC AWARDS          crashed and he has dropped to sixth place with 164 points. Anthony
     NIGHT                Robson (Honda RS 125) has taken over at the top with 202 points and
     Sat. NOV 25          Colin Rose (Suzuki SV 650S) is second on 197 with Humphreys third on
                          189 points. ...2/
RACE LINES                                                                                                   Page 2

         2006 Office Bearers        The Two Wheel Wreckers Clubman Class for the round was won out-
           & Committees            right by #90 Greg Tresidder (Yamaha R1) who will now run in the B grade
                                   and Superbikes at the final round. Jeremy Outschoorn took both wins in
President         Adrian Mettam    the two x 4 lap races both from William Hough, Matt Fathers and Thomas
                                   Rogan. Race 2 saw Trevor Arthur the winner followed by Tresidder and
Vice Presidents   Trevor Adams     Rogan and in the final it was Tresidder from Trevor Arthur and William
                  Geoff Allan      Hough. #19 Jeremy Outschoorn was a casualty of race 2 with his ride fin-
Patron            Dianne Guise     ishing in the Basin.
                                   The “Ultra Fast Karts” Sidecar Championship saw Lindsay Fagan/Bruce
Treasurer         Luke Adams
                                   Rodgers continue where they left off at the end of round three and they
Executive         Peter Smith      scored another perfect three from three. Rob Taylor/Dean Napier took two
                  Karen Dore       second places. Brothers Darryn and Neal Walker returned from the disas-
                                   ter of round three when their gearbox blew up in a long outfit owned by re-
                  Wade Robson      nowned sidecar builder Rick Hanger and they showed that they will very
Club Captain      Martin Mott      soon be challenging for the top spot. Whilst they have dropped form from
Education         Peter Smith
                                   their early season third to fifth, they are only nine points behind third place
Officer                            Ollie Onesti/Peter Ashman. Onesti/Ashman hold third overall with 163
                                   points. Darryn and Neal’s dad, Rod Walker/Chris Hardy hold fourth spot a
Competitions      Ben Stronach
Committee         Strett Cull
                                   mere four points ahead of the boys.
                                   Fastest lap: L Fagan/B Rodgers 1:01.8750
                  Scott Houston    It’s rumoured also that we will see another member of the Walker family
                  Leroy Maclou     shortly—daughter Alix could be passengering for dad.
                                   Fagan/Rodgers retain top spot with 255 points, Taylor/Napier are second
                  Steve Mitchell
                                   with 211 points. Good to see Mick Robbins back at the track. Also good to
                  Alan Watts       see retired rider Clive Watson returning to the track as a machine exam-
Stand By          Andy Offer       iner—well done Clive. Brother Garry (who also used to race sidecars) now
                                   assists with Commentary—again greatly appreciated.
                  Martin Mott
Resigned 0506     Bruce McGregor
                                   The BHS Supersport Championship was a mixed bag with championship
Delegate MWA Mark Schnierer        leader Cameron Stronach (Yamaha R6) having his lead slashed to only 20
                                   points from the 60 he had at the start of the day. Two of the three races
Emergency Del. Ken Ricketts        had re-starts after red flagging—Race 1 was only 4 laps in when Jack
                                   Tabain and Adam Senior went down in the Basin and Race 3 saw a red
Machine           Ken Whitbread
Examiners         Gino Coyle       flag also on lap 2 after Josh Trigwell went down heading up to Skyline.
                                    Mick Kelly (Yamaha R6) returned to action after sitting out the third round
                  Jason Russell    and won the first two races in convincing fashion and looked set to do the
Publicity Com.    Paul Cox         treble, until Russell Nash (Yamaha R6) stepped in and snatched away that
                                   possibility with a gutsy win in the third race. Stronach’s woes were further
                  Steve Toms
                                   compounded by a DNF in the second race after the bike mysteriously
                  Andrew Davies    stopped without apparent reason. Brad Fletcher (Yamaha R6) is now in a
                                   very strong position to challenge for the top spot. The title will go to any of
                                   three riders, Stronach, Fletcher, or defending champion Ralph Mammoliti
Acting Chief      Troy Honey
                                   (Kawasaki 600) who has made steady progress in the past couple of
Flag Marshal
                                   rounds. Kelly will not contest the final round as his bike will remain in the
Bar Manager       Rob Hickman      East after the Tassie national for the final at Eastern Creek (Nov 17-19)
Social Comm.      Vacancies        Fastest Lap: M Kelly 0:58.7150

                                   In the North City Yamaha Superstock #111 Levi Dicandilo (Honda
                                   CBR600) continued on his winning way with two from three to take his se-
                                   ries tally to 285 points, 54 points clear of second placed Josh Trigwell
                                   (Kawasaki 600) who took the race 2 class win from Dicandilo , but unfortu-
                                   nately came to grief in the third race. Luke Adams rode a good round to
                                   take two 2nds and a third with Jason Walker coming in third overall on the
                                   day from Calvin Ridley, Scott Houston and Geoff Allan.
Administrator Denise               Fastest Superstocker : L Dicandilo 0:01.1440
RACE LINES                                                                                                   Page 3
In the Steel Blue Superbike Championship the first race was declared after the second red flag with
only two laps completed. First to go down was Chris Galbraith (Weld West Chapman’s Suzuki) at the left
hander then from the restart Matt Battista (BHS Five Star Yamaha) high sided also at the left hander and
in the wash up Ben Stronach (SMB Suzuki GSXR 1000) was awarded the win and all finishers were
given half points as less than 75% of the race had been completed ( and also after 2 red flags a race can-
not be restarted). Steelblue Team riders Russell Nash (Yamaha R1) was hot on his heels with Tom Hat-
ton (Yamaha R1) third. Hatton unfortunately DNF’d on lap 1 in the final race with Alderson crashing out
heading out of the Basin on the last lap of Race 3.
In the final two races Stronach and Nash put on some spectacular racing with the lead swapping many
times before Nash won the second race by .8sec and then the third by .51sec. Whilst Nash might have
won the day ,Stronach is still in a commanding position for his first State Championship with a 60 point
advantage over second placed Alan Watts (Yamaha R1) who in turn has a 7.5 point lead over third place
Wayne Smith (Honda CBR 1000). Mark Schnierer was the highest placed B grader on the day with Joel
Reynolds the highest placed C grader.
Fastest lap : Ben Stronach 0:58.0200
Welcome to another 4 new competitors : #20 Cameron Keevers (Superstock), #50 Tony Brewster
(TZ250), #87 David Callaghan ( (Superstock) and #112 Graham Craig (Superstock)
Tanks to those extra volunteers that helped out last race day— Tracey Mineham who marshaled, Office
helpers—Gail Craig (who’s son was having his first ride), Bev Petrie (wife of racer John), Nicole Harwood
in Timing and Tanja Neuffer who helped on the Grid.

In closing we ask that all members give some thought to the role of marshals and how im-
portant they are to making the events actually happen on the day. Our marshals are cur-
rently low in numbers and this in turn makes the job extra hard on the day for those volun-
teers that do turn up to stand on a corner from 9am in the morning to end of racing (4.30—
5pm). We urge all members, especially those that are not competing to volunteer for at
least one meeting a year and share the load. Without marshals the racing will not happen.
If you think that you or your mate could give us a day—maybe the final State round and or
the Kings of Wanneroo—please give the office a call on 9409 1002 or our new Acting Chief
Marshal Troy Honey 0429685701.         SEE FLAG MARSHALS REPORT Page

                               PLEASE NOTE :              OFFICE CLOSURE
                    The Club Office in Wangara will be closed from Wednesday 6th September
                                    And reopen on Wednesday 20th September.
                         During this time mail and phone messages will be serviced by our
                                        Admin Assistant Michelle Hammond
      So keep sending in your entries and Racecraft bookings and leave a message on the answer service and
                                         Your enquiries will be answered/

  competing a successful time at the Island— Alan Watts, Wayne Smith, Ben Stronach, Matt
  Battista, Mike Ward in the Superbikes. Supersports riders Cameron Stronach, Jack Declyn,
  Ben Henry and Bryan Staring, plus Tom Hatton competing as a Wildcard in the 125GP and
  Bob Humphreys in the support class 125’s. We will also be well represented in Official areas
  by Pete Smith, Denise Stronach, Louise Hayden, Don Galbraith, Keith McCullogh, Karen
  Dore and Bruce Sutherland Plus the numerous number of club members spectating.
  See u there!
RACE LINES                                                                                             Page 4

Spectator’s votes are tallied after each round and a lucky entry will receive two free tickets to the next
round. Rider’s Scores will accrue to a final score end of season and the winning rider will receive a Tro-
phy at the End of Season Presentations Evening (Saturday November 25th).
Votes following Round 4:

 Race #      Rider                  Rd 1       Rd 2      Rd 3     Rd 4     Sub Total
 88          Chris Galbraith        10         25        17       8        60
 153         Adam Verona            4          6         9        12       31
 22          Abrey/ Horwood         -          1         15       9        25
 54          Jamie Boland           -          7         6        7        20
 97          Mike Ward              -          -         8        -        8
 80          Geoff Allan            -          6                  -        6
 40          Luke Adams             -          3         3        -        6
 14          Glenn Hopkins          -          1         4        -        5
 56          Wayne Smith            1          1         3        -        5
 57          Cam Stronach           -          3                  -        3
 43          Gary Jones             -          -         3        -        3
 93          John Petrie                       1         2        1        4
 134         Colin Downes           1          1         1        -        3
 64          Steve Alderson                                       1
 36          Jacob Furlong          2          -                  -        2
 25          Chris May                                            1        1
 83          William Hough          1          1                  -        2
 35          Ben Stronach           1          1                           2
 214         Elizabeth Haren                   1                           1
 19          Jeremy Outschoorn                                    1        1
 112         Graham Craig                                         6        6
 142         Bob Humphries                                        2        2

                                 WATTSY’S AWARDS FOR 2006
   Alan Watt’s of Wattsy’s Motorsport Services and Bridgestone Tyre Distributor for
   WA has offered a “Cash” Award at each round. The lucky competitor’s name will
      be drawn out at Rider’s Briefing each round and presented with $100 cash.
                    March Club day Winner— #30 Leroy Maclou
                           Rd 1 Winner— #93 John Petrie
                         Rd 2 Winner— #241 Ralph Mammoliti
                           Rd 3 Winner— #40 Luke Adams
                        Rd 4 Winner — #19 Jeremy Outschoorn
RACE LINES                                                                                    Page 5


 The following riders were regraded in July : Congratulations guys
 D to C grade :                 C to B
 #71 David Beresford            #96 Kevin Boulton
 #138 Darran Brown
 #21 Steinar Jorgensen
 #82 Thomas Rogan
 #150 Grant Sainsbury
 #90 Greg Tresidder
 #133 Bensen Winterbourn
 #114 Ron Powell

 DRUG TESTING : A reminder that being a licenced competitor you are subject to drug testing at
 any time and for those that were not aware this happened at Round 4. Approx. 4 or 5 riders
 were randomly selected from the Superbike Class by the ASDA representatives on site.
 Remember that you must provide prior written notification for inhaled asthma medications that
 contain salbutamol, salmeterol, terbutaline or formeterol. (forms available from Motorcycling
 Provide prior written approval for the use of banned products to treat a genuine medical condi-
 Check out the following for BANNED SUBSTANCES : ASDA Hotline 1800 020 506 or on-loine
 medication list at or MA’s website at

 The Competitions Committee are currently in discussions regarding next season and welcome
 any positive feedback, preferably in writing by fax or email.
 Chairman and Members of the Competition’s Committee are listed under Office Bearers on page
 2 of the newsletter.

 RD 5 ENTRIES CLOSING: Friday 8th September.

 Reason being: The Series entry form is for the State Championship Series only and the Partici-
 pation Declaration/ Indemnity that you sign on the entry form relates to the Series.

 Thank you

                 FINAL ROUND AFTER PARTY—OCTOBER 1ST           (long weekend!)
       End of race day we will be holding the days presentations and congratulate our State
                             & Series Champions and placegetters.
        The Bar will be open, hot food provided and a “LIVE BAND” performing so make
         plans to stick around and join in. Even consider a sleep over if you can’t find a
                                  designated non drinking driver.
RACE LINES                                                                                               Page

FOR SALE                             GSXR1000 PARTS
                                     2 race fairings $300                  SPORTS EXHAUST
COMPLETE        SET    PAINTED       Spare front discs $150                Howler slip-on muffler to suit
RACE FAIRINGS FOR 03/04              Rear set foot pegs $200               2001 CBR600 F4i. Sounds
CBR 600RR. Matt Black with              Darren 0421779812                  great with high mounted
white number boards.      Never                                            bracket for ground clearance.
crashed $550 ono                     LEATHERS M-TECH brand                 $400 ono
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ENCLOSED 2 BIKE TRAILER              Whose now back overseas and YOSHIMURA RACE CAMS
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tion Blue & White $750               SET OF TYRE WARMERS Pro-
     Chris 0431800916                tene Bandit $600                      LEATHERS ALPINE STARS
                                     RACE STANDS FRONT & REAR              1 piece replica red/blk/grey size
RACE LEATHERS                        Sharpe brand                          56 sml/med worn 4 times 1
RS TAICHI Blast Vipor EVO            $220 Front $180 Rear                  crash little damage $999
Size Euro 58/US 48 blue/white        MICHELIN TYRES                        (RRP$2799)
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YAMAHA YZFR6 03                      9295 6665                               Adam/Steve 9301 1188bh
Supersport Specs, Full YEC spec
including ignition, harness, cam-    KAWASAKI ZX6R PARTS                  TYRE WARMERS 2 SETS
shafts and quick action throttle,    Full set of bodywork                 $600 per set brand new
full akropovic system and Ohlins     Two new screens                         Adrian 0411879979
suspension.                          Original road muffler never used
Standard Fairings including all      150.00 the lot                       SUZUKI RG250 1983 model
bubble wrapped unmarked black/            Jack 0406 184 304               Needs some work $250
red flame model.                                                               Sandro Conti 0434907669
$9,500                               HONDA RS 125 1995 model
    Strett 9344 4444                 Very good condition with spare fair- SATURSAY 30TH SEPT
                                     ings, barrel & head, sprockets & MOTORCYCLE SWAP MEET
                                     jets $3,800
                                                                          Cannington Showground, Albany Hway
                                        Anthony 0417 979 184
                                                                           7am Sellars and Buyers closes 2pm
Flag Marshal’s Race Report Round 4
G’Day Guys and Girls,

Wow, what a day.
It’s Troy Honey here—your current Acting Chief Flag Marshal.
My first attempt at the Chiefs position certainly did put me to the
test. But due to your support—we held it together.
You Guys were great, top team effort by all.
We had it all thrown at us at Round 4. Sand all over the track from all the rain prior to the event,
new flag positions and numbers, no track marshals in the sand and lets just say—quite a few in-
cidents to deal with on top of it all.
I thought it was great how you all accepted the changes so well and for turning up despite not
knowing how the weather would turn out. But that’s what marshalling is all about—giving your
time under any circumstances and conditions...the most precious thing a person can give.
Thank you to all the racers for your patience throughout the day and I hope everyone returns to
race at Round 5, fit, healthy and ready to race.

We cannot go on without a special mention here to 2 people who give so much to the club and
help us Marshal’s out at every round, and that is, Frank and Anita. Frank keeps a close eye on
what goes on up the hill and in the basin and gives his view to race control to help us deal with
incidents promptly. Anita (helped by Barb and Hilary) prepares all our lunches and beverages
throughout the day and I know all marshals are really appreciative of this.
To all marshals—Let’s keep getting the team working closely together and give everyone the
best finish to the season ever.

Troy Honey

                           Sunday OCTOBER 22ND
                      “LADIES ONLY” RACECRAFT GROUP
                         SIDECAR PASSENGERS COURSE
                                COME AND TRY
                 Plus Novice/ Advanced RACECRAFT GROUP

      Register your interest now by phoning 9409 1002 or EMAIL
                    Or better still download the booking form from the web

             Saturday NOVEMBER 25TH - Hotel Rendevouz, Observation City Scarb
                            Info and booking form available final round

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