Suggestion Box Comments – 2008 by lonyoo


									                              Suggestion Box Comments – 2008

       Please try and get more dvd documentaries (and if you would like title suggestions, feel free to
        ask me).

When we first started buying videos back in the 80's, we did purchase documentaries and other
non-fiction titles which we thought would go out The overwhelming majority of them languished
on the shelves until we withdrew them from the collection.

So, when we started the DVD collection, we decided just to buy popular movies and TV series.
That has worked well, but we would like to be more responsive to what our users want.

We are interested in knowing what documentaries and non-fiction DVDs our patrons would like to
see. Anyone with suggestions for titles or subject areas should leave a note for Mark Hunter, our
senior librarian, who handles the selection in that area, or ask to speak with him.

       I find [the library's computers and Internet access] to be very convenient and useful for me.
        However, I also find it to be too restrictive. I can only be logged on for the one 30 minute
        timeframe per day. If I want to review html code off a web page, I am not able to. If I want to print
        just one page, a 25 cent charge is asked. I think some of these restrictions and charges should
        be looked into and modified.

As I've said in the past, too few computers plus too many users = restrictions on time, in order to
give our patrons equal shots at the service. Until we get more space, there is no way to address
that issue.

Regarding being able to read html code, that may be related to the security we place on our
computers, to keep a few mischievous individuals from downloading pornography or changing
the settings in the equipment. There may not be anything we can do about that without opening
Pandora's Box, but I will check with our network technician about it.

The price for a copy was set when we began offering computer access to the public about six
years ago. It probably is time to review that, and I'll put it on my To-Do list.

       Throw that cheap fake tree in the trash.

Yes, it is ratty looking, isn't it? We'll make it disappear.

       It's sad that these computers are still not working.

This question was asked back in March, at which time I reported that we had not received any
capital funds from the borough to upgrade our computers for three years, so we were pursuing
grant opportunities instead. I'm pleased to report that we are receiving a two year grant from the
Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, which will allow us to replace the public computers, and
maybe add one or two more. We hope to see the first check by early Fall. In the meantime, we'll try
to keep what we have operational.

       I have noticed for the last couple of weeks there are no printers working. When will you get one?

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