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									                                                                                                                                 University of Queensland

        November 2005
                                  nEW pHARM

                                            Head of School Report
                              Once more we are running up to the end of               forget UQ and the School of        ward to 2006. There is much
                              the academic and calendar year. As I write              Pharmacy and that you will         to celebrate in 2005 and
                              this many of our students are undertaking               keep in touch with us and let      much of this has been re-
                              their examinations – some of them for the               us know your progress.             ported in the pages of these
                              last time at UQ. For these students the                 The summer semester and, in        Newsletters. The year to
                              anticipation of graduation and starting                 particular, the Christmas and      come will bring an increasing
                              their future beckons. This year, graduation             New Year break offers a (brief)    focus throughout the Univer-
                              for the School of Pharmacy is on the 5th                period of time for reflection on   sity on research, and in par-
                              December and it will be great to be able to             what has been and what will        ticular research quality, as the
                              celebrate the achievements of the gradu-                come. We will look back on         Government’s Research Qual-
                              ates from the School. To them we offer                  2005 – the people and the          ity Framework comes increas-
                              this request: we hope that you will not                 occasions and we look for-         ingly into effect. As a School
                                                                                                                         however, we must also main-
         Volume 21

                                                                                                                         tain our focus on teaching and
                                                                                                                         course delivery, since 2006 is
                                                                                                                         the year in which we must
                                                                                                                         seek re-accreditation for the
                                                                                                                         BPharm program.
                                                                                                                         I would like to thank all those
                                                                                                                         who have contributed towards
                                                                                                                         making 2005 such a memora-
                                                                                                                         ble (and frequently enjoyable!)
Inside this issue:                                                                                                       year and I look forward to
                                                                                                                         sharing the challenges of the
                                                                                                                         year to come.
Head Of School Report         1
                                       UQ Staff at HELP University in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, October 2005

National Prescribing Ser-     1
vice Grant awarded
                                         National Prescribing Service grant awarded to School of Pharmacy

Int’ Congress for Pediatric   2
                                         The Queensland arm of the                     $800,000 to Prof Sue Tett         Australia. This grant, negoti-
Laboratory Medicine                      Community Acquired Pneumo-                    (School of Pharmacy), Ms          ated with the National Pre-
                                         nia – Improving Outcomes Na-                  Judith Coombes (School of         scribing Service Ltd over a
Teaching & Learning Com-      3
                                         tionally (CAPTION) study has                  Pharmacy and Princess Alex-       period of four years, will en-
mittee: The Way Forward
                                         been progressing very well.                   andra Hospital) and Mr An-        able the team to continue
Year 4 Quality use of Medi- 4            Nine Queensland hospitals are                 drew Petrie (School of Phar-      with interstate collabora-
cine Experiential Place-                 taking part in this project, im-              macy and Queensland               tions. The research team,
                                         plementing guidelines and                     Health) will further develop      including project officer Ms
International Visit to Asia   5
                                         evaluating this implementation.               these interstate collabora-       Lisa Pulver, is looking for-
                                         There are 37 hospitals involved               tions to improve the ways         ward to continuing this inno-
Regular Features              6
                                         nationally. A new grant for                   medicines are used across         vative program.
                                                                                                                                                         Page 2
            International Congress for Pediatric Laboratory Medicine, Singapore, September 2005
            Professor Susan Tett recently      Cincinnati, USA; Prof Sue Tett).            whole block taken up by the
            spoke at a symposium organ-        Sue spoke about ‘Population                 old Raffles Hotel!
            ized by the International Asso-    pharmacokinetics – a way for-
            ciation of Therapeutic Drug        ward for optimal dosage predic-
            Monitoring and Clinical Toxicol-   tion in children’. The Congress
            ogy (IATDMCT) during the Inter-    lasted for three days and had
            national Congress for Pediatric    an excellent program and
            Laboratory Medicine. The sym-      speakers – topics ranging from
            posium was titled                  infectious diseases and mo-
            ‘Pharmacogenomics and role         lecular diagnosis through to
            of tandem mass spectrometry        laboratory medicine in the ado-
            in the clinical laboratory’ and    lescent and difficult pediatric
            the four speakers are shown in     diagnostics. The meeting was
            the photo (Prof Steve Soldin,      held at Raffles City Convention
Volume 21

            Washington, USA; Prof Sander       Centre, a great place for early
            Vinks and Prof Phil Walson,        morning walks around the
                                                                                                         Prof Steve Soldin, Washington, USA; Prof Sander Vinks
                                                                                                         and Prof Phil Walson, Cincinnati, USA; Prof Sue Tett

                                                                                                     Queensland Reds

                                                                                                     School of Pharmacy 2nd year student
                                                                                                     Liam Bibo was selected to play for the
                                                                                                     Queensland Reds Rugby Team to tour
                   What does the                                                                     Argentina.
               Queensland Reds                                                                       Liam advised he had a wonderful trip
                                                                                                     and played 3 games out of the 4 and
                Rugby Team and                                                                       won them all.
                     UQ School of                                                                    Congratulations!!!

               Pharmacy have in

            Guild Dinner
            Fourth Year School of Phar-
            macy student Christine
            Donaldson was presented
            with the Pharmacy Cricket
            Scholarship to assist in her
            sporting endeavours whilst
            also completing her pre-                                                                                                                   Howzat!
            registration year.

                                           Guild National President John Bronger, Guild Cricket Scholarship winner Christine
                                           Donaldson and Kos Sclavos.
                                                                                                                           Page 3
                                         Teaching and Learning Committee:
                                                 The Way Forward
Activities in the Teaching and Learning domain are certainly progressing, largely as a result of the ‘quality’ movement at Uni-
versity and Faculty level. While some of the quality-focussed initiatives require a standardised approach between Schools,
others open opportunities for innovation and adaptation to individual Schools. I have summarised the ongoing agenda items
in the School of Pharmacy below:

1.Curriculum Review: With our septennial major School and curriculum review due in 2008 and re-accreditation in 2006, our
focus has been on internal review. In July 2005, course coordinators discussed the vertical streaming and horizontal integra-
tion within the BPharm curriculum. Annual Curriculum Review and Teaching Quality Appraisal processes continue at the Uni-
versity level, involving interpretation of survey data.

2. Rule/Program Changes: Reviews at Faculty level have resulted in clarification of the progression rules for the BPharm and
potential rationalisation of low-enrolment programs within the postgraduate suite. Further, the School of Pharmacy is instigat-
ing an increase in the IELTS (English language) score for international students to 7.0, to match the requirement for registra-
tion as a pharmacist in Queensland.

3. IT Development: Pharmacy will be one of four Schools involved in a trial of electronic course profiles in Semester 1, 2006.
The course profiles will be linked to other student online resources. Our Student Portal is now operational, and has received
praise from students for its organisation of lecture notes and course documents.

4. Quality Control in Assessment: Quality initiatives underway include an investigation of external examiners for review of ex-
amination processes and moderation in marking, request for anonymous marking exam answer booklets, application for with-
holding of Pharmacy MCQ examination papers from the library, development of procedures for award of grades at Board of
Examiners meetings, and improved feedback following internal assessment.

5. Internal and External Liaison: A proposal for stakeholder representation in teaching and learning decisions within the
School has been developed. The School’s relationship with community pharmacy preceptors has been enhanced through the
appointment of a Placement Pharmacist and introduction of compulsory placement uniform shirts for students. Staff-Student
Liaison meetings have been instigated to improve communication between class representatives and staff. Enhancement of
the ‘first-year experience’ is a University-wide initiative, with a number of activities to be trialled in 2006 within the School.

As a result of these developments, a three-year Teaching and Learning Committee plan is in place, and staff and students
should look forward to continuing progress in this important facet of University life.

                                                       Dr Lynne Emmerton
                                                      Chair, T&L Committee

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                                                                                                              Page 4

            One of the central objectives of the Austra-   Night was on Wednesday 26 October. The pre-
            lian National Medicines Policy 2000, is to     senters were:
            promote the quality use of medicines, so       Geoffrey Grima
            that all medicines are used judiciously,       Safe Medication Practice Unit RBWH
            appropriately, safely, and efficaciously in    Jessica Burrey
            order to achieve a therapeutic goal by         Alcohol & Drug Services, South Brisbane
            delivering beneficial changes in actual        Amy Murdoch
            health outcomes. To foster these Quality       Community Pharmacy, Sydney
            use of Medicine (QUM) goals, the School        John Morgan
            of Pharmacy has, as part of the year four      Tweed Hospital
            curricula, developed experiential place-       Melissa Hoffman
            ments at which the Year 4 students com-        Multidisciplinary Pain Clinic RBWH
            plete a QUM project in conjunction with        Elaine Pettigrew
            the on-site placement preceptor.               O/S Placement
Volume 21

            These placements are self-selected by the      The presentations offered a wide variety
            students with the proviso that the place-      of project and QUM experience and dem-
            ment is centred on QUM. Consequently           onstrated the understanding and
            these placements take place all over the       achievement by these students. Our
            world and in many sites where the precep-      thanks and congratulations go to all
            tor is not a pharmacist.                       presenters and reserve presenters for
            We encourage this multiprofessional ap-        their professional participation. Also the
            proach in order to promote the health care     attendance by many of the student body,
            team in QUM and to experience the QUM          pharmacists, other health professionals,
            perspective as seen from another health        friends and family helped to make the
            professional. Apart from pharmacy, our         evening such a success.
            students have gone to placement sites          These placements would not be a success with-
            where the preceptors are medical practi-       out the diligence and guidance of the Placement
            tioners, dentists, nurses, physiotherapists,   Preceptor. Our sincere thanks to all preceptors
            scientists, pharmacologists, and other         for their invaluable assistance in Pharmacy stu-
            health care workers. All students are en-      dent education.
            couraged to do at least one of these           Leigh McKauge & Judith Coombes
            placements at a rural healthcare site
            On completion of the project, the students
            return to the University campus and sub-
            mit a write-up of their project as well as
            present an oral report. These oral reports
            are delivered to the fourth year class and
            the students and staff are asked to nomi-
            nate the oral presentations which they
            feel best illustrate the goals of these pro-
            jects. At the end of each semester, six
            presentations are chosen to be delivered
            to a wider audience of invited guests rep-
            resenting the many branches of pharmacy
            and the health professions. Both PSA and
            SHPA have offered prizes to those presen-
            tations judged to be the best at these
            The second semester QUM Presentation
                                                                                                                                                Page 5

            International Visit to Asia

            Professor Nick Shaw and I (Dr       school. We had a fabulous morning       trip. There are a number of opportunities that have
            Lisa Nissen) have just recently     with a number of academic staff         arisen from the visits for collaborative projects and
            returned from our internationali-   from the school – one of them actu-     possibly postgraduate and undergraduate stu-
            sation trip to a number of Asian    ally being a UQ alumnus! They           dents. We hope to be investigating other areas
            countries. The primary aim of       gave us an interesting presentation     including Japan, India & China in the coming year.
            this trip was to develop research   on careers in pharmacy in Singa-
            links and investigate possible      pore, particularly the fact that
            collaborations with a number of     around 50% of their graduate work
            overseas institutions. Our first    in the pharmaceutical industry-
            stop was Kuala Lumpur, where        quite different to here! We also
            we visited a number of Universi-    visited four of the five Polytechnics
            ties and Junior colleges. We        in Singapore to look at their di-
Volume 21

            gave a number of presentations      ploma programs in biotechnology /
            about the School’s research         biomedical sciences and pharma-
            strengths and research interest     ceutical sciences. There were cer-
            areas. It was great to see the      tainly a number of opportunities
            types of research being under-      available for further investigations
            taken in the other institutions     of collaboration.
            and be shown around their im-       After a short visit to Singapore we
            pressive facilities. While in Ma-   flew to Bangkok for the Office of
            laysia we also attended the two     Civil Services education fair. We
            day AusTrade Australian educa-      took the chance to also visit a num-
            tion expo. We gave a presenta-      ber of Universities offering phar-
            tion on pharmacy as a career as     macy programs. Joy Dansirikul, our
            well as the study option at the     recent PhD graduate, is currently
            University of Queensland, both      working at Silpakorn University and          Nick Shaw officially opening UQ Information Room
            undergraduate and postgradu-        took time out of her schedule to             at HELP University, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
            ate programs.                       help us navigate around our vari-
                                                ous appointments. It was great to
            From there we flew out to Singa-
                                                see her! From Bangkok we winged
            pore with the aim of visiting the
                                                our way home to Australia – ending
            National University of Singapore
                                                a very tiring, but extremely fruitful
            (a U21 member) pharmacy

                                                                           OCSC International Education Expo at the Queen
                                                                           Sirikit National Convention Centre.
                                                                                                            Page 6
University of Queensland

School of Pharmacy
Steele Building, St Lucia
University of Queensland, Australia
Phone: 07 - 3365 2017
Fax: 07 - 3365 1688                               Pene James who has joined the School on a 20% basis as
                                                  an Associate Lecturer till the end of Semester.

                                                  Anna Blomgren will be working with Bruce Charles from
                                                  19th September until 28th February 2006

                                                  Grant Kennett who will be working one day per week with
                                                  Sue Tett, Carl Kirkpatrick and Greg Monteith on the QUM
                                                  map project.
                                                  Christopher Cutts has been appointed as Honorary Re-
                                                  search Consultant to the School.

                                                  Lo Yoke Lin from Malaysia, who has started a PhD (P/T)
                                                  with Bruce Charles, working on population pharmacoki-
                                                  netics in intensive care patients.

          DEPARTURES                      ITEMS OF INTEREST                 Congratulations to Phar-
          Farewell to Alison Sutherland   Congratulations to Medusha        macy PhD student Helen
          who has completed her con-      for a second prize in the Aus-    Faddy (advised by Greg
          tract working with Nick Shaw,   Biotech’s Australian Biotech-     Monteith and Sarah Rob-
          Sarah Roberts-Thomson and       nology students association       erts-Thomson). Helen has
          Greg Monteith, and has          Queensland’s Branch GlaxoS-       received a travel scholar-
          moved on to postdoc work.       mithKline-Freehills Student       ship from UQ to complete 6
          Cho Aung is now assisting in    Excellence Awards 2005. This      months of her PhD at Berk-
          this regard.                    was awarded for her talk on       ley, California, USA.
          Andrea Tefera has started a     her PhD topic “development
          12 month secondment with        of a novel Relapsing-             A further congratulations to
          the Health Sciences Faculty     Remitting Experimaental           Helen Faddy, a PhD student
          Office.                         Autoimune Encephalomyelitis       with Greg and Sarah Rob-
                                          (RR-EAE) model and charac-        erts-Thomson who has been
          VISITORS                        terization of PPARβ in Multi-     awarded a converted QLD
          Wednesday 14th by Dr Chris-                                       Cancer Fund travel scholar-
                                          ple Sclerosis (MS): Identifying
          tine Staatz, who has been                                         ship to attend the 5th Euro-
                                          mechanism of pathogenesis
          doing postdoc. research at                                        pean Breast Cancer Confer-
                                          and potential drug targets”.
          the University of Glasgow,                                        ence in Nice, France next
          following her PhD research      Prof Nick Shaw and Dr Lisa
                                                                            March and then the Ameri-
          with our School. Christine is   Nissen have travelling over-
                                                                            can Association for Cancer
          spending two months at the      seas to Bangkok, Kuala Lum-
                                                                            Research meeting in Wash-
          school.                         pur and Singapore last month
                                                                            ington DC in early April.
                                          on an International Marketing
                                          Program for the School of

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