Océ Singapore Pte Ltd Digital Document Systems Tel Fax Termination by johnrr1


									Océ (Singapore) Pte Ltd Digital Document Systems

Tel: (65) 6470 1500 Fax: (65) 6846 2394

Termination of Software Service Agreement

Distributor Company : Agreement No. : Product Description: PReS BARR Prisma+APA Prisma Tools

Customer Company: Date of Effect:

Prisma+POD Others


Detailed Configuration:

Serial No/Dongle/MAC: Reason for termination:

Important Note: 1) Annual Software Service fee already paid to Océ (Singapore) is not refundable 2) From the Date of Effect specified above, all the products covered by related SSA will no longer be supported by Océ (Singapore), neither will any bug-fix, updates or upgrades

______________________ End User In-Charge

___________________ Company Stamp

________________ Date

______________________ Distributor Officer In-Charge

___________________ Company Stamp

________________ Date

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