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                                          • It is a line management responsibility to ensure all risks
          Proposal to                       are eliminated or controlled as far as is practicable
  move equipment or goods etc:              during the moving process.

                                          • Size up the move (volume of goods/furniture).
                                          • Where is it going?(distance, up and down levels,
                                          • Are additional resources required? (special lifting
Plan for move and Identify hazards:       • Are staff with appropriate skills available?
                                          • Identify all the hazards as far as is practicable.
                                          • Are outside removalists required? (a list of approved
                                            removalists can be found on the preferred suppliers
                                          • Is a budget required?

                                          • Staff and students directly involved in physically
                                            moving items:
                                            • Are they happy to participate? (give them the option                  Occupational Health, Safety
                                             to raise concerns).                                                              and Environment
                                          • Those that may be affected by the move:
                                            • Most moves cause disruption to others in local area.
  Present plan and Consult with:
                                            • They need to know how much disruption to expect
                                             and timing of the move.
                                          • Safety officer and health and safety representative.
                                          • Review the identified hazards and conduct formal risk
                                            assessment (see OHS risk control program – manual
                                          • Assistance such as lifting equipment and how to use it
             Provide:                     • Training and information for staff and students.
                                          • Communicate all risks and controls as far as is
                                            practicable to all involved in the move.
                                                                                                                        Guide to moving office,
                                          Move Smart VI                                                                   equipment or goods.
                                          Date of first issue:   August 2006
                                          Responsible Officer:   Manager, OHSE                           BP 07/06
                                          Date of next review:   2009
       Proceed with move.
Background                                                 Assess the risk:                                         Control the risks
When staff and students are moving offices                 What makes it hazardous?                                 Good risk control measures may include (in order
or laboratories they are often faced with manual           The physical activity:                                   of preference):
handling tasks that they don’t usually perform, such       •   movements which involve reaching above               •   Eliminate the heavier manual handling tasks
as packing books and files into boxes. Staff can               shoulder height or below mid-thigh height, or            by having this done by removalists (who have
reduce the risk of manual handling injuries when               twisting of the body;                                    specialist equipment and training).
moving offices by assessing the risks of the tasks to
                                                           •   performing the task frequently or for long           •   Substitute manual labour with mechanical
be performed and taking some simple steps to
                                                               periods of time without a break.                         devices eg, trolleys.
control those risks.
                                                                                                                    •   Reduce the weight or size of the load by
                                                           The work environment:                                        using smaller packing boxes or dividing box
Unsafe manual handling may cause a range of
                                                           •   restrictions or obstacles to access items or             contents, or seeking assistance to make a
injuries and conditions including:
                                                               perform the task;                                        coordinated team lift.
•   muscle sprains and strains
                                                           •   having long distances between points where a         •   Organise the packing work to reduce the
•   injuries to muscles, ligaments, intervertebral
                                                               load is moved.                                           distance involved in moving loads eg, place
    discs and other structures in the back
                                                                                                                        the box for filling directly beside the shelves
•   injuries to soft tissues such as nerves, ligaments     The nature of the hazard itself:                             being unpacked.
    and tendons in the wrist, arms, shoulders, neck
                                                           •   heavy weights and forces;                            •   Store heavy goods or equipment etc., near
    or legs
                                                           •   loads that are large, awkward in shape, slippery         waist height to avoid the need for bending.
•   abdominal hernias and chronic pain
                                                               or unstable                                          •   Clear access routes.

Monash University has an obligation under the                                                                       •   Warm up and stretch before conducting
                                                           The individuals concerned:                                   physical activity.
Occupational Health and Safety (Manual Handling)
Regulations to control the risk of injuring any staff or   •   lack of experience or training;                      •   Space activities that require physical exertion
student as a result of moving equipment or goods at        •   individual characteristics such as pre-existing          or repetitive action.
work.                                                          injury, physical condition, pregnancy etc.           •   Avoid actions and postures that might
                                                                                                                        increase the risk of injury, eg move your feet
Staff and students at Monash University are not            Other risk factors:                                          rather than twisting your body, use a stable
required to move equipment or goods at work                •   performing heavy tasks in close succession, or           step or platform to access high shelves, rather
unless:                                                        early in the shift when the body is not warmed up;       than over-reaching above shoulder height.
•     they have had training,                              •   clothing which restricts physical movement.          •   Wear attire that does not restrict movement.
•     any risks identified have been eliminated or                                                                      Provide additional assistance for those staff
      reduced as far as is reasonably practicable                                                                       with pre-existing conditions that make them
•     the information in this guideline has been                                                                        more susceptible to injury.
      taken into account.                                                                                           •   Inform/consult with staff about the relative
                                                                                                                        risks and recommended methods of control.

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