; Microsoft PowerPoint - Transmission Line Maintenance
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Microsoft PowerPoint - Transmission Line Maintenance


Microsoft PowerPoint - Transmission Line Maintenance

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									Transmission Line
Project: Transmission Line Maintenance
Client:   Transpower New Zealand Limited
Location: Northland, Auckland, Waikato, King Country,
          Taranaki, Manawatu and Southland
Contract Value: NZ$15,000,000 over 3 years

Transpower New Zealand Limited owns and operates the
National Grid, New Zealand nationwide Electrical
Transmission Network. Maintenance on the 13,000
kilometre (26,000 structure) of high voltage transmission line
is carried out by contractors.

In June 2000 the transmission line services division of
Electrix was awarded a three year line maintenance contract
for the Transmission Networks in the Northland/Auckland
Group 1, Waikato/King Country Group 2, Taranaki/Manawatu
Group 4, in the North Island and the Southland Group 1 area
in the South Island.

In addition to line maintenance work performed on both
energised lines using “live line” work methods and on de-
energised lines, Electrix also carries out routine vegetation
control, route access maintenance, engineering management
and six monthly routine line patrols of the line assets.

A total crew of 120 linemen and engineering support crew is
supplemented by casual staff for short term project peaks
where appropriate. Equipment includes conductor-stringing
plant, crane equipped trucks, heavy vehicles, chipper, hot
zincing tower painting equipment, conductor trolleys, 4x4
vehicles for staff transport and four wheel drive gator bikes,
two wheel bikes for line patrol work.

To ensure all work is performed to meet the client’s
exceptionally high standards, Electrix has implemented a
detailed work quality programme and is certified to ISO 9001.
A strong emphasis on training and safety is also maintained      Electrix Limited
with our own health and safety manager and his team              Cnr George Bourke & Mt
frequently monitoring via structured audits Electrix system      Wellington Highway, Mt Wellington
compliance. The company is presently in the process of also      PO Box 1688, Auckland,
being accredited to ASNZS 4801 Quality Standard.
                                                                 New Zealand
                                                                 Phone: +64-9-270 1700
                                                                 Fax: +64-9-270 1707
                                                                 Email: info@electrix.co.nz

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