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					Starcraft&Metroid Campaign Setting:
History in brief (can be found on
Late twenty-first century Earth crafted a huge warp ship to house criminals and send them to explore the
Koprulu sector of the galaxy due to overpopulation of Earth. Upon reaching habitable worlds in the Koprulu
sector, factions formed and people built new lives. Eventually, an interplanetary government called the
Confederation of Planets emerged and brought an uneasy peace to the war-torn Terran peoples. The
Confederacy was known for shadowy operations, including the development of psionicly adept humans, who
were placed in the Confederate Ghost program. Years passed, and freakish new xenomorphs began to arise.
Before, the life on Koprulun worlds had been similar to dangerous animals on Earth, with climatic variations
across the spectrum of biological and morphological imagination. These new xenomorphs attacked with a
ferocity and rapacity unknown to Terran wranglers. The Confederacy lost border colonies on Cordonis to the
xenomorphs. Some survivors under the watch of Jim Raynor escaped the infested planet, only to be placed
under arrest for destroying a building that had previously been owned by the Confederacy, but was then infested
as well by the xenomorphs. Raynor joined ranks with Arcturus Mengsk, who sought to wrest control of the
border worlds from the Confederacy, and after a campaign of espionage and all out war, did so.
The Confederacy had been using psi emitters to lure the xenomorphs onto planets, thinking to use them as a
weapon. The psi emitter became Mengsk’s weapon, however, shortly before the Confederacy fell. Mengsk lost
his second in command (Sarah Kerrigan) to the xenomorphs, now identified as the Zerg.
Sarah Kerrigan met the Overmind, a titanic writing mass of mysterious synapses that regulated Zerg activity.
The Overmind warped her physiology and dominated her mind, augmenting her existing psionic powers as a
mere test of his own ability to craft biology in his image. Kerrigan became a mighty lieutenant of the Overmind,
and led an attack on the Protoss homeworld of Aiur, so as to establish a new foundation for the Overmind there.
The Overmind sought to bind the Zerg hive mind with Protoss physiology in the maniacal hope of perfecting
Zerg form.
Admiral Tassidar had led a fleet of Protoss sweepers to remove Zerg presence from planets. Tassidar relented
upon planets that showed signs of non-Zerg sentient life: thus sparing millions of Terran lives. For this mercy,
the Adjudicators, under Aldaris, stripped Tassidar of his station and imprisoned him to await trial. A mysterious
figure emerged to release Tassidar. His name was Zeratul, and he belonged to a long-banished sect of the
Templar caste known as the Dark Templar.
Tassidar discovered that the Dark Templar’s warp energies could vanquish Zerg cerebrates. Other means of
destroying cerebrates only served to make them reincarnate elsewhere.
Tassidar and Raynor joined forces to launch an assault on the Overmind on Aiur, where Tassidar finally
charged the hull of his ship, the Gantrithor, with warp energies, and collided with the Overmind, destroying him
and sending the Zerg warrior broods into disarray.
Once freed from the control of the Overmind, Kerrigan sought to bring the disparate broods under her control,
and found an enemy in the United Earth Directorate.
The UED, under the command of admiral DuGalle came all the way from Earth to the Koprulu sector to
establish authority over Terran factions and prevent the threat of the Zerg from spreading to Earth. In fact, the
aim of the UED was to enslave the now reforming Overmind and use the Zerg as a powerful weapon against
threats to humanity, much as the Confederacy had attempted before. Where the Confederacy failed, the UED
succeeded: the Overmind developed with direction from UED medics into the slave of Admiral DuGalle,
complete with control over three broods of Zerg warriors.
Before the enslaved Overmind could bend control of the remaining broods, Kerrigan formed an alliance with
the shattered Protoss and Terran fleets, and declared war on the UED. Zeratul joined Artanis in rallying Protoss
forces. Jim Raynor and Fenix, now in a dragoon shell stood at the front of a contingent of Terrans. Arcturus
Mengsk was deposed and imprisoned by the UED.
Raszagal, the Matriarch of the Dark Templar on Shakuras agreed to house those Protoss who had fled Aiur
when the Zerg struck. Zeratul followed Raszagal's direction to aid Kerrigan in destroying the new Overmind, as
Dark Templar energies would be needed to accomplish the feat. Adjudicator Aldaris scoffed at the idea of
helping Kerrigan at all, and dissected his ranks from the Prelate Zeratul's. After a reckoning, Zeratul fought and
killed Aldaris, and reunited the Protoss forces, then used an ancient Xel'Naga temple and the Uraj and Khalis
crystals to cleanse Shakuras of the Zerg threat. Then marching on the Overmind, Kerrigan, Raynor, Fenix, and
Zeratul vanquished the Overmind cocoon. Kerrigan, no longer needing her allies, betrayed Raynor, Fenix, and
Zeratul, stopped the Protoss on Shakuras from flight, witnessed Zeratul murder Raszagal rather than watch her
remain under Kerrigan's control, and revealed Samir Duran as her spy in the UED ranks. The UED still
possessed a powerful psi disruptor device, which prevented Zerg from landing on many UED planets without
falling unconscious before crumpling and dying.
In a final decisive battle, Kerrigan met contingents of Arcturus Mengsk's fleets, the remnants of the UED, and a
band under Artanis of Protoss warriors. Battle took place on an orbital platform above Char, and in the end,
Kerrigan stood victorious.
Artanis fled with his warrior in search of Zeratul and the remaining Protoss, who have been missing since.
Jim Raynor turned his back on the sector, with the promise of one day killing Kerrigan.
Arcturus Mengsk re-established himself as emperor of Terran space in Koprulu.
Kerrigan licked her wounds, the majority of Zerg forces broken or scattered, Duran missing, and three of her
cerebrates at large. She then sent a small cluster to attack the fleeing UED, ultimately destroying DuGalle's
capital ship, and watching as the UED went back to Earth.
The Jroel Sector:
Thousands of years before the age of man in the Terran sector, a sentient race of avians known as the Chozo
explored space, developed technologies, and studied the natural order. A group of prophets among the Chozo,
long lauded for their history of social benefit and aid to explorers predicted the coming of a great darkness: The
Great Poison will spread across Tallon, the Chozo will fall from Zebes before the army of Terror, and the spirit
of the Chozo shall retreat into statuary and obscurity. Fearful of the meaning of this prophecy, Chozo scientists
asked how they could prepare for the coming darkness, and were told to develop weapons of virtue using the
natural order, and to watch for an adopted daughter who would come on a burning star.
Samus Aran was four years old when her father traveled across the galaxy with the UED to make war on the
Koprulu sector. A flighty and loving child, she stowed away on one of the UED capital ships, and found her
father, a dropship pilot, among the ranks of DuGalle's forces. Furious, her father pleaded with his commanding
officers to be allowed on a private mission to get Samus back to Earth where she belonged. Dolf Aran's
superiors refused, and threatened him with discharge if they found Samus in the way of operations at all. Samus
then lived as sidekick for her father, watching marines and tanks dropped into the field with speed, or ported
across the heavens by Dolf's steady hands. When the UED fled the sector, Dolf's ship was separated from the
group and chased by Zerg flyers. Knowing that his ship was soon to be destroyed, Dolf loaded Samus into a
drop-pod and desperately worked to re-configure the mechanism before sending his daughter into space. Dolf
finished his modifications with a prayer that his memory of warp systems was good, and dropped Samus from
the vessel, shunting her form across the sector.
Samus awoke, hurt, in a lush meadow. Mysterious looking insects flitted about playfully, and a bright sun shone
overhead. The wreckage of her pod: a Terran infantry suit, was nearby in a heap. Samus had been warped across
the sector and beyond, coming to the Jroel sector on a planet known as Zebes.
The Chozo who found Samus took her battered body to their doctors, who were unfamiliar with human
anatomy, but wonderful students of morphological systems in general. The damage that warp travel had caused
to the little girl was severe, and to treat Samus, the doctors replaced some of her genetic structure with Chozo
DNA. A scientist named T’thoth adopted Samus and raised her in the ways of natural study that he Chozo so
cherished. Samus asked often about the affairs of Earth, and while none knew a way to travel there, T’thoth
suggested that she become a pilot, both to honor her father and to travel the stars. Indeed Samus did become a
pilot, and traveled the cosmos free of worry for long, happy days.
Disaster found the peaceful and cavernous planet Zebes in the form of an unholy army. A massive contingent of
Pathomorphs descended on the planet, calling themselves “Space Pirates,” and brought with them legions of
monstrous life forms, including the monstrous intelligence known as “mother brain.”
Samus returned to an anchor point nearby Zebes, and found there a message from T’thoth. The Chozo had
fallen, as had been prophesied, and Samus was the only living aspect of their race left in the universe, human
though she be. Samus was panicked and crushed; she fled the sector using a semi-stable rift she had discovered
and been warned about before.
No risk too small, now. The second set of parents she had lost. Samus found the Koprulu sector once more.
Galactic civilization was still threatened, but alive, and Samus became a bounty hunter, using powerful tools
unknown to Terrans.
A small group of research scientists on an orbital platform above Chau Sara hired Samus to patrol the area,
thinking an official guard squadron would be too obvious. Indeed the researchers did grab the attention of
mighty opponents to their progress. The Space Pirates had found their way to the Koprulu sector, at least in a
small group, bent on stealing the scientist’s findings. The scientists, known as former Confederate lab Delta-
Theta, would be the precursors of Biologic Space Ltd, an influential company in two sectors of space. The
Pirates made off with much of the materials of the experiments, and murdered five of the scientists. Delta-Theta
paid Samus to travel to Zebes and recapture the equipment if possible. Finding courage to face down the
occupiers, Samus traveled to her second home. Samus’ arrival was unexpected, and the surprise profound:
Mother Brain, and her guardians Kraid and Ridley fell before her increasing might, thanks in part to the gifts
left behind by the Chozo on Zebes. As she left the planet, Samus was attacked in orbit-sequence by space pirate
ships, and crash landed on the planet, her suit damaged beyond use. Samus snuck onto the pathomorph ship
with only her jumpsuit and a stun pistol, and discovered that the space pirates were excavating yet more of the
Chozo ruins, wherein lay a room-sized holoporter. Samus received an upgraded battle suit, vanquished the
pirates, and left the planet.
Soon after, the Terran Federation commissioned Samus to destroy the threat of metroids found on SR-388, a
remote planet in the Terran sector, near a far border of Koprulu space. After doing so, Samus discovered a
newly hatched metroid that behaved differently than the others. She captured it, and took it to an orbital station
in the Ceres system: the TFSci labs Ceres Station.
In three days, Samus followed a distress beacon activated at Ceres Station, and found the lab’s environment
compromised, the scientists dead, and the experiments missing: including the unusual metroid. Samus followed
a space pirate signature from the labs all the way back to Zebes, where once more the Mother Brain had
established a base. This time, Phantoon and Draygon joined ranks with Mother Brain, and by deafeating all four
guardians, Samus was able to free her way to the pits of Zebes in the country called Tourian, where the baby
metroid rested. To her horror, Samus discovered that the unusual metroid had swelled to monstrous size while
still in alpha form. It attacked her overwhelmingly, but relented before killing her. Samus recovered, and took
the battle to Mother Brain.
Mother Brain showed a new form, this time a towering Cyclops of super-scientific might. Samus fought past
various explosive and wave-emitted attacks, likely developed from copying similar Chozo technologies, when
Mother Brain released her ace: a stunning and locked-on psionic blast abjured in a pulsing rainbow of flashing
light. The hyper-beam, thought to be too dangerous for use, was now apparently the plaything of the monstrous
Mother Brain. Before delivering the finishing blow, the baby metroid swooped upon its former master,
shielding Samus from the blast, and absorbing the hyper-beam energy to boot. Then it covered Samus once
more, and demonstrated that the life-draining process can be run in reverse, rejuvenating her suit and all.
Mother Brain retaliated against and killed the baby metroid, allowing Samus time to regroup and launch a salvo
of righteous fury against the Mother Brain in the form of her own hyper-beam.
With her dying breath, Mother Brain set the self-destruct mechanism spread all over Tourian. Samus escaped,
sending also a group of Eticoons and Dhachoras off in an escape craft.
Recently, Samus has been commissioned by BSL to escort a supply ship through space near SR-388. Shortly
after her arrival, status reports stopped coming from the BSL orbital station, and Biologic Space Ltd. suspects
that their station has been destroyed.
Jim Raynor now serves BSL as military liaison.
Random Surnames, Alphabetized.
Terrans:           Protoss:       Luminoth:   Chozo:           Pathomorphs:
Barton             B’auin         B-oum       Boreos           Brolmar
Berrit             Berritor       B-stl       Blanchet         Borbor
Blitherton         Banity         B-mos       Bortoth          Btak
Bast               Buresh         B-tep       Byrbonner        Beltthak
Chainer            Collandat      C-psy       Chzion           Cruyab
Calamity           Cremin         C-ccl       Czarnoth         Cbushk
Corona             C’laston       C-tyl       Cormorran        Cabarshk
Classico           Castor         C-upr       Cypreleth        Cpoptor
Dandon             Duras          D-hwn       Diorrent         Drelnary
Dreft              Damnamon       D-yuw       Dobmonathon      Dearth
Doppler            Draygon        D-rst       Depeld           Dyon
Dumas              D’aiu          D-ans       Dahnalet         Dgetch
French             Fortus         F-bhg       Fortroth         Felgor
Forebald           Fredon         F-yto       Fabyrent         Freapsi
Fenny              Fyandaj        F-wsk       Fkakkalak        Fyoden
Fifeton            Fogoth         F-ocl       Fwuun            Faer
Groalsh            Grammon        G-ygn       Gobmonnetron     Ggolop
Getty              Gorolaj        G-nrg       Gmeth            Ggarggarensis
Grimes             Gamus          G-tpw       Garistoth        Ggyioplex
Guessal            G’t-stunos     G-fmo       Gyoung           Gplexicor
Hobart             Hobar          H-ddk       Horm             Hexanatron
Helix              Hellfire       H-rfi       Hepset           Hivolch
Height             Homer          H-vmo       Harpaion         Hopth
Hollandaise        Hreldar        H-mos       Hyenthresh       Hroggattach
Jupiter            Jassadar       J-rok       Jobolon          Jattackmonger
Johansson          Jonimoth       J-ron       Jreomon          Jick
Jep                Jermanus       J-yai       Jabytet          Ji
Jamme              Jocoth         J-wen       J’theth          Joluoo
Killwater          Khalian        K-tep       K’thth           Kriptarg
Kobayashi          Khabast        K-nxn       Kymormonol       Karj
Kleptocracy        Kerlos         K-vap       Kahgstsh         Kappeterf
Knomes             Kabadothar     K-asp       Kshaio           Kfreck
Limabeanhouse      Loumeri        L-lop       Larmon           Lorgjor
Lordaron           Lsentos        L-llm       Lepteth          Larrycinth
Layer              Lanthanasius   L-lin       Luyiun           Laor
Lest               Lucas          L-hys       Larend           Luloch
Minerva            Myrnos         M-mas       Magmetheridian   Moch
Moyer              Midian         M-tri       Meptesh          Mrechjes
Mike-Mason         Metriton       M-dpf       Millimillimon    Munman
Matsu              Morviron       M-dpu       Morkroth         Mfrep
Neverron           Nebelestaj     N-lun       Nyun             Nerg
Newness            Naj            N-lcu       Noiloiyon        Noggothon
Nmark              Naervinon      N-yza       Nabberet         Nachattackmonger
Nestle             Noninuros      N-ret       N’mohoth         Nwilfen
Proffer            Provus         P-tep       Pkakkfak         Penforge
Pestbester         Portalesh      P-plp       Puipon           Pfyiopn
Pariah             Prealatolsh    P-tru       Pteth            Ppogg
Pzissweischter     P’Auinon       P-gvo       Pamontiu         Pardicynth
Demolitions: An exclusive class skill; allows the creation of explosive devices in different modes. In general, an
“event” cannot be added to by simply adding more charges, thus, the listed damage is near absolute.
(device)                 (rank req) (DC to craft)      (effect)
Thermal Greneade*        1           15                2d6 fire range inc 20ft./15ft. rad.
Fragmentation Grenade* 1             16                2d6 exp range inc 10ft./10ft. rad.
Thermal Charge           1           20                *a component
Fragmentation Charge     1           20                *a component
Rocket Ammunition        2           16                -listed for device-
RPG*                     3           16                -add +2 damage to rocket-
Remote detonator         4           19                Used to activate some charges
Package charge/planted 4             17                5d4exp 1d4fire/10ft. rad.
SPB Grenade              5           20                1d6sonic 1d6fire 1d6poison range inc 20ft./5ft. rad.
Spider Mine*             5           27                Seeks target, requires robot 10d10exp/5ft. rad.
Sticky Mine*             6           18                Needs remote, 3d6exp range inc 10ft. or planted/10ft. rad.
Shock Grenade*           6           18                2d6elec range inc 20ft./5ft. rad.
Timed Sticky Mine        7           18                As above, does not need remote.
Directed Frag Mine*      7           19                2d6b, planted/30ft. cone.
Tripwire beam            7           19                Replaces a remote or timer
Thermite Plasma          7           24                2d6fire every round for 10 rounds, planted.
Flashbang Grenade*       8           17                Inflicts Blindness and Deafness range inc 20ft./20ft. rad.
Flashbang Charge         8           22                *a component
Psionic Gravity Mine* 8              25                Special damage 60ft. rad.
Psi Charge               8           26                *a component
Grav Charge              8           26                *a component

The psionic gravity mine emits a destructive ribbon of gravitons in all directions. The blast affects a cutting of
the surrounding materials. Duck. Biological targets and some others make Will save DC(Dem level+Ranks in
Demo+10) or be knocked out for 1d4 rounds.

To roll for Vespene equivalent cost for components, use the following formula:
V = #compnents * (100-d%) and season to taste.

Planets in the Koprulu Sector:
Chau Sara: Desert world, remote colony. Under control of local democracy. Communes with the LoW, League
of Worlds.
Mar Sara: Terran norm, remote. Under control of Confederate splinter. Communes with the LoW.
Korhal: Desert wasteland, irradiated hotbed of conflict. Under control of Dictator Arcturus Mengsk. Objects to
LoW authority over the sector. Scantid home.
Char: Volcanic mineral rich world. Home of original overmind. Under control of UED splinter: CONE.
Commonwealth of the New Earth.
Moria: Large Terran norm mineral rich. Mining concerns and enterprise have kept Moria neutral. Under control
of local democracy. Ignores most LoW decisions.
Antiga Prime: Terran norm border colony. Under control of Dictator Arcturus Mengsk. Archaeological interest.
Braxis: Icy moon world. Home of the Ursadon. Archaeological interest. Also called “Kyrador.” Few colonists.
Dylar IV: Terran habitable world of the Dylar system. Under control of local democracy. Houses meeting hall
of LoW on an orbital platform. Other system planets uninhabitable but resourceful.
New Trinidad: Tropical planet. A resort world. Under control of local crazyman. Multiaxial rotation causes
year-round temperate climate, and has a country-sized region of constant sunset.
Tarsonis: Large temperate planet. Home of BSL. Under control of CONE. Communes with LoW.
Umoja: Terran norm. Initial crash site of the Terran settlers. Many climates and cultures. Communes with LoW.
Brontes: Unusually dark tropical planet. Under control of local democracy. Communes with LoW.
Tyrador IX: Habitable world of the system. Closest to Jroel sector of LoW planets.
Planets in the Jroel Sector:
SR-388: Many climates. Postulated home planet of the Metroid scourge. Few inhabitants, mostly Eticoons.
Zebes: Deep cavernous planet. Many climates. Once and again Chozo home planet. Also called Zebeth.
Tallon IV: Tropical planet. Archaeological interest. Now bustling hub of inter-racial commerce and
Tallon V: Unusually dark Terran norm. Byunei establishment and private banking and storage center.
Æther: Unusually plain climate. Luminoth homeworld. Outer anchor point. Curious psionic energy center.

In addition to the economic rates, expect changers to rob you of about 10% of your transfer fee anyway.
Tarsonan Marks = 0.788V
Morian Dollars = 0.859V
Leaguers = 0.669V
Tallon Tabs = 0.756V
Antigan Dollars = 0.468V
Trinidad Pesos = 0.555V
Antigan Pesos = 0.109V
Antigan Marks = 0.449V
Antigan Credits = 0.398V
Antigan Euros = 0.508V
Mengkys = 0.100V

Skirmish: In a fight, a sneaker knows how to move and posture to greater effect than posting. To use this, a
sneaker must be flanking an opponent, or must have moved at least 20ft. in the same round.
1st level +2AC +1d6damage
4th level +2AC +2d6damage +2AB
7th level +2AC +3d6damage +4AB
10th level +2AC +4d6damage +6AB and so on.
[note: there have been other publishings of the “Skirmish” class ability with different numbers. Use this one]

Favored Ally: While acting under the orders from a chosen company or cause, the puller gains +1 policy bonus
to attack, damage, diplomacy, policy, bluff, sense motive, spot, and listen. Must succeed at a policy roll in order
to apply this bonus under certain circumstances. Proceeds like favored enemy. Call In: Any puller at all has a
wide circle of acquaintance, and will have need of favors from them. Roll d20 + Cha bonus + puller level
against a DC the DM sets to call in a specific favor from a specific party. While a favor may be almost
anything, typical favors include:
Supplying Information             DC10
lending money                     DC11
donating money                    DC13
sending support troops            DC14
sending special ops troops        DC18
joining a siege                   DC20
providing quarters                DC12
providing safe haven              DC16

Policy Bonus = Prof. + Cha. + Misc.
Recon Bonus = Prof. + Int. + Misc.
The professions and their policy and recon rates, as per slow/fast saving throw progression.
Marine pslow rfast, Firebat pslow rfast, Ghost pslow rfast, Medic pfast rslow, SCV pslow rslow, Zealot pslow
rfast, Templar pfast rslow, Bounty Hunter pfast rfast.