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May 09 Newsletter


May 09 Newsletter

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									                     from Captain Jim                                                               Vol. 9 2009

WELCOME to the Vision and Learning Institute Newsletter!
In this edition we have included several interesting topics for adults and children.
The Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS) article and the Spelling Program.

Traditionally CVS has been discussed in the context of adults as there is a
correlation between the time spent on the computer and the impact of CVS. It is
now obvious that more of us are subjected to computers at the work place, home
and school. For the children it is now more likely that they spend sometime
everyday watching a screen, playing a game, texting or using social networking.
So it is important that we all ensure that our visual systems are up to the tasks for
all age groups! You can read more about Computer Vision Syndrome on page 3.                Contents
The revised Spelling Program has long been one of our most successful
programs for children 8 yrs and older. Many young adults and workers can also
                                                                                        Welcome             1
benefit from these programs. So if you want to trust yourself and not use the spell
check on your computer and phone, then why not consider booking yourself in             New Technology      1
for a program. A full assessment of your visual profile and a Dyslexia
Determination Test (DDT) is all that is required to identify your suitability. For
more information about the DDT and the Spelling Program please refer to page            DDT Test            2

We would also like to acknowledge and welcome our new Vision and Learning               Spelling Progress 2
Institute families from Naracoorte. Naracoorte Primary School have been using           Program
the Screening Test on their students and will be screening all reception students
in the future. They have had a lot of success in identifying children with Vision
difficulties and we have been able to provide these children with complete Visual
Solutions. We will also be holding seminars in Broken Hill and the Yorke
                                                                                        Product             3
Peninsula in the coming months. If you would like to get your school involved, we       Update - Zaditen
hold 3 FREE seminars every term and you can read more about this on page 3.
                                                                                        Computer Vision     3
We look forward to seeing you again soon!
Yours Sincerely,
                                                                                        Teacher’s           3
Jim Kenefick                                                                            Seminar
                                                                                        Kids Corner         4
Jim Kenefick B Optom FACBO
                                                                                        Contact Details     4
NEW Technology!!!
Eye Movement Recording Equipment
We have recently purchased new equipment
that will categorise the eye movements quality
for reading tasks. The test involves wearing
special goggles and the software will analyze
the eye movements during simple reading
tasks. You may qualify for a benefit (first 100
clients to book in) will get 35% discount.
We will be adding this to our initial testing for all
children over 7 yrs of age.
Dyslexia Determination Test
Dyslexia is a term used to describe most types of learning problems. However this is not how Dyslexia is viewed by
everyone. At the Vision and Learning Institute, we primarily view these symptoms as “Visual Issues” rather than
“Dyslexia Issues” and therefore aim to take a practical approach to treating the Visual Dyslexia symptoms by initially
addressing the visual aspects of literacy skills, that is the ‘physical’ or ‘mechanical’ visual skills.

Developed by Griffen and Walton, the Dyslexia Determination Test (DDT) is used to investigate specific aspects of
language problems relating to reading, writing and spelling. The tests are designed to screen some of the more
important sub components of Dyslexia. For older children and adults, we find that the DDT provides a good overview
of their individual learning style and relative strengths and weaknesses. The results will indicate the type of therapy
or assistance that will help overcome the difficulties. The test is conducted by one of our Vision Therapists and takes
approximately 45 minutes at a small cost of $70. The results will sometimes indicate very clearly that a full
Psychometric Assessment is necessary to fully investigate the dyslexia and we will be happy to arrange an
appropriate referral.

Two of the exciting options we have developed and recently refined are the Spelling Program and the 20 Week
Developmental Learning Program. These are two great options when the DDT indicates relative weakness in the
Visual Skills and Visual Processing areas of the tests.

So if you have concerns on your child's progress, or if there are areas of their work that they are still struggling with
then contact our office and enquire about the DDT test or one of our programs.

Updated Spelling Progress Program
         Is your child reading better but still having
                        spelling problems?...
                Then we may have the answer!
Updated programs to assist spelling are NOW AVAILABLE!

Spelling problems are complex to solve. There are many components to
spelling, for example:
Component:                         What Is Needed:                         Who Can Help:
Word Recognition                 - Visual memory                           Vision and Learning Institute
Word Decoding / Encoding         - Sequential Processing                   Speech Therapy and Tutoring
                                   & Language Development
Spelling Rules                   - Educational Input                       Teaching & Tutoring
Visualisation                    - Visual Skill                            Vision and Learning Institute

By 8 years of age most children have had sufficient educational input to be able to spell. The
developmental and language experience is usually set (except of course for children who have English as
a second language). The Visualisation approach can dramatically assist children who have had typically
development and input yet still struggle. We have found clinically that our program is most effective for
children 8 years and over. For younger children, more developmental and sequencing skills are required.
This is best addressed with one of our specifically tailored 20 week programs and may also require
Educational tutoring and Speech Language programs.

Our Spelling Progress Program is designed for children that can spell but have a lot of difficulty
progressing their spelling level. Typically teachers and parents are concerned with the child's
inconsistencies with their spelling. For example the child can manage to get most spelling words right for a
test but seem to resort to phonetically spelling the words less than a week later. Often these children have
good sight words and therefore can read ok, but their spelling level is well below their reading level.

If this sounds like your child then we encourage you to take part in the Spelling Progress Program.
Contact the Vision and Learning Institute on 8344 3338 for more information!

Page 2
Computer Vision Syndrome
Do you get headaches or eyestrain from
staring at your computer monitor? At the
end of a long day in front of your                    Zaditen, a fast and long acting allergy eye
computer screen, is it difficult to focus             drop is now available over the counter!
on distant objects?                                   Zaditen is a triple action
You may be suffering from Computer                    anti-allergy eye drop that is now
                                                      available without prescription.
Vision Syndrome (CVS)
Computer Vision Syndrome is a serious                 Zaditen relieves symptoms in
problem for millions of people who spend              minutes, last up to 12 hours and
hours in front of a computer every day. Aside         is suitable for children three
from the physical discomforts you may                 years and older. For seasonal
experience, CVS can have a lasting effect on          allergic conjunctivitis there’s no
your vision.                                          drama, just a quick solution.
The key components of CVS have been
identified as reduced blinking leading to dry         Zaditen is also available in a
eyes and difficulty maintaining focus on the          preservative-free single dose
computer screen. At the Vision and Learning           units. Come in and try a free
Institute we have identified other important          sample!
factors and have at least 4 treatment options
for CVS.
Our     assessment s        include caref ul
consideration of how your eyes actually aim
and focus together for screen based tasks.
The size of the screen, the distance you are
seated from the screen and what you are
looking at on the screen (text, tables, graphics
ect), are all important factors. Your tear film is
also evaluated and recommendations for
                                                         Understanding the Vision and Learning
appropriate lubrication (eye drops) can be
                                                                 Connection Seminar
individually calculated and prescribed.
The most important factors we will consider          Did you know that we offer 3
are as follows:                                      FREE seminar talks every
1.    Distance from screen                           school term for school
2.    Type of screen                                 teachers?
3.    Angle of view
4.    Type of task                                   This school term we will be
5.    Duration of task                               visiting Broken Hill, followed
6.    Current prescription                           by the Yorke Peninsula in the near future!
7.    Eye coordination skills
8.    Focusing ability                               There are still opportunities available for the
From the above considerations we will                second half of 2009. This is a great opportunity
determine the most appropriate treatment             to get your school involved and aware about
option for you. Which may be one of the              the connection between Vision and Learning.
1.    Specific computer glasses                      Please email
2.    Eye drops
3.    Exercises
4.    Ergonomic recommendations                      or call 8344 3338 to find out more information
                                                     on arranging a seminar at your school.
If you have symptoms of CVS, and would like
a complete Visual Solution, then phone us to
make an appointment.

                                                                                                    Page 3
Captain Jims Kids Corner
                                           Can you find the FIVE
                                           differences in the two
                                           pictures below?

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