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									                   SPACE….                 Len Blank
Space like the breath always exists in the moment.

It recognizes no past or future, right or wrong, love or fear.

It remains steadfast in the present.

What we bring to the space creates all of that and more

Including conflict, pain and suffering,

Happiness, joy, peace and contentment.

So, in any space we occupy

Notice where all of what we perceive originates.

If not in the space, it must be what we bring to it,

Which it is through our thoughts and stories.

That fill up the space inside us

To draw our attention.

The space serves as a mirror

For us to reflect upon what is real,

And what is real is what we experience now.

The rest is made up

To suit our beliefs, behaviors, history and conditioning.

Have you met the space you’re in lately in this Now?

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