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Many celebrations NHCA Call Wellness Wishes by lindash


Many celebrations NHCA Call Wellness Wishes

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									                                                                                                                                  Volume 11, December 2007

Many celebrations                                                                                                         this
Congratulations to Jeffrey & Debra Selwood from Quantum Knowledge Pty Ltd in Queensland for
their recent promotion to Royal Emerald Director! Part of their hard work and dedication to The AIM
CompaniesTM comes in the form of providing a celebratory dinner and a night’s accommodation for those
in their downline who promote to Director level in AIM’s Ladder of OpportunityTM. Pictured below are two
recent Director’s Dinners. On the left is the October celebration with Carol Pearce and Danny Law who
                                                                                                                     Many Celebrations
stayed at the Marriott Surfers Paradise, enjoying a Malaysian meal and dessert on the Observation Deck
of Q1 in Surfers, the 78 storey high-rise in the Gold Coast (currently the world’s tallest residential high-rise).                 NHCA Call
The photo on the right shows new Directors Deborah Kerr and Ray Crowe being rewarded for their efforts
at an exclusively catered dinner at Ed (also pictured) and Paul Bernard’s Bed & Breakfast located in the                    Wellness Wishes
Gold Coast hinterland.
                                                                                                                                   Items to Note


                                                                                                                                     High Achievers


                           5.00pm Thursday 13 December

NHCA Call                                                                  Wellness Wishes
                                 Items to Note:
Four years ago, after the Pan recall, the National Health Care
Alliance (NHCA) was formed with the vision of uniting the
                                                                           O’oh! Those bells can only mean one thing. It’s that
                                                                           time of the year again when the jolly old man in
complementary healthcare profession with one independent,                  the red suit takes flight!
democratically elected group that were aligned with the needs              On behalf of all of our team (Carol, Denise,
and wants of the greater group, and had the respect and
                                                                           Mark, Melinda, Sandi and Tina) we’d like to wish
attention of the Government.
                                                                           you greetings for the season and a bright and
The people who have held the voluntary positions on the                    prosperous New Year in 2008!
Steering Committee of the NHCA have done so voluntarily until
now, however have to move on. Therefore it’s time for a new                                             The AIM Australia office
committee to be formed and step up to the plate and bring                                               will close on Friday 21st
the NHCA back into focus. The NHCA needs the entire industry                                            December at 5pm.
on board 100% now! The colleges, academics, researchers,                                                If you have not placed your monthly
manufacturers, retailers, practitioners, and most of all, YOU,                                          qualifying order by that date and
the public, who deserve to have choices in their health care.                                           time, you will need to make phone
If you believe it’s time to wake up then we suggest you visit                                           contact with AIM International and take the time to complete their NEW                                                  in the US on phone
survey, and register your details and intentions to support at all                                      00 111 208 463 2142
levels by making either a commitment to join the NHCA or make                                           and ask to be put through
a small donation to keep this fantastic cause alive and kicking!                                        to International Services
The NHCA are looking for individuals who are independent                                                or Eric Henschied.
people who are willing to make a difference at the more
strategic and national level.

 Items to Note
 2008 efficiencies – due to the increase in freight                Xmas Office Closure – the AIM Australia
 costs, effective the 1st February 2008, postage will              office will close at 5pm on Friday 21st
 increase to $7.00 per order. The reverse side of the              December this year and will reopen for
 January edition of AIM News will contain an updated               business on Wednesday 3rd January 2007.
 version of the Order Form. Excluded will be Melbourne             Orders taken on Tuesday 2nd January will
 metropolitan Members who have subsidised other orders             be processed once the 2006 end-of-
 for many years now. They will receive free postage.               year stock count has taken place.
                                    DECEMBER PROMOTION
               During the month of December we have 48 Real Good Food Organic Chocolate
               Street Mix packs to give away. The perfect accompaniment for the festive season!
               Each pack contains 200gm of organic sultanas, organic almonds, organic chocolate,
               organic sunflower kernels and pumpkin seed kernels and has a RRP of $8.95.
               This is a gluten free product. To be in the running to win one of these packs simply
               purchase one (1) AIM BarleyLife® and one (1) AIM FloraFoodTM in your December
               order. This can be either a BarleyLife® 300gm powder; an AIM BarleyLife® No Kelp
               powder or an AIM BarleyLife® Xpress pack.

Member Promotions                                                                High Achievers
Below is a list of Members who promoted up AIM’s Ladder of                       The top point earners for October 2007 are listed below:
OpportunityTM during October. Well done to you all!

 Promotion               Member Names                                            Top Sponsor
 Royal Emerald           Quantum Knowledge Pty Ltd                               1. Antaris Health – 66
 Director                (Jeffrey & Debra Selwood)                               2. Michael & Penelope Hynes – 50
                                                                                 3. Jeff Brown – 49
 Director                Jeff Brown; Dalby Health Foods;
                         Susan Chinn; Robert Ferguson & Diane
                                                                                 4. Robert Ferguson & Diane Sutton – 47
                         Sutton; Desrae Thompson                                 5. Dalby Health Foods – 41
                                                                                 6. Graeme & Angela McIntyre – 32
 Associate Director      Cassie Prime; Simply Divine Lifestyle;                  7. Annika Summergreene – 23
                         Bruce & Tania Hamilton                                  8. Simply Divine Lifestyle; John Gaydon – 21
                         Gosia Wyszynski
                                                                                 9. Colleen & Bernie Bierhoff – 20
 Group Builder
                                                                                 10. Kerrie & Grant Swain – 18
 Product Consultant      Meredith & Len Caruana; Colleen &                       11. Rebecca & Glen Scaysbrook – 16
                         Bernie Bierhoff; Sedikwe Magano;                        12. Cassie Prime; Ela Gold – 14
                         Pelton Investments Pty Ltd; Sally Green;                13. Carol Pearce – 12
                         Dianna Julia; Annika Summergreene;                      14. Pan Harmony International – 11
                         Mae-Rose O’Connell; Caroline Fisher
                                                                                 15. Quantum Knowledge Pty Ltd – 10
 Preferred Member        Rebecca Dolan; Beth Kerr; Rose Farina;                  16. Laura Magann; Dianna Julia – 9
                         Cath Timms; Refiloe Magano; Patricia Green;             17. Ernie Sugrue – 8
                         Emily Nona; Jan Saxon; Alana Manion; Fiona              18. Meredith & Len Caruana; Jennifer Fugler – 7
                         & Michael Dunstan; Shirley Webb; Michael                19. Judith & Lachlan MacLean; Kate Riedel; Nikola Wilkie;
                         Cornwall & Melissa Young; Stephanie Dallwitz;               Silverbrook Australia; Sharyn Benden – 5
                         Frieda Hoogkamp; Ernie Sugrue; Quality
                                                                                 20. Raymond Wild; Brent & Rebecca King; Louis & Shannon
                         Discount Vitamins; Alison Wright
                                                                                     Eder; Gosia Wyszynski; Susan Chinn; Patricia Green – 4

Expo                                                                             Group Volume
Recently many Members have participated at Expos around the                      1. Michael & Penelope Hynes – QLD
country. If you have booked a stand and will be sharing information              2. Quantum Knowledge Pty Ltd – QLD
with the general public about AIM’s products, please contact Melinda             3. Kerrie & Grant Swain – NSW
Lewis for promotional material. Pictured having some fun at the                  4. Antaris Health – QLD
recent Nexus Conference are Red Emerald Directors Debra & Jeffrey
                                                                                 5. Nikola Wilkie – QLD
Selwood with Directors Deborah Kerr and Ray Crowe.
Send us photos from your expos and exhibitions too!                              6. John Gaydon – NSW
                                                                                 7. Graeme & Angela McIntyre – QLD
                                                                                 8. Susan Chinn – NSW
                                                                                 9. Christian Traders – NSW
                                                                                 10. Jeff Brown – SA

                                                                                 Personal Volume
                                                                                 1.   Tania & Bruce Hamilton – QLD
                                                                                 2.   Your Sanctuary Day Spa – NSW
                                                                                 3.   Abraham James – NSW
                                                                                 4.   Dianna Julia – NSW

                                                                         AIM Australia Pty Ltd
                                                                         Unit 6, 137-145 Rooks Rd Nunawading Victoria 3131
                                                                         PO Box 3081 Nunawading Victoria 3131
                            AIM and AIM BarleyLife® are registered       Telephone (03) 9874 8311 Facsimile (03) 9874 7402
                            in the USA and various other countries.      Email

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