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					                                 Hernando County
                                    A Weekly Update from
                                   Hernando County Government

January 15, 2010                                                      County Government
                                                                     Week of January 18th
      County Offices Closed
      Monday, January 18th
                                                                       Next Meeting of the
                                                                         Board of County
Hernando County Government offices will
be closed Monday, January 18, 2010, in
                                                                      Tuesday, January 26
observance of the Martin Luther King, Jr.
                                                                              9:00 a.m.
holiday. The Northwest Hernando County
                                                                        Hernando County
Solid Waste Facility will be open for business; however the east
and west convenience stations are always closed on Mondays.            Government Center
                                                                             Room 160
                                                                           20 N. Main St.
New Board of County Commissioners’ Officers for 2010
                                                                       Brooksville, Florida
            Commissioner John Druzbick, Chairman
          Commissioner Rose Rocco, Vice Chairman                   Tampa Bay Area Regional
         Commissioner Jim Adkins, 2nd Vice Chairman                Transportation Authority
                                                                        Friday, January 22
Public Works Director Employment Terminated
                                                                              9:30 a.m.
Effective at 3:00 p.m. on Thursday, January 14, 2010, Hernando           FDOT, District 7
County’s Engineer/Public Works Director, Charles Mixson, was        11201 N. McKinley Drive
terminated from employment by County Administrator David                Tampa, FL 33612
Hamilton. Reasons cited for termination included recent devel-
opments with the Hernando Beach Channel Dredge Project, the
former DPW Compound Clean-Up Project and other projects, as
well as other performance issues. Ms. Susan Goebel, Staff En-            “Caring for Cold
gineer in the Hernando County Utilities Department was named            Damaged Plants”
Interim Public Works Director.                                       County Extension Service
                                                                      Wednesday, January 20th

           To see the latest County News, visit                       Spring Hill Branch Library
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                                                                        New Driver License And ID
  Haiti Relief Fund—How to Help                                          Requirements Effective
                                                                              Jan. 1, 2010
  Individuals may make monetary donations online at These contributions will go directly into the     Beginning January 1, 2010,
  United Way Worldwide Disaster Relief Fund. You can conven-                new documentation re-
  iently use a credit or debit card to make this donation.               quirements took effect for
  United Way Worldwide                                                   Florida residents wishing
                                                                         to obtain a drivers license
  Haiti Disaster Relief
                                                                             or identification card.
  PO Box 630568                                                          Those wishing to obtain a
  Baltimore, Maryland 21263-0568                                        new license, legally change
  Make your check payable to United Way Worldwide/Haiti Relief Fund
                                                                        their name prior to their re-
                                                                        newal date, or immediately
             Other websites to obtain information for how to help:       replace a lost or stolen li-
                                       cense or ID card are re-
                                                                          quired to visit a driver li-
                                                                            cense office and show
                                                                         proof of: 1) identification,
                                                                         2) Social Security number
                                                                         and 3) residential address
  After the Cold - Check your Irrigation System.                         (two items). Those simply
                                                                          renewing may do so by a
  The Hernando County Utilities Water Conservation Division has           convenience method, via
  advised that with the record setting “cold-snap” we experienced,         the Internet or mail, one
  it will be important for people to do a visual inspection of their    time between office renew-
  irrigation systems.                                                    als. The renewal following
                                                                        a convenience option must
  Turn each irrigation zone on for 5 minutes. Look at each individ-     be in a state driver license
  ual sprinkler head, riser stand and other components. Look for         office (or participating tax
  breaks, leaks, missing parts, and/or misaligned heads. If there       collector office) where new
  are cracks or breaks there should be a noticeable amount of wa-           requirements will be in
  ter spraying in many directions near or around the break(s).
  These must be repaired in order for the irrigation to work prop-                 effect.
  erly and not waste water and money. For more information,
  about checking your irrigation systems, check out the me-               For more information:
  dia release at and click on
  “County News”
 The Quarry Preserve Approved for Next Step
 The Board of County Commissioners voted 3-2 to recommend
 transmittal of The Quarry Preserve Comprehensive Plan Amend-
 ment to the Florida Department of Community Affairs. Developers
 for The Quarry Preserve propose a 4,282 acre Planned Develop-
 ment District on the north side of U.S. 98 and Lake Lindsay Road
 east of C.R. 491. The plan calls for up to 5,800 dwelling units plus
 retail, commercial/industrial, lodging, schools, parks and other fa-

January 15, 2010                             Hernando County News                        Page 2
                    Fiscal Year 2010-2011 Budget

Budget Director George Zoettlein provided the Board of County Commissioners with a
projected outlook for the FY 2010-2011 budget this week. Presently, an estimated
budget shortfall of $4,466,010 is anticipated based on Property Appraiser’s property
value projections and revenues/expenses.

The Board approved a staff recommendation for a new budget process for the FY
2010/11 which consists of service hierarchy tiers which form a pyramid. The tiers rep-
resent core services or mandated services at the bottom; optional core services at the
next level, quality of life services above that and “add-ons” or discretionary sevices at
the top. Each department will prepare their budgets based upon this pyramid model
with each tier having a budgetary cost and a total cost for the department.

                      Interim Medical Director

     The Board appointed Dr. Michael A. LoGuidice as the Interim Medical
     Director for Hernando County Fire Rescue to replace Dr. Robert Black-

              Bid Awarded for City of Brooksville
              Fire Station Expansion/Remodel

    The Board of County Commissioners awarded the bid for the City of Brooks-
    ville Fire Station Expansion/Remodel project to Scott Nicoletti Homes, Inc., in
    the amount of $393,904.48. When complete, the City of Brooksville Fire De-
    partment and Hernando County Fire Rescue will co-locate at the facility.

                 Board Sets Eight Priorities for FY

On January 8, 2010, the Board of County Commissioners and Constitutional Officers
met in workshop session to establish priority issues for the current fiscal year. From
approximately 20 issues identified by the Leadership Team, Commissioners and Con-
stitutional Officers, eight issues were listed as being the most critical at this time.
Those issues are: balancing the budget; attract new business/industry and creating
jobs; address poor employee morale; share or consolidate services with City and
School Board; insure safety of employees and citizens and improve communications;
provide more employee training; improve the commercial building permit process and
address the limerock roads/water and sewer infrastructure issues.
                                 Resolution Recognizing Severe Weather
                                   Awareness Week—February 24-30

                                              Thank for your
                                              many years of
                                                service -
                                               Over 90 years

        Resolution Recognizing                                            Resolution Recognizing
        Richard Tincher for 20                                            Roy Powers for 40 years
       years of service to HCFRD                                           of service to HCFRD

                               Resolution Recognizing Danny Roberts for 36
                                        years of service to HCFRD

                   To view the Board of County Commissioners’ January 12 meeting, the agenda
                                        and all supporting documents, visit
                               and click on the folder icon or the video camera icon
                        Watch the meetings live on Bright House Channel 622 or on-line at

                               Weekly Update Prepared by Hernando County
                                          Communications Division
                               Room 464, Hernando Co. Government Center
                                                (352) 540 6780

January 15, 2010                           Hernando County News                               Page 4

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