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					                                               ROLES OF PARENTS By Dr. Naseem Sharieff
                                                              Child’s Learning development
                                                Factors affecting the growth and development of the child

                                                                                                                        19 YRS
                                                                                               13 YRS
                                                                  8 YRS
               NURSING                4 YRS
Age           0YR - 2 YRS

Learns   Family Life          Family Life               Social Life                    Family and Social Life   Self-Identification and    Result of the development
                                                                                                                Experiencing Life
         Basic Instinct       Emotional                 Thinking Development           Comparison               Self Confidence            Practical Life
                              Development                                              Development
         Parents              The child learns by       The society around (any        The child starts         Adolescent would like      Adults behaviors reflect the
                              watching the parents      part of the world)             conclusion of his        to experience what they    "Missing Link" in their
                                                                                       thought for the values   have understood of life    childhood development
                                                                                       of the family and the
         1. Education         Speech/self emotion has   gives a chance for the child   Help him to grow and     They are mostly closed     Everyone has one or more
                              developed in the child    to think about and ask         develop the sense of     for any guidance or        stages empty and the way they
                                                        many questions to the          turning towards the      advice at this stage, it   behave as adult are
                                                        parents                        good values and the      needs special efforts to
         2. Knowledge         A good or bad values of   If questions are not           knowledge of bad         reach to them other than
         3. Cultural Values   the family is absorbed    answered appropriately the     values and how to        Parents. Like Mentor,
         4. Islamic Values    in the child's life       unanswered questions stay      prevent it               Guidance Counselor,
         5. Health,                                     loose in a child to think                               Psycho Therapist etc.
         Physical/Mental                                and conclude for himself.
                                                        Keep communication open
(This is the process of attachment-the work that parents and kids do together to form a deep and lasting relationship to become a family.)

Family Life

       Basic Instinct:

               -   New parents work at knowing, understanding, and loving their babies (Wide topic, needs elaboration)
               -   Signs in a Newborn
               -   Babies work just as much at learning to know, understand, and love their parents (Wide topic, needs elaboration)


               -   Parenting behavior (How do parents learn parenting behavior)
               -   Ways to implement behaviors and be successful


               -   Family values
               -   How to get your children to listen
               -   How to be more consistent
               -   How to get your children to behave without getting angry
               -   How to use incentives without bribing
               -   How to use punishments that teach
               -   How to punish your children without feeling punished yourself
               -   How to correct your children without arguments and power struggles
               -   How to handle teasing and tantrums


       Cultural Values:

               -   Beliefs, objects, conditions, characteristics etc.
                   Identifying the importance of the objects, conditions, or characteristics that the group or societies considered valuable
               -   Groups, Societies

       Islamic Values:
      I.      Islamic Values

              Necessities (Al-Dharuriyyat)
              Convenience (Hajiat)
              Refinements (Kamaliat)

      1. Five Basic Values for All Mankind

              Life (Al-Nafs)
              Religion (Al-Din)
              Intellect or Knowledge (Al-'Aql)
              Family Life and Offspring (Al Nasab)
              Wealth (Al-Mal)

      2. Secondary Values: Conveniences (al hajiyyat)

      3. Luxury Values: Refinements (al tahsiniyyat)


      1. Self Interest vs. Self-sacrifice

      2. Extravagance vs. Frugality

      3. Greed vs. Contentment:

      4. Generalizing a Crime vs. Personality in Criminal Law

      5. Peace and Forgiveness

How Islam protects these primary human values

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