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Look Good—Feel better!


Look Good—Feel better!

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                      G y n a e c o l o g i c a l      C a n c e r    S o c i e t y

        Look Good—Feel better!
                 Helpline 1800 650 960                                                   Volume 5

                                                                                         August 2002.
                                            by John Gower, Chief Executive.

The Gynaecological Cancer Society is        effects can be so severe, a Programme
an enthusiastic supporter of the aims       like LGFB is very beneficial”.
and objectives of the Look Good– Feel
Better Programme, a cosmetic industry       “It helps cancer sufferers have some
community service initiative conducted      control over their appearance, which is      Inside this issue:
at over 96 workshop locations through-      important because they’ve lost com-
out Australia.                              mand of what’s happening in their bod-
                                                                                         Bulletin Board     2
                                            ies. If they feel they can look normal, it
Developed in 1990 and supported ever        can help them take each day at a time
since by CTFA (Cosmetic, Toiletry and       and give them renewed vigour in the          GyCan Subscription 2
Fragrance Association), the Look            way they approach their illness”.
Good– Feel Better Programme aims to
teach female cancer patients practical      Professor Alex Crandon, Director of the      Information        2
hands-on techniques to counter some of      Queensland Centre for Gynaecological
the least appealing physical side-effects   Cancer agrees. “Restoring quality of life
of chemotherapy and/or radiotherapy         as quickly as possible is so important to    Calendar of up-    3
                                                                                         coming events
treatment.                                  a patient’s physical and emotional well-
                                            being. Its all part of the healing process   Look Good—Feel     5
The idea is simple and proven - by help-    and needs to be taken seriously”.            Better Locations
ing women to restore their appearance,
their self-image, self-esteem and self-     “For many women, the diagnosis of can-       About GCS          6
confidence, which may have taken a          cer can be a life-changing experience.
battering during treatment, is also re-     Bearing this in mind, returning control
stored.                                     over their appearance during chemo or
                                            radiotherapy is a most positive step in
CTFA members provide the make-up,           them taking back the initiative and stop-
materials and financial support needed      ping the run-away train that they are on”.
to run the Programme which is man-
aged in Queensland by Dorothy May-          The Look Good – Feel Better Pro-
nard. Dorothy has told GyCan that           gramme has a freecall Help-line 1800
since its inception over 27,000 women       650 960, web site or, in
have attended the workshop style ses-       Queensland, Dorothy Maynard can be
sions with another 5,000 expected to        contacted on (07) 3207 7262.
take part this year.
                                            GyCan page 5 lists the Brisbane and
Dr David Dalley, a medical oncologist at    near region locations for the
Sydney’s St Vincent’s Hospital, is con-     Programme. Check directly with the
vinced of the Programme’s value. “ For      Programme for times and locations in
a disease where the physical side-          your area.
              Page 2                   GyCan

                                 Bulletin Board
                                        IMPORTANT NEWS
                                      There has been a lot of media interest in recent days regarding inaccurate
                                      Pap smear test results. National health authorities are investigating and
                                      believe that the problem is localised and does not effect Queensland
                                      women. Three laboratories; Queensland Medical Laboratory, Sullivan
                                      Nicolaides Pathology and Queensland Cytology Service, handle over 90% of
                                      Queensland’s Pap smear testing. All three enjoy the highest possible
                                      reputation for quality assurance and rank amongst our countries finest
                                      pathology institutions. As always, if you are concerned about this issue, talk
                                      to your Pap smear testing doctor.

                                       We are about to do a complete revision of our web site We
                                       would like to know if you consider there are any major areas of need not
                                       currently covered by the site. Please drop Alyssa a line via mail or e-mail
                                       so we can ensure that we are of maximum benefit to those women who
                                       need us.

      If you have a story you    Information
             feel might be an
                                 The Gynaecological Cancer Society has          available on CD-ROM.
               inspiration to    an extensive collection of information         If you have any questions about gynaeco-
         others, please write    resources on gynaecological cancer and         logical cancer or its treatment and man-
                                 the issues surrounding it available            agement, please contact us and we will be
         in and tell us in 250   through our Information and Education          happy to provide any information and as-
               words or less.    Programme. The programme is aimed at           sistance we can. Our contact details are:
                                 patients, carers, medical professionals,
                                 students and others.                           100 Kilkivan Avenue, Kenmore, Qld 4069
                                 We have a website at,          Telephone: (07) 3878 4790
                                 booklets and leaflets on the full range of     Fax:        (07) 3878 8451
                                 gynaecological cancers and some gynae-
                                cological surgery and our entire site is       Email:

Please continue to send
me GyCan. My details
are:                             G y C a n Subscription.
                                 GyCan is produced by the Society on a          viously received GyCan and returned
Address.…………………….                                                               your subscription request, you do not
                                 quarterly basis. This newsletter will keep
                                 you updated on GCS activities, upcoming        need to do so again).
                                 events, breakthroughs in gynaecological        Our mailing address is:
Signature ……………………               cancer research and much more.                 100 Kilkivan Ave, Kenmore, Qld 4069
                                 There is, however a cost involved in           Alternatively, email your name, address
                                 producing GyCan. GCS charges no                and request for subscription to
    I am interested in receiv-   fee for subscription, we simply ask you to
                                 fill in and return to us the form on the       We are also investigating the possibility of
ing GyCan by email. My           left if you wish to continue receiving         email as one means of distribution. If you
                                 GyCan. This will remove the cost of dis-
email address is:                                                               are interested in receiving GyCan by
                                 tributing GyCan to those who are not           email, please tick the box and provide us
                                 interested in receiving it (if you have pre-   with your email address.
Volume 5                                                                                                     Page 3

Repeated—By Popular Demand
There is probably more misinformation and misunderstanding about hormone replace-
ment therapy (HRT) than almost any other area of medicine. As a result of this many
women end up living a significant proportion of their life without the benefits of HRT.
The problem is further compounded by a lack of understanding of the published scien-
tific information and a desire by some groups in society to use this lack of understanding
to further their own ends.

Many women are concerned and frightened to take oestrogen HRT because they be-
lieve it will increase their risks of breast and uterine cancer. This article is designed to
put these issues into perspective. For most women who have been treated for a gynae-
cological cancer the risk of uterine cancer is non-existent because their uterus has been
removed. However, recent studies suggest that oestrogen HRT is not associated with
an increased risk of recurrence of uterine cancer in women who have previously been
treated for this disease.

Some published studies have shown a 30-50% increased risk of developing breast can-
cer in women who are taking oestrogen HRT. This is often interpreted by the media, the
public and those who are opposed to HRT as an unacceptable risk, suggesting that 30-
50 women in every 100 (30-50%) will develop breast cancer if they take oestrogen HRT
over a long period of time. This is very incorrect. What it really means is that the risk of
developing breast cancer has not become 30-50% but risk has increased by 30-50%.

If for example you had 100 women who were not taking any HRT you would expect that
after 20 years 5 would have developed breast cancer. However, if you had 100 women             Tell us about support
who were taking oestrogen HRT you would expect that after 20 years 7 would have de-
veloped breast cancer. This is an increase of 30-50%
                                                                                               groups and
To put this in its true perspective this risk increase needs to be seen alongside the
benefits of oestrogen HRT. It is well known that oestrogen HRT reduces the risk of car-
diovascular disease such as strokes and heart attacks. So let's compare the risks with
                                                                                               information sessions
the benefits alongside each other.
                                                                                               in your local area.
Australian Mortality Rates

              Current      Cases After Extra
               Cases Estrogen HRT Deaths
Breast Cancer 1130    1507     + 377
Heart Attacks 3166    1583    - 1583
Strokes       1116     558     - 558
TOTAL         5402    3648     -1764

What this table shows is that while there may be an increased risk of breast cancer
there is a much larger reduction in deaths from heart attacks and strokes. Put another
way, for every extra death from breast cancer there are more than 5 less deaths from
heart attacks and strokes.

Certainly on a risk/benefit analysis a woman is much better off taking oestrogen based
HRT than not taking oestrogen based HRT.

This of course has not looked at other important issues such as quality of life, which is
much improved for women taking oestrogen HRT.

So the next time an article suggests that oestrogen HRT is dangerous and the risks are
too great, remember the figures need to be interpreted properly and the benefits need to
       Page 4                 GyCan

                              Calendar of Up-coming Events—continued

                              be looked at as well.

                              1st Monday     Women’s Group                                  Boonah
                              Each Month     Community Centre, Boonah Hospital. 10am—12noon. This meeting is
                              open to                     all local women and supported by Ipswich Women’s
                              Health Centre. For details                ph 3812 0138

                              2nd Monday      Monthly Morning Tea                         Rockhampton
                              Each Month      Women’s Health Centre,      47 Cambridge Street, 11am. This is a
                              free morning                  tea for women held each month. Opportunity for discus-
                              sion, and information on                     groups, resources, and other agencies
                              through central Qld.

                              Every 2nd & 4th Women’s Group                                       Kensington
                              Monday          Kensington Grove Community Centre, Bertrand Grove, 10—12.30 am.
                                      This                  meeting is open to all local women and is supported by
                              the Ipswich Women’s                  Health Centre. For details phone 3812 0138.

                              3rd Monday      Lymphoedema Support Group                     Maroochydore
                                           Each Month     Qld Cancer Fund, Maroochydore, 11am. Phone Sandi
                              Waddell for details on 5446       8668.
Please let us know if there
  are any support groups      3rd Monday    Lymphoedema Support Group                         Bundaberg
                              Every 2nd Mth Recreation Room, Mater Hospital, 10am. Ph Heather Rutherford for de-
    or upcoming meetings      tails on              4152 8507 for details.
    that may be of interest
                              2nd Tuesday     Cancer Care Support Group                     Greenslopes
                 to others.   Each Month      General support group at Greenslopes Hospital. Call Helen Eaves for de-
                              tails on               3394 7111

                              Every 2nd & 4th Women’s Group                                  Laidley
                              Tuesday               Mary Street Community Centre, Mary St. 9.30am—11.30am.
                              This meeting is             open to all local women and supported by Ipswich
                              Women’s Health Centre. For                details ph 5465 1889

                              1st and 3rd Wed      Anxiety Support Group                                W i d e
                              Bay          Each Month     Women’s Health Centre, 8 Turo Street, Torquay, 1—3pm.

                              2nd Wednesday        Lymphoedema Support Group.                          Auchen-
                              flower             Each Month       Rehabilitation room, 1st floor Wesley Medical
                              Centre, 10.30am. Phone      Neridah                       Smith 3269 7305 for de-

                              2nd Wednesday           Women Over 50—Keeping in Touch                 Rockhampton
                              Each Month        Women’s Health Centre, 47 Cambridge Street, . 10am—12noon. Women
                              over                    50 have been meeting at the centre for 5 years as a social group.
                              Information                     sessions, social outings, guest speakers & fun times are
                              all part of the group.

                              Every 2nd & 4th Women’s Group                                          Toogoolawah
Volume 5                                                                                                        Page 5

Wednesday         RSL Hall, Cairncross Street. 12.30—2.30pm. This meeting is open to
all local                         women and supported by Ipswich Women’s Health Cen-
tre. For details call 3812                0138.
3rd Thursday Lymphoedema Support Group                                       G o l d
Coast              Each Month Community Room, Pacific Fair Shopping Centre, 1pm.
Phone Leonie Robertson                            5573 7086 for details

Last Thursday Women Staying on Top                                         Gympie
Each Month    10 Lawrence Street, 10am—12 noon. This group supports women ex-
periencing           or recovering from depression. A different topic is discussed
each month. There           is no need to book and no cost.

1st Friday      Cancer Friendship Group                            I p s w i c h
Each Month      9.30—11am. This is a group for cancer patients and their friends and
families                      hat emphasises self-help.

1st Friday      Lymphoedema Support Group                                          Mackay
Each Month      St Rita's Function Room, Mater Hospital, 1pm. Phone Pat Roberts for details
                on 4951 1937

Look Good — Feel Better
Workshop Locations for 2002
                                                                                              If you have written a
Royal Women’s Hospital                           Mater Private Hospital
6th Floor, Education Room                        Ground Floor Conference Room                 poem about your
Butterfield Street                               Vulture Street                               experience with
Herston, Qld, 4006                               South Brisbane, Qld, 4101
Contact: Sue Starrenburg                         Contact: Sally Graham -Breast Clinic         gynaecological cancer
Phone: (07) 36368111                             Phone: 3840 1166                             you would like to share
(Social Work Department)
                                                                                              with others, please send it
                                                 Princess Alexandra Hospital                  to us.
Wesley Hospital                                  Tutorial Room
Evan & Mary Auditorium                           Oncology/Haematology
40 Chasely Street                                2nd Floor/New Hospital
Auchenflower, Qld, 4006                          Ipswich Road
Contact: Barbara Quinn -Breast Clinic            Woolloonngabba, Qld, 4103
Phone: 3232 7596                                 Contact: Dale Campbell -Oncology
                                                 Phone: (07) 3240 2121

Queensland Cancer Fund                           Redcliffe Hospital
553 Gregory Terrace                              Conference Room
Fortitude Valley, Qld, 4006                      Ground Floor
Contact: Teresa Graham                           Anzac Avenue
Phone: (07) 3250 3555                            Redcliffe. Qld, 4020
                                                 Contact: Amanda Smith - Oncology
                                                 Phone: (07) 3883 7777
Leukaemia Foundation
ESA Village                                      Sate Manager
Raymond Terrace                                  Dorothy Maynard
South Brisbane, Qld, 4101                        19 Robin Parade
Contact: Dean King                               Victoria Point, Qld, 4165
Phone: (07) 3840 3840                            Phone: (07) 3207 7262
          a helping hand for
          those in need
                                                              About GCS
                                            The Gynaecological Cancer Society was established in 1997,
                                            with the object of providing direct assistance to persons suf-
     Gynaecological Cancer                  fering from gynaecological cancer and their carers, for the
     Society                                relief of their poverty, suffering, distress and misfortune. It is
                                            the policy of the Society that every dollar donated goes to
     100 Kilkivan Ave                       help others. The Society’s infrastructure costs are financed
     Kenmore, Queensland
                                            by business ventures.
     Australia, 4069
                                            The society is run by a small group of dedicated profession-
                                            als, including Mr John Gower (Chief Executive) and Ms
     Phone: (07) 3878 4790
                                            Alyssa Carter (Project Consultant). We are a registered char-
     Fax:     (07) 3878 8451
     Email:               ity and public benevolent institution and although the society
                                            is an independent body, we enjoy a close working relation-
                                            ship with the Queensland Centre for Gynaecological Cancer,
                                            which is one of the largest specialist services of its kind in the
                                            world, the University of Queensland and Queensland Health.
         W e’re on the W eb!
                     The Society offers a range of services in three categories:
                                            financial assistance; healthcare assistance; and education
                                            augmentation. Financial assistance is offered in the form of
            Want to help?                   grants to patients and healthcare professionals. Healthcare
                                            assistance is to be provided by direct, telephone-based, pre
     ♦      Cash Donation                   and post treatment assistance and through our Emotional
     ♦      In-kind Donation                Support Programme.
     ♦      Deferred Gift                   All donations to the Society of $2 or more are income tax de-
     ♦      Bequest                         ductible and directly help to continue our necessary work. If
                                            you would like to discuss a deferred gift or bequest, please
     Talk to John Gower at the              ring our Chief Executive, John Gower, on (07) 3878 4790 for
     Society (07) 3878 4790                 personal discussions.

Yes, I would like to make a positive contribution to the work of the GCS in assisting women with
gynaecological cancer and their families. I understand that the Gynaecological Cancer Society
has the facility to accept tax deductible donations, and I would like to donate
                   $25                        $100
                   $50                        Other _________
Please make Cheques payable to the Gynaecological Cancer Society
OR charge my:        Bankcard       MasterCard        Visa     American Express      Diners Card

Card number

               Expiry Date ……/……          Signature …………………………………………...
               Mr./ Mrs./ Miss/ Ms ……………………………………………………………….
               Address …………………………………………………………………………...

Please detach this form and mail to the Gynaecological Cancer Society, 100 Kilkivan Avenue, Kenmore,
Qld, 4069. Call us if you would like information on making regular donations or leaving bequests to the
society. Your donation will ensure that you continue to receive GyCan.

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