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					                             City News
                             Thursday 31/7/2008                                       Brief: MCMILLCOMM
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                             Section: General News
                             Region: Brisbane Circulation: 38,801
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Look good for summer
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                                               Illawarra Mercury
                                               Thursday 31/7/2008                                                               Brief: MCMILLCOMM
                                               Page: 73
                                               Section: General News
                                               Region: Wollongong NSW Circulation: 28,000
                                               Type: Regional
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Seawind cats get the
Whitsundays' cream                                 "Though many crews de-
By GREG ELLIS                                                                                       Then the fleet raced to Shaw
                                                livered their boats to the Whit-                  Island to the south - where the
SEAWIND Catamarans has sundays from ports along the                                               Blind Man's Dinghy race was
made a mark for itself on the east coast of Australia, includ-                                    held - and the north again, to
global stage for many reasons. ing as far south as Sydney,                                        Whitehaven Beach for a beach
  A regular at international other crews flew in and char-                                        barbecue with Whitsunday
boat shows, it has also become tered Seawinds from various                                        Private Yacht Charters.
renowned for the bi-annual charter fleets in Airlie Beach                                           That was followed by a race
Seawind Whitsunday Rally it and Shute Harbour, including                                          to Butterfly Bay on Hook Is-
runs around Australia's popu- a crew from Perth, a family                                          land, and finally back to South
lar island resorts.                             from New Zealand and a crew                       Molle Island for a presen-
  Brent Vaughan recently sent                   from California."                                 tation, live entertainment and
through images from the 2008                       Mr Vaughan had no great                         a seafood buffet.
rally, which attracted 17 boats                 trouble explaining why the                            The Whitsunday Rally, in
and 80 crew to six days of island hopping adventure was June, was just one of seven
racing from one island to the                   so popular.                                        regattas and rallies hosted by
next.                                             All he had to do was produce                     Seawind, as part of the 2008
  "This was          a    spectacular the itinerary and say "look at                               Seawind Cruising Club Series.
event, with crews flying in from                this".                                              By the end of 2008 about 100
New Zealand and the United                        The flotilla of Seawind cata-                    Seawind catamarans and 500
States of America, to attend,"                  marans, built at the company's                     crew will have participated in
Mr Vaughan said.                                Bellambi factory, started from                     events in Australia and the US.
  The Seawind Whitsunday Whitsunday Rent A Yacht's              "This initiative is aimed at
Rally is the longest event on base in Shute Harbour and       encouraging owners to meet
the Seawind Cruising Club cruised on to Long Island re-       one another, share ideas and
Series calendar.               sort, where the crew enjoyed a knowledge and sail in cotn-
  With a 40 per cent increase Hawaiian-themed beach party. pany and has proved a huge
in attendance on the 2006        The next day began with a success," Mr Vaughan said.
event, Mr Vaughan said, it was dinghy beach start, racing to    More photos and a short
beginning to gain legendary Hamilton Island for a three- video of the event are on view
status among Seawind owners                     course dinner at Romano's                          at
around the world.                               Italian restaurant.                      

   A life of luxury on the ocean wave: Seawind Catamarans in the Whitsunday Islands during the bi-annual rally in June. Seventeen boats and
                               their crews enjoyed the best of sailing, scenery and cuisine during the six-day rally.

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                                            Queensland Country Life
                                            Thursday 31/7/2008                                            Brief: MCMILLCOMM
                                            Page: 89                                                      Page 1 of 3
                                            Section: Town and Country - Central and North
                                            Region: QLD Circulation: 34,918
                                            Type: Rural
                                            Size: 986.73 sq.cms.
                                            Published: ---T---

       HE look in the eyes of the          aboard the catamaran makes that

                                                                                 Because there is plenty in which to
       young boy as he sees the            clear from the outset.                indulge. Each evening a new themed
       massive chocolate milkshake         The buildings front a beachside of    night at the restaurant greets visitors,
says it all.                               white sand, with the clear, green     with the seafood on Fridays undoubt-
The boy is all of three years old - and    water supporting sail boats, kayaks   edly a highlight.
the milkshake is obviously massive to      and people snorkelling.               Likewise, the artfully prepared cock-
him - and he grins with delight to see     Under the water, the view is a        tails are a decadent temptation that is
it decorated with a pattern of choco-      bounty of abundant tropical fish life.impossible to resist - and guaranteed
late syrup in a smiling face and sport-    In addition, a group is playing beach to light up the eyes of an adult as
ing a colourful straw and umbrella.        volleyball, Laughing at their own     much as a chocolate milkshake to a
He sips the chocolate treat and leaves     lack of talent, and others are throw- young boy.
with the rest of the kids' club to enjoy   ing frisbees.                         And if you aren't relaxed enough
the fun and activities of South J\Iolle    Further afield, and others are enjoy- after all of that, there is more the
Island Resort.                             ing golf, archery, fish feeding, bird island has to offer.
And that's as much as what this            feeding, tennis, and bush walking.    A sunset sail of the islands, sipping on
Whitsunday island is about as it is        This time around, for inc. it is this sparkling wine and snacking on
anything else.                             type of activity I have my eye on.    cheese, is rewarding and exciting.
It is the hundreds of tittle things that                                         Surely there are few places in the
                                           Sadly, I'm no better at golf than I was
compile together to create a holiday       at 10 years of age, although the nine-world as beautiful as the Whitsundays
to be treasured and remembered.                                                  to skirt across the water with the wind
                                           hole golf course on the island is built
I know this because many years ago         to accommodate both serious and       in your hair and the sun shimmering
my parents made the trek to the            leisurely golfers.
                                                                                 on the water.
island, driving some 1200km from
Brookstead with my sisters and me.         Likewise, the numerous kilometres of Back at the restaurant, and there's a
                                           mountain paths present a perfect      chance to unwind with dinner on the
It wouldn't have been an easy drive        training course for running in the    jetty, for those looking for a romantic
going all that way, but it was a high-                                           evening.
                                           early morning. To wake up to a jog
light of my childhood.                     overlooking the beautiful Whitsunday Otherwise, to cap it off, there is the
Now, upon return some 15 years             Islands is something that any runner, chance to experience the wonders of
later, the resort is as I remember,        such as myself, would savour.         a lonti lomi hot rock massage.
although I'm looking at it with differ-    The paths show off beautiful native   So, to my mind, that's what makes
ent eyes.                                  flora and fauna, and the effort to    South Molle Island special. It's afford-
I see now why it is so popular for         reach the top pays dividends in a     able for famiilies, and it is about the
families and, of course, why I once        view that would rival any other in    wealth of experiences that collect
relished in a week of enjoying the         Queensland.                           together to form what surely must be
tropical climate and fun that was a far                                          the perfect Australian holiday.
                                           And walking these paths - or running
cry from the cold winters of the           them if you have the energy - has the    Brad Pfeffer travelled courtesy of South
Darling Downs.                             added bonus of letting you indulge in Molle Island Resort and Cruise Whitsundays.
It is perfect for families and children.   the food and beverage treats of the
Cruising into the island's harbour         evening guilt-free.

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                                                Queensland Country Life
                                                Thursday 31/7/2008                              Brief: MCMILLCOMM
                                                Page: 89                                        Page 2 of 3
                                                Section: Town and Country - Central and North
                                                Region: QLD Circulation: 34,918
                                                Type: Rural
                                                Size: 986.73 sq.cms.
                                                Published: ---T---

                                                                           FAST FACTS
                                                  How to get there: Cruise Whitsundays transfer daily from
                                                  Abel Point Marina and Shute Harbour to South Molle Island
                                                  Resort. $30 for adults and $20 for children.
                                                  For bookings: Telephone Cruise Whitsundays on 1800 426
                                                  403 or visit their website at
                                                  Where to stay: South Molle Island Resort is offering a sensa-
                                                  tional Sizzler all inclusive package from just $1193 for two
                                                  adults and two children (three-14 years) staying at South
                                                  Molle island for three nights in a reef room, full board
                                                  including three meals daily and over 30 free activities.
                                                  This deal is valid until December 24, 2008, subject to avail-
                                                  ability and conditions apply.
         w      -..h.         ..sue
                                                  For bookings: Telephone South Molle Island Resort on 1800
                                                  075 080 or visit their web site at www.southmolle
The resort and island features many kilo-
metres of bushwalking paths set in pris-
tine national park.

    The beautiful island sunset views from the rooms of South Molle Island resort

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Queensland Country Life
Thursday 31/7/2008                              Brief: MCMILLCOMM
Page: 89                                        Page 3 of 3
Section: Town and Country - Central and North
Region: QLD Circulation: 34,918
Type: Rural
Size: 986.73 sq.cms.
Published: ---T---


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                               Townsville Sun
                               Wednesday 30/7/2008                                         Brief: MCMILLCOMM
                               Page: 13
                               Section: General News
                               Region: Townsville QLD Circulation: 51,984
                               Type: Regional
                               Size: 201.05 sq.cms.
                               Published: --W----

                                     Focus                       in
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Donna Kelly belongs to a generation of           Powerseller and will benefit each person
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world of online stores and are making a living   eBay.
from their lounge rooms.
                                                 "This quick but valuable demonstration of
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profitability of eBay four years ago when she    Donna said.
bought three printer cartridges and decided
to keep one and sell the rest - making double    "The classes cater for people with no
what she paid.                                   experience through to current users who wish
                                                                          to gain a better
In her first year                                                         understanding of the
of business she                                                           complexities of such
achieved a                                                                a large selling and
turnaround of                                                             buying platform.
$100,000, and today
Donna specialises                                                         "The course covers
in selling designer                                                       how to register as
children's clothing.                                                      a member, opening
                                                                          a seller's account,
Aspiring profiteers                                                       how to research
can learn the                                                             and create listings,
fundamentals of                                                           how to improve
buying and selling                                                        listing and add
online at Donna's                                                         photographs, how to
upcoming workshop                                                         set prices, opening a
at the Cairns                                                             PayPal account, how
International Hotel,                                                     to monitor listings
Rosser Room.                                     and how to complete transactions."
Donna is an education specialist trained by      Donna's fun, easy and profitable workshop will
eBay and a member of the Professional eBay       be held in the Pandora Room, Holiday Inn, 334
Seller Alliance (PeSA). Her eBay workshop aims   Flinders Mall Townsville, August 10th 2008.
to help business people, stay at home mums,      Learn the basics of selling on eBay.
retirees and anyone else who wishes to learn
the basics of selling on eBay.
                                                 Register at,
The two-and-a-half hour workshop is an           email or phone
overview from a highly experienced eBay          0403 008 913.

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