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                                       PATIENT NEWSLETTER

July - December 2007
  The information provided in this newsletter is for educational purposes only, and it is not nor
 implied to be a substitute for professional medical advice. Always consult your own physician or
        healthcare provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition.

                                   Mission Statement
To support and educate University of Minnesota Medical Center, Fairview patients and
     their families as the progress through the process of lung, heart or heart/lung
   transplantation, and to promote public awareness of the needs of these patients.

                                       Bill Greising
Hope Chest News lost a strong advocate and dedicated Board member when Bill
Greising passed away this past August 28, 2007. More importantly, we lost a great
Bill received a single lung transplant in May 2003. He and his wife Kathy have
worked tirelessly since then to educate people about organ transplantation. They
have both been on the Board of Directors of Hope Chest News and have spent
countless hours as editors of this publication. Bill and Kathy also have spent much
of their time as volunteer speakers for LifeSource.
Bill was always ready to support and help others. You could always find him talking
to other patients in clinic, contributing his experiences in the weekly lung
transplant support group meetings or spending his time mentoring a fellow
recipient. If you had a need, Bill was there.
I know many of you share the same feelings that I do. I have lost a dear friend
that can never be replaced. I think of Bill often. His legacy within Hope Chest
News will never be forgotten and he will continue to touch many through the work
of this organization. I know that would make Bill smile!

Kip Peterson
Hope Chest News

                                 *   *   *   *   *
                              Newsletter Changes

The Newsletter is produced on a quarterly basis. We are asking any of you who no
longer wish to receive the newsletter to indicate this on the form located later in
this document.
The Newsletter is also available on line at our Web Site -
Click on the ―Newsletter‖ tab on the left hand side of the page. You can view the
newsletter online, download a copy to your home PC or make copies if you wish. We
will provide email notification to you when the latest copy is available on the web.
Please send an email to if you wish to receive email
If you would like to share any personal stories about your transplant experience, or
have questions, or information you would like to share with other lung or heart
transplant patients, please contact Ed Aubitz, editor of the HOPE CHEST NEWS
at or call 952-457-8281. You can also submit articles to
Hope Chest News, address 161 East 105th Street, Bloomington, MN 55420

Hope Chest News                                                              Page - 2
                                 Current Transplants
As of November 26, 2007 there have been 30 Lung transplants and 37 Heart transplants.
              Lung Transplants                                   Heart Transplants
         Name         Type     #           Date                Name           #           Date
Lester Fuhrmann            S/L    338    01/04/07                                601    01/04/07
Karen Jacobson             S/L    339    01/12/07                                602    01/05/07
                           D/L    192    02/03/07                                603    01/13/07
Donna Meagan               S/L    340    02/17/07                                604    01/15/07
Mary Fern Olson            S/L    341    02/20/07                                605    02/15/07
Sue Martin                 S/L    342    02/20/07                                606    03/04/07
                           D/L    193    02/27/07                                607    03/16/07
Timothy Olby               D/L    194    03/01/07                                608    03/20/07
                           D/L    195    03/02/07                                609    04/06/07
                           S/L    343    03/20/07                                610    04/12/07
                           S/L    344    03/20/07                                611    04/13/07
                           D/L    196    04/05/07                                612    04/19/07
                           D/L    197    05/02/07                                613    04/21/93
                           S/L    345    05/19/07                                614    05/22/07
                           D/L    198    05/22/07                                615    05/23/07
Worth Littlejohn           S/L    346    06/02/07                                616    05/24/07
Vern Jackson               S/L    347    06/20/07                                617    05/27/07
                           S/L    348    06/23/07                                618    05/28/07
                           S/L    349    07/16/07                                619    05/30/07
Mark Nyman                 D/L    199    07/24/07                                620    05/30/07
Alice Wishard              S/L    350    07/28/07                                621    07/16/07
                           S/L    351    08/07/07                                622    07/21/07
Lowell Amundson            D/L    200    08/08/07                                623    08/09/07
                           S/L    352    09/04/07                                624    08/15/07
                           S/L    353    09/04/07                                625    08/21/07
Elissa Owen                D/L    201    09/09/07                                626    08/28/07
                           S/L    354    10/10/07                                626    09/08/07
Ann Alexander              D/L    202    10/28/07                                628    09/24/07
Steve Messner              S/L    355    10/30/07                                629    09/25/07
Janet Klein                S/L    356    10/31/07                                630    09/28/07
                           S/L    357    12/12/07                                631    10/10/07
                                                                                 632    10/19/07
                                                                                 633    10/23/07
                                                                                 634    10/25/07
                                                                                 635    10/28/07
                                                                                 636    10/30/07
                                                                                 637    11/07/07

Due to HIPPA rules Marget Schmidtke needs permission from patients to release their name and
transplant number and data. Contact her for your transplant number. If any of the people
transplanted this year would like to have their name printed in the newsletter, please email or you can call 952-457-8281. If you let us know the date of your
transplant and your transplant number, we can also make a button for you.

Hope Chest News                                                                        Page - 3

91    Jan Ankeny           DL   09/30/99        119   Leroy Martin        SL   09/05/96
      Kenneth Bourke       SL   09/03/07        41    Daniel McCullough   DL   09/06/95
332   Wally Brandt         SL   09/06/06        29    Carmen Moser        DL   09/16/94
      Susan A. Campina     SL   09/20/02        140   Terry Olson         DL   09/28/03
593   Brenda Daml          H    09/22/06              Dale Oman           SL   09/04/05
127   Trudy Davey          DL   09/08/02              Elissa Owen         DL   09/10/07
331   Duane Erickson       SL   09/06/06        272   Melodie Purk        SL   09/09/03
161   Ashley Gelking       DL   09/26/05        117   Robert Smith        SL   09/03/96
      Susan Hackert        SL   09/12/06        63    Barbara Stuart      DL   09/16/97
281   Charles Hagenah      SL   09/14/04              Kristi Van Buren    DL   09/25/05
      Roger Hamm           H    09/16/01        270   Carla Viseth        SL   09/07/03
301   Robert Haugen        SL   09/20/05        216   Carole L. Vondall   SL   09/05/01
13    Larry Larrivy        HL   09/28/89        19    Richard Ziegler     DL   09/30/93
201   Harlan Lehto         SL   09/07/00        50    Brent Zook          DL   09/27/96
169   Viki Lelm            SL   09/13/99
269   Eldred (Al) Lorenz   SL   09/07/03
245   Lavonne Maring       SL   09/20/02


292   Ann Alexander        DL   10/28/07        44    Terry Juezk         HL   10/12/98
82    Arlen Anderson       DL   10/24/98              Janet Klein         SL   10/31/07
307   Ed Aubitz            SL   10/17/05              Pamela Krake        SL   10/01/02
61    Roger Beck           SL   10/25/93        129   Vern Kuehnl         DL   10/05/02
59    Jo Brouwer           SL   10/22/93              Steve Messner       SL   10/30/07
305   Judy Cannon          SL   10/09/05        304   Doris Oman          SL   10/05/05
14    Mack Croyle. Sr      HL   10/04/89        1     Heather Penick      LL   10/05/00
100   Harold Ezzone        DL   10/25/00        101   Kathy Rabbitt       DL   10/27/00
      Sharon Flatequal     SL   10/07/03        58    Norman Rathbun      SL   10/19/93
30    Mathew Gould         DL   10/16/94        81    Sally Reagan        DL   10/21/98
33    David Graves         HL   10/11/94        4     Allen Sorenson      LL   10/10/01
34    Ricky Gustafson      HL   10/27/94        51    David Swanson       DL   10/01/96
147   Gina Hanson          DL   10/06/04              Melissa Thomason    DL   10/30/05
220   Jane Harmon          SL   10/29/01        43    Gaye Trcka          DL   10/29/95
333   Ross House           SL   10/26/06        52    Ellen Varney        DL   10/26/96
306   Shirley Irwin        SL   10/09/05        244   Dennis J. Weiland   SL   10/11/02
218   Valdamar Jacobson    SL   10/25/01        116   Hal Wenaas          DL   10/07/01
152   Judy Johnson         SL   10/14/98        308   Eunice Zimprich     SL   10/17/05

153   Barbara Beck         SL   11/18/98        335   Brad Knutson        SL   11/03/06
      Ron Bergerson        SL   11/17/03        336   Hugh McDonald       SL   11/03/06
178   Bonnie Bieber        SL   11/29/99        175   Gordon Olson        SL   11/02/99
173   Mary Cordes          SL   11/01/99        141   Delores Opatz       SL   11/09/97
164   Lisa Dekowski        DL   11/01/05        311   Roger Remer         SL   11/17/05
174   Richard Fitzgerald   SL   11/01/99        334   Darlene Reynolds    SL   11/03/06
310   Colleen Goodin       SL   11/04/05        310   Sandra Sazama       SL   11/04/05
16    Cherry Hamlin        SL   11/05/90              Diane Sydnes             11/26/01
177   Lester Hanson        SL   11/17/99        63    Sandra White        SL   11/15/93
312   Robert Howden        SL   11/26/05        53    Mary Williams       DL   11/06/96
224   Emma Jean Knopik     SL   11/25/01


      Pat Chmieleiwski          12/01/00        87    James Laser         SL   12/08/94
117   Pete Conwell         DL   12/20/01        28    Joan Longmuir       SL   12/06/91
166   Pam Cullen           DL   12/07/05        106   Sandra Majeski      SL   12/19/95
      Linda Curran         DL   12/25/02        314   Rose Otterstetter   SL   12/27/05
227   Dennis Dahl          SL   12/16/01              James Pratt         DL   12/19/02
313   Ron Daily            SL   12/12/05              Don Russell         H    12/12/06
427   Gary Harris          H    12/15/01        183   Pat Swirtz          SL   12/31/99
      Tom Hovorka          H    12/01/03        181   Frank Vermeulen     SL   12/03/99
182   Bob Kozieck          SL   12/17/99        67    William Way         DL   12/20/97

                                 Congratulations To All

The number preceding the name is the Fairview Hospital list number (how many
transplants to date, single lungs (SL) are one group, double lungs (DL), heart-lung
(HL) and hearts (H)) as they received their organs, Please let us know of any
corrections to this information.

Hope Chest News                                                                     Page - 5
                                 News from the Board
                                   Annual Board Meeting
The Annual Board Meeting was held July 16, 2007 at 12:30 PM. Results of the election of
Board members and the officers follow. The number in parenthesis ( ) is the term in years
for that Board Member. The lengths of terms were determined by a random drawing.
Contact information is also provided. If you have any suggestions you would like to make to
improve our organization or services to you, please contact any of your board members or
come to one of our monthly board meetings. The next Board Meeting will be on
December17th 2007 on the 8th floor of the hospital
Kip Peterson, President (3)                   952-431-8442
Ed Aubitz, Vice President (2)                 952-457-8281
Judy Vermeulen, Treasurer (1)                 952-445-2497
Kathy Greising, Secretary (2)                 651-738-2954
Julie Caron, Corresponding Secretary (3)               
Ross Bourgeois, Director (2)                  763-522-6053
Brenda Daml, Director (1)                     763-753-4169
Ramona Foore, Director (3)                    952-431-2884
Philip Gracia, Director (3)                   651-293-0718
Hinda Litman, Director (1)                    952-935-1687
Elliot Sovell, Director (1)                   507-694-1433
Eileen Vierow, Director (2)                   651-483-3146
Harriette Wock, Director (2)                  651-439-1808

                                      President’s Review
It has been a sad, challenging, exciting and rewarding year. With sadness we have seen
more of our transplant friends pass away this year as their extension of life from
transplant ended. This as always brings to mind how fragile life is, especially for us as
Hope Chest News now includes heart recipients as well as lung recipients.
The third annual Daml Golf Tournament was held in June and was a success again this year.
We also held the first Marie Anderson Memorial Golf tournament on July 30th, 2007.
This tournament went far beyond our expectations and we have been told by several
participants that they are looking forward to coming back in 2008.
We have helped several Heart / Lung transplant families this year with funds raised from
these tournaments as well as other fundraisers held through out the year.
My thanks to the Hope Chest News Board and all the volunteers that have helped with
these projects. It’s a lot of work and we couldn’t do it without each of you.
Of course we are also very appreciative of those of you that have sent generous
contributions to Hope Chest News throughout the year.
On behalf of myself and the Board we wish you a healthy holiday season and may all the
bumps in your road be minor ones!
                            Board Meeting Actions
The following are motions and action items presented at the last four Hope Chest
News board meetings. If you have any suggestions or comments for the board
please contact any of the board members listed previously
◊   A motion was made, seconded and approved by voice vote to design and produce
    a donation envelope and to distribute them in the next Newsletter.

◊   The revised Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws of the organization were
    approved and will be submitted to the Minnesota Secretary of State.

◊   A motion was made, seconded and approved by voice vote that Hope Chest News
    purchase novelty give-away items to be available to the public at the Hope
    Chest News booth at conferences, etc. Such an item would be imprinted with
    our name to promote our organization and make our name more familiar to the
    community. The decision was to purchase luggage tags as the give-away item.

◊   A motion was made, seconded and approved by voice vote that we increase the
    money given out at Christmas from $2,000 to $3,000 for families with Marget
    overseeing the distribution of a maximum of $200.00 per family.

◊   A suggestion was made by Ed Aubitz to save all Hope Chest News electronic
    files in a common place online. This location would be protected by a Password
    which would only be available to Board members. Currently historical files; e.g.
    copies of past Newsletters and Board Meeting minutes are scattered on several
    members PC hard drives. Members can be sidelined with transplant
    complications making or extended vacation. Having a centralized place for all
    files makes them available when needed.

◊   Hope Chest News had representatives at the Pulmonary Fibrosis/Scleroderma
    Education Day held in U of M McNamara Center on October 27, 2007.
    Information was passed out about our organization

◊   A motion was made, seconded and approved by voice vote to increase the
    maximum amount of financial aid for those in need was raised $750 to $1,000
    per person, per year. Previously the amount of the aid was reduced because of
    lack of funds in the account.

Hope Chest News                                                              Page - 7
                                   Important Numbers:
We’ve bored you enough with descriptions of the various programs and requests
for information changes, the following chart will help you if you need assistance in
one of these areas.
Purpose                Who to Contact        Phone Number         Email Address
Address or Email
                       Ed Aubitz             952-457-8281

In the Hospital        Any Board member      See list elsewhere

                       Marget Schmidtke,     612-273-5796 or
Financial Assistance   Thoracic Transplant
                       Social Worker         1-800-478-5864

Lung Status Change     Ed Aubitz             952-457-8281

Mentorship Program     Eileen Vierow         651-483-3146

Obtain your                                  612-273-5796 or
                       Marget Schmidtke
Transplant Number                            1-800-478-5864

Heart Buttons          Ed Aubitz             952-457-8281

                       12th Annual Hats and Mittens Ball
The annual Hats and Mittens, black-tie optional benefit ball to support children’s
charities in the Twin Cities will be held on December 30th, 2007 from 6PM until
Midnight. The evening consists of dinner, dancing, a short program, and a silent and
live auction. This is a great way to enjoy an evening and support local charities at
the same time.
LifeSource is this year’s recipient, and the money raised will support high school
and driver education about donation and transplantation so Minnesota youth can
make an informed donation decision and, hopefully, document that decision on their
driver’s license
If you are interested more information is available at the following Web site

Or call:
Rebecca Jorgenson Larsen
Phone      952.935.5300
Cell       952-474-1522

Hope Chest News                                                                    Page - 8
                                   *    *   *   *   *

                                              In memory of loved ones
                                            and donors please remember
                                                them in your prayers

We have lost more of our lung buddies:

     Bill Greising – s/l          transplanted 05/19/03   Passed   away 08/28/07
     Richard Thanghe – s/l        transplanted 02/15/02   Passed   away 09/02/07
     Mary Ann Caldwell            waiting                 Passed   away 09/04/07
     Ricky Hauer – d/l            transplanted 09/19/06   Passed   away 09/24/07
     Sig Arnorsson                waiting                 Passed   away 11/21/07

Our prayers go out to their families and for any others who have passed away that
we are not aware of.

                                       Thank You
 A special thanks to all those who have donated to the Hope Chest News through
                          memorials or personal donations.

                    Memorials and Honorariums
                          In Memory of Ricky Hauer
    Sandy and Ed Aubitz, DePuy Orthopaedics, Inc , Gina Hanson, Lynn Murray

                               In Memory of Donna Brown
                  Patricia Allmann, Mary Jane Berends, Dona J. Jenum,
                              Rodney and Ladonna Stensrud

                           In Memory of Bill Greising
      Brett & Heather Abrahamson, Margarita B. Alvarez, Wayne Anderson,
    Jan Ankeny, Sandy and Ed Aubitz, Gary and Barb Broberg, Mary C. Davis,
      Deb Werkman, Jane Delisle, Peter D Farstad,. Ed Fiore, Nancy Geiger,
       Darlene Z.Gieser, Daniel Greising, Jodie Greising, Susan Gunderson,
Susan and Francis Hacjertm, Chris Hines, Kathleen Hines, Michael and Kris Hudalla,
             Robert and Elizabeth Hudalla, Charles and Shirley Irwin,
     Randal and Tracy Kuchenmeister, Vern J. Kuehnl, John and Janice Kurtz,

Hope Chest News                                                             Page - 9
       Donald and Cheryl Lindeman, Dave and Sharon Lindgren, Hinda Litman,
   Steve or Jeanette Loken, John E. Mannillo and Associates, Julie McGaughey,
  Jennifer Lachner Co/Merit Chev. Nancy Meyer, APWU Minneapolis Area Local,
       MSP BMC Emp Soc. and Rec., Aaron Muelhbauer, Pamela Muelhbauer,
  Terry and Rosalind Neal, Robert and Amy Niven, Charles and Romona Nordquist,
            Albert and Doris Oman, Pat and Katie Parnell, Kip Peterson,
    Donald and Evelyn Reichert, Andrew Reinhardt, Roger Remer, Elaine Rhode,
       Opal and James Ronning, Bruce and Susan Saffel, Sandra A. Sazama,
      Edward Schuck, Shelley and Robert Shutes, Jeffrey and Lisa Sjobeck,
   Coreen Straiton, James W.Straiton, Mike and Heidi Tuttle, Frank Vermeulen,
        Eileen Vierow, Ian Roy and Susan Warfield, Daniel or Ronda Weber,
     Hal Wenaas, Linda L.Willard, Harriette Wock, James or Marlene Yarusso,
                                   Wanda Zych,

                          In Memory of Phillip D. Niemann
                                Delores A. Neimann

                           In Memory of Richard Thanghe
                                   Hinda Litman

                            In Memory of Lori Wething
                          Frank Vermeulen, Harriette Wock

                       Transplant Center Doctors and Nurses
                                 Judith Ann Spray

       Thank you to the following individuals for your generous donations
          Lonny and Ronda Walker, Mary Davis, and an Anonymous donor

                                   *    *   *   *   *
Any donations made to Hope Chest News will be used to either defray the costs of
producing and mailing the newsletter or will be used to provide financial assistance to
other FUMC heart/lung transplant patients and waiters. Proceeds from the sale of the
cookbook and other items will also be used in this manner. Hope Chest News is a 501(c)(3)
charitable organization and all donations are tax deductible. Please keep us in mind when
you are making Honorariums, Memorials, or wish to make a tax deductible charitable
donation. All donations should be made out to Hope Chest News and be mailed to: Judy
Vermeulen, 796 Regent Drive, Shakopee, MN 55379-8261.

Hope Chest News                                                                  Page - 10
  The 1st Annual Marie Anderson Memorial Golf Scramble
The First Annual Marie Anderson Golf Scramble that was held July 30, 2007 at
the Les Bolstad Golf course. We had 120 golfers which is remarkable considering
this was our first attempt and organizing such and event!
                                 We hope that participants had as much fun as we
                                 did hosting it. We had many positive remarks
                                 about the golf course and the dinner, silent
                                 auction, and sports material show at Elsie’s.

The proceeds from the tournament go to Hope
Chest News, a 501 (c)(3) organization. With the
proceeds from this tournament alone we will be
able to help many people that are progressing
through the process of transplantation at the
University of Minnesota, Fairview hospital.

                                     We are including a few pictures to bring back
                                     memories of the day. We wish they could
                                     have been printed in color to show what
                                     fantastic weather we had for the event.

          1st Annual Marie Anderson Memorial Golf Scramble Results
1st Place Nilles, Allen, Nelson and Richard with a score of 60 (29-31)
2nd Place Godbout, Godbout, Godbout and Wilson with a score of 62 (27-35)
3rd Place Rolnick, Johnson, Vanderbloeme and Kottke with a score of 64 (33-31)
          3rd place was a tie. Final results were decided by comparing the scores
          on hole 16 for the winner to emerge!

Hope Chest News                                                            Page - 11
        1st Annual Marie Anderson Memorial Golf Scramble Overall Scores
                                                       Out   In    Total
1A    Kadelbach, Klimstra, Minton, Wenaas              31    33     64
1B    Sprout, Sprout, Anderson, Anderson               37    37     74
2A    Hill, Aubitz, Hong, Li                           35    36     71
3A    Hendrickson, Hendrickson Ackerly, Raymond        33    34     67
3B    Johnson, Lander, Steiner, Albrecht               37    38     75
4A    Strong, O’Rourka, Rombolt, Vierow                39    39     78
4B    Hertz, D’Cunha, Kelly, Shumway                   41    38     79
5A    Wenaas, Wenaas, Wenaas, Wenaas                   33    40     73
6A    Opstad, Opstad, ???, ???                         34    36     70
6B    Harris, O’Brien, Paulson, Moy                    38    39     77
7A    Phillips, Cosgrove, Rosenthal, Lunstad           37    42     79
8A    Wisdorf, Micholak, Blohm, Rohlf                  36    36     72
9A    Cook, Brost, Johnson, Solberg                    31    34     65
9B    Howare, Carlson, Lindeck, ???                    37    36     73
10A   Bourgeois, Bourgeois, Weis, Branberg             32    34     66
10B   Nilles, Allen, Nelson, Richard                   29    31     60
11A   Tuttle, Tuttle, Dupont, Dupont                   37    35     72
11B   Contreras, Fairchild, Harrtle, Sell              34    34     68
12A   Rolnick, Johnson, Vanderbloeme, Kottke           33    31     64
13A   Abrahamson, Abrahamson, Abrahamson, Anderson     32    35     67
13B   Tuttle, Tuttle, Mickelberg, Mickelberg           35    35     70
14A   Lucar, Foltz, Hogo, King                         34    34     68
15A   Kelly, Kampinen, Lalim, Nervick                  34    37     71
15B   Provo, Wilhelmson, Clough, Strandquist           32    35     67
16A   Godbout, Godbout, Godbout, Wilson                27    35     62
16B   Schwietz, Schwietz, Benson, Keane                32    36     68
17A   Slipka, Prelip, Bettendorf, Doll                 33    36     69
18A   Hemson, Benson, Wetherby, Chacka                 38    36     74
18B   Whelan, Schultz, Broberg, Wenaas                 35    36     71

  The 2nd Annual Marie Anderson Memorial Golf Scramble
Planning has already started for the 2nd Annual Marie Anderson Golf Scramble.
Now that we have done the first one and we hope we have learned some things we
are eager to try again. Please reserve Monday, July 28, 2008 for this year’s event
If you would like to help us next year with a hole sponsorship, silent auction item,
advertising, or other form of help we would like to hear from you. You can contact:
   Ed Aubitz                      952-457-8281
   Hal Wenaas                     320-593-7533
   Kip Peterson                   952-431-8442
   Judy Vermeulen                 952-445-2497
   Ross Bourgeais                 763- 522-6053

Hope Chest News                                                             Page - 12
                  The 3rd Annual Daml Golf Tournament
Hope Chest News was fortunate to have a new member Brenda Daml who had a
heart transplant a year ago. Her husband, Larry, got involved in fund raising for
organizations associated with transplant as soon as he knew of Brenda’s condition.
The event was a success with the proceeds going to Hope Chest News. We thank
Larry and Brenda for all their hard work and contributions.
This year Larry has agreed to host the 3rd Annual edition of his tournament at The
Ponds golf course in St. Michael Minnesota. Please reserve June 15th for this event.
                                   * * * * *

                      Donate Life Rose Parade Float
The fifth annual Donate Life Float will be in the New Years Day parade in
Pasadena. The float is sponsored by Family Circle magazine. This year’s theme is
Life Takes Flight and will feature four hot air balloons adorned with floral
portraits of 40 deceased donors. Riding on the float will be 34 organ, tissue, eye
and blood recipients. Walking alongside the float will be eight donor families.
The Family Circle Rose Dedication program gives all families touched by organ and
tissue donation the opportunity to honor their loved one by dedicating a rose that
is tagged with a personal message and placed in the Family Circle Garden which is
on the actual float. There were over 1,000 roses on the 2007 float.
There are several levels of participation from $25 - $200. Please visit the web
site at: and then click on the Family Circle entry on
the left side of the page. Then click on the Join the Family Circle entry.
To dedicate your Family Circle rose, you may choose from two options:
      Order online by
      Download an Order Form that can be found on the Donate Life web site,
       complete it and mail to Donate Life Float Family Circle, 221 South Figueroa
       Street, Suite 500, Los Angeles, CA 90012, or fax to 213-229-5601.
Your rose dedication must be received by: December 27th for your rose to ride in
the Family Circle Garden and package to be received by January 30th
                                   * * * * *
                  Want to be Removed from the Mailing List?
If you no longer wish to receive the Hope Chest News please initial and date the
following statement and send this page to the address below:
______________ I do not wish to receive the Hope Chest News newsletter
                                   Hope Chest News
                                 161 East 105th Street
                                Bloomington, MN 55420

Hope Chest News                                                              Page - 13
                                      * * * * *

                         Fund Raiser Items For Sale
     Item            Price             Contact         Phone #             Email

Cookbooks                $15.00    Judy Vermeulen   952-445-2497

Logo Tote Bag            $15.00    Eileen Vierow    651-483-3146

Logo Jackets             $35.00    Eileen Vierow    651-483-3146

                                      * * * * *

                       UNOS Toll Free Reporting Line
                                 Patient Services Line
The UNOS patient services line (888-894-6361) is available for patients to report
concerns about their transplant program or their general experience with
transplantation. The patient services staff can be reached by phone from 8:30 a.m.
to 5:00 p.m. EST, Monday through Friday. Voicemail is available outside of business
Beginning February 15, 2007, transplant centers must inform candidates of this
service in the written notification sent when a candidate is added or removed from
the waiting list for reasons other than transplant or death, or when the transplant
evaluation has been completed and a patient will not be placed on the waiting list.
Centers are also required to notify currently listed candidates about the
availability of the patient services line. To read the exact language approved by the
OPTN/UNOS Board of Directors at its December 2006 meeting, please refer to
OPTN Bylaws Appendix B, Section II ―Transplant Hospitals,‖ ―Patient Notification.‖
                                      * * * * *

                                  Donation Envelope
In 2006, we were able to assist 17 families with funds to help pay for expenses
related to their transplants such as pharmacy co-pays, housing, ambulance fees,
insurance premiums, etc. We have been able to help 23 families so far in 2007
totaling $16,645.14.
Hope Chest News is a non-profit organization that is incorporated as a 501(c)(3)
charity. As such, all donations are tax deductible by law. Over 97% of our net
income is spent on patient programs, and over 90% goes to direct financial
assistance to the patients.
An envelope is available if you would like to make a donation. You can use it or just
send your donation to Hope Chest News, 796 Regent Drive, Shakopee, MN 55379.

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                          U.S. Transplant Games
The National Kidney Foundation is sponsoring U.S. Transplant Games again. They
will be held in July in Pittsburgh , PA in 2008. The U.S. Transplant Games is a
four-day athletic competition for recipients of organ transplants. Competition in
the U.S. Transplant Games is open to anyone whose most recent lifesaving solid
organ transplant— heart, liver, kidney, lung, pancreas and/or heterologous bone
marrow— has been functioning for at least 6 months. As much as the Games are an
athletic event that calls attention to the success of organ and tissue
transplantation, it is also a celebration of life among recipients, their families, and
There is still time to sign up to participate. Call the number below to register and
represent Minnesota in the Games or go to the following web site for more

                                  *   *   *    *   *
                               We’ve Missed You…
Marget has short-term parking passes for the group meetings. So come to group
and if you need one just ask Marget. We don’t want anyone to stay away from
meetings because of financial concerns.

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HOPE CHEST NEWS                                                         NONPROFIT ORG
PATIENT NEWSLETTER                                                        US POSTAGE
Ed Aubitz                                                                     PAID
161 East 105th Street                                                   MINNEAPOLIS MN
Bloomington, MN 55420                                                   PERMIT NO 31185

                                                    Happy New Year

     Save the Date:
     Saturday, April 5, 2008 for a Caregivers Retreat sponsored by the U of M
     Transplant Center. Time and place TBD. A mailing will be sent with the details.

     Support Meetings:
     -   Weekly Mondays at 11:00 a.m. (no day meeting on the first Monday of the
     -   Evening meeting only at 7:00 p.m. on the first Monday of each month.

     Caregivers Support Group:

     - First Monday of the month at 6:00 p.m. prior to the regular support group.

     Support Group Sioux Falls:

     -   Contact Jo Brouwer at or June Schnieder at
     Board Meetings
     The Hope Chest News board will meet on January 21st, 2007 in the 8th floor
     hospital conference room in the luncheon area from 12:15 to 2:00. This is the
     ―Bridges‖ Conference room. We encourage participation from all our members.

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