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little green steps issue 2010 (5)pub by lindash


little green steps issue 2010 (5)pub

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									                            Special Library Environmental Book List
                                                                                        to support

Please find a list of picture books and other resources you may useful to support the
environmental awareness . The visual and textual content vary greatly. This is not a definitive list.    UPDATE 2010
It represents items identified as currently being held across the Gosford City Library collection.

      Environmental Awareness              Monsters in your garden                  The Tin Forest
              Picture Books                Cushing, H. (2003)                       Ward, H. (2003)
  Baker, J. (2004)                         My light, Bang, M.                       Treats from a tree
                                                                                    Canizares, S. (1998)
  Big Rain Coming                          The ocean is…
  Germein, K. (1999)                       Kranking, K. (2003)                      Treemendous Trees
                                                                                    Dickson, P. (2003)
  Bilby and the bushfire                   Oil Spill
  Crawford, J. (2007)                      Oktober, T. (1999)                       Two blue- jays
                                                                                    Rockwell, A. (2002)
  Cry me a river                           One child
  McRae, R. (1991)                         Cheng, C. (1997)                         Turtle-Taxi
                                                                                    Kuchling, G. (1998)
  Drought                                  One less fish
  Oktober, T. (1997)                       Toft, K.M. (1997)                        True green kids: 100 things you can
                                                                                    do to save the planet
  Earth-wise: poems
                                           One world                                 McKay, K. (2008)
  about our world
                                           Foreman, M. (1992)
  Cooling, W. (2000)
                                                                                    Uno’s Garden
  Give her the river                       Precious Water: A book of thanks         Base, G. ( 2006)
  Browne, M.D (2004)                       Weninger, B. (2000)
                                                                                    The Waterhole
  Here comes the rain                      Rain dance                               Base, G. (2001)
  Good, C. (1999)                          Applegate, C. (2000)
  The hidden forest                        The rain flower,                         Oktober, T. (2000)
  Baker, J. (2000)                         Duroux, M . (2005)
  A home for Bilby                         Rainforest                               Burningham, J. (2000)
  Crawford, J. (2004)                      Oktober, T. (1998)
                                                                                    What makes a tree smile?
  I live in a tree                         Recycle every day                        Pitt, T. & Janke, T. (2003)
  Sloan, P. & S. (2003)                    Wallace, N.E. (2003)
                                                                                    Where have all the flowers gone?
  If I ran the rainforest                  Recycled                                 Bruce, J.B. (2000)
  Worth, B. (2003)                         Powell, J. (2000)
                                                                                    Where the forest meets the sea
  In my backyard                           Reef                                     Baker, J. (1987)
  Hilton, N. (2001)                        Oktober, T. (1999)
                                                                                    Who’s hiding?
  The Last Tree                            River story                              Canizares, S. (1998)
  Wilson, M (2007)                         Hooper, M. (2001)
                                                                                    Wild cats prowl
  Long live earth                          Sage’s Ark                               Winer, Y. (2005)
  Morrison, M. (1993)                      Marshall, F. (2000)
  Michael Recycle                          Secrets of the Rainforest                Baker, J. (1991)
  Bethel, E. (2008)                        Pugh, D. & Dunkle, M.
                                           (1994)                                   The world that we want
  Molly the grey kangaroo and the                                                   Toft, K.M. (2004)
  bush clean-up crew                       The Story of Rosy
  Clark, J .L. (2004)                      Dock
                                           Baker, J. (1995)
         Animal Awareness               Panda
           Picture Books                Allen, J. (1998)

                                        Panda bear, panda bear what do
Baby bilby where do you sleep?          you see?
Oliver, N. (2001)                       Martin , B . & Carle, E. (2003)

The best beak in Boonaroo Bay           Refugees
Oliver, N. (1993)                       Miller, D. (2004)
                                                                                   Non-Fiction subject areas:
Brindlebat                              Sebastian lives in a hat
Mairou, N. (2005)                       Catterwell, T. (1985)
                                                                               Environmental Issues - 333
Dear Greenpeace                         Tiger Allen, J.                        Such as    Resources
James, S. (1991)                        (1992)                                            Conservation Energy
                                                                                          Endangered habitat
Dabu Grows up: the tale of a dugong V for vanishing
Soloman, S. (2002)                  Mullins, P. (1993)                         Water 333.914

Dugong meadow                           Whale
Mairou, N. (2002 )                      Allen, J. (1994)                       Recycling - 363
Eagle                                   What’s for lunch                       Metal
Allen, J. (1994)                        Miller, D. (1998)                      Glass

Elephant                                Yakkinn the swamp tortoise: Survival   Coastline & Seashore - 578
Allen, J. (1992)                        Kuchling, G. (1997)

A House for Hermit Crab                 Yakkinn the swamp tortoise: The        Science of Earth & Landforms - 551
Carle, E. (1987)                        most dangerous year                    Such as     Islands
                                        Kuchling, G. (1996)                                Deserts
I said nothing: the extinction of the                                                      Mountains
paradise parrot Crew, G. (2003)         Yellow Eye                                         Rivers
                                        Spillman, D. (2001)                                Oceans
I saw nothing: the extinction of the                                                       Weather
Thylacine Crew, G. (2003)

Ice Bear Davies, N. (2005)                      Art & Craft Activities

                                        Earth friendly crafts for kids         Specific Environments - 577
Just like you and me                    Smith, H.                              Such as      Deserts
Miller, D. (1999)                       JNF 745.5 SMI                                       Forests
Looking for Jaguar & other rain-        Fun with recycling                                  Jungle
forest poems. Katz, S. (2005)           Elliot, M.                                          Mangroves
                                        JNF 745.584 ELLI                                    Rainforests
A man and his camel
Bertini, J. (1996)                      How to make recycled paper             Endangered Animals - 591
                                        Nutt, W.
One less fish                           JNF 676.22 HOW
Toft, KM (1997)                                                                Composting - 631
                                        Nature Crafts
No dodos: the endangered species        Williams, J.
counting book                           JNF 745.5 WIL
Wallwork, A. (1993 )
                                        Nature’s Art Box Martin, L.
No one quite like me                    745.5 MART
Diestel-Feddersen, M. (1989)

One tiny turtle
Davies, N. (2001)

                             Printed by Gosford City Council, 49 Mann St Gosford 2250 January 2010

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