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					    little bee                               E MPLOYMENT
Early Years Learning
                                             A PPLICATION
                                                 F ORM
& Child Care Centre

For 6 weeks-5 year olds…
5 Llanherne Drive
Cambridge 7170
03 62485994                    Applications will not be considered unless this form
                               is completed and submitted.

applied for:

Section A: Personal Details

(Block Letters)

Other Names

Former Names
(if applicable)

Home Address
& Postcode

Postal Address
& Postcode

Telephone           Home:     Work:                    Mobile:


Residency Status

Health             General state of health:

                   Have you had or do you have any medical or other condition which may
                   affect your ability to perform the duties of the position on an ongoing basis?
                   Yes / No

                   If yes, please provide details:

Safety Screening   All staff at Little Bee must complete a safety screening check
                      I have a current Safety Screening check :            Yes / No
Section B – Application Procedures and Details

     Applicants should read the job description and address the selection criteria as outlined below to
     include the following details:

 •       Current position and areas of responsibility.
 •       Academic and professional qualifications and publications. Please include copies of
         academic transcripts (where applicable). Enclose only copies of original documents.
         Shortlisted applicants will need to produce original documentation at interview. Please list
         other documentation which you have included with this application. Photographic ID will
         be required from applicants at interview.
 •       Details of previous appointments (including current or most recent employment) and career
         achievements with particular reference to experience relevant to the position for which you
         are applying.
 •       Membership of, and involvement with, professional organisations (if relevant).
 •       Cultural, recreational and other interests.

     State the name, occupation and address of three persons to whom reference may be made in
     regard to character and professional competency – one of these persons must be a recent

1.     Name




2.     Name




3.     Name




I have advised my referees that they have been included on my application for this position and
they have agreed to discuss my application with a member of the selection panel.

I certify that the information on this form is complete and correct in every detail and I understand
that deliberate inaccuracies or omissions may result in non-acceptance of this application and/or
termination of employment.

Signature:    __________________________________                  Date:     __________________________

Please return completed application form with selection criteria and relevant
documentation to:

       Administration Assistant
       5 Llanherne Drive
       Tasmania 7170

Telephone: 03 62485994               Fax: 03 62478059

Privacy Notice
  1.   In applying for this position you will be providing Little Bee with personal information. We can be
       contacted at 298 Clarence Street, Howrah 7018; by telephone on 03 62478015 or

  2.   If you provide us with personal information, for example your name and address or information
       contained on your resumé, we will collect the information in order to assess your application.

  3.   You may seek access to your personal information that we hold about you if you are unsuccessful for
       the position. However, there will be occasions when access is denied. Such occasions would include
       where access would have an unreasonable impact on the privacy of others.

  4.   You agree that we may store this information for up to 12 months.

  5.   We will not disclose this information to a third party without your consent.

  6.   We will ask you to provide us with a copy of your Tasmanian Safety Screening Check or a Police
       Check to collect information regarding whether you are or have been the subject of certain criminal
       offences before confirmation of any employment offer.

  7.   If you provide us with the personal information of others, we encourage you to inform them that you
       are disclosing that information to us and why; that they can access that information if they wish; that
       Little Bee will not disclose the information to third parties and that we may store their information
       for 12 months.
                                                 POSITION DESCRIPTION

Position Title:          Qualified Child Carer
Scope:                   To undertake work/care/support programs, to enable access to learning for all children. To participate as an
                         effective leader to ensure that individual families, staff and children’s needs are met and that the Centre’s
                         philosophy, goals and policies are met.
Responsible to:          Director
Main responsibilities:   •    Help prepare, review and implement policies of the centre
                         •    the management of domestic duties involved in keeping the centre clean, tidy and running efficiently.
                         •    take responsibility for administrative tasks, as directed;
                         •    assist with the development and establishment of the service’s program, the overseeing of planning and
                              evaluation, including written reports;
                         •    assist with the development of the service’s resources;
                         •    co-ordinate and participate in ‘in-service’ training and staff development programs; and
                         •    liaise with other agencies and with the public.
                         •    supervision and provision of particular support for pupils, ensuring their safety and access to learning
                         •    establishing constructive relationships with children and interacting with them according to individual
                         •    encouraging pupils to interact with others, engage in activities, promoting the inclusion and acceptance of
                              all pupils
                         •    Promoting good pupil behaviour, dealing promptly with conflict and incidents in line with behaviour
                              management policy and encouraging children to take responsibility for own behaviour
                         •    Display of children’s work
                         •    Monitoring children’s responses to learning activities and accurately record individual

Conditions of            Conditions of employment in accordance with The Childcare & Children’s Services Award.
Employment               Casual Wages and Superannuation (hours to be negotiated)

Person Specification

Essential Skills and       •    Leadership/ management skills required to direct staff and children in their overall responsiblities.
Experience                 •    Excellent interpersonal skills required to build solid relationships with parents and staff in order to
                                build upon Little Bee’s efficiency and reputation
                           •    First Aid & CPR Certificate
                           •    Thorough understanding of accreditation process
                           •    A diploma of childcare or early years teaching degree.
                           •    Current Police Check
Personal Qualities         •    Keen to further expand on the Centre’s efficient running and reputation through the implementation
                                of new ideas, initiatives and extending personal skills through training.
                           •    Be the ‘face’ of Little bee, by exhibiting a friendly, caring nature to existing and potential families
                           •    Energetic and highly motivated to put in 100% effort to job performance
                           •    Excellent communication skills and a good team leader and motivator
Personal Circumstances     •    Able to attend regular meetings (evening) for planning and training, as required.
                           •    Able to attend out of hours meetings, e.g. parent meetings/ functions/ fundraisers.
                                      SELECTION CRITERIA

Please address the following criteria in your application.



  1.   Demonstrated ability to be able to direct others in program planning and evaluation.

  2. Confident in writing, reviewing and developing policies (as required).

  3.   Demonstrated effective communication and interpersonal skills.

  4.   Understanding of team work (how to work as a leader within a team).

  5.   Clear understanding of observation, assessment & how children learn and grow.

  6. Understanding of and ability to participate in the Accreditation process.

  7.   An understanding of OH&S issues for children, self and others.

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