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									                                              Lin Thorp, MLC

                                           Tuesday, 31 October 2006

                  David Hicks’ Uncertainty Must End

Member for Rumney Lin Thorp MLC, today moved a motion urging her colleagues to
put pressure on the Howard Government to push for a fair trial for David Hicks.

Speaking in the Upper House Ms Thorp said David Hicks had suffered long enough
having spent five years held captive at Guantanamo Bay with no end to his
incarceration in sight.

“Captured in 2001, David Hicks was held without charge for over two years during
which time the UK Government insisted its citizens were returned home,” said Ms

“He has been captive for five years whilst the Howard Government and Attorney
General Ruddock in particular have cheered from the sidelines, fully supporting the
United States Government’s system of Justice.”

Tasmanian Attorney-General Steve Kons wrote to a number of US senators and
congressman in September 2006 expressing his concerns over the ability of David
Hicks to receive a fair trial.

“Like Mr Kons, I have grave concerns that the system of military tribunals may not be
just and as such I believe David Hicks should be returned home to Australia.

“There is no doubt he has made serious errors of judgement and as a result has
found himself imprisoned in Guantanamo Bay.

“It is time David Hicks’ suffering and that of his family be brought to an end.

“John Howard must be a leader for all Australian citizens and insist that at the very
least David Hicks should receive a fair trial and not stand alone with the legal and
physical might of the US Government aimed squarely at him,” said Ms Thorp.

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