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					The Bunn-o-Matic Corporation, based in Springfield, Illinois, has been
manufacturing coffee and tea making equipment for many years. The company
supplies Bunn coffee machines to the commercial sector and to home
consumers and has an international market. In 1963, they developed the
first automatic drip brew coffee maker in the world.

The foodservice provider customers can choose an appropriate machine for
their establishment, whether it is a small café or a much larger concern.
The Bunn coffee equipment is designed to be economic, efficient and safe
to use. The Axiom-3 12 Cup Digital Automatic Coffee Brewer has an LCD
display, splash guard and an automatic warmer shut-off. This brewer
automatically adjusts, according to the water pressure.

The range of Thermal Server Coffee Brewers make 3 - 8 gallons of coffee
per hour and the server keeps the fresh flavored coffee, hot for hours.
The Super Automatic Expresso Systems include models, suitable for
regular, de-caffeinated and specialty beans. It can be easily operated
with the control pad. There is also a line in commercial Coffee Grinders;
designed to preserve the fresh roasted flavor and aroma of coffee beans.

Making coffee at home is just as easy and affordable with Bunn coffee
machines and there is a range of brewers and grinders. They make great
coffee and they look good in the kitchen. The NBX Brewer comes in black
or white and has a stainless steel tank with an internal thermostat. The
lid slides for easy use and the decanter holds 10 cups. The warming plate
is coated with porcelain. The My Café Single Serve Coffee/Tea Pod Brewer
is a compact piece of equipment and works with different kinds of tea and
coffee pods and tea bags. Brewing only takes 30 seconds and there is a 9
setting brew control for 4 - 12oz cups. The pod holder, drip tray and lid
are all dishwasher safe.

There is an online buying facility and a store locater function. Bunn
coffee equipment is sold in well known stores, such as Dillard's, Sears
and JC Penney's. The Parts Department supplies parts for commercial and
domestic machines and the company provides operating and service manuals.
The web site also gives information on the maintenance and cleaning of
equipment and on warranty arrangements. The Bunn coffee company
participates in several trade shows each year in the United States,
Europe and Asia. Dates for 2008 have been announced and include shows in
Miami, Washington DC, Dubai, Singapore, Denmark and London.