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									   tax & accounting program

                                                     CA SuPPORt

    StudyINg tO                 Kaplan professional is the leading
                                provider of professional education
                                                                             Our research shows that pass rates
                                                                             attained by students in our CA Support
      bECOmE A                  in the australian tax and accounting         Program are consistently above the

     ChARtEREd                  industry. We offer a range of
                                                                             national average published by the
                                                                             Institute of Chartered Accountants in
   ACCOuNtANt?                  courses and workshops to help you
                                stay informed, be efficient and stay
                                                                             Australia (ICAA).

        gAIN AN                 competitive. put simply, education
                                to build the career you want.
                                                                             Choose from a range of options

  AdvANtAgE by
                                                                             By offering a range of support tools, we
                                                                             let you choose what you need to get the
     hAvINg thE                 CA Support Program                           results you want.

RIght Study AId                 Our CA Support Program provides
                                support to candidates studying to
                                                                             Take a look at the study tools available
                                                                             to you.
                                become chartered accountants. This
                                structured learning program consists of      • CA support kit with manuals, an exam
                                comprehensive and relevant study tools,        guide and other critical files
                                all designed specifically to provide you     • 4-day lecture program
                                with the support you require to complete     • exam preparation day
                                and excel in all the Chartered Accountant    • focus session preparation pack
                                (CA) Program modules.
                                                                             • technique testing

                                tailored study tools                         CA support kit
                                We understand that working and               This multimedia kit includes resource
                                studying to become a CA at the same          handbooks, online tutor support
                                time isn’t easy. But success never is. Our   services, critical files, an exam guide
                                tailored study tools do, however, save       and a mock exam. It also includes
                                you precious time and enhance your           tips to help you complete the ICAA’s
                                knowledge by giving you access to all        Extension Project.
                                the information and support you need to
                                complete your CA Program.                    4-day lecture program
                                                                             Our 4-day lecture program is delivered
                                gain a competitive advantage                 by industry experts and focuses on
                                What makes the CA Support Program the        the key areas of the CA Program. The
                                right study aid for you? With our program    program is highly interactive so you can
                                you’ll gain a competitive advantage.         ask the experts your crucial questions.

   tax & accounting program

                                          Exam preparation day                           how to get started
                                          At the exam preparation day you’ll learn       Finding time to get ahead can be tough.
                                          how to craft the perfect exam answer.          So why not make it easier for yourself
                                          Covering the ‘must know’ topics and            with our CA Support Program. To
                                          how they could be examined, the exam           register online today visit
                                          preparation day is the final day of the        www.kaplanprofessional.edu.au.
                                          4-day lecture program.
                                                                                         For more information call us on
                                                                                         1300 364 708 or email
                                          Focus session preparation pack
                                          The preparation pack prepares you
                                          for the CA Program’s unit knowledge
                                          quizzes, which are made up of multiple-
                                          choice questions and designed to assess
                                          your knowledge of the units within
                                          the course modules. It covers how to
                                          approach a multiple-choice quiz, and
                                          includes sample questions and answers.

                                          technique testing
                                          Do you need to polish your exam
                                          technique? Our technique testing tool
                                          allows you to work on sample exam
                                          questions in simulated exam conditions.
                                          Your answers are marked by experienced
                                          exam markers and returned to you
                                          with feedback on how you could have
                                          achieved higher scores.

   PROFESSIONAL                                gIvE yOuR     ASSIStANCE tO
     CA SuPPORt                                EmPLOyEES     PASS ON thE
        PROgRAm                                Study SuPPORt FIRSt AttEmPt
                                               Do you have employees studying to         Your employees will enhance their

       SAvE yOuR                               become chartered accountants?
                                               Make it easier for them.
                                                                                         knowledge and have the best chance
                                                                                         of passing the CA Program on their
      EmPLOyEES                                The CA Support Program is a cost-
                                                                                         first attempt.

   PRECIOuS tImE                               effective study aid that will save your
                                               employees precious time and help
                                                                                         Call us on 1300 364 708 or email
                                                                                         accounting@kaplan.edu.au to
                                               them get the most out of their studies.   tailor a CA Support Program solution
                                                                                         to meet your needs.

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