Attosecond X-ray imaging

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                                       Attosecond X-ray imaging

Project Leader:         P. Corkum (NRC)
Researchers :           A.D. Bandrauk (Sherbrooke), T. Brabec (Ottawa), J.C. Kieffer (INRS)

Sub-femtosecond optical and electron pulses were first produced and measured in 2001-2002. A
revolution in technology, this development was selected by the world’s premier scientific journals
as one of the 10 greatest breakthroughs in all areas of science for 2002. CIPI scientists
participated in this breakthrough.

With the log-jam broken, it is important to (a) shorten the pulses, (b) develop an X-ray nonlinear
optics (c) apply the new technology to important scientific problems, (d) make attosecond pulses
available to the Canadian scientific community as quickly as possible and (e) train the next
generation of scientists in this emerging technology. These are the aims of this project.

To achieve these aims the project team will combine the efforts of four major research groups
that helped originate this new technology. At the University of Sherbrooke and at the University
of Ottawa, a major theoretical effort will be undertaken, laying the ground for experiments to take
place in NRC and at INRS in Montreal. Not only is this a very effective way to make scientific
progress, but also it ensures that students and post doctoral fellows in these groups learn this
new science by helping to create it.

As attosecond science and technology develops, the technology will be transferred to the
Advanced Laser Light Source near Montreal. This will ensure that the Advanced Laser Light
Source has the latest technology and also ensure that all Canadian scientists have access to it.

Affiliates involved in this project:            Axis Photonique, NRC, 6th Framework European