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									When I started shopping for my baby’s nursery I was immediately
overwhelmed with the many different options in nursery decorating ideas
there are. It is easy to get lost in all of the beautiful products on the
market. I decided to look to my fondest childhood memories before finally
deciding on the Beatrix Potter crib bedding for my child’s bedroom.

This was no easy task but after some consideration I really couldn’t
thing of a lovelier theme. The Beatrix Potter crib bedding is ideal for a
number of reasons and there are few other items that can stand up to the
quality craftsmanship and classic charm of this childhood character.

What makes the Beatrix Potter character so wonderful is that it is
appropriate for a little boy or a little girl. This well loved bunny
rabbit is a real treat for boys and girls alike and there are few
characters that have this kind of appeal. All you have to do is choose a
Beatrix Potter crib bedding set in the right colors.

One of the most outstanding designs in this old fashioned bunny theme
offers boyish colors. The gingham pattern on this Beatrix Potter crib
bedding is blue and there are green and yellow hues throughout the
design. This is a lovely choice for a baby boy nursery.

On the other hand, baby girls might be better suited with a different
color theme for their nursery decorating ideas. The Beatrix Potter crib
bedding comes in strikingly beautiful peach tones. I guess you could say
that peach is the new pink for baby girls as of late and this Cottage
Tales Collection ensemble offers a fantastic alternative to the usual
pink-themed baby girl nursery décor.

The Cottage Tales Collection includes the Beatrix Potter crib bedding,
bumpers and dust ruffles but there are many other items that can be added
to make this nursery decorating idea come together. This classic nursery
collection offers everything from lamps and curtains to mobiles and

Many themes come and go. In order to make sure that you choose something
that will bring your fond memories that will truly stand the test of
time, you want to choose something that is timeless in nature like the
Cottage Tales Collection.

You really can’t go wrong in choosing this timeless classic for your baby
nursery decorating ideas. The Beatrix Potter crib bedding is a perfect
place to start building the ideal home for your new arrival.

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